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  1. Bug in the documentation generation?
  2. 6x Classic / Chrome 62 - Docked toolbar in panel broken after panel collapse/expand
  3. Race Condition in TreeStore.setRoot
  4. Ext 6.5.2 Tooltips do not show up for disabled buttons
  5. Upgrade to 6.5 Issues
  6. ComboBox expands upwards in FF57
  7. Application disappearing until css property is changed (Chrome 62)
  8. [6.* Classic] Duplicate reference using overflow i toolbar
  9. [6.5.2 Modern] ScrollDock end/bottom items do not appear in the order they were added
  10. checkbox treecolumn render fails if no minWidth
  11. [OPEN] Grid cell editing with textarea
  12. Setting the Panel, Header, and Title UI Configurations Does Not Work
  13. Sometimes longer documentation text is truncated and elipsis is displayed instead
  14. Delete in Grid very slow with FF 57 (Quantum)
  15. Ext.Ajax.request with form config will re-parent and and remove the form from the dom
  16. [6.5 Modern] spelling error in Ext.dataview.Abstract
  17. [6.5.2 classic] non-multiple Tag field, with emptyText issue
  18. tagfield custom value disappears
  19. filterPickList not working as expected when using a remote store with a tag field
  20. [OPEN] Tab disabled state is not bound correctly when using binding
  21. extjs 6.2.0, ComponentLoader
  22. Extjs version 6.2.1 onward with calendar add-on event problem on monthly view
  23. [FIXED] Layout change in nightly introduces DOM write during a read phase
  24. treeviewdragdrop Cannot read property 'attributes' of null
  25. using domain in heatmap hides the color legend?
  26. Method button.setIconCls changes text in overflowMenu.
  27. [6.5.2 Modern] Combobox configured forceSelection and displayTpl clears Value on bur
  28. Extjs version 6.2.1 onward does not fire events for Ext.dashboard.Part
  29. [OPEN] 6.5.3 nightly regression - setActiveItem can't accept a component configuration
  30. [OPEN] 6.5.3 nightly regression - Element dataview fires deselect on refresh
  31. [OPEN] 6.5.3 nightly regression - Combo doc changes incorrect
  32. [Ext6.5.2]dirtychange event not working...
  33. Uncaught TypeError: me._groupFn is not a function
  34. [6.5.2 Modern] Ext.Msg.prompt throw an exception when called multiple times
  35. 6.5.2 Navigating a grid via keyboard is messing up tab order on other controls
  36. Modern: Ext.Viewport.toggleMenu() dont' work
  38. Tagfield select issue
  39. [6.5 Modern] How to remove column tool from grid SummaryRow
  40. Error in Picker when beforeShow returns false
  41. [OPEN] RadioGroup with initial value is dirty by default
  42. [FIXED] classic nightly regression - Too Many Row Widgets
  43. Ext.list.Tree qtip and qtitle not working
  44. Panel expand/collapse not working occasionally
  45. ExtJS background window ensureVisible steals focus from modal window
  46. [OPEN] ExtJS 6.5 - Maximized windows doesn't fill all page after resizing the browser
  47. Pivot Grid Remote Matrix 3 sec timeout bug
  48. [Cmd cmd-] Version problem
  49. Please help to Fix Desktop bug.
  50. [DUP] [6.5.2 Classic] groupingsummary + paging: row number does follow page
  51. [OPEN] HTML Editor set focus problem in chrome browser
  52. [OPEN] HBox Documentation - Still wrong after all these years...
  53. [INFOREQ] Form images loading synchronously
  54. Cannot use curly brackets in ViewModel store proxy extraParams
  55. [OPEN] me.remove is not a function
  56. Extjs 6.2 and Extjs 6.5 modern app with grid plugins fails to load on android
  57. [OPEN] [6.5 Modern] Grid ColumnLines alignment Issue
  58. [OPEN] [6.5 Modern] Remote Combobox is still sending a request when destroy it
  59. EXT 6.5.2 FontAwesome with theme Ios or Material
  60. [6.5 Modern] Remote Combobox is missing method getSelectedRecord.
