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  1. [CLOSED] Bug JSON reader with number fields. (fiddle included)
  2. [OPEN] Latest nightly build, Official Sencha Example: big data grid jumping scrollbar
  3. [CLOSED] Latest nightly build, Official Sencha Example: big data grid arrow stop at locked co
  4. [FIXED] Latest nightly build, Sencha official example ticket-app break in bind inspector
  5. [OPEN] Latest nightly build, official Sencha example: ticket app combobox not autocomplete
  6. [CLOSED] Latest nightly build, official Sencha example: ticket app, user checkbox select lost
  7. [CLOSED] Official Sencha example: ticket app grid button not activated by space or return
  8. [NOREPRO] Sencha official example, spreadsheet focus jump when using keyboard to activate sort
  9. [FIXED] Sencha Official Example, Grid Cell Editing mix-up focus when edited on sorted column
  10. [OPEN] 2 incompatible plugins in a tree: RowExpander & DD
  11. [CLOSED] Htmleditor Disappears
  12. [CLOSED] htmleditor hyperlink no theme
  13. LoadData with append false, re-renders new data on top of the old one.
  14. [OPEN] Tip enables itself on body click (IE)
  15. occasionally error: elementData = null
  16. [FIXED] CartesianChart which leads to 'TypeError: n.toPrecision...' in Ext JS 5.0.1
  17. [OPEN] Drag and drop feedback provided by Sencha Official Dashboard Example doesn't match
  18. [OPEN] Dynamic 'setLimits' doesn't adjust charts
  19. [CLOSED] Collapsible panel with custom header throws an exception when restoring
  20. [OPEN] Combo box in Ext.toolbar.Paging Value alignment in IE
  21. [FIXED] Component.getController return value documentation
  22. [OPEN] Grid scrollbar focus Issue
  23. [CLOSED] Non-modal windows with animated show do not close on ESC
  24. [OPEN] Document labelPad and $form-label-horizontal-spacing both ways
  25. [FIXED] ExtJs 5.1.1 - associations without foreignKey throw errors
  26. [OPEN] BUG: ExtJS - gridpanel column header breaks with unhide of a flex column
  27. [OPEN] itemSpacing for form layout is broken
  28. [OPEN] VBox/HBox layouts break with a padding set
  29. [OPEN] Wrong datatype in documentation of getController() ?
  30. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store does not rejoin model instances after a filter change
  31. [OPEN] Ext 5.1: disabledDaysText not working
  32. [OPEN] Some htmleditor UI actions lead parent components to fire focusleave
  33. [CLOSED] hideMode: 'visibility' not respected, button keep moving
  34. [FIXED] date field setValue does not publish changes like text field does
  35. [FIXED] Unfinished Ext.data.Session's recordCreator method
  36. [FIXED] 5.1.1: combobox forceSelection is too aggressive in clearing out the field input
  37. [FIXED] Month Selection of Date Picker In Chrome don't work
  38. [FIXED] Toolbars remember focus even when disabled.
  39. [DUP] Layout error when hidden column with flex property is shown through the UI
  40. [OPEN] Ext.scroll.Scroller's method scrollIntoView too naive when doing hscroll === false
  41. [OPEN] Floating panel showed using showBy method doesn't keep offset value on scrolling
  42. [OPEN] Unable to set configs to Ext.selection.Model
  43. [INFOREQ] Combobox Change Event not working with new value
  44. [FIXED] widgetcolumn - error when collapse group
  45. [OPEN] Ext 5.1.1 Collapsible panels
  46. [CLOSED] Ext.EventObject is undefined - not even in help
  47. [OPEN] Connection beforerequest won't block the call
  48. [NOREPRO] Last focused item is not synced which causes scroll jump
  49. [INFOREQ] setWidth on grid column not working
  50. [FIXED] Cell editor in grid don't scroll all the way
  51. [INFOREQ] [5.1.1] Uncaught TypeError: store.loadsSynchronously is not a function
  52. [OPEN] 5.1.1 Association fields/config are not documented
  53. 5.1.1 grid load mask shows in background when having more than one grid in window.
  54. [CLOSED] 5.1.1 Associations are not filled through inheritance
  55. [CLOSED] 5.1.1 Bug for store.getData().getValues("Id"). It returns empty collection
  56. [OPEN] Spreadsheet grid doesn't respond to "select" event
  57. [OPEN] HtmlEditor bold failure.
