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  1. Setting reference-type configs in the constructor
  2. [CLOSED] Events dont work on context menu
  3. [FIXED] Phantom record associations loading
  4. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.show() waitConfig bug
  5. [CLOSED] Combobox strange behaviour while value is bound
  6. [OPEN] Expanding panel above grid destroyes layout
  7. [FIXED] TreeStore - Dysfunctional Meta Property
  8. [DUP] Tags.js
  9. [FIXED] LoadMask missing on grids with bound store
  10. [FIXED] ExtJS 5 Multiple resize handles bug
  11. [DUP] Store configuration is not applied to legacy associations
  12. HtmlEditor pollutes global namespace
  13. [NOREPRO] Grid panel , empty and click grid throw exception
  14. [OPEN] Date field: minValue and disabledDays
  15. Ext.app.bindinspector.Inspector doesn't work if first node doesn't have a viewmodel.
  16. [OPEN] chart axes increment
  17. Mouse events on Chart still not working on ExtJS 5.0.1
  18. Extjs5 TypeError: Ext.data.Request is not a constructor
  19. [OPEN] Ext.selection.Model toggleOnClick broken
  20. [CLOSED] Absolute in ExtJS5 doesn't layout properly two panels.
  21. [OPEN] Ext.WIndowManager bug
  22. [FIXED] [5.0.2 NIGHTLY] Dirty flag in grid does not disappear
  23. [FIXED] Drag and Drop not working with ChainedStores in Grids
  24. [DUP] [] ViewControllers listening to Global Events do not get cleaned up properly
  25. [OPEN] Ext.WIndowManager.getActive after hideAll
  26. [FIXED] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel config checkOnly not worked
  27. [FIXED] [5.0.1] VM: Unable to use two-way formulas with child view models.
  28. [OPEN] Ext.draw.sprite.* broken setAttributes?
  29. [INFOREQ] paging on a combobox with a remote store
  30. [OPEN] Chart serie configuration issue
  31. [OPEN] Event "beforeselect" not transmitted argument "index"
  32. [OPEN] [5.0.1] Where focused row in grid?
  33. [CLOSED] Cant get TOASTS to work
  34. [FIXED] Event focuschange not fired
  35. QuickTip width in Chrome 30, 31
  36. Combobox greys out value with emptyText config
  37. Form layout maxWidth on textfields not working
  38. [FIXED] Selection bug
  39. Ext.event.ListenerStack bug?
  40. TreeStore expand nodes on sort
  41. [FIXED] Local filter in TreeStore gives an error (5.0.1)
  42. [FIXED] MessageBox doesn't change width in IE8
  43. [OPEN] Tooltip on area charts does not work for time axis
  44. [OPEN] Version property not sent to server in destroy request
  45. Problem with loader
  46. [OPEN] Panel with nested collapsible Panel not expanding in height
  47. [OPEN] Style emptyText of TagField is bad
  48. [OPEN] Problem with "Unfocus" of TagField, if set emptyText
  49. [OPEN] Label Align on Flipped Stacked Bar Chart
  50. [OPEN] Columns width of treePanel is bad, if layout is fit
  51. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Date filter's year/month select disappears on click
  52. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Grid columns don't line up when in tab panel
  53. [OPEN] BUG: selection rowmodel/checkboxmodel select and unselect based on arrow up and down
  54. [FIXED] Grid panel with cellwrap and load data store
  55. [FIXED] Problem with custom button in TabBar
  56. [OPEN] Firing event Activate, if close Tab on TabBar
  57. [DUP] Combo Box list select item with spacebar
  58. [OPEN] Columns width of grid with RowExpander after resize
  59. Grid with Buffered Store sort problem
  60. [CLOSED] Extjs-tab-ui mixin dosen't have an argument named $ui-body-outline-style-focus
  61. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Grid summary feature display issues with no data in store
  62. Extjs-tab-panel-ui mixin doesn't implement $ui-tab-border-width-over
  63. [FIXED] Using hideHeaders causes horizontal scrollbar in tree and grid
  64. [OPEN] Empty Response Screws up Model.data
  65. [OPEN] Grid Feature Grouping Summary with Data Store
  66. [DUP] Tag form control can't be initialized with array of keys
  67. [OPEN] treeColumn renderer property bind to viewController
  68. [FIXED] [5.0.x] responsiveConfig in Grid Column causes Error
  69. [FIXED] setMin/setMax width/height fails on components with liquidLayout before render
  70. Strange behavior of the combo box on IE
  71. [CLOSED] TemplateColumn together with celleditor while editing record with associations
  72. [FIXED] Very weird behavior Actioncolumn
  73. [OPEN] Window animateTarget causes restore issues
  74. SelectionModel IgnoreRightMouseSelection IE9
  75. [OPEN] [5.0.1] Left position of QuickTip shadow is incorrect for RTL
  76. [INFOREQ] Splice uses incorrect indices in Ext.util.Collection
  77. [OPEN] Tooltip and selected row conflicted?
