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  1. [OPEN] Ext.grid.selection.Rows getLastRowIndex method
  2. [FIXED] Ext-6.0.2 button click not working in FireFox
  3. 6.0.2 Dashboard resize issue when resized to far.
  4. 6.2 (GPL) Styles for Ext.form.field.FileButton not loaded/generated in production
  5. [FIXED] missing parameters in documentation for Ext.Loader.loadScript
  6. Extjs 6.0.2 - cell selected by mouse, navigation by keyboard not working correctly
  7. [OPEN] Removing Html from panel causing abnormal behaviour in IE 11.
  8. Resize Handler Overlap Scrollbars in the Triton Theme
  9. [INFOREQ] Cannot align tooltip to text item (or anything actually)
  10. Changing orientation does not resize at all on Android Chrome once keyboard opened
  11. Grid EnableLocking and CellEditing : bug -> columns are not align with their header
  12. Direct proxy uses paramOrder on create requests
  13. [OPEN] Date field(date picker) is still open in case of tab switch.(Specific to edge browse)
  14. 6.2.1 modern: selection column not binding to the grid with multiselect plugin
  15. extjs 6 treelist custom iconcls can not working
  16. [FIXED] Clicking text field forces caret to end of text field
  17. IE11 grid scroll issue
  18. Ext.selection.CheckboxModel bug with enableKeyNav
  19. [6.2.1 Modern]Typo in the document fiddle of Ext.grid.column.Column.
  20. [FIXED] vertical and horizontal scrollbar click changes focus
  21. [OPEN] Error extending a grid with enableLocking: true
  22. GridPanel's Horizontal scroll bar issue in IE11 on Windows 7
  23. Modern Ext.Widget.getAlignmentInfo calls unknown method getAnchor during showBy
  24. ExtJS 6.2 Filtering a combox/tagfield and backspace
  25. [ExtJS 6.2.1] BufferedRendered grid scroll inconsistency
  26. [INFOREQ] Ext.grid.plugin.Clipboard "cut" validateAction
  27. [OPEN] Modern - Grids don't show default sort icons
  28. [OPEN] FormPanel setValues gives error when trackResetOnLoad true and has fields same name
  29. Combobox dropdown picker bug
  30. [CLOSED] Container has zero height and width when rendered to a hidden by default element
  31. Ext.ProgressBar does not include userCls
  32. ExtJS 6.2.x - Form Panel loadRecord() causes problem with radiogroup
  33. Calendar event size
  34. [INFOREQ] The columns in grid list body is not exactly aligned with their headers in Ext Grid
  35. Animation and scroll bars
  36. [OPEN] Text field trigger icons do not render under Neptune, Crisp, Gray and Classic themes
  37. Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener (Chrome)
  38. Navigation View - Title Not Binding
  39. Widget Column Does Not Render
  40. Grid column header sort display issue when header text is too long. 6.0.2 and 6.2.1
  41. Viewport scrolling when it should not
  42. [OPEN] Filefield inside collapsible fieldset is missing its button in Firefox
  43. [OPEN] Accordion panel issue.
  44. Ext.form.DateField doesn't use Ext.Date.defaultFormat
  45. ComboBox: setting custom displayTpl in a ComboBox with a plain array as a store
  46. [CLOSED] ondemand loading doesn't work in emulated IE10 in 6.2.1
  47. Rowexpander plugin does not respect view.enableTextSelection
  48. Tag Field - Select/De-Select Bug
  49. Grid Refresh Bug
  50. [CLOSED] The proxy of the stores are shared
  51. combobox focus/expand
  52. grid column bug in RTL on FireFox
  53. [FIXED] Ext 6.5 all chart crash
  54. 6.2 Grid Scrolling Performance
  55. Grid Selection Dragging Bug
  56. [FIXED] 6.5.0: breaking change in Ext.Function.bind()
  57. Large Grid w/ Buffered Renderer: grid.getView().refresh() bug
  58. [FIXED] 6.5.0: font issue in Triton theme
  59. [FIXED] 6.5.0: Router bug: Uncaught (in promise)
  60. [FIXED] ExtJs 6.5 TabBar config not working properly
  61. [FIXED] setMenu causes button to disappear after upgrading to ExtJS 6.5
  62. 6.2.0 Picker collapsing bug
  63. [CLOSED] 6.5.0 Ext.view.View scrollable is broken
  64. [OPEN] Grid rowwidget error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isModel' of null
  65. 6.5.0 - TreeStore defaultRootText now showing up in the treecolumn as text.
