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  1. Presence validation excepts an empty space
  2. [CLOSED] Two-way binding DateField does not work
  3. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.1 How to change a panel title ?
  4. [FIXED] Grid editor stays visible after collapse grouped header
  5. [DUP] TreeStore - metachange event not fired
  6. ExtJS : 5.1 - grid created with "disableSelection:true" has selection
  7. [INFOREQ] Past few nightlies cmd built apps the spliiter is white.
  8. [OPEN] Reloading buffered store on LAST record
  9. [CLOSED] Bug: store in panels viewmodel not findable by Ext. (fiddle included)
  10. [FIXED] [Ext JS 5.1.0] Wrong editable combobox item focused
  11. [OPEN] ext- Official Sencha Example Grid white empty when scrolling fast
  12. [OPEN] ext- Official Sencha Example Menu Overflow doesn't close&move top corner
  13. [OPEN] ext- Official Sencha executive dashboard lost vertical scrollbar position
  14. [FIXED] ext- Official Sencha example live search grid, doesn't show selected item
  15. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.1.0 NodeInterface serialize() raises exception
  16. [OPEN] focusenter and focusleave not documented as events in supporting components
  17. [INFOREQ] Subgrid plugin problem
  18. [FIXED] Exception is thrown when adding a dashboard panel to a specific columnIndex
  19. [FIXED] store.load() causes grid using buffered store to go blank
  20. [DUP] reload() on bufferedstore causes error when positioned near the end of the grid
  21. [FIXED] combobox problem on change value IE10-11
  22. Form validation field marker wrong on latest nightly build
  23. [INFOREQ] Store.load() does not refresh grid data....
  24. [OPEN] Use of grid's summary feature results in duplicated summary rows (Fiddle included)
  25. [INFOREQ] Ext.dom.Element.setStyle Cannot read property 'style' of null
  26. [DUP] missing setTitle
  27. bbar remains disabled even when panel is enabled
  28. [OPEN] Ext51 - FF and IE9 doesn't fire blur event when click inside iframe element
  29. [FIXED] isDisabled in actioncolumn
  30. [CLOSED] collapsed panel in window is showing duplicate title bar
  31. [OPEN] Models and MetaChange
  32. Cannot unselect an item once selected in multiselect grid
  33. [CLOSED] Ext.undefine not working?
  34. [CLOSED] Ext.undefine not working properly.
  35. [FIXED] RTLfield labelAlign: 'right' is incorrect
  36. [INFOREQ] gridcolumn renderer not working if defined as string
  37. [FIXED] RowExpander overrides postition of checkbox column when using checkbox selection modl
  38. [FIXED] Chart Saving Not Including Legend In Generated Image
  39. Reference config for textarea field can't have hyphens
  40. [FIXED] ViewModel.getStores always returns null
  41. [INFOREQ] Ext.ux.Spotlight ignores scrolling with mousewheel
  42. [DUP] RTL grid first column cropped in border layout
  43. [OPEN] MenuItem lacking 'scope' config in docs
  44. [DUP] [DUP]Textfield caret can't move in CellEditing
  45. [OPEN] wrong namespace in sandboxed theme javascript
  46. [CLOSED] IE8 not showing Font Awesome glyph on collapsed panel header
  47. [FIXED] Grid vertical scrollbar jump up and down when scrolling from bottom to top
  48. [OPEN] ext-all-sandbox.js generates html using x- classes instead of x5-
  49. [FIXED] Ext.MessageBox doesn't work properly after a call to Ext.WindowManager.hideAll()
  50. [OPEN] Ext.ux.google.Api hardcoding http protocol so get: was loaded over HTTPS...blocked;
  51. [OPEN] Setting idProperty via metadata
  52. [OPEN] TreeStore always sort nodes
  53. [OPEN] Ext 5.1.0 - Mask is offset from center when using scrollbars
  54. [OPEN] displayfield grow not working property in fieldset
  55. ExtJs 5.1.0 - Grid view white space on Filtering
  56. [FIXED] Problem when clearing typing in a combo
  57. [FIXED] Combo clearValue broken when forceSelection is true
  58. [OPEN] Itemselector raise changes when just selecting an available item