  78. [FIXED] Cannot deselect grid rows in IE9
  79. [CLOSED] [5.0.1] Mask messages don't appear on components when they are in a border layout
  80. [DUP] [5.0+] Ext.data.Store.getGroups Returns Object instead of Array
  81. [FIXED] When tree store is filtered refresh event on view is fired twice
  82. [FIXED] 'this' is wrong in Field listener.
  83. [CLOSED] View 'refreshed' fully when adding single record to grid store
  84. [DUP] Date field cell editor hidden when selecting year
  85. [OPEN] Combo box expand() steals focus from combo text area in IE10/11 if there's a Window
  86. Combobox (grid editor) bad behavior in IE9
  87. [CLOSED] Monthpicker: incorrect value seleced
  88. [OPEN] ProgressBar 'text' property ignored
  89. [DUP] DatePicker/MonthPicker problem: choosing month leaves DatePicker
  90. [FIXED] 5.0.1 Huge delay opening modal window or Ext.Msg.alert()
  91. [FIXED] Documentation bug ViewModel.set
  92. [DUP] checkboxmodel unexpected behavior in grid
  93. [NOREPRO] [5.0.1] Bug: Cannot use widgetcolumn and summary feature
  94. [OPEN] [5.0.1] - textarea loses bottom borders inside hbox layout and labelAlign to top
  95. [FIXED] folderSort and sortType not working in 5 as they did in 4
  96. [OPEN] Locked tree sort triggers double refresh
  97. [OPEN] Toolbars with overflow enabled and button groups
  98. [FIXED] [5.0.0] Does Ext.util.Observable.addManagedListener respect priority options?
  99. [FIXED] "Warning: unresponsive script" only with Firefox
  100. [FIXED] Window defaultFocus produce an error if combined xtype#id selector used
  101. [OPEN] Windows with Ghost are deactivated and reactivated on drag
  102. [INFOREQ] "Maximize" into full screen partly hidden by y scroll bar.
  103. [FIXED] [5.0.2 NIGHTLY] Ext.tree.Panel.selectPath broken
  104. Maximize renderTo error
  105. [FIXED] Grid columns not positioned correctly after resize and refresh.
  106. [FIXED] relayEvents does not stop firing when a handler returns false with single: true
  107. [OPEN] [5.0.1] picker closes instantly on click
  108. [DUP] [5.0.1] Main controller looses event when closing a grid in tab panel
  109. [CLOSED] textarea height cannot be set to a value lower than the default
  110. [OPEN] Layout of the bottom border of a textarea in Chrome, Opera and Safari
  111. [OPEN] [5.0.1] Pie chart labels overlapping issue
  112. [DUP] [5.0.1] records.push is undefined
  113. [CLOSED] Not able to change font color of empty text on text field
  114. GroupingSummary / summaryType
  115. [FIXED] HtmlEditor [Centor Text]&[Align Right Text] display error
  116. [CLOSED] unused 'mimicBlur' method
  117. [FIXED] getNodeById not safe in remove/append listeners
  118. [INFOREQ] HtmlEditor sourceedit display bug
  119. [OPEN] Allow property.Grid to bind to the source object
  120. [OPEN] Maximize/restore window position reset to 0,0 on next layout
  121. [CLOSED] Document body click event not firing when clicking on an Ext.panel.Tool
  122. [OPEN] ColorPicker event not triggered in
  123. [FIXED] Grid + CellEditing + click event
  124. [OPEN] tagfield fires change event after render
  125. [FIXED] Adding data between grids causes duplication
  126. [OPEN] Drop expand event
  127. [FIXED] No left/right keys in timefield
  128. [OPEN] Timefield as editor with allowOnlyWhitespace: false create error
  129. [DUP] ViewModel + reference property set on TreePanel breaks cell editor / update logic
  130. [FIXED] Stateful - require TaskRunner
  131. [OPEN] The Flaky Component UI Propery
  132. [OPEN] Strange behavior with dynamically added Comboboxes
  133. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.TreeStore typeProperty has no effect - heterogeneous node types broken?
