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  1. grid selectionchange event not fires when using paging
  2. [OPEN] Breadcrumb: No arrow Icon after dynamically add a Node
  3. Toolbar text color in scss template does not work
  4. [FIXED] Line chart series don't render correctly (not filled) with `fill` and `smooth` config
  5. [NOREPRO] Exception when scrolling grid
  6. [DUP] Ext.WindowManager: Mask resize should be after viewport resize
  7. [DUP] Toolbar button still shows as disabled after the viewmodel changes the disabled bind
  8. Grid: Selection is not cleared on containerclick if there is padding
  9. Should window be centered according to floatParent?
  10. [FIXED] Store.rejectChanges not removing records from session
  11. [OPEN] Wrong selection in a grouped grid when using keys navigation
  12. [OPEN] No warning when misnaming a class
  13. [INFOREQ] Calculated fields don't work for ExtJS 5 model built for production with cmd
  14. Menu in Layout Border (Ext JS 5.1)
  15. [OPEN] Really strange bug with IE9 with emptyText
  16. [FIXED] Bug report: Grid emptyText does not work with store.removeAt(0). (fiddle included)
  17. [INFOREQ] ComboBox - typeahead replacing rawValue which is then queried on...
  18. [OPEN] Cursor changes to pointer on parts of a disabled button
  19. [FIXED] Tree root node updated in 5.1 to be phantom
  20. [INFOREQ] EXT 5.1.0: calling store.sync a second time causes RangeError when JSON encoding
  21. cell Edit Key Navigation Ext JS 5.1
  22. week number problem in datefield
  23. [FIXED] Possible bug with emptyText config and a filtered store
  24. [INFOREQ] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'scrollTop' of null in Chrome 39.0.2171.99 m
  25. [FIXED] Ext 5.1 - Error when reconfigure columns on lockable grid
  26. [OPEN] When Tree selection is not set to TreeSelection, node is selected when it's expanded
  27. SelectionModel's Mode is set to Multi, it's not possible to deselect the row
  28. [FIXED] Fields can switch validity states without firing validitychange
  29. [OPEN] grid reconfigure not honoring column defaults
  30. [FIXED] Two-way binding via association name does not work
  31. [DUP] Sub tabpanel still retains class after disable enable toggle
  32. [FIXED] extjs5.1 Messagebox causes browser scrollbar error
  33. [DUP] Panel's subitems disabled/enable bug (Ext JS Crisp)
  34. [DUP] Opening Month/Year picker will collapse date picker when tooltip is shown.
  35. [INFOREQ] Error after upgrading from Ext JS to Ext JS
  36. [FIXED] Groupers with sortProperty are broken
  37. [FIXED] layout causes panel to reset scroll position when editing form
  38. [FIXED] Cannot read property 'pointerType' of undefined
  39. [CLOSED] ExtJs RPC implementation doesn't comply to JSON-RPC protocol
  40. [CLOSED] Ext-Aria package: Messagebox resize and move buttons
  41. [DUP] Bug combobox
  42. [OPEN] Calculated fields disappear when we decorate a Model with NodeInterface
  43. [FIXED] Display Template Reference Model not working in 5.1
  44. [FIXED] Shift click to multi-select doesn't workwith cellediting single click to edit
  45. extractFileInput() method triggers fileuploadfield's change event
  46. [OPEN] Mouse events don't work on Pie charts (sencha-chart) with only one slice visibile
  47. [OPEN] Cross zoom works only once if animation set to false
  48. [FIXED] [] Menu not hiding if a menu item is never focused, several menus visible
  49. [DUP] Sort columns in grid
  50. [OPEN] Selecting item in combobox on grid that use widgetcolumn mix-up the horizontal scroll
  51. [INFOREQ] [] Not correctly shows calendar window
  52. [NOREPRO] [] TreePanel scroll bug in Chrome
  53. [INFOREQ] Regression from 5.1.0 in nightly build, grid scrolling generate errors
  54. [OPEN] Validation with msgTarget='side' resets textfield width in IE 8
  55. Buffered Renderer Broken
  56. [INFOREQ] Column alignment problems with headers 5.1
  57. [INFOREQ] [5.1.0] Checkbox grid does not remember selection with idProperty, pruneRemoved=true
  58. Resize Ext.draw.Component
  59. [FIXED] Model.getData() does not forward options when retrieving associated data
  60. [FIXED] Wrong index in sencha-chart pie renderer and label renderer for new records of store
  61. [INFOREQ] using latest nightly build, DateFormat in Model is broken
  62. [FIXED] [5.1.0] Arrow keys (left-right) not working in celleditor
  63. [FIXED] Report: The dead link at "GET UP AND RUNNING" page of Ext JS 5.
