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  1. [OPEN] IE : combo scroll bar error
  2. Ext.form.field.Tag in ExtJS 5 app
  3. [5.0.1] Wrong record selection in infinite grid after scrolling
  4. Dirty Record indicator not working when using renderer with all parameters.
  5. [FIXED] Layout issue when column layout used inside hbox
  6. [FIXED] Hiding a tooltip steels focus of an input inside a window
  7. [5.0.1] List filter with remote store does not work as documented
  8. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Number filter submits invalid value
  9. Series label in stacked bar chart
  10. Ext.view.AbstractView -> triggerEvent, triggerCtEvent
  11. [FIXED] Can't Set Initial Value for ComboBox with Empty Store
  12. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.0.1 - Ext.form.field.Picker - Picker incorrectly aligned after window resize.
  13. [CLOSED] Unable to select correct record using checkboxmodel.
  14. [5.0.1] chart - Regress in series label ?
  15. [FIXED] [] Double select event fired
  16. [5.0.1] chart - axe label position bug
  17. [OPEN] Menu Header Not Visible
  18. [OPEN] 'Ext.form.ComboBox' with "tpl" not working in IE9 - ExtJs 5
  19. Bug pie charts legend in extjs
  20. [OPEN] Constrained drag throwing an error on drag start
  21. [OPEN] buffered rendering on grid/tree doesn't work, turns itself off
  22. [OPEN] TreePanel beforeitemmove not fired
  23. [OPEN] checkboxmodel unselects selected record.
  24. [DUP] Stacked bar doesn't work with time axis
  25. [CLOSED] [5.0.1] Toolbar buttons ui value does not get '-toolbar' appended
  26. [FIXED] Warnings shown when overriding a Model field
  27. [FIXED] Remove record from ManyToMany association
  28. [FIXED] Misspelled SASS Variable in Ext-Theme-Neutral
  29. [OPEN] [5.0.1] cursor doesn't change to pointer icon when mouseover tree panel's nodes
  30. store.reload() does not cause update of buffered grid panel
  31. [CLOSED] [5.0.1] User extension childEls are null
  32. [FIXED] Calling setReadOnly beforeshow results in trigger processing being skipped.
  33. [OPEN] fieldcontainer layout 'HBox' doesn't work correctly anymore
  34. [FIXED] Drag & Drop crash if drop is out of target
  35. [INFOREQ] ViewModel inheritence should work for everything not just data
  36. [DUP] Tree panel w/ widget column - widget disappears!
  37. [OPEN] Bugs: Ext.view.NavigationModel.setPosition(), Ext.form.field.ComboBox.doAutoSelect()
  38. [FIXED] Modal window and tabindex
  39. [FIXED] Strange cellediting plugin events firing order.
  40. [5.0.0]: Second call of a window with the file upload field results in a error
  41. [OPEN] [5.0.1] Model's convert function isn't executed
  42. [DUP] Resizable + Draggable
  43. [OPEN] Incorrect rendering of components inside form layout
  44. [CLOSED] idProperty set to null falls back to id field
  45. [OPEN] Sencha ExtJS RowEditing beforeEdit Unhide column does not begin edit
  46. Tab Index not working
  47. itemremove called too many times
  48. [FIXED] manyToMany association overwrites custom associationKey for nested loading
  49. [CLOSED] checkcolumn bug
  50. [OPEN] [Ext-] filter tagfield
  51. [FIXED] Reloading a BufferedStore causes grids to throw
  52. [5.0.1] Focused Component will Have Dash Line Around it
  53. [FIXED] Pie Chart Tooltip Not Rendering
  54. [FIXED] [] Cannot select added record
  55. setOptions error when request is cancelled.
  56. [DUP] [] Constrained element inside of absolute positioned container
  57. selection with two way and the treepanel's method getChecked can not right
  58. [CLOSED] ( TabPanel: Broken Tabs with Duplicate ItemIds
  59. CSS mixins: extjs-button-medium-ui cannot specify "$color"
  60. [NOREPRO] No autoselect for anyMatch
  61. [FIXED] Property name "value" breaks editors in propertygrid
  62. [FIXED] [] Error in grid filter
  63. [CLOSED] BorderLayout with tabPanel
  64. Menu rendered on left side
  65. [NOREPRO] Bar Chart series titles bug
  66. [FIXED] Problem with Ext.Component - Bug?
