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  1. [OPEN] preventDefault does not work on IE10/IE11
  2. [INFOREQ] Crisp Touch File Upload Problem
  3. [OPEN] Crisp Touch Remove Item not properly displayed
  4. [FIXED] Grid reconfigure on a locked grid doesn't work correctly
  5. [FIXED] Lost "Ext.getNamespace"
  6. [FIXED] HtmlField not rendering Height properly
  7. [FIXED] Grid filtering issue: work with global store but not with chained store
  8. [INFOREQ] tpl and data in extjs5. tpl no longer able to reference data object
  9. Crisp touch tree-panel render issue
  10. Docked toolbars ignore border config
  11. [FIXED] Links in element included in (xtype) component un-clickable when using GPL ExtJS 5
  12. [OPEN] Form field error tooltip does not display upon tapping the error icon on tablets
  13. [DUP] Layout bug with form fields and msgTarget: 'side'
  14. [FIXED] Bind a timefield
  15. [FIXED] Doc bug: missing parameter name
  16. [CLOSED] Paging Grid example details missing something?
  17. [FIXED] HtmlEditor with value binding messes with cursor when typing
  18. [FIXED] ExtJS textareafield rendering is different in ExtJS 5.
  19. [FIXED] itemCls set to 'x-dataview-item' in GridView
  20. [FIXED] Ext properties missing from documentation?
  21. [FIXED] Documentation bug?
  22. [FIXED] Store rejectChanges not removing new records
  23. [DUP] Misaligned grid columns with header labels when no scroll bar is visible
  24. [FIXED] Window min/max buttons bug.
  25. [FIXED] Doc bug: Store.filter() not documented
  26. [OPEN] Toggle grouping(Enable/Disable) failing on locked grids. Works fine on normal grids.
  27. [DUP] Bind and DateField
  28. [FIXED] Typing spaces in a grid cell editor toggles checkbox in other column
  29. Grid is completely re-rendered when modifying a single record when autosync is used
  30. Ext.util.Format::currency with negative numbers
  31. [OPEN] TreePanel inside Field Container breaks layout
  32. [FIXED] Instantiating a Menu before onReady throws an error
  33. [FIXED] Grid, a column with cellWrap and resizing causes the view to multiply
  34. [CLOSED] TabPanel.SetActiveTab
  35. [FIXED] menucheckitem breaks #route on Nexus7
  36. [CLOSED] Output of Ext.util.Collection.valueOf() in Chromium is confusing for debugging
  37. [CLOSED] Javascript anchors HOSE all HtmlField components in IE9
  38. [FIXED] TabCloseMenu
  39. [FIXED] Node not passed to load event
  40. [NOREPRO] Grid column resize is faulty.
  41. [CLOSED] scope: 'controller' doesn't work
  42. Crisp theme CSS / Fileupload bug in filefield or fileuploadfield xtype
  43. Ext.data.TreeStore Append Listener Not Fired
  44. [FIXED] little bug in Themes Introduction
  45. [CLOSED] Transparent Body Background In Framed Panel
  46. [CLOSED] LockingGrid
  47. [NOREPRO] Small styling issue with form fields in Firefox
  48. [FIXED] "Select all" not triggering 'selectionchange' event in grid
  49. [DUP] Grid Layout Issue
  50. [FIXED] Tree Layout Issue
  51. [FIXED] Grouping collapse crashes when using a custom groupFn on the grouper
  52. [OPEN] Grid Grouping Issue (2+3) : sortProperty and sorterFn
  53. [INFOREQ] Grid Grouping Issue (4) : groupValue missing
  54. [FIXED] Ext.selection.Model Issue (MultiSelection)
  55. [OPEN] ExtJs Calendar - Internet Explorer Issue
  56. [FIXED] Example bug / broken link
  57. [FIXED] $configPrefixed docs wrong
  58. [OPEN] actioncolumn#updater call to #defaultRenderer is missing arguments
  59. [OPEN] Custom toolbar UI not applied to text items
  60. [FIXED] VBox Collapsible
  61. [FIXED] Documentation mistake at ExtJS: Creating packages
  62. [FIXED] Grid RowExpander plugin breaks RowEditor plugin
  63. [FIXED] ExtJS 5 zoom and scroll on touch devices
  64. [FIXED] Menu binding bug
  65. [OPEN] Smaller font size for Field Labels
  66. [FIXED] Doc bug(?): links in OneToOne
  67. [DUP] Grid with flex column(s) and scrollbar
  68. [OPEN] Grid selection model *checkboxmodel* header checkbox missing right border.