  64. [FIXED] selectPath does not work if idProperty type is int
  65. [DUP] [extjs 5.1.0] Fieldset disable and than enabe...
  66. node.remove() cascades down which is odd and not useful
  67. [CLOSED] Menu disappear on mouseover
  68. [FIXED] chrome + logitech t620 generate error in boxReady function
  69. [OPEN] Ext 5.1 - why does Ext.FocusManager.enable() throw an error?
  70. [FIXED] [5.1.0] Warning in console when close window with image component
  71. [INFOREQ] TreePicker binding problem in 5.1
  72. [DUP] Why is the initial value of a ComboBox not selected in a special remote case?
  73. [OPEN] [5.1.0] BufferedRenderer.getLastVisibleRowIndex doesn't get row index as expected
  74. [FIXED] Container#moveBefore/moveAfter moves child to incorrect index when moving up (5.1.0)
  75. [FIXED] [ext 5.1, bug] context menus (submenus) don't disappear
  76. [FIXED] MenuItems show problem
  77. [FIXED] Cannot reselect a value from a combobox.
  78. [FIXED] [ext 5.1] Cell editor still visible after removing whole grid row
  79. [OPEN] [5.1] Ext.util.TaskManager.start() doesn't return task with destory()
  80. [DUP] button cascading menu not disappearing
  81. [CLOSED] not rendered nodeText if Text size is Too Large.
  82. [CLOSED] focusManager doesn't work
  83. BUG in "Grid with Filtered and Buffered Store" ExtJS 5.1.0
  84. [FIXED] ComboBox - redundant getStore method
  85. The generated CSS for Ext.menu.Menu UI mixin does not match the HTML div elements
  86. [CLOSED] MessageBox does not show custom button
  87. [OPEN] Spotlight has callbacks documented for show and hide but they are not implemented
  88. [INFOREQ] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isSynchronized' of undefined
  89. [CLOSED] Tree grid bug
  90. [FIXED] isDisabled in action column not called when record is updated
  91. [DUP] Combobox filter bug?
  92. [FIXED] Issue in tagfield component in EXT 5.1
  93. [FIXED] treeStore.setRoot doesn't set treeStore property to passed model instance
  94. [CLOSED] autoSizeColumn no longer works
  95. [OPEN] [ExtJS] Buffered grid selection issue after 25k records in Firefox
  96. [ExtJS] IE10/11 combobox select shows dropdown list
  97. [FIXED] Tagfield remove bug
  98. tabBar bug when adding tabBar config in initComponent
  99. [FIXED] [ext 5.1] Blur event doesn't occur on window
  100. [OPEN] Combo+Tree - keep vertical scroll and expanded node aligned? (with Fiddle)
  101. [DUP] [ Nightly] Button.setDisabled throws an error
  102. Combo with paging toolbar picker closes on toolbar last (first) page button click
  103. [FIXED] Wrong Italian format of Ext.grid.NumberColumn in ext-locale-it.js
  104. [OPEN] [5.1.0] typeProperty TreeStore ignored in example in docs
  105. [OPEN] [5.1.0] typeProperty appendChild should fall back on default model
  106. Small Buffer Render Tree grid Bug
  107. [extjs 5.1.0] Broken multiSelect ComboBox in IE10 (mode IE10)
  108. [OPEN] VERY SIMPLE Pie chart lengthField
  109. [CLOSED] [Ext JS 5.1.0] Cannot use objects as ComboBox value field
  110. [OPEN] ViewModel is not updated when textfield data emptied for tf allowBlank is set to fals
  111. Latest nightly build shows warnings when building kitchensink: Theme image not found
  112. [FIXED] Grid does not render emptyCellText correctly on cell update in some scenarios
  113. State provider's set method called twice
  114. [OPEN] ViewModel and RadioGroup
  115. [FIXED] TabPanel chart setActiveTab not working
  116. [CLOSED] The model ID configured in data has been rejected by the int field converter
  117. [FIXED] Ext 5.1 Switching tabs on FF with gray theme
  118. [FIXED] [Ext 5.1.107] Store.filterBy does not pass record id down to filterFn
  119. [INFOREQ] [] Docked component overlapping
  120. [FIXED] [Ext] Ext.selectionCheckboxModel does not fire "deselect" event
  121. [OPEN] Ext.grid.column.Action -> disabled item style
  122. [OPEN] Ext.grid.column.Action -> enableAction / disableAction
