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  1. [OPEN] Layout Issue with collapsible panel in card with autoscroll: true
  2. [FIXED] Group Tab Panel
  3. [FIXED] Cellediting plugin issue in 5.0.1 (regression since 5.0.0)
  4. Treegrid: Ext.mixin.Observable.resolveListenerScope(): scope
  5. [NOREPRO] [5.1.0] Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing not visible, possibly because of CSS change
  6. [OPEN] 5.1.0 Release: grid not working when using reconfigure, Cannot read 'isNonData'
  7. [FIXED] 5.1 Grouping feature regression
  8. [DUP] Bug in example
  9. [FIXED] extjs 5.1 grid filter clear filter bug
  10. [CLOSED] Ext-15137 only half fixed in 5.1
  11. [OPEN] [5.1.0] Can type into a read-only combobox
  12. [OPEN] Chart axis stroke animates on render with custom theme
  13. [INFOREQ] Validation Textfield Column in Grid / Email or RegEx (matcher) / ExtJS 5.0.1
  14. [INFOREQ] Accordion layout breaks when clicking on title of open panel
  15. [FIXED] Chart setTheme does not work when animation: false
  16. [OPEN] [5.1.0] offsetHeight incorrect for grid rows in IE8
  17. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.1 Widget onBoxReady not working
  18. [FIXED] [5.1.0] Filtering displays blank pages within Grid/Buffered Store
  19. [5.1.0] Scrolling throws errors within Grid/Buffered Store
  20. [OPEN] Chart Axis Grids cannot be added without modifying the underlying chart
  21. [OPEN] Chart axis strokeOpacity is always 1
  22. [OPEN] Cartesian chart series without numeric ydata error
  23. [OPEN] Problem with grid roweditor in extjs 5.1.0 => RTL
  24. [DUP] You can not select node once you insert it in a tree
  25. [OPEN] TreePanel expand collapse behavior
  26. [FIXED] 5.1.0 Release: grid cell dirty flag not showing before scrolling down and back up
  27. [DUP] 5.1.0 Release: grid showing empty after coming back from another tab!
  28. [FIXED] [5.1] modal window or message box forces the horizontal and vertical scroll bars
  29. [OPEN] Update CSS to use 2x images for retina
  30. [5.1.0 NIGHTLY December 6] Problem with data binding and combo box
  31. [DUP] [5.1] Enabling of the field containers after disabling works wrong
  32. [FIXED] [5.1] CellEditing in grid: if beforestartedit returns false, you can never edit again
  33. [FIXED] [] Can't redraw the Pie chart when delete record of a sprite.
  34. [FIXED] 404 error
  35. [CLOSED] Tab on Modal Window's button does not work properly []
  36. [FIXED] AbstractSummary - stray comma
  37. [DUP] Button keeps disabled view when enabled
  38. [CLOSED] [5.1.0] Reference field loaded from server populated differently than memory
  39. [DUP] Combobox Type Ahead feature not working in IE 10.
  40. [CLOSED] [5.1] Unused field replied by server causes model to be dirty after save
  41. [] Responsive Plugin problem on refresh
  42. [FIXED] Ext.Data.Store.setSorters() does not clear the current sorters
  43. Issue with HtmlEditor binding config
  44. [OPEN] ItemSelector keyboard nav fails when in tabpanel
  45. [DUP] Combobox, typeAhead, anyMatch, select record with tab (wrong record is selected)
  46. [FIXED] Issue with Desktop Example
  47. Window Header gets affected by a panel header having a icon in the same page
  48. [OPEN] Removing border textfield
  49. [OPEN] ComboBox in IE 10/11 be focus
  50. [DUP] combobox can't select after deleting an item using keybord on extjs 5.1.0 vesrion
  51. [FIXED] Observable constructor should be re-callable?
  52. [FIXED] EXTJS 5 - Bug column header are not text ellipsis on 5.1 and nightly
  53. [FIXED] [5.1] Grid always dirty after update if has custom column renderer
  54. [FIXED] Ext.Direct More than 1 Param leads to RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  55. ComboBox.setValue in IE11 expands picker!
  56. [OPEN] MultiSelector - No binding possible for MultiSelector-search
  57. [FIXED] : Unable to enter '$' character with cell editing plugin
  58. [FIXED] Sencha Charts - Axis rangechange event is fired multiple times
  59. [OPEN] Ext.data.SortTypes.asText doesn't seem to work
  60. [OPEN] [5.1.0] Stateful dashboard leaves unused state data
  61. [FIXED] Floating menu not hidden when clicking outside the menu & it has never been focused
  62. [FIXED] Ext 5.1 and older: View snaps back to top, when typing in a field
  63. Grid Scrolling Issue
  64. [OPEN] JS error at card layout with chart
  65. [CLOSED] ComboBox select event change!