  66. Ext.data.validator.Email regex default needs updating
  67. Ext 6.5 datepanel bugs when not displaying header and/or footer
  68. Tap to stop scroll on mobile
  69. [CLOSED] Code misprint: destoy is undefined
  70. Ext 6.2.1 relative/direct paths for universal app
  71. [INFOREQ] BUG: Dynamic cell editig
  72. [FIXED] 6.5.0: redirectTo force is ignored
  73. [FIXED] 6.5.0: Textfields and Textareas with 'publishes' config ignore value binding
  74. [FIXED] Custom ListItem classes are broken in 6.5
  75. Using TreeStore with ajax proxy.
  76. [INFOREQ] getFirstVisibleRowIndex: too much recursion
  77. [OPEN] [6.5.0] Modern: Button ui 'back' not working
  78. [6.5.0] Modern: Loading mask not working correctly
  79. Ext.form.Labelable msgTarget default value different for browser supporting touch
  80. Grid view empty text does not have wrapping markup when set using bind
  81. [] Pie Chart and overlapping labels
  82. [FIXED] grow in textarea is not working when height is a number
  83. [CLOSED] binding data with a dash in the key does not work anymore
  84. [ExtJS 6.2.1] Fieldset with checkboxToggle set form state to dirty
  85. [OPEN] Toolbar 'trackMenus' bug, Ext JS
  86. [FIXED] 6.5.0 Exporter (Classic/Excel03)
  87. Tagfield with createOnEnter does not show value after loadRecord
  88. [OPEN] [6.5.0] Modern (Material): DatePanel from DateField has wrong header styling with
  89. [FIXED] Gridexporter issue,if grid contains ZERO(0) or 0.0
  90. Admin Dashboard menu fails if tree store is filtered
  91. [FIXED] route Mixin typo
  92. [INFOREQ] An Issue with widget on grid editor
  93. Rendering problem with menu inside tbar
  94. Extjs 6.5 Classic combobox in the header of a grid column
  95. [FIXED] Toggle field doesn't toggle on 6.5 modern
  96. [FIXED] Inconsistent inheritance behavior for ViewModels
  97. [FIXED] 6.5 Moder Grideditable triggerEvent fails
  98. [OPEN] resize doesn't affect the ghost of the window
  99. problem in tooltip position in rtl version - extjs 6.2.0
  100. [FIXED] Application - getRouter method is not documented
  101. Ext 6.5.0 Ext.data.field.Field implicit presence check and presence limitations
  102. Validator not linked in Textfield
  103. [FIXED] Ext.data.Store - datachanged event fired on update
  104. [FIXED] Router - typo in a param description
  105. [FIXED] History.add - document return value
  106. [FIXED] Router - suspend and resume documentation
  107. [FIXED] Since 6.5, Floating Components attempt to destroy/remove the Element aligned to
  108. [FIXED] ExtJS 6.5.1 grideditable on show bug
  109. [DUP] [EXT 6.5.0] Store fires datachanged event on record data change
  110. Convert not being evaluated by model constructor for fields with defaultValue
  111. Multi Select option for List View not available in 6.5 Modern
  112. [FIXED] Can't center align tabs in Ext 6.5.0 Classic
  113. [INFOREQ] Router - multi-token routes should execute in order
  114. [FIXED] Docs 6.5.0 - Incorrect signature for component 'painted' event
  115. [CLOSED] Draggable dataview with fields bug
  116. 6.5 - Grid focus error
  117. NestedList doesn't fire selectionchange [ext 6.5.0] [modern]
  118. Font picker empty after selecting font in HTMLEditor
  119. [ExtJs 6.5.0] Locked grid fires multiple view refresh events on sort
  120. Drag & Drop on scrolled grid issue
  121. 6.5.x - Modern, Selectfield "picker: floated" bug
  122. [INFOREQ] 6.5 TabScrollerMenu still broken
  123. [Ext6.5.0] Grouping on locked grid does not expand on normal column header click
