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  1. "Invalid argument" exception in IE9, mergeAttributes is called with null argument
  2. Ext.toast doesn't respect 'timeout' configs
  3. [INFOREQ] setting to viewmodel a new model not yet loaded, block the model to load associa
  4. Ext.plugin.LazyItems does not work as documented on modern
  5. Reloading tree store fails to load children nodes
  6. Session : createRecord with nested association doesn't work
  7. [FIXED] Exception raised when reconfiguring grid
  8. [FIXED] Doc bug: code should not be executable if they don't execute anything
  9. [FIXED] doc bug: example truncated
  10. [INFOREQ] Combobox Field - Add new item - Throws an error
  11. [OPEN] Splitter doesn't resize locked/normal grid
  12. [FIXED] Doc issue: Ext.carousel.Carousel directionLock config
  13. [OPEN] Association just ignored if model class not found, no warning, even in debug build
  14. [OPEN] Bug on grid filter
  15. [OPEN] Custom toolbar UI not applied to text items
  16. Bug: Wrong linear gradients syntax.
  17. "Cannot read property 'isEqual' of undefined" when drag select to header
  18. [OPEN] defer/setTimeout race conditions needs to be cleaned up
  19. Scrolling row into view on click interferes with clicking links/buttons
  20. [CLOSED] Msg box on IE 11
  21. [FIXED] Text field focus bug on touch devices
  22. Can't listen to DOM elements in html config.
  23. [OPEN] Wrong body size in case of percentage value in the width
  24. [FIXED] Problems with selection extender (spreadsheet)
  25. [FIXED] Cannot prevent sort on checkcolumn if header checkbox is hidden
  26. [FIXED] Grid + cellediting + widgetcolumn error
  27. Grid + cellediting + widgetcolumn error
  28. [FIXED] 6.0.1: Clicking menu item changes hash on touch devices
  29. Ext 6.2 - new window position is different then in 6.0
  30. [OPEN] Ext 6.2 - new window position is different then in 6.0
  31. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.RowEditor#afterRender:249[Ext GPL]
  32. [FIXED] Ext 6.2 - toast position is different then in ext 6.0
  33. [INFOREQ] ExtJs 6.2.1 - bug in dockedItems finishrender fn
  34. Crash when removing all rows with spreadsheet model
  35. issue in Locking grid scroll.
  36. [OPEN] Label in Toolbar not updated when overflow
  37. [OPEN] Regression Ext JS 6..2.x Classic: character codes in Ext.form.field.Text
  38. [FIXED] ExtJS 6.2.0: Errors in Ext.dom.Element.getViewportScale & getViewportTouchScale
  39. [OPEN] Documentation bug
  40. [CLOSED] Radiogroup modifies ViewModel data outside of scope
  41. [OPEN] Routes are handled twice when set with Ext.app.BaseController.setRoutes.
  42. [FIXED] View is scrolled vertically when trying to edit partially visible column
  43. [FIXED] Ext.app.bind.Formula unable to parse valid formula
  44. [FIXED] KeyMap on panel with textarea isn't working anymore as expected since ExtJS 6.2.0
  45. [FIXED] [] Win.prototype.tools[i].toolOwner is not deleted, retains (leaks) memory
  46. 'containercontextmenu' event not fired if store empty initially
  47. [OPEN] Google Feed API deprecated
  48. Window doesn't stay centered when resized from view model change
  49. [FIXED] Combobox loses focus after bound list item tap on mobile devices (ExtJS 6.2)
  50. [OPEN] Horizontally scrolling grid data sometimes misaligns with column headers
  51. Resolving Google Feeds API Load Failure
  52. [OPEN] Modern Ext.Msg.alert() and siblings throws with null/empty title
  53. Charting Create Line Series - Ext 6.x (currently using 6.2.1)
  54. [OPEN] SCSS - Core / list / TreeItem CSS issue
  55. [OPEN] Ext.6.2.x: Why is the getURL method of Ext.data.proxy.Ajax a private method?