  66. [OPEN] Firebug shows a panel collapse tool as a global window property
  67. Grid - autoHeight & emptyText
  68. [OPEN] ComboBox - please set up displayTpl before calling bindStore
  69. [OPEN] Impossible to disable key navigation
  70. [FIXED] IE specific - emptyText with allowBlank:false on TextField not working []
  71. [FIXED] Listeners scope
  72. [OPEN] validIdRe throwing Invalid Element "id" for valid ids containing colons
  73. [FIXED] Store nested in model not working with combobox
  74. [OPEN] Ext.view.Table Cannot read property 'isSynchronized' of undefined
  75. Controller routes don't execute after application launch
  76. [CLOSED] button with dynamic menu disappears on mouseover in the latest
  77. [CLOSED] Event after two-way binding is complete
  78. [DUP] Combobox select event
  79. [DUP] Need 2 clicks to sort grid header in firefox
  80. [FIXED] ComboBox.checkValueOnChange should not clear value if remote
  81. [FIXED] a bug in Ext.ZIndexManager hideAll code
  82. [FIXED] Tab Panel Tabs Scrolling Issue by Mouse Wheel
  83. [INFOREQ] Vertical scrollbars missing in TreePanels with a single column
  84. [OPEN] Bug in Ext.panel.Table.setSelection(), index of 0 is not considered
  85. [FIXED] Polling Tree Store Memory Leak
  86. 2 Way binding broken?
  87. [FIXED] Grid Grouping Bugs
  88. [FIXED] Combo Field setValue() Function Changes
  89. [OPEN] onHeaderCtRender: Postpone non-critical Grid infrastructure setup to after rendering
  90. [FIXED] "onDirectCaptureEvent" global leak in IE9
  91. [FIXED] [] Combobox triggerAction="all" does not work
  92. [OPEN] PagingToolbar inside ComboBox works incorrectly in some browsers
  93. [DUP] 5.1: (Context) Menu in grid does not close automatically and produces many menus
  94. [OPEN] 5.1.1 Nightly: In grid widget edit start with off location
  95. [CLOSED] 5.1.1 Nightly: Grid empty in Firefox
  96. [FIXED] 5.1.1 Nightly: Mouse scroller on Firefox just move some millimeters the grid
  97. Tree disappears when a node is expanded; Tree was loaded in a collapsed panel.
  98. [FIXED] Ext.Tooltip#disable doesn't work in 5.1
  99. [OPEN] ComboBox Selection Binding Bug in 5.1
  100. [FIXED] Combobox sensitive to store/value order in binding statement
  101. [FIXED] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel does not fire deselect
  102. inputValues on checkbox in checkboxgroup when getFieldValues called
  103. [OPEN] Provided ExtJS 5.1 Release is missing a bunch of files
  104. [OPEN] Release is missing a bunch of files when using bootstrap.js
  105. [NOREPRO] 5.1.1 Nightly: IE8 stripeRows not working
  106. Extra params not sent for create api request
  107. [DUP] Problem with grid roweditor in extjs 5.1.0 => RTL
  108. [NOREPRO] Column layout doesn't work in desktop
  109. [FIXED] grid multi select checkboxmodel issue
  110. [OPEN] 5.1.0 Release: Sencha Official big-data-grid Example global checkbox keep moving IE8
  111. [FIXED] Grid Filter Problem with Buffered Store
  112. [OPEN] Getting length error when using Ext.create with a cycle
  113. [OPEN] Combobox with remote ajax proxy setting selected item issue
  114. [FIXED] Disabled Menuitem still shows its menu
  115. [DUP] Chart series label and marker z-index too high
  116. [FIXED] Strange Mask Problem with 5.1.0
  117. [FIXED] Ext.app.Profile: Link to device profiles guide is broken
  118. [FIXED] Combo selection issue with D&D
  119. Builded application gives 404 error for some missing classes
  120. [FIXED] Problem with 'clearValue' in ComboBox in latest nightly build (12/22/14)
  121. [DUP] 5.1.0 Tab click doesn't activate tab with classic theme - Firefox
  122. [DUP] Combobox setValue() method displays drop down
  123. [NOREPRO] [Ext 5.1.0] Locked Infinite scroll breaks when scrolling down fast
  124. [FIXED] 5.1 regression -- selectionchange event no longer fired on grid when data reloaded