  61. [6.5 Modern] Infinite list items not showing when dynamically set data
  62. Converted value (bind data model) show on text/textArea field while still typing
  63. Issue shift+tabbing to first cell in grid with cell editing and action column in IE
  64. Column defaults on grid grouped headers
  65. [OPEN] Regression - Summary fields become misaligned with grid
  66. [DUP] Local Storage Cache/Bootstrap bug in 6.5.2
  67. When removed record from buffered grid scroll is moves to up.
  68. [6.5 Modern] (suggestion) TabPanel, cls or classCls?
  69. applyBind destroys new binds
  70. Exception when filtering stateful grid
  71. Modern toolkit (6.5.2) hideHeaders grid donĀ“t work when the store is empty
  72. [ExtJS 6.2/6.5] ]Single selection row model on TreePanel not working, with fiddle
  73. Ext.panel.Panel.setClosable Does Not Work
  74. Tooltip is not visible in IE 11 if it is over PDF plugin
  75. Bug in Ext 6.5.2: Ext.chart.CartesianChart legend doesn't fire event
  76. Ext Js 6.5 Grid buffered renderer and checkbox selection model bug
  77. [6.5.2Classic] Checkboxmodel css fails toggling when having nested grids in RowWidget
  78. Query problem when there's placeholder config
  79. Dataview listpaging error - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getBox'
  80. Some bugs in queryMode: 'remote' MODERN ComboBox
  81. Widgetcolumn + grouping issue
  83. row-widget-grid mouseover highlighting (and selecting)
  84. [ANSWERED] - Error loading data from Grid into tagfield Form
  85. [6.2.1] Stateful Grid => Columns not saved
  86. [OPEN] Bug. TreePanel with Store from ViewModel and Locked Column and rootVisible false
  87. [6.5 Modern] 'encodeHtml', not 'htmlEncode' of Ext.field.Display's config
  88. [6.5.2 modern] ariaLabel and ariaLabelledBy have no effect on Ext.Tool
  89. Dashboard viewTemplate listeners does not work
  90. editor not working properly on keypress.
  91. Updater method not called
  92. emptyCellText wrong charapter in production
  93. [EXTJS 6.5.3] Focus bug in spreadsheet selection model
  94. Opreration.doProcess bug with process returned values
  95. [6.5 Modern]Exception thrown when destroy datefield which choose dates of next month
  96. [6.5 Modern] A bug of Ext.grid.selection.Model
  97. editor with grouping grid bug
  98. [OPEN] [6.5.x Classic]Grid NavigationModel fails when setPosition is called on stale records
  99. [EXTJS] BUG in charts-debug.js, lines 21750 -> 21752. Charts crash.
  100. TreeStore nodeinsert event not fired for first child in node
  101. Reg: VBox with Splitter having issue with double click.
  102. removeAll returns all components regardless if they are removed or not
  103. Error while removing a button from Segmented button (modern)
  104. Docs for sencha are not loading CSS
  105. Selectionchange is fired on tree list destroy
  106. alignoffset in floating component in 6.5.3 not work.
  107. [OPEN] Exception from spreadsheet selection model when removing last selected record
  108. Scroll is changed in normal grid when layout is updated
  109. No such config "component" for class Ext.scroll.Scroller
  110. Store reload clears the selection but only after the grid has been filtered
  111. Java 9: Generate ExtJS 6.5 web app: [ERR] javax/xml/bind/DatatypeConverter
  112. 6.5.3 chart setLabel cannot read property add of null
  113. ExtJS 6.5.3 Grid reconfigure methods generates a warning
  114. Grid with buffered store suddenly go up when scrolling down and show white space.
  115. Missing listConfig in ComboBox modern toolkit
  116. Drag&Drop insertion point is not displayed properly in a grid with vertical scrollbar
  117. Ext 6.5.2: Minor Bug with Calendar filtering in Grids
  118. Lockable grid: selection not visible after reload
  119. Missing link to delegate example in docs
  120. [OPEN] Ext 6.5.3 BUG - Stateful grid bound to sorted store fails to apply initial state
  121. Problems in Firefox
  122. Doc bug in 6.5.2 (breaks building doc with jsduck)
  123. Ext.form.field.Date and Linux+ Firefox before 57 version a bug in any version of ExtJ
  124. Stores called/requested when form is destroyed
  125. Layout Align Stretch Bug
  126. Grid header menu jumps
  127. [6.5.3 Modern] - Selection Replicator w/RestProxy and autosync has too many updates
  128. [6.5 Modern] Grid ce*llediting throws an error when double tap blank area
  129. Ext 6.5.3 Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem is not working
  130. [6.5 Modern] Spelling error of 'proxyConfig' in 'Ext.field.File'