  56. [CLOSED] Button with href with authentication does not work in IE
  57. Focus on a textarea should not select text by default
  58. [INFOREQ] RowEditor:Obvious errors in the source code
  59. Ext JS 6 - Firefox doesn't recognize enter as special key
  60. [OPEN] Tip anchor is misplaced
  61. View model does not call further formulas if a dependency returns undefined
  62. [] Component resizer is buggy sporadically
  63. [FIXED] Documentation for MessageBox's show method hidden by ancestor's one
  64. [IE11][6.2.0 classic] Some components do not blur correctly after being clicked twice
  65. [CLOSED] Locked Column in Grid not working when using the Store loadData
  66. [OPEN] Row Deselection Issue when Editor is enabled on Mobile Device
  67. [FIXED] Pivot Grid Exporter doesn't align headers correctly in .xlsx export
  68. [6.2.1] RowBody view.el is undefined exception when restoring state
  69. Error destroying a contained component whose ViewController handles destroy
  70. [OPEN] 6.2.1 classic: Ext.window.Toast align l and r display issue
  71. Fieldset top border not shown.
  72. Zooming shows an unnecessary scrollbar in border layout with a toolbar
  73. [OPEN] Adding a toolbar after render in a collapsed panel show the toolbar overflow button
  74. [OPEN] Accessibility Issue with Ext.menu.Separator
  75. [CLOSED] Router not working with conditional regexp
  76. [FIXED] Ext6.2.1 Classic:Combobox fires select event for invalid values
  77. Chart axis config binding doesn't work
  78. Ext6.2.1 Classic:Combobox GridColumn editor - forceSelection does not work
  79. [OPEN] Expand a collapsed panel by header click show the content out of the panel
  80. [OPEN] Odd display issue with RowEditing
  81. 6.2.1 Modern: Floated components ignore show/hideAnimation configs
  82. [FIXED] Rowexpander.scrollIntoViewOnExpand: false isn't working in locked grids
  83. ExtJS 6.2.0: Datagrid events don't work on iOS within iFrame
  84. [FIXED] Session dirtychange not fired when pushing new records from a child session
  85. [OPEN] 6.2.1 Error when clicking collapsible panel header to expand
  86. [NOREPRO] Vertical scroll clicks cause horizontal scroll to move on cell editor
  87. [OPEN] 6.2.1 classic: RadioGroup's change event is fired too early
  88. Editor is misplaced/looses focus when immediately editing added record
  89. JSDoc issue
  90. [FIXED] Session is not clean after removing the created associated record
  91. [OPEN] DnD Broken after 6.2.1 Upgrade
  92. [OPEN] ext-621: Primary xtype for Ext.form.field.Combobox has been changed to 'combo'
  93. [FIXED] Text field heights are incorrect, and text is misaligned, in Chrome 56
  94. Field Ccontainer layout bug in form layout
  95. [OPEN] "lastSelected" of Selection Model is not updated correctly
  96. [OPEN] Grid header out of sync on scroll
  97. [INFOREQ] Treestore Load fails to invoke the specified callback function
  98. [FIXED] IE11 mask width bug
  99. An exception is thrown while handling a request from a closed iframe.
  100. [OPEN] Drag & Drop : Dragging selects text and image when mouse moves in chrome browser
  101. [FIXED] Ext JS 6.2.1: Header and grid cells out of sync in locked grid
  102. Scrollbars are not removed after resizing a window
  103. [INFOREQ] Grid scroll problem in chrome after store load (in RTL mode)
  104. [INFOREQ] Issues with toolbar menu overflowHandler.
  105. Disabled button in container in toolbar gives error
  106. [FIXED] Problem with grid column header with Viewport in RTL mode
  107. Cell editing plugin crushes widget column with time fields
  108. [FIXED] 6.2.1 bug in onTargetOver when a window was shown with a QuickTipManager.register
  109. [DUP] defaultBindProperty: "hidden" doesn't work anymore in a WidgetColumn
  110. 6.0.2 to 6.2.X Sheet Slidein Animation
  111. Combobox - Custom vtype - Validate value not display value
  112. [OPEN] Ext.view.DropZone position indicator left visible when dragging to another DropZone
  113. Filter Instructions operator "==" is also possible, not only "="
  114. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.Date .setValue() return value is undefined.
  115. Modifying model removed from store re-adds it to gridpanel
  116. Ext.app.Profile - not needed initConfig call
  117. Some 6.2 on-lines examples are broken because of Google Feeds shutdown
  118. [OPEN] Search trigger icon not shown correctly inside a grid
  119. [OPEN] Tree List - node text is not visible completely
  120. [OPEN] Ext.Msg and Ext.MessageBox buttons and icon documentation
  121. [FIXED] Component - unused local variable
  122. [OPEN] How can a grid's store remoteFilter and don't autoLoad?