  69. [FIXED] Datefield clears value with specified binding
  70. [FIXED] Neptune's $grid-header-trigger-background-color-open cannot be overridden
  71. TreePanel's "select" event being fired from Selection model causes context issues
  72. [FIXED] ExtJS 5 release ( problem with session handling
  73. [OPEN] TreeStore - problem while deleting node
  74. [DUP] EXTJS5:Tab Bar Items Config is broken in Tab Panel
  75. [FIXED] ext5: combobox readOnly attr bug
  76. [OPEN] TreeStore.unregisterNode assumes childNodes is non-null
  77. [FIXED] Collapsible Panel + Icon or Glyph
  78. Examples don't show up in IE11
  79. BufferedStore.getById is raising an error
  80. [CLOSED] exceptions loading www.sencha.com in IE 11
  81. [INFOREQ] Grid Column Menu - Android
  82. [OPEN] combo inside menu prevents combo list to be shown correctly
  83. [CLOSED] ViewController -> render event bug
  84. [FIXED] AbstractSummary: Undefined dataIndex
  85. [CLOSED] ExtJS5 Showing a canceled non-modal window crashes
  86. [INFOREQ] TreePanel itemmouseenter
  87. [OPEN] Bug in inserting panel/component from accordion expand listener
  88. [OPEN] Suggestion: ExtJS5 Table use CSS layout instead of table for Section 508
  89. Grid - State of columns not being restored
  90. [DUP] Data column width gets smaller when browser window height is changed
  91. [FIXED] floatingItems remain in memory after being destroyed
  92. [INFOREQ] show() with panels doesn't work when using ZIndexManager
  93. [FIXED] Missing operationParam in Ext.data.soap.Proxy doRequest call
  94. [FIXED] Tooltip autoload not working
  95. [NOREPRO] File Input in Chrome not fully clickable when button only
  96. [FIXED] 'mousemove' not fired during drag drop
  97. [OPEN] Ext.menu.Menu title not styled in 5.0
  98. [FIXED] Menu items in Touch devices
  99. [INFOREQ] No way to refresh Grid Summary after grid data is changed
  100. [INFOREQ] Bug in PagingToolbar
  101. [FIXED] combobox does not scroll when using keyboard
  102. Problems with treepanel after calling store.setRoot.
  103. [FIXED] Strange IE 9 script loading bug
  104. [OPEN] How to update breadcrumb store
  105. disappearing rows on BigData Grids with FF13 and FF14
  106. [OPEN] BufferedStore + Grid with flex cellWrap columns = loadMask bug
  107. [FIXED] Dashboard portlet tools not triggered
  108. [DUP] Minimize/maximize window tools hidden when iconCls property is present
  109. Table layout columnWidth takes no effect
  110. [FNR] Chained store is not refreshed after rejectChanges on source
  111. [OPEN] Ext.grid.locking.Lockable: GridPanel 'layout' config
  112. [FIXED] IE9 EventObject.button is undefined
  113. [FIXED] ext-theme-neptune-all.css includes *-debug parts
  114. [FIXED] extjs 5 dashboard - defaultContent undocummented but used in examples ?
  115. [FNR] Drag & Drop bug in a grid
  116. [FIXED] Erase a record from his model with an auto synchronized store
  117. Cannot read property 'columnWidth' of undefined
  118. [FIXED] Databinding date type bug.