  132. Floating panel blur event not work in ExtJS 6.x
  133. Sencha ExtJs 6.5 - Multiselector search align
  134. Window with constrainHeader set jumps to middle of screen
  135. Modern SelectField not always navigating its BoundList to selected value upon expand
  136. Modern Select field not honouring autoSelect in all cases.
  137. [6.5 Modern] Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing is missing basic functionality
  138. [OPEN] Syntax error in Ext.field.Date::createEdgePicker modern toolkit
  139. [6.5.2 Modern] - Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing getEditor has exception logged
  140. [ Modern] Carousel Remove Items Issue
  141. Charts in Card Layout - Only first card displays chart
  142. 6.5.3 ShowBy offset problem [Classic]
  143. Ext.Panel.collapser to show component on panel header, how doing it??
  144. Firefox 59.0.1 Scroller does not scroll grid
  145. 6.5.3 Ext.ux.google.Map fitMarkersInView()
  146. 6.5.3 Ext.data.proxy.LocalStorage random Error (when using grid+widget)
  147. [6.5.2 classic] simpleSearchMode
  148. API diff missing in 6.5.3 docs
  149. [6.5.2/3 Classic] Bug on combobox
  150. Modern: floated components need focusOnToFront config which should default to true
  151. Using XTemplate in ObjectTemplate
  152. Grid Panel Throws an Exception While Scrolling
  153. [6.5.3 Classic] Grouping collapse / expand quirk when using locked grid
  154. [OPEN] Modern 6.5.3 - error setting side menu
  155. Managed listener is not added on touch device
  156. Tree panel with locking columns expand/collapse event not works
  157. Dropping associated child drops parent
  158. [6.5.3 Classic] Window "jumps" when dragged with constrainHeader=true
  159. [6.5.3 Modern] Documentation - Ext.grid.Grid has an undocumented getSelected() method
  160. NumberField with modelValidation. Range validator bug
  161. Range validator bug
  162. Grid grouping breaks after setting null value
  163. Column layout breaks with a field with padding and margin at same time
  164. [Classic 6.2.1] Grid w/ cell-editing plugin scroll jumping focus issue
  165. [OPEN] Cannot read property 'viewModel' of null
  166. mailto does not work on Safari
  167. [OPEN] Sencha Fiddle for 6.5.3 has no packages in the list
  168. Infinite loop bug in SpriteLegend class for 'right' legends when surface too short
  169. [OPEN] Chart setColors() does not work
  170. [OPEN] Menu error in extjs 6.5.3 modern
  171. [OPEN] DataView deselect bug in mode: 'multi'
  172. [OPEN] ComboBoxField Example Code Throws Errors (ExtReact v6.5.2 and v6.5.3 both Modern)
  173. Ext.Array.max incorrect
  174. No scroll on grouped grid when target is goupheader/Ext.JS 6.5
  175. Modern 6.5.3 - Material Theme: Issue closing dialog
  176. Modern 6.5.3 - Material Theme: Issue using maximizable and maximized in the Dialog
  177. [Classic] Ext.grid.column.Check fails when not using dataIndex
  178. Ext.XTemplate cant handle variable names with slash ("/") in them
  179. [6.5.3-57 Modern] Ext.Msg.show seems "keep" previous used cfg
  180. [6.5.3-57 Modern] ExtJs modern chekcolumn does not works properly
  181. ComboBox valueBind sync race
  182. Ext.fireEvent('eventname', 'parameter') Falsely reports "true"
  183. [6.5.3-57 Modern] Grid with Swipe will not render propertly rows if scrollable on iOS
  184. The store from child ViewModel overwrites the value of a variable with the same name
  185. [Ext 6.5.3] Tag field and typeAhead issue when not selecting the first result
  186. [Classic][Desktop Example] - Start menu crashes after Ext.Msg.* "Cancel" button click