  125. Locked tree grid view ensureVisible() works inconsistent in IE8 on large data sets.
  126. [FIXED] Maximized window with width and height values in percent
  127. [CLOSED] initConfig() fails for Ext.data.Model
  128. [FIXED] Summary feature doesn't correctly react to reconfigure
  129. [FIXED] [5.1.1 Nightly Build 20141226] Combo box with inline store no longer works
  130. [DUP] setValue method of combobox behave differently in chrome and IE10+
  131. [OPEN] key events in form inputfield, changes width of grid column
  132. [FIXED] getField doesn't return the correct field when changing the idProperty with subclass
  133. grid.getView() fails in initComponent
  134. [INFOREQ] DatePicker/MonthPicker problem again (now with qtip and in RTL mode)
  135. [FIXED] [5.1] Ext.data.reader.Reader subclasses need to define copyFrom
  136. [CLOSED] Error with Conditional Rendered Widget (in Widget Column)
  137. [FIXED] Setting minHeight on a grid can cause Layout Run Failures
  138. [FIXED] Ext 5.1 - grid component using Ext.draw.Container
  139. [NOREPRO] Shift to select continuos rows in grid not working with locked grid
  140. [NOREPRO] Strange tab navigation behaviour
  141. [OPEN] DatePicker/MonthPicker problem with ok/cancel button
  142. [OPEN] Grid is fully re-rendered when deleting a single record
  143. [OPEN] [5.1] Grid mask not destroyes after grid destroyment
  144. [FIXED] Radiogroup selection issue
  145. [FIXED] [] VBox Layout Form field blur causes container to scroll to top
  146. [FIXED] 5.1.0 trouble with menus disappearing
  147. [DUP] Datefield getting collapsed when month/year is changed
  148. [FIXED] Ext.dom.Element.setCls() function is not working
  149. [FIXED] setTitle error for a gauge series polar chart
  150. [FIXED] Exception when attempting deep copy a TreeNode
  151. [FIXED] Does AmfRemotingProvider work? Cannot configure provider: "No url configured"
  152. [OPEN] Closing west panel gives layout run failed when using grouping
  153. [DUP] widgetcolumn not drawing for some row
  154. [OPEN] Official Sencha Example Tab on grid wrong on 5.1.0 release
  155. Official Sencha Combobox Example not working with 5.1.0 Release with IE9
  156. [DUP] scrollbar always showing up when hosting iframe
  157. ExJs 5.1 bootstrap bug
  158. [CLOSED] TabIndex not set until you click on the fields (in grid columns)
  159. [FIXED] Grid selection bind problem
  160. [OPEN] ExtJs 5.x store.insert(0, record), Row Editing Grid Example bug
  161. [FIXED] Remote sorting ignored in grouped grid
  162. Ext.window.Window stays masked when clicking both mouse buttons
  163. [FIXED] Problem with Clipboard plugin (Spreadsheet Model)
  164. [CLOSED] Grid column renderer, getHeaderAtIndex issue
  165. [CLOSED] how to control tab response order
  166. [FIXED] SpreadsheetModel - Cannot read property 'selectedRecords' of null
  167. [FIXED] XML hasMany association not working in version, works fine in 5.1
  168. Ext JS 5 statics of base class not visible in derived class
  169. [OPEN] Cannot bind decimalPrecision in a numberfield
  170. [FIXED] Issue with Ext.form.field.Tag emptyText
  171. Bind on ExtraParameters doesnt refresh the store.
  172. iOS devices: Crash in TouchScroller
  173. [OPEN] Ext 5.1:PageAnalyzer.js - getHrefMinusHash
  174. [OPEN] [] Grid lose the focus
  175. [OPEN] Editor misaligned
  176. [OPEN] Ext 5.1: PageAnalizer.js - Layout Run on Border Layout
  177. [FIXED] CellEditing - right mouse click in FireFox triggers edit
  178. [CLOSED] [] ContextMenu issue
  179. updateIndexes on filtered store generate error
  180. [FIXED] 5.1 Window drop shadow not synced
  181. [FIXED] Menu Items vanish when focused then click anywhere else
  182. [OPEN] Disable focus on tree panel node
  183. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.Store applyState issue
  184. [DUP] 5.1.1 Nighly Locked Infinite scroll breaks when scrolling down fast
  185. [FIXED] [5.1.0] Clicking breadcrumb navigation menu up and down arrows throws TypeError
  186. [FIXED] 5.1.1-20150107 Nightly Build - Grid column autosize problem
  187. [CLOSED] 5.1.1-20150107 Nightly Build - Grid selection binding to other grid's store filter
  188. [CLOSED] Store extend problem when used in viewmodel
  189. [DUP] FieldContainer enable/disable bug ExtJs 5.1
  190. [FIXED] Maximum Call Size Exceeded Bug when drop multiple rows in grid
  191. [NOREPRO] [] Combobox: store/list doe snot reset on selected value change
  192. [FIXED] Found an error in an ExtJS Guide. Where to post?