  119. [FIXED] Broken window maximize
  120. [FIXED] AbstractStore.isDestroyed inconsistent with Ext.Component.isDestroyed
  121. [FIXED] Two scrollbars on grid
  122. [FIXED] Class system Configuration
  123. [DUP] Exception When Item Added to TabPanel's tabBar
  124. [FIXED] Duplicating TPL in Combobox
  125. Charts CrossZoom example broken in IE9
  126. [DUP] Override function static in expand class
  127. [FIXED] ManyToOne association broken after removing item from associated store
  128. [FIXED] ext-all-debug line 108834
  129. [CLOSED] Grid in window loadData fail
  130. [FIXED] Multiselector-search store does not preselect entries present in multiselector
  131. PolarChart events
  132. [OPEN] Wrong including remote JS
  133. [FIXED] HTML5 search field (inputType: 'search') not working in ExtJs
  134. [CLOSED] 'remove' event fired by treestore on node collapse
  135. [CLOSED] TreeStore not working with 'capture'
  136. [FIXED] Layout browser link is dead
  137. Grid group collapsing still buggy, messes up selection
  138. [CLOSED] unable to collapse panel right and expand left
  139. [OPEN] GridFilters Problem with SingleFilters
  140. [FIXED] Bug in the function "populateRecord" in "Ext.grid.feature.AbstractSummary"
  141. [CLOSED] Unable to change columns count on table layout
  142. [OPEN] Timefield validation error
  143. [FIXED] panel has no method getParent()
  144. [CLOSED] Models inheritance and references
  145. Resize column induce unwanted sort
  146. [CLOSED] Tree Store - AutoLoad Set to True = Duplicate Nodes
  147. [CLOSED] Accordian layout and animate=false, problem.
  148. [FIXED] Bug in Ext.draw.Sprite for text
  149. [FIXED] Date field width changes after first display of picker
  150. [OPEN] ExtJS 5 Dashboard addView/addNew documented as private but used in example
  151. [CLOSED] Data Field Convert / DefaultValue Interaction
  152. [CLOSED] Presence validator acts wrong with MVVM
  153. [OPEN] Window ZIndexManager
  154. [OPEN] filter menus do not realign when window is resized or moved
  155. [FIXED] Localization of multiselector
  156. Session caching data even after store has been cleared and reloaded
  157. [CLOSED] getFilter in Ext.grid.filters.Filters
  158. [CLOSED] Form View - labelWidth - FieldDefaults or Individual Control Level Property
  159. [FIXED] Sencha bar chart label orientation not working
  160. [FIXED] Click handlers inside Dashboard Parts do not fire
  161. [FIXED] IE9 tooltip layout cutting off text
  162. [FIXED] Window moving upwards after restore.
  163. [FIXED] Responsive Config issue with viewport in ASP.NET
  164. [FIXED] Numberfield and TypeError
  165. [CLOSED] CORS issues with Cachefly
  166. [INFOREQ] Inconsistency: model's date and date filter send different date representation
  167. TreeStore not fire "beforeexpand"
  168. [FIXED] Horizontal scroll doesn't appear on Grid Reconfigure for empty Store (in FF & Chrome)
  169. [FIXED] Doc is outdated
  170. [FIXED] Ext.data.validator.Range
  171. [FIXED] Date filter convertValue method issue
  172. [FIXED] Window resizer malfunctions.
  173. Form Basic markInvalid
  174. [CLOSED] formfield destroy does not work correct
  175. [FIXED] TreeStore getById broken
  176. [FIXED] Empty text does not expand the container it is in.
  177. Non-standard folder structure in Ticket-App example
  178. [FIXED] Double "sortchange" event
  179. [OPEN] menuitem with href opens the link twice
  180. [CLOSED] Listeners not triggered by dispatchEvent in IE 10
  181. [FIXED] tagfield config filterPickList implementation partly broken
  182. [FIXED] button href doesn't work if set after init
  183. [OPEN] references and overflowHandler: 'menu' don't get along
  184. [FIXED] button setHref/setParams doesn't check if rendered before touching DOM
  185. [OPEN] Ext.data.Store insert() Not Working Correctly in ExtJS 5
  186. [FIXED] Having an 'add' event listener in a ViewController prevents menu item events...