  187. Major bug when using state manager and dynamically created components.
  188. [BUG][ Modern]textareafield and maxrows in modern is not respected
  189. TreePanel with bufferedRenderer:false expand animation error
  190. Showing QuickTip programmatically crashes
  191. Window Activate event delayed by existing Toast
  192. Ext.Date.getTimezone sometimes returns null value for international users
  193. Grid Groups Display Incorrectly after Filtering
  194. [OPEN] [BUG][ Modern] Form Field in Modern can be submitted also if it is not valide
  195. 6.6 nightly issue, ViewModel.set with preventClimb
  196. Store.sync() callbacks not compatible with Promise and Deferred
  197. Extjs 6.5 File upload form set Success to TRUE even if return SUCCESS is FALSE.
  198. Missing events and data binding issues in Modern toolkit
  199. Regular expressions like [name/="field1|field3"] not working inside :not() query
  200. ExtJS 6.5 Multipart Fileupload Form Submit always executes SUCCESS=TRUE
  201. Bug when dynamically setting the displayfield value of a select field
  202. [FIXED] ExtJS 6.5 - Scroll issue in grid with variable height rows
  203. The Grid Panel Breaks When Scrolling in IE and Edge
  204. ExtJS 6.2 classic: Ext.data.PageMap::getPage must return array but returns undefined
  205. Grid layout issue when grid having parent header and client filter item
  206. Grid selmodel renderer not working since 6.0.2 (current is 6.5)
  207. Modern Ext.field.Date picker allways use edge
  208. ExtJS 6.5.x Cls Ext,scroll.Scroller events do not work in Edge (possibly IE as well)
  209. [BUG] Grid Panel with BufferedRenderer
  210. [OPEN] [6.5.3.xx][Modern] Ext Msg Box icon and iconCls seems not working or not implemented
  211. maxLength not work for rarely-used Chinese characters(4 bytes in UTF-8)
  212. Modern Numberfield doesn't work with custom decimalSeparator
  213. [CLASSIC][6.5.3] Border + Accordion = broken animate
  214. ARIA theme looks broken in your demo
  215. Button Menus in Toolbar hiding when quickly moving the mouse
  216. Routing issues in extjs
  217. Missing ARIA styles for UX components
  218. Tab content is getting hidden
  219. Calling function inside template causes XTemplate exception
  220. Remove record from treestore not synchronised with proxy
  221. [FIXED] Disabled lockable grid cannot be enabled again (classic)
  222. Predefined data collection not observed by store anymore
  223. [OPEN] NavigationView.pop(), the old view is removed before animation end
  224. [OPEN] MS Edge and using grid-scroll-arrows jumps to recent active dom-element
  225. MessageBox.wait() showing percentage going up and down again
  226. An Exception is Thrown after Removing a Binding
  227. [Classic] ItemSelector UX issue with direct data binding
  228. [OPEN] Problem "copy-pasting" a string into a textfield with phone mask
  229. Grid blank view issue in 6.5.3.
  230. [OPEN] Column is not passed to renderer when using row editing
  231. [OPEN] LoadMask destroy method should hide before destroying
  232. Filtering treestore while treelist is in micro mode causes TypeError(s)
  233. [OPEN] Ext.field.File (filefield) does not filter (6.5.3 + Fiddle included)
  234. docs.sencha.com is down!
  235. [FIXED] Spreadsheet drag selection bug in 6.6.0
  236. [FIXED] Modern list simple selection not keeping existing selections
  237. [OPEN] [6.6.0 Classic] down ( [selector] ) method doesn't work?
  238. [OPEN] Flickering application
  239. Sencha app build production failing
  240. Fiddle Examples in 6.6 Modern Docs Not Working
  241. [OPEN] Open tool ext-gen is not installing
  242. Creating Your First Ext JS Application using Open Tooling
  243. Invalid date comparison in Ext.data.field.Date for Strings
  244. Crash when dragging an item in a non-scrollable table
  245. [OPEN] 6.6.0 no exception if invalid JSON data is loaded by a JsonStore
  246. [OPEN] Panel Alignment Bug
  247. Exception when binding store with special characters
  248. [META] Is this (Sub)Forum observed by Idera devs?
  249. Modern iOS (cordova) combobox list not showing
  250. [6.x.x] TabPanel event activate not fired for first added tab