  193. [FIXED] Refresh event is fired twice when reconfigure is called
  194. [CLOSED] DateField Picker week of Year Bug
  195. [OPEN] Grid grouper with sort property and grid sort combined bug
  196. [FIXED] Desktop Example Bug
  197. [CLOSED] Tree Panel as ComboBox's Picker Menu
  198. [OPEN] Flex config does not work in fieldcontainer
  199. [FIXED] treeviewdragdrop work fine as move and don't as copy
  200. [NOREPRO] Store group field
  201. [DUP] [] setDisabled bug
  202. Stateful filter Ext grid
  203. [FIXED] Combobox clearValue() and setValue() broken in latest nighly
  204. [INFOREQ] Can't use a chained store with itemselector
  205. [CLOSED] (':focusable').focus() causes Uncaught TypeError
  206. Binding hidden on tab does not work
  207. [FIXED] Editeable grid cells not update summary row field
  208. [FIXED] Tag field growMax crash ExtJs 5.1
  209. [FIXED] Bug report: Grid summary does not work with bound store. (Fiddle included)
  210. [OPEN] Boolean Filter default not applied when first made active
  211. [OPEN] Bug report: Grid summary does not work together with widget column. (fiddle included)
  212. [CLOSED] [5.0.1 - 5.1b] TreePanel scroll problem
  213. [OPEN] setRootNode events bug
  214. BufferedStore 'forgets' option.params on reload
  215. [INFOREQ] Issue with panel in north region with tbar: Containers in the region end up in tbar
  216. [FIXED] Ext.grid.column.Action -> disabled config
  217. Bug in Ext.selection.Model onStoreRefresh
  218. [DUP] Problem with associations store rejecting changes when using session
  219. [OPEN] SpreadsheetModel forgets first row selected with infinite scroll grid
  220. [5.x] BufferdStore causes Exception in "afterCommit" at commit
  221. [DUP] Enable/Disable toolbar items bug in ExtJs 5.1
  222. [OPEN] [] SpreadsheetModel and CellEditing not compatible
  223. [DUP] RadioGroup: enable not working properly
  224. [FIXED] Ext.Object.fork method source
  225. [FIXED] Two clicks required after dragging scrollbar in IE 11
  226. [NOREPRO] timefield does not work when i specified forceSelection: true
  227. [FIXED] Grid columns resize when using grid forceFit property
  228. [DUP] Grid Summary not updating on ViewModel bound Store
  229. [INFOREQ] Widget column can't display after render.
  230. [OPEN] MultiSelect with direct store data show empty text
  231. [FIXED] ItemSelector with direct store data throws exception
  232. [CLOSED] Problem with MIME type after upgrade to 5.1.0
  233. [DUP] ext511.188 - toolbar as tbar, bbar
  234. [OPEN] Null values in chart data break auto scale
  235. [INFOREQ] grid header rendered incorrectly in border layout
  236. [OPEN] [5.1] itemexpand is not fire after a store.setRoot
  237. [OPEN] Inconsistent null/undefined/nan handing in charts
  238. [INFOREQ] Issue after upgrading from 5.0.x to 5.1 with ViewModel stores, No such Entity
  239. [CLOSED] Border layout center region not resizing
  240. [OPEN] Date Field Loses Focus When Selecting Month/Year Picker
  241. [FIXED] Nightly build doesn't have release-notes.html anymore
  242. [INFOREQ] Multiple tag field has error after second select.
  243. getModifiedRecords behiaviour change
  244. [FIXED] Ext.toolbar.Toolbar does not allow dock left but align buttons horizontally.
  245. [FIXED] ComboBox.checkValueOnChange should not clear value if the store is not loaded...
  246. [FIXED] [5.1 nightly] Weird menu and sub menu behavior
  247. [FIXED] [5.1] Setting scrollable:false on a grid throws exception.
  248. [FIXED] In-grid CellEditing Plugin Deny Certain Characters in Chrome and IE
  249. [DUP] Dropdown dependencies with binding
  250. [FIXED] 5.1.0 grid re-ordering causes exception