  59. [FIXED] Unable to select or click additional items added to combobox
  60. [OPEN] 5.1.0: Chrome + Mac: Scrolling stutters in locked grid
  61. [FIXED] Some characters disabled in Ext.grid.Panel
  62. [FIXED] Nightly build regression with Ext.Widget -> Ext.grid.NavigationModel.onCellMouseDown
  63. FORM with readOnly property in fieldDefaults doesn't work
  64. [OPEN] Grid column configured to flex causes layout failure
  65. [FIXED] cellWrap is making rows go out of sync
  66. [FIXED] Cannot find images in
  67. [OPEN] RTL locked grid scrolling broken
  68. [OPEN] RTL flag not propagated to child components
  69. [INFOREQ] IE is showing always a scrollbar on tab panel
  70. Heterogeneous tree non-root model fields are ignored (defined via 'childType' method)
  71. [FIXED] Cannot read property 'owns' of undefined at Ext.menu.Manager.checkActiveMenus
  72. [OPEN] Cell Editor keeps old value on tab keypress and record.set() in edit event
  73. [DUP] Column header size changes on sort with forceFit :true
  74. [OPEN] Ext.data.BufferedStore does not call callback on load failure
  75. [INFOREQ] Stateful Components ignore StateEvents
  76. [OPEN] Htmleditor inside Roweditor problem with height
  77. [FIXED] Check "interactions[i].type === 'itemhighlight'" has typo in highTlight
  78. [OPEN] DataView MULTI selection not working with ux Draggable
  79. [OPEN] Extjs HTMLEditor
  80. [FIXED] Sorting grid after scrolling requires multiple clicks in IE11
  81. Application unresponsive after tree store reload
  82. [OPEN] Axis Limit Altered
  83. [NOREPRO] ExtJs 5.1.0 - Row Editor loosing record changes on scroll
  84. [OPEN] Ext.util.Format.number returns wrong result
  85. [OPEN] Toolbar icons are not "correct" in HTML Editor in crisp there
  86. [FIXED] Disabled button enables when parent container got enabled
  87. [DUP] window alwaysOnTop = true makes drag shadows dissappeaer on all windows
  88. [OPEN] sencha locale filter on grid
  89. [DUP] TreePicker doesn't allow customization of the underlying TreePanel
  90. RTL dotted frame around active tab title is not positioned correctly
  91. [OPEN] Combo Box Does not select the initial value in its bound list.
  92. [INFOREQ] Ext51 - Bug in Ext.Date.diff
  93. Store datachanged fired 3x for 'add' and 'removeAll' and totalCount incorrect
  94. [CLOSED] Buffered store bug: does many read operations at same time.
  95. 5.1.1 grid way slower than 5.1.0 and too slow in IE11
  96. [FIXED] Tagfield does not fire form validation events
  97. [FIXED] Internet Explorer Scrollbar Focus Issue
  98. [OPEN] layout crashes on toolbar responsive plugin configuration
  99. [OPEN] [] Field setValue() does not trigger publishValue
  100. RTL grid, border layout, align stretch of container
  101. Bugs in the placement of the windows in the container panel.
  102. [INFOREQ] Custom Grid Filter not working for fist time
  103. [DUP] Drag not working on Touch device in IE & Chrome
  104. [OPEN] Sencha Charts Render Bug ExtJS
  105. [CLOSED] row editor with combo box with grow attribute doesn't work well
  106. [OPEN] Combobox editor in grid make the horizontal scroll-bar jump
  107. Ext.application class set wrong path for application namespace
  108. [OPEN] ExtJs 5.1 Ext.form.field.Tag growMax config has no effect
  109. [INFOREQ] BufferedRenderer bug?
  110. [OPEN] Cannot enter htmleditor after collaps/expand
  111. [FIXED] Grid - progressbarwidget focus bug
  112. [FIXED] 5.1- Paging bound list combo issues.
  113. Bug with ProgressBarWidget in Treepanel
  114. Focusable does not work properly in IE
  115. [OPEN] [ExtJS5.1] What is wrong with vertical segmentedbutton ?
  116. [OPEN] IndexSizeError with table layout and multiple rowspan items
  117. Grid drag and drop delayed on chrome
  118. [OPEN] Resizer
  119. [FIXED] Tagfield with allowblank false always returns errors
  120. [DUP] textfield and certain special characters not being entered
  121. [OPEN] Bug: Ext.data.PageMap.GetRange() error in console.