  67. [FIXED] ( GridPanel - Grouping Summary Feature Broken
  68. [NOREPRO] Grid with locked column doesn't have rows aligned between locked and unlocked columns
  69. [FIXED] GridPanel renders unselectable rows on subsequent adds to the store
  70. [NOREPRO] Datefield - ShowToday:false - Results in ComponentQuery getRefItems error
  71. sencha-charts Axis undefined errors
  72. [FIXED] tdCls not working on widgetcolumn
  73. [FIXED] [ExtJS 5.0.1] Ext.panel.Panel isVisible() returning incorrect value
  74. [FIXED] set null on arbitary field with model does not clear bound textfield
  75. [CLOSED] checkboxmodel not working with locked column on grid
  76. [OPEN] event 'nodebeforemove' doesn't fire
  77. [CLOSED] WidgetColumn doesn't clean up everything
  78. [OPEN] [] Broken Proxy "Listeners" within ViewModel Stores
  79. [FIXED] Ext.Component documentation mistake
  80. [OPEN] root with id : null breaks treestore
  81. [NOREPRO] checkboxmodel single selection broken when add locked column dynamically
  82. Android - Focus() not showing soft-keyboard & lost after that
  83. [FIXED] Reconfigure against grid having locked/freeze column broken in recent nightly build
  84. [OPEN] LoadMask on container disappears on Window.hide() ?
  85. [FIXED] lcoked vs unlocked grid issues, specifically getVisibleGridColumns
  86. [DUP] Are the filter events Update, Activate, Deactivate actually implemented?
  87. [FIXED] ToolTip on row column from Sencha Example not working when has locked column
  88. [OPEN] Panel's width is not persisted when flex config is used
  89. [FIXED] getInnerTpl documentation layout mistake
  90. [FIXED] Ext.draw.Color is undefined / Cannot read property 'RGBA_NONE' of undefined
  91. Calendar example not working
  92. [FIXED] Missing minimize/maximize window buttons in Desktop example
  93. [NOREPRO] [5.0.0] Wrong signature of the TreeStore load event in the doc, a paramter is missing
  94. [OPEN] ActionColumn click event in controller not working
  95. [FIXED] remoteSort broken ?
  96. [DUP] TreePanel and Wdiget Column
  97. [OPEN] Multiline display field overlapping
  98. [FIXED] Icons bug in htmleditor
  99. [CLOSED] fieldset inside borderlayout renders incorrectly
  100. [OPEN] Grouping feature for grid: renderer when grouping using function (groupFn)
  101. [FIXED] Window resize not working.
  102. [NOREPRO] clicking on another row when rowediting leaves empty row on screen
  103. [DUP] scrolling from a rowEditing causes FUBAR
  104. [OPEN] Problem with (CartesianChart>Interactions>Itemhighlight>Tooltip) in Firefox 32.0.3
  105. [FIXED] Chained Combobox does not remove invalid value
  106. [OPEN] [] Typed value deleted after store load with forceSelection=true
  107. [FIXED] ( LoadMask Fails on ViewModel-Bound Stores
  108. [OPEN] Renderer functions cannot be defined in a ViewController for ActionColumns
  109. [OPEN] panel's defaults config does't work correctly
  110. Grids bind + checkboxmodel + locked column breaks selection from header
  111. [FIXED] DOM element in Element cache is not the same
  112. [CLOSED] Ext.ElementLoader.url behaves differently than Ext.data.proxy.Rest.url
  113. [CLOSED] [5.0.1] Loading Mask cannot be hidden
  114. [FIXED] rowcontextmenu not working with grid that has enableLocking true
  115. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.ComboBox not firing select even upon calling .select()
  116. [OPEN] Ext.draw.sprite.Path - strange alias
  117. [FIXED] Scrollbar disappear for grid inside Window
  118. [OPEN] Grid does not work with chained store and grouping summary
  119. [OPEN] Ext.util.Cookies implementation is naive and not compatible with most server
  120. [OPEN] CellEditing: entered data is lost on failed validation
  121. Responsive layout in tabPanel
  122. Creating TreeStore throws "Not found" for TreeModel
  123. [DUP] ComboBox field cleared when using remote query and forceSelection
  124. [FIXED] Model validation bug
  125. [OPEN] Ext.toolbar.Breadcrumb is not visible with Gray or Classic theme
  126. [DUP] ignoreRightMouseSelection:true (DataViewModel, RowModel) problem with some browsers
  127. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.reader.Reader.readAssociated uses wrong model class for associated records
  128. [CLOSED] ExtJS 5: Container should overlap with same position but different zIndex
  129. [NOREPRO] ( Component setLoading Error
  130. [NOREPRO] Combobox MultiSelect With Toolbar
  131. [OPEN] Window -> BorderRadius
  132. [OPEN] Window -> transparent header color
  133. Window -> padding
  134. [OPEN] [5.0.2] List filter - error on check
  135. [OPEN] waitForReload method in BufferedStore.reload
  136. [FIXED] Ext.draw.sprite.Ellipse - bad type
  137. [FIXED] grid plugins are not available with column locking
  138. [CLOSED] binding and reference incompatible when using same name with checkbox
  139. [OPEN] 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 Ext.selection.Model can't select multiple items, allowDeselect broken
  140. [DUP] ( ComboBox setValue Does Not Remove emptyUICls
  141. [OPEN] Locking grid not scrollable when setting width on the locked section.