  123. Artifact on Grid in Grid with Template Colum
  124. [OPEN] [Classic][RTL][6.2.1] cellediting problem with viewport
  125. [DUP] Ext.grid.filters.filter.Boolean incorrectly uses '==' instead of '=' for operator
  126. Bar to Scatter chart - Not able to dynamically set series and axes for chart in 6.2
  127. Datefield's format/submitFormat are not working with form's jsonSubmit config on
  128. [OPEN] Error in File Upload field on Firefox 51.0.1(32 bit)
  129. [FIXED] Grid scrolling had been totally broken by chrome 56 release
  130. [OPEN] Modern toolkit Grid with BufferedStore
  131. Ensure visible issue with hidden columns in locked grid
  132. Unspecified error encountered in IE tabbing up and down single-column editable grid.
  133. [FIXED] Grid with locked columns + empty text
  134. Wrong focus on single tap
  135. [FIXED] [6.2.1][classic] problem in touch with textfield with emptytext
  136. [OPEN] 6.2.1 Buttons scroll problem in touch screens
  137. ExtJs 6.2.1: Bug setting tabIndex in column of an editable Grid
  138. Buffered renderer and grouping feature of grid cause scroll issues when used together
  139. Cell editing combobox
  140. Non localizable text in MultiSelectorSearch component
  141. Ext.getResourcePath() is not documented
  142. [OPEN] Grid Checkbox Column - headerCheckbox defaulting to true in Modern
  143. Pie Chart Rendering Issue
  144. Chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) breaks charts
  145. [DUP] Unneeded "+ 3px" form field height calculation in Chrome 56
  146. [OPEN] Tabbing over cell creates column header offset
  147. [OPEN] 6.2.1 modern: wrong menu position reference in Ext.viewport.Default.onEdgeSwipeStart
  148. 6.2.1 modern: Ext.viewport.Default menus wrongly referenced by onEdgeSwipeStart
  149. RTL: treegrid scroll changes after node expand
  150. Timefield 'AM/PM' text display issue for Korean language
  151. Some image resources have a color profile and XMP
  152. [OPEN] [6.2.1] RowBody Feature - Text selection is not possible
  153. tree drag and drop error
  154. Ext.Number.constrain - wrong optimization
  155. Ext.ux.DataView.DragSelector should destroy its tracker when DataView is destroyed
  156. Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor -> keyboard shortcuts inconsistent
  157. Ext6.2.1 Classic:TabIndex for RadioFields in RadioGroup does not work anymore
  158. Can't set textarea height less than 62px
  159. Modal window problem
  160. [OPEN] 6.2.1 modern: Toast not configurable?!
  161. Items move outside of a group
  162. ExtJS 6.2 iframe in maximized window "freezes" input to iframe upon resize of window
  163. Filters breaking tree list on subtree expansion
  164. Fixed: pack:'center' fails to vertically align buttons in vbox.
  165. Bound values are sometimes not visible when notify is called
  166. binding problem with propertygrid
  167. unreachable code after return statement in ext-all-debug.js
  168. Null-initiated bindings generate an error when they are destroyed
  170. ExtJS 6.2.1 - Ext.toolbar.Paging - defaultFieldUI is not applied to Page# field
  171. icon in menu item not visible when configured with binding
  172. Problem with row expander and users changing field order
  173. [OPEN] Incorrect error text given in Ext.Menu setMenu()
  174. CellEditing and href doesn't work for cell in a GridPanel
  175. [CLOSED] Association with idProperty type: string doesn't work
  176. [OPEN] ColorPicker display of selected color broke in 6.2 :(
  177. Numberfield in IE multiple increases on click
  178. 6.2.1 Ext.data.Model.load - scope parameters not considered iterating extra callbacks
  179. Ext Context menu does not open on longpress in IE
  180. [OPEN] Filters ignore stateful filters flag on store
  181. Ext.js 6.2.1 modern: Grid inside container doesn't display data
  182. Grid Grouping focus problem
  183. Spreadsheet model selection bug
  184. Ext.grid.plugin.Exporter Headers do not align with Grouped Columns
  185. [FIXED] Ext.TabPanel Bug in RTL
  186. [OPEN] Modern 6.2 - Selectfield with bind takes a value but returns model record
  187. IE- Rowediting does not work with certain HTML code
  188. [OPEN] Tree infinite loop with filters
  189. firefox grid checkboxes
  190. [6.2 Classic] FieldContainer does not take borders/padding into account when sizing
  191. [INFOREQ] TypeError: Cannot read property 'ext-operation-xyz' of null
  192. [FIXED] Examples don't work in Firefox 52 + touchscreen
  193. [OPEN] 6.2.1 classic Grid spreadsheet selection model with only checkboxSelect unusable
  194. displayfield total height is bigger than a normal textfield
  195. [OPEN] Android WebView is incorrectly reported as Safari 4.0
  196. [FIXED] Grid scrolling problems
  197. [] Reuse Ext.grid.column.Check.checkboxCheckedCls
  198. ensureVisible() does not work with number ids
  199. [6.2.1] Replacing records in filtered store fires "remove" event
  200. Locked treegrid: Row selection lost after filter / clearFilter
  201. [FIXED] calculate in model add depends even the code is commented
  202. [6.2.1 Classic] Ext.grid.CellEditor doesn't lose focus when clicking on a button
  203. [OPEN] NESTEDLIST PREVENTABLE 'BACK ' NOT WORKING. Fiddle example created.