  122. [NOREPRO] store.loadData() causes grid to scroll to top in Chrome
  123. [CLOSED] LocalStorage incorrectly stores and loads date values
  124. [FIXED] Empty row in grid
  125. Tree panel as a widget column leads to error
  126. [OPEN] TypeAhead and AutoSelect clashing
  127. [FIXED] Check Box component state binding issue
  128. [OPEN] [5.1.0] Dataview scrolling causes click to miss
  129. [CLOSED] Checkbox selection html encoded
  130. [INFOREQ] Binding to view model links is called multiple times.
  131. [OPEN] Edit cell in grid make the row jump to last visible row in the grid
  132. [FIXED] vertical scrollbar jumping to end when editing combobox in grid in a form
  133. [OPEN] Messagebox button alignment issue
  134. Aborted operations still call callbacks
  135. [NOREPRO] timefield bug
  136. [FIXED] regression store reject crash in sorting
  137. The arrow and Home/End keys don't work when editing a cell of an inline editable grid
  138. [OPEN] Combo selection and change event
  139. [FIXED] Binded selection points to wrong record after reload
  140. [CLOSED] Binding to selected model property not working until selection exists
  141. Tab with keyboard doesn't work with non-input field.
  142. [OPEN] TabIndex Still Not Working on Modal Window
  143. [FIXED] RTL locking grid bug
  144. [FIXED] CORS bug in IE8
  145. [DUP] Combobox / Tagfield bind bug -> Fiddle inside
  146. [CLOSED] json store : getCount() doesn't work
  147. Rowexpander with child controls
  148. [FIXED] Declarative listeners don't work on treecolumn
  149. [FIXED] Ext.view.View - adding new record to store causes to add element in wrong place
  150. Arrows keys on property grid default editor
  151. Ext nightly, and 5.1 GA chart bug
  152. [NOREPRO] IE8 ClassManager.get with empty string return a class!
  153. Buffered rendering issue in tree grid
  154. [OPEN] [] Exception thrown when opening any example in Chrome touch simulation mode
  155. [CLOSED] Number Field reverts value when scrolling
  156. [DUP] renderedGroupValue is undefined in Ext.grid.feature.Grouping (groupHeaderTpl config)
  157. ext.form.field.text 'textfield' initComponent issue
  158. [FIXED] [ExtJS-5.1.0] LoadMask missing on grids with bound store
  159. [OPEN] Button Click Issue
  160. [CLOSED] Tree does not work if model extends base model with schema
  161. [FIXED] Adding Records to a Store causes missing elements in Grid
  162. [OPEN] Any use of a model schema breaks Tree model even if not extending.
  163. Local filter on comboboxes bug
  164. [FIXED] autoSizeColumn not working with column index
  165. [CLOSED] IE9 submit textfield emptyText in the post data
  166. [FIXED] "itemcontextmenu" and "itemclick" on Firefox Windows
  167. [OPEN] Extra window padding and missing shadow for Crisp theme in IE8
  168. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.1 grid CellEditing plugin tab behaviour on last column
  169. [OPEN] getFields method on Store instance
  170. [FIXED] Official Sencha grid example doesn't work with Shift-tab to move backward
  171. [FIXED] Official Sencha grid example unable to tab on read-only cell but right arrow works
  172. [INFOREQ] Touch event breaks from 5.0.1 to 5.1.0
  173. [OPEN] Bug: reload after tabchange, widgetcolumn does not fit anymore. (fiddle included)
  174. [INFOREQ] checkboxgroup validateOnChange overrides markInvalid
  175. [OPEN] TreeStore remove doesn't work correctly
  176. [FIXED] Row Editing Grid Bug
  177. Treepanel expand/select issue
  178. Field "depends" doesn't take NodeInterface "index" into account
  179. Ext.panel.Panel missing 'setHeader' required for 'responsiveConfig'
  180. modal can't restore tabindex (selectTabbableElements won't select tabindex < 0 )
  181. [CLOSED] Sencha Charts - column series renders incorrectly when duplicate category included
  182. [OPEN] Problem using two vertical axes in a cartesian chart
  183. [OPEN] textarea as grid editor renders behind grid header
  184. [FIXED] NodeInterface issue in nightly build "ext-5.1.1-20150331" for treestore
  185. [FIXED] Ext5.1 BufferedRenderer.RefreshSize
  186. [FIXED] Ext.selection.Model does not correctly update ids of phantom records
  187. [FIXED] Edit to a filtered grid where edit will filter out row will not allow subsequent edit