  58. [OPEN] Bug in clipboard plugin
  59. [OPEN] MinHeight config property ignored
  60. Grid scroll does not update
  61. [FIXED] lockable bufferedRenderer grid - error scrolling
  62. [OPEN] Bar chart - tooltip not displayed for small values
  63. [FIXED] [Docs] Ext.Widget.getElementConfig doc text is parsed to <h1> header text
  64. [OPEN] $tab-body-outline-style-focus does not allow a value of "none"
  65. [OPEN] 5.1 textfield emptyText not displayed after focus in IE11
  66. [OPEN] Charts - resetting axis extremes doesn't work
  67. [OPEN] Spreadsheet grid selectionchange event does NOT override regular grid selectionchange
  68. [FIXED] actioncolumn not showing tooltip
  69. [CLOSED] API docs bug
  70. [OPEN] Chrome: Scroller of Panel with RTL grid as item scrolls to the left as default
  71. Pagination in Combobox does not show correctly the page count for a loaded store
  72. [INFOREQ] Bug in Ext.util.Filter getState method
  73. [FIXED] operation.Destroy throws exception when syncing >1 destroyed records
  74. [FIXED] closable === false on Ext.Msg results in script error
  75. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.1: Spreadsheet selectCells not working.
  76. [FIXED] [Ext 5.1.1] Bug in LocalStore.js
  77. [FIXED] Visual combobox bug in Chrome 43.0.2357.65 m
  78. 5.1.1 store remoteFilter can no longer be set at runtime not working
  79. [CLOSED] Combobox.getValue needs to call processRawValue
  80. [FIXED] Tooltip should not ignore mouseover event on touch devices
  81. [OPEN] Grid Grouping feature: Grouping for columns with no values (empty string)
  82. [FIXED] File Upload in Firefox
  83. [FIXED] fieldset enable/disable
  84. [INFOREQ] Data updates will fail if "paramOrder" is specified in the direct proxy.
  85. [FIXED] 5.1.1 form.Basic should require form.action.StandardSubmit
  86. [FIXED] Binding new store to Combobox deletes beforeselect and beforedeselect triggers
  87. [OPEN] ComboBox with ForceSelection does not do validation correctly
  88. [INFOREQ] TypeAhead for Comb with ChainedStore does not initialize internalKeys
  89. Remote filtering with buffered grid shows empty pages when filtering
  90. [FIXED] Collapsing panel calling collapase() not working
  91. [FIXED] 'single' event listener isn't unbound
  92. [DUP] 5.1.1 Masking Problem on disabled components is still present
  93. TreePanel ensureVisible and expandNode are buggy and hard to use
  94. [DUP] TextField/TextArea content moves down after 'blur' event (tab press)
  95. [FIXED] Root firstChild/lastChild properties contain wrong nodes
  96. [OPEN] PageUp/PageDown keys and textarea field
  97. [OPEN] Call to setStore in initComponent crashes
  98. [OPEN] Chart "panzoom.getModeToggleButton()" Broken when a tooltip is specified.
  99. [DUP] 5.1.1 Chrome 43 text field shifts downward after tab
  100. [FIXED] Grid locked column with summary feature crash
  101. [FIXED] Grid summary: not able to select text
  102. ComponentQuery fails if charts are rendered on page...
  103. [DUP] Pressing Tab on a form field causes weird padding issues
  104. [OPEN] [5.1.0] Listener leaks on Locked grid panel
  105. [DUP] ExtJS 5.1 textfield blur extra padding appears
  106. [FIXED] Ext.util.Format.number incorrectly rounds up using format with ## and /i
  107. [OPEN] setUI function does not work properly for buttons
  108. [FIXED] Loading mask not setting for bound store loaded in ViewController.init
  109. [E] Layout run failed: Hide/show nested columns error
  110. [OPEN] Shadow underlays do not respect minWidth/minHeight/maxWidth/maxHeight
  111. [FIXED] Overflowhandler menu + formBind does not work correctly
  112. [INFOREQ] Combined Touch/NonTouch screen UI issues
  113. [FIXED] ViewController - simplify inline example
  114. Grid disappears when resizing locked column
  115. ExtJS 5.1.1 Ext.tab.panel's setTitle method sets title, does not refresh layout
  116. [FIXED] Renderer scope is lost in Ext.tree.Column mixin
  117. [DUP] Cannot read property 'focus' of undefined
  118. [OPEN] HTMLEditor does not throw focus and blur events
  119. [DUP] GridView grouping by empty strings
  120. [CLOSED] menu in safari browser
  121. [OPEN] ComboBox and modelValidation: true invalid validation
  122. Fieldset borders not showing on iPad browsers
  123. [INFOREQ] setValue on combobox uses displayField if valueField is 0 in IE
  124. [INFOREQ] Combobox lost value in certain scenarios
  125. [OPEN] ExtJS 5.1.0 - Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor - iOS Missing Scrollbars
  126. [FIXED] [Docs] Ext.container.Container.getRefItems overrides itself?