  134. [CLOSED] Component items not able to use config var
  135. Bug in the documentation
  136. Grid selection issues after tooltip shown
  137. [OPEN] Radio/check group with top aligned label in a vbox conatiner
  138. [OPEN] alwaysOnTop behavior in 5.0.1
  139. [FIXED] Column layout no boxready event in child component
  140. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Ext.onReady does not work correctly for local webserver
  141. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Bug, if load form with TagField
  142. [FIXED] Problem to navigate in modal window
  143. 5.0.1 columns loader in grid causes an error
  144. [OPEN] Ext.fx.Anim should automatically stop if target is gone
  145. [FIXED] [5.0.1] RowEditing plugin not working with grid's ViewController
  146. dbl click on date picker in grid to edit and field goes blank
  147. [DUP] Scroll jumps in grid when action column is pressed
  148. [OPEN] Component - DelayedTask required, but not used
  149. [OPEN] treeview never animates on expand
  150. [DUP] sortableColumns = false allow sorting by clicking on column header
  151. EXT-JS 5.0 boot problem with Internet Explorer - unterminated string literal error
  152. [OPEN] isDisabled in actioncolumn
  153. [OPEN] Ext.Factory is broken on type, after it is made observable
  154. [DUP] Cannot resize image if draggable property is set to true
  155. [OPEN] Stretched 'fieldcontainer' / layout: 'form' centers items vertically since ExtJS 5
  156. [OPEN] Ext.data.AbstractStore "contains" method is missing.
  157. [FIXED] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel#checkOnly not used
  158. [FIXED] Cannot use setLoading on Ext.window.Window if defaultFocus used.
  159. [FIXED] JSON writer does not use fields 'name' property as fallback on destroy operation
  160. [FIXED] Dataview doesn't highlight after store refresh
  161. [FIXED] manyToOne + embedded (nested) entities break session references
  162. [FIXED] tree selection still remains when parent node removed
  163. [CLOSED] Controller - refs - autoCreate duplicates componets
  164. [CLOSED] Ext.getCmp not finding viewport
  165. [INFOREQ] [5.0.1] Grid RowEditor plugin errors with stores that use the direct proxy
  166. combobox focus is not moving from one to another
  167. [OPEN] Store filters cannot be disabled only removed
  168. [DUP] Unable to change year in xtype: 'datefield' calendar
  169. [OPEN] Changing button's baseCls does not change classes names of inner elements.
  170. [FIXED] Ext.ux.IFrame cannot be made to scroll on iPad
  171. [FIXED] Combo change event does not fire when last character removed
  172. [OPEN] Combobox with initially store and binded store with filters
  173. [FIXED] Grid deselect event fired unexpectedly
  174. [FIXED] grid.View.loadMask does not work with bound stores
  175. [FIXED] button.Segmented doesn't work with bound values
  176. [FIXED] Cannot uncheck a checkbox in a grid
  177. [OPEN] Compatibility mode breaks TreeStore
  178. [OPEN] [5.0.1] Change in return value for Store.getGroups()
  179. Tag Field Bug in
  180. Scroll bug, if reload TreeStore and set bufferedRenderer: false
  181. EXT 5: Multisort plugin breaking the default single sorting too
  182. [DUP] Ext.grid.View 'onViewRefresh' - second parameter is numeric, not array
  183. [FIXED] Combo with bound value always clears typed value
  184. First click on action column is ignored
  185. Bug in htmlEditor tooltip (RTL, when true and false)
  186. [DUP] Session deletion changes persist after successful batch run
  187. [FIXED] combobox - growToLongestValue
  188. [FIXED] Collapsible border layout gives random height to tab panel
  189. [FIXED] [5.0.1] store.removeAll is buggy, breaks store events
  190. dblClick bug - Ext.form.field.Tag
  191. [FIXED] Bug in Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing.showEditor() [ExtJs 5.0.1]
  192. [OPEN] grid + cellEditing + selType: rowmodel + combo editor + sort, fails after you click t
  193. [OPEN] Nested data not loaded correctly during update operation
  194. [DUP] Ext.data.Session::evict() need to delete record
  195. [DUP] Nested data is not loaded when session is assigned to store
  196. [FIXED] Combobox Bug in - Can't select record from dropdown
  197. [FIXED] [] Field binding to value models interacts with keydown change events badly
  198. [OPEN] Infinite grid - problems with selection after store.reload() was called.