  142. [FIXED] LoadMask Broken for Dataview in Window
  143. Checkbox not working with roweditor plugin
  144. [OPEN] [5.0.0-1] Problems with deleting of a node in the TreePanel
  145. [NOREPRO] [5.0.0-1] Problems with deleting of a node in the TreePanel
  146. [OPEN] [5.0.0-1] Problems with deleting of a node in the TreePanel
  147. [FIXED] Date filter doesn't work on "on"
  148. [DUP] cant tab field on form
  149. [DUP] Gridfilter filter event listeners do not work.
  150. Breadcrumb does not invalidate button text when TreeStore is changed
  151. [FIXED] [] BufferedRenderer VERY broken in IE8/9
  152. [DUP] Tooltip Bug for Cartesian Chart
  153. [FIXED] Extjs 5 drag and drop grid
  154. [FIXED] Tag fields with allowBlank = false and a value still fail validation
  155. No 'relatedTarget' in 'blur' event in IE
  156. [DUP] clicking menu item clears fragment id
  157. [FIXED] Axis - redundant code
  158. [NOREPRO] [5.0.1] Invalid json when sending params with Ext.data.proxy.Rest.paramsAsJson = true
  159. IE8 cannot load Ext JS on demand
  160. (':focusable').focus() includes gridpanels and fails
  161. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.0.1 - Ext.event.publisher.Gesture - Excessive Exceptions raised when exceptio
  162. [OPEN] Tag field initial config bugs
  163. [OPEN] Datepicker - two way binding does not work
  164. [CLOSED] Store autoSync not being used with drag and drop
  165. [FIXED] combo: can't select first row in list
  166. [FIXED] checboxmodel + IE scrolling issue in grid
  167. [FIXED] Column chart - limit line not cleared when store cleared
  168. [CLOSED] Chart not cleared when store cleared.
  169. [OPEN] Chart examples - over-nested panels
  170. [NOREPRO] IE 'itemdblclick' event in the grid not work (
  171. [INFOREQ] bug tree panel.
  172. [OPEN] Bug with activate card layout item
  173. [OPEN] Why does Ext assume no nativeBinarySupport for IE10 & 11
  174. [FIXED] HtmlEditor doesn't resize iframe correctly
  175. element.frame() bug.
  176. [FIXED] [ExtJS 4.2.2] Problem with scrolling to top when adding items to a Panel
  177. [OPEN] labelStyle underline not working
  178. [FIXED] Ext.view.Table fails to remove row stripes on store endUpdate
  179. [DUP] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel functionality change
  180. [FIXED] setMargin() doesn't work properly
  181. [CLOSED] ExtJS TreeStore is empty if I load store by manually
  182. [OPEN] resizable on text field not work
  183. [OPEN] [5.0.0] Missing translations for load text, drag text in the grid and the tree grid
  184. [FIXED] Before Tab Change
  185. [FIXED] If Datepicker placed in table layout then date selection is not working well
  186. [FIXED] [Docs] wrong renderTpl for datepicker
  187. [FIXED] Where are the native Ext.Element events ('click' etc)
  188. [FIXED] nightly build viewmodel.onStoreBind calling blockLoad on an chainedstore
  189. [FIXED] Major performance decrease during tree store loading
  190. [DUP] Tab activate requires 2 clicks in FF but 1 in IE
  191. PageMap error with Grid/BufferedStore and Locked Column
  192. [FIXED] session.getChanges() still showing a delete after handled by a server.