  127. 5.1.1-apidocs - offline availability?
  128. [DUP] Ajax proxy throws exception on delete
  129. [OPEN] Numberfield's spinner icon error
  130. Ressize behaviour of HBox layout items
  131. [FIXED] filter popup is being closed if using remoteFilter and enableLocking
  132. grid filter checkbox for date not (un)checked correctly
  133. [DUP] Grouping feature throws error for null values
  134. Panel not triggering "beforecollapse" event when collapsed
  135. bufferedrender grid loss state
  136. [FIXED] EXT 5.1.1 Spreadsheet selection model SHIFT select not working
  137. [FIXED] textfield selectOnFocus doesn't work properly
  138. Lack of whitespace around "plus" operator may be causing calc() to fail in Chrome
  139. [NOREPRO] Change group error with bound store. (fiddle included)
  140. [OPEN] Using setStore on Ext.panel.Grid breaks the grouping expand / collapse
  141. [CLOSED] tbar not added when I use applyIf method
  142. [FIXED] Store.rejectChanges works on filtered records instead of source data
  143. [FIXED] Breadcrumb: wrong path (parentNode) when reselecting childNode from different parent
  144. [INFOREQ] Tree view is rendered before 'load' event is thrown
  145. [FIXED] Grid feature #init method should be protected?
  146. [FIXED] Wrong value selected in combobox editor
  147. [INFOREQ] Tree Node Interface store is undefine of node in extjs-5.1.1
  148. [OPEN] Text field, setY incorrectly adds argument to existing Y.
  149. [OPEN] ExtJS 5.1.1 - Ext.window.Window & Viewport - iOS Touch Devices & Modal Windows w/ On-
  150. [CLOSED] Textfield's darggable is true, click the body, not onFocus.
  151. [CLOSED] Store filter isn't applied on combobox expand
  152. [OPEN] Setting border on tabpanel adds border to its content panels.
  153. [OPEN] Ext.ProgressBar should not replace text in updateValue()
  154. [CLOSED] Setting title on Window - does not display except when dragging
  155. [INFOREQ] Bug in grid pagination
  156. [FIXED] Ext.button.Segmented should require Ext.layout.container.SegmentedButton
  157. Textfield looks broken in Chrome 43
  158. Chart zoom changes series value
  159. [FIXED] Filter update that removes last item in a group throws uncaught TypeError
  160. alwaysOnTop and ComboBox expand in 5.1.1
  161. Textfield gets wrong top margin after change
  162. [FIXED] Dashboard + useShims bug
  163. [OPEN] RowEditing plugin with forceFit columns throws "field.el is undefined" error
  164. [OPEN] FieldContainer position error
  165. [FIXED] Inserted record in a grid store displays as a blank row
  166. Store reloads after adding remote filters and remote sorters
  167. How to report a bug
  168. [FIXED] Container.nextChild/prevChild return undefined instead of null when child not found
  169. [NOREPRO] ExtJS 5.1.2.xxx: "Enter" Key is not detected as special key event using Firefox
  170. [OPEN] Picker field with Grid - incorrect positioning
  171. [FIXED] Filefield no longer open select file window for IE11 when embedded in tbar menu 5.1.1
  172. [FIXED] IE11. Global onerror listener triggers continuously on exception in handler
  173. RTL grid minus on the wrong side
  174. [OPEN] Grid feature "rowBody" - setupRowData not set, but rowBody is still visible
  175. [OPEN] [] Localization for Ext.grid.filters.Filters.* missing for DE
  176. [CLOSED] Cant remove last entry of a grid by using custom context menu
  177. [INFOREQ] Grid summary columns misaligned when using custom column widths.