  123. [OPEN] Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing -> error tooltip
  124. [DUP] Grid Selection Problem - remote filter and remote sort
  125. [OPEN] Association record not set when a matching key already exists
  126. [FIXED] Cannot read property 'isFocusable' of null or 'focus' of null
  127. [FIXED] Property Grid setProperty method broken
  128. [OPEN] Pop-up window not rendered properly when view model store is referenced by tree
  129. [DUP] TabPanel.setActiveTab in 5.1 causes error due to object in new tab not yet focusable
  130. [INFOREQ] Sessions BatchVisitor doesnt support proxy's batchAction property
  131. [FIXED] Destroying combobox in select listener causes error
  132. [FIXED] progressbarwidgetcolumn should cast non-numeric values to 0
  133. [OPEN] [5.1] grid column rendering problem when cell editing is activated (in RTL mode)
  134. Scroll bar jumps to top in accordion layout when grid sorted
  135. [INFOREQ] [5.1.0] DOM events are not fired on Ext.Element
  136. [OPEN] Layout run failed when collapsing locked grid
  137. forceFit causes the Scrollbar to disappear in certain browsers for OSX
  138. [INFOREQ] Checkboxes in grid events
  139. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.Session or Ext.data.Model onIdChanged bug
  140. [INFOREQ] TypeError: Cannot read property 'getSelectionModel' of undefined
  141. Grid CellEdit bug with combobox in cell column, shifts cells, and de-renders neighbor
  142. [INFOREQ] [5.1] store record not marked as dirty
  143. rowediting carat position sometimes on left side (only on first edit)
  144. EXT 5.1.0 Buffered Grid: clearing store before loading data pushes records down
  145. [INFOREQ] Maximize button error during store load
  146. ViewController - inconsistent event handling for stores and components
  147. [OPEN] Bug in Ext.data.BufferedStore when using a grouped stateful table
  148. [CLOSED] Menu item emptiness ?= no menu visibility
  149. [DUP] Validation of form fields causes erratic scrolling when using vbox or hbox layouts
  150. [DUP] Column chart label truncated
  151. [OPEN] Itemclick event issue when two or more bubbles overlap in scatter plot
  152. [OPEN] [5.1.0] grid.getSelectionModel() fails in initComponent
  153. [FIXED] Clicking on a context menu but not on a menu item raises error.
  154. [DUP] Itemclick event on Pie not firing if there is only one slice
  155. [OPEN] Clearing text/number Grid Filter field with mouse does not uncheck Filter menu
  156. [CLOSED] Nested grid example 'bug' for versions starting from
  157. [INFOREQ] Records are not updated when calling store.load() if store is attached to session.
  158. [FIXED] EXTJS 5.1 isFocusable() issue in card layout
  159. [OPEN] labelAlign does not work on form layout
  160. [INFOREQ] regression when upgrading from to with Ext.util.Floating
  161. [OPEN] Grid Grouped Column Bug
  162. [INFOREQ] Date field not publishing change when user types in new value
  163. [FIXED] ViewController. beforeInit - missing view parameter
  164. [CLOSED] [Ext 5.1] Property Grid ignores fields of array type
  165. [FIXED] Loading of OneToMany association with session does not work.
  166. [FIXED] Locking Grid Scrolling Bug
  167. [FIXED] Selection model issue in TreeGrid
  168. [CLOSED] Combobox editor in grid with associations + template column
  169. [OPEN] FF - Can see cursor on click in readonly textfield
  170. [INFOREQ] Modal Window persisted through History Change
  171. [FIXED] Session.update drop does not handle writeAllFields:true
  172. [CLOSED] setMinDate undefined on datepicker
  173. [DUP] Ext.data.Session.getRecord() and Ext.data.Model.copy() ignores associations
  174. [CLOSED] listConfig EmptyText not shown on empty store.
  175. [FIXED] ObjectTemplate applies empty object to null values in template
  176. [FIXED] Combo boxes no longer assert their value.
  177. [FIXED] DataView with selected record and binding a new store causes exception
  178. [OPEN] ExtJs 5.1 Portal example dashboard - column layout bug?