  188. [CLOSED] Error when click in quick succession in different rows of a grid
  189. [DUP] Action Column button isDisabled function doesnt work when model value changes
  190. [OPEN] Panel doesn't inherit border defaults when added programmatically
  191. Datefield Validation does not include time
  192. [INFOREQ] Model bindings and model validations
  193. [CLOSED] seprator problem
  194. [FIXED] In 5.1, ComboBox collapse() throws EventObject undefined error
  195. Ext5.1 NavigationModel in locked tree
  196. [DUP] forceFit changing column widths on every layout run
  197. Spreadsheet selection model and buffered store
  198. [INFOREQ] Issue in getSelectionModel() in nightly build - 5.1.1-20150412
  199. [FIXED] store undefined while loading in a viewmodel formula
  200. [OPEN] Cannot scroll page to the top after changing device orientation with an open window
  201. [FIXED] Extraneous values in widgetcolumn with tristate chart
  202. [CLOSED] No XHR callbacks if form and isUpload is used with Content-Disposition
  203. [FIXED] Changing the series list in a chart
  204. [FIXED] Grid filter of type number : the method clearFilter does not work has expected
  205. [OPEN] Grid last row is not visible anymore after coming back from another tab on Chrome
  206. Paging toolbar : when I change of page the scrollbar is not always set at the top
  207. [FIXED] Latest nightly build, latest Chrome Grid all empty rows when coming back from tab
  208. [OPEN] Menu not destroyed on item selection
  209. [CLOSED] Sencha border layout bug or feature?
  210. [FIXED] Ext 5.1.0 RowEditor Scroll into View
  211. [OPEN] Metro IE + ThinkPad Yoga 11e - layout issue
  212. [FIXED] Grid refresh with buffered renderer causes an error whenExt.supports. touchScroll = 1
  213. Ext.chart.series.Series constructor bug
  214. [OPEN] Textarea layout does not recognize auto-wrapped lines
  215. spreadsheet row copy paste inserts a &nbsp; on editor column
  216. Scroll bug, if reload TreeStore
  217. [INFOREQ] tabpanel tools problem
  218. [CLOSED] Horizontal scrollbar does not appear on ipad
  219. Reload of BufferedStore fails
  220. [OPEN] rejectChanges doesn't work for TreeStore added/removed records
  221. Selection inside combobox expand event triggers a collapse
  222. [FIXED] Bug with column renderers on a grouped grid using a buffered store
  223. [DUP] Bug on treepanel when setting a proxy rootProperty on a schema
  224. [DUP] Combobox picker issue
  225. [FIXED] Adding not phantom record to store
  226. [OPEN] Handler doesn't work in the button menu if table layout is given for the menu.
  227. [FIXED] Grid/Store broken after drag and drop with multiple items then sort
  228. [OPEN] grid selection bug after filtering
  229. ext-theme-classic date field has wrong trigger when used in grid
  230. [FIXED] Unable to deep copy tree node
  231. [FIXED] Sprite Animation Redraw (Ext.fx.target.Sprite)
  232. PropertyGrid filefield Editor
  233. [DUP] Two clicks needed to active a tab with FireFox on the gray theme
  234. [NOREPRO] Store events - different behavior
  235. [DUP] scroll grid reconfigure Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'els' of undefined
  236. [OPEN] Strange border around chart and legend.
  237. [FIXED] Tooltips not showing on some machines
  238. [OPEN] tagfield, issues with forceSelection: false and typing new text
  239. [OPEN] Validation messages displayed beside field when msgTarget set to 'under'
  240. [CLOSED] Combobox forceSelection Issue in ExtJS
  241. [OPEN] Grid: loading mask does not disappear when the beforeload return false
  242. [FIXED] KitchenSink Chained Combobox bug
  243. [INFOREQ] Row editor with grid with large number of columns - wrong initial position
  244. [FIXED] Grouping on buffered stores (again)
  245. [OPEN] Neptune Theme; multi-line prompted styling bug
  246. [INFOREQ] Cannot read property 'offsetHeight' of undefined in BufferedRenderer Broken Ext 5.1
  247. [DUP] Window height and width set in percent doesn't work in IE9
  248. Combobox boundlist does not collapse when in scrolling container - Firefox Only
  249. Show() on hidden field displays fieldLabel
  250. [FIXED] getChanges doesn't include "index" after insertBefore call