  187. [OPEN] Textfield and Textarea emptyCls not being applied
  188. [CLOSED] Store no sync after add record with idProperty
  189. [FIXED] Store filtering breaks modifiedFieldNames array
  190. [OPEN] Emptied multiselector does not display "Nothing selected"
  191. [FIXED] Undocumented methods on ViewController
  192. labelWidth on formLayout donīt work on GPL version
  193. [OPEN] Column Renderer bug
  194. [FIXED] Generated UUIDs replaced with sequential id when saved via LocalStorageProxy
  195. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.Panel.selModel SIMPLE/MULTI binding does not work
  196. [FIXED] CSS bug
  197. [CLOSED] collapseDirection on panel docked to the right
  198. [OPEN] Feature request: descriptive "undefined callback function" error
  199. [FIXED] Combobox does not fire events at ViewController
  200. [OPEN] Window 'constrainHeader:true' and 'maximized:true'
  201. [OPEN] Window not centered after maximize, if 'constrainHeader: true'
  202. [FIXED] Tab title updated only after click
  203. [FIXED] Data Store Load Method: Url Config No Longer Supported
  204. Ext.util.Observable.observe(Ext.data.Connection) is not working.
  205. [FIXED] IE9 event.browserEvent member not found
  206. [CLOSED] Bug or feature ? Combobox select event
  207. [FIXED] Deprecated method in Ext.ux.grid.menu.ListMenu
  208. [OPEN] TreePanel and widgetcolumn
  209. [FIXED] Model deleted again on Session save: Erased record is included in saveBatch
  210. [OPEN] Serialize node not worked
  211. [FIXED] [] Bug with WebStorage
  212. [OPEN] New associations are not added into association stores
  213. [FIXED] Tagfield broken when using "bind"
  214. [FIXED] [Extjs5] TagField and store bind bug with nihtly build:
  215. [FIXED] List of documentation bugs
  216. [FIXED] Error when adding singleton overrides with Ext 5 and Sencha Cmd 5
  217. [FIXED] Fields after moving window
  218. Sencha CMD Build Cross origin
  219. Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer:refreshView
  220. [FIXED] Unable to define a default reader in a custom proxy class
  221. Server side id generation with savebatch.start
  222. [DUP] Ext JS 5.0.0 Api Docs broken link
  223. [FIXED] Pie chart: label display 'none' does not work
  224. [OPEN] Ext.util.Filter - Cannot extend with filterFn Defined
  225. [] Overrides folder not being picked up by sencha app build
  226. [CLOSED] Grid does not update correctly when updating store data when collapsed
  227. [OPEN] Feature Request: Add Unicode support for non-ASCII languages
  228. [OPEN] Method group() in AbstractStore defined calls method missing isLoadBlocked()
  229. [FIXED] [EXT 5.0.0] Grouping feature acting strange when changing model id
  230. [CLOSED] [5.0.0] The emptyText is not shown in the data view, if the view contains no items
  231. [OPEN] [Ext 5.0.0] view.getNode(record) returns record and groupheader
  232. [CLOSED] Grid + CellEditing + Sorters won't sort collectly
  233. [FIXED] XMLHttpRequest browser support
  234. [CLOSED] [] Ext.data.reader.Json - root no longer a config property
  235. [FIXED] [] Ext.data.proxy.Server#doRequest now only takes one argument.
  236. jolting grid panel when scroll down by 'down arrow key'
  237. [FIXED] Pie Chart invisible /
  238. [FIXED] Grid filters - updateBuffer config option doesn't work
  239. [FIXED] Chart Events: itemclick itemdoubleclick, itemmouseup not firing
  240. [FIXED] [] tag field selection mode created in init config, abadonned on store ubin
  241. [FIXED] Ext.grid.filters.filter.Number keypress error
  242. [FIXED] Getting Started instruction fail with Ruby not found on Windows
  243. [NOREPRO] ignoreRightMouseSelection
  244. [FIXED] [] Schemas override readers on custom proxies
  245. [FIXED] [] Warning with example Ext.application.Application configuration
  246. Feature request: support multiple schema proxy templates for unrelated models
  247. [CLOSED] Google API being loaded when no Google dependencies exist in the project
  248. [CLOSED] [closed]ViewModel / Chart / bound store /
  249. [OPEN] mouseover during column/bar rendering breaking column/bar color filling
  250. [FIXED] Rows don't gets removed from grouped grid with a widgetcolumn