  193. [OPEN] Cycle Button not showing selected item's icon?
  194. [FIXED] Ext.chart.series.Bar - Live Preview error
  195. Strange form field resizing problem after loadRecord or lost focus
  196. [DUP] Not able to select the same item in combo
  197. [CLOSED] attachEvent bug in IE9
  198. Possible race condition involving Responsive context
  199. [OPEN] VersionProperty not working on update request ???
  200. [FIXED] IE8 view.getNodes returns empty array
  201. [OPEN] widget widgetcolumn error in onItemRemove
  202. [FIXED] How to disable all dates after today's date
  203. [DUP] Single mode selection model ignores allowDeselect and toggleOnClick options
  204. Desiging issue in pia chart
  205. [FIXED] [Docs] No documentation for Ext.grid.feature.RowWrap
  206. [OPEN] Binding too late in rendering so not usable to drive 'hidden'
  207. [FIXED] Grid Panel - Summary of calculated column not updated
  208. [FIXED] Regression nightly build: menu and tab break with binding not found
  209. [FIXED] EXtJS - grid, store, render bug
  210. [CLOSED] [] Viewport does not exists after launch
  211. Grid Panel. Summary of calculated column not updated
  212. [INFOREQ] [] Overriding existing mapping
  213. [DUP] Ext-JS 5.0.1255 Ext.menu.Menu not working in IE 10
  214. [FIXED] Using chainedstore in combobox causes failure on doSetValue
  215. [NOREPRO] combo box with an option with a blank displayField value, can't select blank option
  216. [FIXED] Why was Ext.application removed from ext-debug.js (5.0.2 had it, then lost it)?
  217. [] onBeforeStoreLoad
  218. [DUP] Bar Chart Label - calloutLine config ignored
  219. [CLOSED] Tag field items are read as "blank" for screen reader users
  220. [DUP] Click on Menu item deletes URL hash in IE
  221. [DUP] Store firing wrong events when using 'sorters'
  222. [DUP] requiring Ext.MessageBox
  223. [FIXED] [ext-] - Combobox does not show text from a foreign referenced field
  224. Bug with store having "session = true"
  225. [OPEN] Drag drop rendering issue when dragging from tree to grid.
  226. [FIXED] Combobox doesn't collapse properly after selecting in IE10 / IE11
  227. IE 8 issue: Font icons in context menu
  228. Nightly build ext- (and newer): Dragging any window is blocking this window
  229. [OPEN] Floatable collapsible panel
  230. [FIXED] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel throws exception on range selection
  231. [FIXED] Ext- Responsively hiding a grid column throws an error.
  232. [CLOSED] How to use Web based Font
  233. [DUP] Tooltip Not Shown Until Clicked Chrome
  234. [FIXED] Combobox popup disappears on scrolling IE8
  235. [OPEN] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Grid Pagination component is not working
  236. [OPEN] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Grid header filter component is not readable the state
  237. [OPEN] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Tree component's header and child nodes.
  238. [CLOSED] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Tree component's node custom image not readable.
  239. [OPEN] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Grid, Dashboard, Portlets, Charts title are not readabl
  240. [OPEN] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Calendar widget date is not readable
  241. [DUP] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Displayfield component text is not readable
  242. [FIXED] Nightly build code review: double declaration
  243. [CLOSED] Accessibility issue - ExtJs 5 Calendar center panel accessible is not using keyboard
  244. [FIXED] Should the warnings be fixed before 5.1.0 ?
  245. [DUP] Combobox chooses and stops filtering
  246. [FIXED] Regression 5.1.0 nightly build: double checkboxmodel in locked grid
  247. [NOREPRO] TreePanel (Table) bufferedRenderer scroller break after reload
  248. [OPEN] Toolbar overflow stateful bug
  249. [FIXED] Regression nightly build: Viewport plug-in not included in production build
  250. Canīt scroll over a website consisting of a viewport on mobile devices.