  199. ViewModel: Error when a store uses a session and a remoteFilter
  200. [OPEN] Duplicate controller created if using shortform and full name in getController method
  201. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.filters.FiltersView: Doesn't update UI after clearFilters()
  202. Error in Blur-Event in IE10 and IE11
  203. [DUP] The Red indicator for dirty record dissapear.
  204. [OPEN] Tabbing off modal windows
  205. [FIXED] Combobox type SPACE
  206. [INFOREQ] "Dirty flag" disappears on modified cells in grid
  207. [OPEN] Grid Column Resize Bug
  208. [CLOSED] Binding deep on object that are not components
  209. [DUP] Binding-combo-chaining wrong behavior
  210. [FNR] TreePanel rendered only 20 records after store reload
  211. [FIXED] Textbox keeps focus and is editable after loading mask set on parent
  212. [CLOSED] Record mapping (multi level JSON) in viewModel
  213. [OPEN] Pseudo class ':last' raises exception
  214. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.Model.load() throws error if no scope provided
  215. [DUP] [5.0.1] Can't disable buffered rendering for trees
  216. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Incorrect scroll position when using buffered rendering
  217. [OPEN] Ext.data.proxy.Proxy - batch
  218. [FIXED] [5.0.1] grid.Panel + layout.Border + column.Widget = uncaught TypeError
  219. [FIXED] 5.0.1 IE8 and IE9 Cannot drag vertical scrollbar combobox just after opening
  220. [OPEN] Ext.dashboard.Dashboard can create column layout that adds up to more than 1
  221. [OPEN] Issue at edit a text field in a tablet
  222. [CLOSED] Polar chart with dynamic height
  223. [CLOSED] Association from base model did not carry to derived model.
  224. [CLOSED] Declarative nested bindings from a view to a view model
  225. grids in IE8 are somewhat flakey
  226. [FIXED] Listeners not merged correctly when extending from Ext.util.Observable
  227. [FIXED] [5.0.1] A HTML Editor Field in Modal Window Causes an Exception when Pressing Tab.
  228. [OPEN] TreeStore - never gets dirty ?
  229. Area chart with a time axis doesn't render correctly with more than four records
  230. [OPEN] TreeStore applyRootNode incorrectly sets rootNode.store and rootNode.treeStore
  231. [OPEN] TreeNode: expandable option - not took into account by expandAll() / collapseAll()
  232. BufferedStore with ajax proxy doesn't sync up
  233. [5.0.1] Grid fails to update when changing a value in a BufferStore
  234. [OPEN] Can't select item from Combobox with Tpl in IE9
  235. Grid Filters Plugin Bug
  236. Cannot remove record from store after sync
  237. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel -> reset method
  238. [FIXED] Bar graph legend broken with one yField charted
  239. [FIXED] subtable in doc?
  240. [FIXED] [Docs] Ext.grid.column.Column -> flex
  241. cls overriden by expander arrow hover in treePanel
  242. [DUP] Cell editor problem
  243. [FIXED] grid.getView().disable() hides tbar and docked
  244. [FIXED] Accoridan layout single view can end up in multi mode
  245. [OPEN] Ext.selection.Model -> doSingleSelect
  246. [FIXED] Infinite grid: records disappear on scrolling
  247. Bug in PagingToolbar
  248. [DUP] Bug in Pie Chart Legend rendering!
  249. [FIXED] RowEditor retains previous values when value not defined in model
  250. [OPEN] Charts: Category Axis label alignment