  179. [FIXED] selectionchange not fired in checkbox selection model on deselect
  180. [FIXED] GridView's DisableSelection
  181. [FIXED] Ext.data.Types extending
  182. [OPEN] [Ext 5.1] How to handle overlapping labels in Pie charts
  183. [OPEN] 'triggers' not working for TextField subclasses
  184. [OPEN] Range validator validates nullable fields
  185. [FIXED] Key 'DELETE' vs maskRe
  186. [5.1.0] Combo change event has newValue of 'Model.xxx' when value is ''
  187. [OPEN] Combobox Bug: Edit text when selection.
  188. IE Bug with Buffered Grid in Tab Panel
  189. [OPEN] Fieldreplicator with Tagfield / Multiselect does not work
  190. [FIXED] TagField html injection
  191. [FIXED] allowOnlyWhitespace on TagField doesn't work
  192. Tagfield grow / growMax not working
  193. [FIXED] CellEditor can't doing navigation by arrows
  194. Combobox always expanded in IE11
  195. Datepicker of gridfilter dissapears in IE9
  196. [FIXED] [] ComboBox triggerAction="query" does not work correctly in certain case
  197. [CLOSED] Docked items not showing up if I set them in initComponent
  198. [CLOSED] store load event not firing after loadData()
  199. [CLOSED] Button menu in column
  200. [FIXED] Buffered store scroll bug
  201. [OPEN] Scroll in gridview not hiding
  202. [OPEN] Horizontal scroll and rowexpander
  203. [OPEN] Onblur event issue
  204. [OPEN] Beforselect not worked for combo if select by keyboard
  205. [OPEN] Cell Editing Picker Expand on Focus Misalignment
  206. Ext-Aria package - Windows getting Duplicate Resize/Move Tools when Reopened
  207. [DUP] Ext5 TagField multi-selection goes away after accidental drag action on the combo box
  208. [NOREPRO] Grid allowDeselect deselects on key left and right
  209. [NOREPRO] Paging Memory Store bug - ExtJs 5.1. Works in 5.0.1
  210. [FIXED] Serialization of nested models ignore options
  211. [INFOREQ] [Regression] Broken icon set/map support in window titles
  212. [CLOSED] Binding width config to ViewModel not working
  213. TagField duplicate values + caseSensitive (2 bugs)
  214. [DUP] Accessibility - Unable to tab through active elements in the grid using keyboard
  215. [FIXED] Unable te enter certain characters in grid cell editor
  216. Buffered store sort bug
  217. [FIXED] [5.1.0] Sync create record breaks other grid with same store
  218. [DUP] Tabs are not activated on first click when using the "Gray" theme
  219. [CLOSED] Set scrollable in initComponent
  220. [CLOSED] "oldProxy.un is not a function" when extending "Ext.data.Store"
  221. [INFOREQ] TypeError: Cannot read property 'offsetHeight' of null
  222. [OPEN] Old filters still exists when binding 'filters' config of the store
  223. [FIXED] Focus after expanding combo
  224. [FIXED] First click on a button doesn't work in IE11 if a scrollbar was clicked before
  225. [NOREPRO] Simple application using ext-all.js loads http://www.google.com/jsapi
  226. [FIXED] emptyText for grid hidden when grid height not assigned
  227. [CLOSED] Unable to override Ext.data.writer.Json configs
  228. Tagfield's emptyText shows even if the field has values.
  229. [INFOREQ] [ExtJS GPL] Bug in Ext.util.Sortable::createComparator method
  230. [FIXED] Row Editor shadow bug
  231. [DUP] Very slow scrolling of grid when locking columns
  232. Grid Cell editing plugin: 'beforeedit' is fired before 'edit', if moving with TAB
  233. TreePicker store error when used in view but not when added later
  234. Ext.dom.Element.get raise warning has error
  235. Checked not worked in radiogroup
  236. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.field.Tag IE BUG
  237. [OPEN] Form layout problem
  238. [CLOSED] Accessibility - Not able to add aria tags to components
  239. [OPEN] Value from View Model doesn't display if it is 0 and not preceeded with a string
  240. [DUP] Combo bug when displayFields == valueField
  241. First column of gridpanel cut when its region is center in RTL only
  242. [FIXED] Combobox expands automaticaly
  243. Grid's selection config error
  244. Accordions with child grids (style bug)
  245. Cannot type and search if emptyText is provided for a Tagfield
  246. [FIXED] Tagfield makes forms unusable. High Priority.
  247. [DUP] Checkbox Group woes
  248. Click on menuItem removes hash
  249. [CLOSED] Error during Resize in Responsive Viewport
  250. [FIXED] Multiline cell copy-paste from grid