  178. [CLOSED] Field convert method is not called when defaultValue=null
  179. [DUP] Null value for id in model not possible
  180. [DUP] Textfield contents moves down in window, in Chrome
  181. [FIXED] Buffered Rendering Scroll Whitespace issue
  182. Unexpected CQ behavior
  183. [OPEN] Latest 5.1.1 has warnings in console in default generated app
  184. Ext.draw.plugin.SpriteEvents event spriteclick right mouse in IE & Chrome
  185. ExtJS 5.1.1 Grid column renderer, metaData is null when updating record fields
  186. [OPEN] Grid Spreadsheet selection model - selectRows not working
  187. [FIXED] Ext.Object.fromQueryString and null values
  188. Multiselector behavior changed from 5.0 to 5.1
  189. Ext.view.Table emptyText does not show on first load
  190. cancelEdit/startEditByPosition does not keep grid navModel in sync
  191. [OPEN] Email validator fails on new gTLDs (ex. test@nic.hamburg)
  192. [FIXED] Memory Leak in list grid filter (Ext.grid.filters.filter.List)
  193. ExtJS Grid Reconfigure breaks gridfilters plugin
  194. Issues with touch-enabled devices and Chrome
  195. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Model getChanges is not called
  196. [OPEN] treestore loadData bug. (fiddle included)
  197. [OPEN] Field overlap in vbox layout
  198. [NOREPRO] extjs redirectTo method called twice from another controller
  199. Chrome 43 problem with cell editor
  200. [OPEN] Doc Bug? TaskManager.start() fireOnStart defaults to true instead of false
  201. [FIXED] can't filter chained store
  202. Model field property defaultValue set to undefined is ignored
  203. [OPEN] isAllSelected in Cells Selection model is broken
  204. [OPEN] Could not find items docked to chart using "down" and itemId
  205. [OPEN] Time axis chart - labels repeating [ fiddle included ]
  206. [FIXED] 5.1.1 Grid Drag Drop Sort
  207. [INFOREQ] CRUD - Specification and Update Handling
  208. [OPEN] Table Layout with nested Card Layout
  209. [OPEN] FieldContainer's hideLabel property is true, add a item, label show.
  210. [FIXED] Regression : js error with store.addFilter
  211. [FIXED] Numberfield masked characters
  212. Textfield shifts down when clicked
  213. [FIXED] Multi column header text doesn't crop
  214. [OPEN] wrong position of element rendered to parent with constrain after hide/show
  215. [OPEN] Custom MessageBox with icon - gives TypeError: iconCmp is undefined
  216. [FIXED] Ext JS 5.1.1 - Combobox filter can display invalid un-filtered items
  217. [CLOSED] ComboBox bug in Safari 5.1.7
  218. [FIXED] [5.1.1] clearFilters doesn't accept "autoFilter" anymore in gridfilters pluging.
  219. [FIXED] Ext.data.Session ignores proxy batchActions setting
  220. [OPEN] Textarea does not scroll on tablet.
  221. Horizontal scroller doesn't work in RTL grids
  222. [FIXED] Breadcrumb selection - wrong path
  223. [INFOREQ] AbstractStore's applyGrouper BufferedStore's Number-typed data property as object
  224. [FIXED] The double-quote (") character breaks emptyText
  225. [NOREPRO] Putting a trigger field in an Ext JS header crashes when using arrow keys in it
  226. Ext.tree.View throws exception when filter is applied and animate is set to true
  227. [OPEN] Tag Field Issue with IE
  228. [OPEN] Panel setTitle doesn't work in onRender
  229. [OPEN] Frame around text in closable rtl tabs (classic theme) isn't aligned right
  230. [INFOREQ] extjs chart export to jpeg problem
  231. [FIXED] [Examples] Dataview example uses deprecated config "multiSelect"
  232. [OPEN] onNodeInsert function implementation bug
  233. [OPEN] [Ext5.1.1] Buffered scroll and normalview refresh results in blank table
  234. Some troubles on iPad
  235. [INFOREQ] Not able to drag the Scroll bar in IE9 for xtype : tagfield
  236. [OPEN] Regression: button group and resizer style
  237. [DUP] [ExtJS 5.1] Textarea squeezing contents to the bottom in some cases.
  238. [OPEN] Scroll bar jumps to top when typing in textarea
  239. [FIXED] [Ext] Chart canvas destroyed leads to empty chart.
  240. [FIXED] Binding of loaded associated store in child session triggers a proxy load
  241. [OPEN] documentation for 5.1
  242. [OPEN] ComboBox highlight all text and backspace doesn't remove selection
  243. [OPEN] Line Series compared to Bar and Area Series differ
  244. [DUP] On a grid pager Mouse incorrectly shows 'pointer' when it should be default
  245. BoundList poor performance when having associations
  246. [DUP] Bug: BatchDestroy / Ext.data.operation.Destroy
  247. [FIXED] JSON doesn't throw exception
  248. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.Basic.isValid() not working with model validation
  249. [OPEN] QuickTip width auto bug?
  250. menu-item-default-active-bg.gif File Missing -- referred to in ext_theme-classic-all.