  204. Spreadsheet selection model doesn't work in Firefox 52 with touch display
  205. [OPEN] Spreadsheet model crashes after row removed
  206. syncContent may corrupt Ext element cache
  207. [OPEN] [6.2.1] Performance issue on TreeStore
  208. [FIXED] In Grid Panel, Vertical scroll moved to top by onClicking horizontal scroll
  209. [OPEN] Ext.LoadMask:msgWrapCls not documented
  210. [OPEN] Hidden binding for Ext.Action not working if Action is disabled
  211. Bindling crushes rendering widget on grid column on IE
  212. BufferedStore findBy start Parameter
  213. cell.focus() is not a function error
  214. Buttons (Save and Cancel) are overlapped by grid on rowediting plugin
  215. Grid group tabbing navigation causes "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error
  216. [OPEN] Tab Panel Tabs Text Align Center Not Applied
  217. [OPEN] Inconsistent behavior of panel splitter
  218. Maybe a BUG with Ajax Request using CORS?
  219. Ext.chart.CartesianChart - Trim the graph
  220. [CLOSED] Column header height is not updated correctly
  221. Ext.dom.Element.getXY is broken when <body> has margins
  222. [OPEN] Ext.resizer.Resizer#maxHeight should be updated after Component#setMaxHeight
  223. When double-clicking on the widget for editing is thrown
  224. [OPEN] 6.2.1 classic / ComboBox useless since Chrome 56 on touch
  225. Invalid form filed height in Chrome if afterSubTpl use
  226. [FIXED] IE 11 in documentMode 11 with compatibility userAgent still recognized as IE7
  227. [OPEN] ToolTip question with Modern Toolkit
  228. The modal window mask theme is applied to other components.
  229. [OPEN] ext-all-debug.js:206678 Uncaught TypeError: cell.focus is not a function
  230. [OPEN] DragZone duplicates DOM ids which leads to error if one Ext.get()s duplicated element
  231. [FIXED] Tree panel checkchange event fired twice
  232. [OPEN] Ext tree filter behavior change in 6.0.2
  233. Chrome 57.0.2987.133 / ExtJS6.2.1.167 Lockedgrid scroll onclick bug
  234. Shadow box is not destroyed together with the grid it belongs to in 6.0.2
  235. Ext.util.Format.number add extra decimals
  236. Editable treepanel with locked column BUG.
  237. Chart legend scroll bar not displayed until a resize
  238. Treepanel. Column renderer is called multiple times for each cell
  239. [CLOSED] labelWidth property works incorrectly in ExtJS 6
  240. Methods of Ext.util.TaskRunner.Task don't return the task
  241. App in iframe no scroll on iPad
  242. [OPEN] Column width issue
  243. Ext.resizer.ResizeTracker#onMouseDown masks iframes incorrectly
  244. Extjs Chart Bind Bug
  245. Lockable grid empty text is not visible due to lockable sync skipping
  246. Lockable grid overwrites my mixin
  247. [OPEN] numberfield ignores maxLength property in modern
  248. Sencha 6.2 GPL/Commercial auto generated id of App-Controller is NOT FQN of class
  249. Ext.form.field.Date validate problem
  250. Hidden liquidlayout component resizing bug