  124. Ext 5 - 6.5 : ArrayStore.getFields() returns null if configured using fields config
  125. Tabbar not working in Ext JS 6.5
  126. Grid numeric filter on IE is not working properly.
  127. [INFOREQ] Grid with locked columns is out of sync and crashes after reload
  128. IE Window sometimes shows behind another modal window
  129. [DUP] position: fixed on body prevents multi-page printing
  130. 6.5: SelectField change event - Incorrect params
  131. setValue() in Ext.form.field.Date does not return the field
  132. [CLOSED] ExtJS 6.5.0 - renderer with Ext.util.Format.number
  133. [FireFox 53 with ExtJs 6.2, 6.5] FF focus problems on floating iframes
  134. Suggested fix to Ext.form.field.Number.onBlur.. helps formatting numbers as currency
  135. setClosable does not add/remove the close tool
  136. [FIXED] Exception in Virtual Store with small data amounts
  137. Bug? Chained virtual stores not working
  138. [INFOREQ] 6.5.0 - Classic getDockedItems
  139. [OPEN] ViewModel proxy override removing proxy override
  140. [FIXED] Container - Remove the fake "." after setActiveTab
  141. [OPEN] Issue on focus when dataview has items but no records
  142. [FIXED] 6.5 Modern - Selectfield cannot be opened second time
  143. Tab panel - setActiveTab should not activate a disabled card
  144. [FIXED] 6.5.0 [Classic] scroller issue with auto growing TextArea
  145. [CLOSED] Locally created model doesn't have associations
  146. [OPEN] [6.5.0] Modern - DatePicker next/previous month handling error
  147. [FIXED] Tab Panel - enable method should be chainable
  148. Image in tab does not get a correct size in latest chrome
  149. [CLOSED] Observable - destroyObservable method is incorrectly configured
  150. [OPEN] BUG: Cell editor doesn't blur when clicking button. (Edge only) Fiddle inside,
  151. [OPEN] [6.5.0 Modern] Exception with Grid in Dialog
  152. Session not passing in model fields in session.getSaveBatch.start()
  153. [FIXED] Session isn't sending data to POST request after batch.start()
  154. TreeStore#setRoot doesn't respect 'typePropery' defined in TreeStore
  155. [OPEN] tabBarPosition
  156. [OPEN] Treelist (accessibility) keyboard navigation issue
  157. Not possible to provide selectedItemCls to BoundList cfg
  158. combobox's setValue fires change event endlessly and causing maximum call stack error
  159. List pull to refresh plugin not working properly
  160. ExtJS 6.2 Modern alwaysOnTop bug in iOS
  161. Drag and Drop bug
  162. Horizontal Scroll Bar not Appearing when grid too small
  163. Ext 6.5 tree list or Panel failure on load or reload
  164. [FIXED] [ExtJs 6.5.0] Slider fires change event on render
  165. [INFOREQ] Drag and drop not working
  166. [FIXED] ComboBox bug
  167. [FIXED] [Modern]Wrong DatePicker when start of week is Monday
  168. Ext.grid.plugin.Exporter
  170. Possible bug with sparkline in locked grid using filter
  171. Bug with many QuickTips on page
  172. [CLOSED] Grid and gridview return different values when you check if they are hidden
  173. [OPEN] [Modern 6.5] Layout error with Card-Layout
  174. [OPEN] 6.5.0 Grid focus bug after removing a row and focus being put back on the grid.
  175. [CLOSED] Bid data grid - checking or unchecking the header Verified checkbox takes too long
  176. grid filtering problem when filtering for > 0
  177. Modern Component - hide method should be fully chainable
  178. [OPEN] Modern maximized basic dialog demo does not close properly
  179. Ext.os.version.version return ''
  180. setText or updateLayout for filefield button
  181. Modern Img - hide method should be chainable
  182. [OPEN] Error while using remove all function on component with toolbar overflow menu open
  183. BufferedCollection should not use the Observable mixin
  184. Mixin box-shadow does'nt work
  185. Modifying multiple records in a store slow if store sorted on modified values
  186. Controller Route Is Not Handled
  187. [OPEN] Grid LoadMask not always showing when loading
  188. TreeStore#removeAll doesn't refresh UI
  189. [Ext6.5.0] Not possible to set instances in the panel#tool config
  190. [FIXED] Modern Panel - addTool method is not documented
  191. [INFOREQ] Grid reconfigure isn't taking column alignment config
  192. [FIXED] Expanding grid group broken when scrollable is set to false.
  193. scrollTo broken in 6.5
  194. [CLOSED] [Modern 6.5] Store bindings won't work with inline store
  195. [CLOSED] [Modern 6.5] Bind config doesn't seem to work within a component on a row-expander
  196. initialConfig mutated
  197. Route Mixin - improve documentation of the redirectTo method
  198. Ext.form.field.Date.altFormats should be empty by default
  199. Tooltip code should reassure that anchored element still exists after window resize.
  200. [INFOREQ] Bar chart not displayed
  201. data store remote filter sync not work
  202. [Bug] Move a window with resizable, draggable and constrainHeader options
  203. [FIXED] Toolbar trackMenus Broken on Classic
  204. [OPEN] Hidden column with hideMode: offsets no longer exports
  205. [OPEN] Htmleditor cleared after insert
  206. [FIXED] Base mixin - redeclared local var
  207. [ext-6.2.0-gpl]Ext.plugin.PullRefresh not working
  208. [CLOSED] Bug: the setVisible method does not works if invoked on the container
  209. duplicate radiofield and getvalue
  210. [FIXED] Inheritable - return false when ancestor or descendant not found
  211. [INFOREQ] Menu Bug in Classic
  212. Modern Container insert - document that the item parameter can be an array
  213. Modern Container - getRefItems should be protected
  214. [FIXED] PullRefresh not working
  215. Ext 6.5 Classic - Textfield or comboBox emptyText on iOS
  216. [OPEN] Ext 6.5 Classic - Custom order column add with moveAfter
  217. [CLOSED] None of the HTML pages included in the 6.5 SDK release open from File Explorer?
  218. [FIXED] TextField with grow: true doesn't use padding in the autoSize calculation
  219. extjs-toolbar-ui mixing bugged since 5.x
  220. [OPEN] [Modern 6.5] ColumnMenu config bug
  221. [FIXED] [Modern 6.5 NIGHTLY] 'Duplicate component name' with explicit editor
  222. [FIXED] Modern TitleBar - duplicate key scope
  223. Ext.data.NodeInterface deep copy does not generate new ids for children
  224. Widget - onRender should be marked as a template method
  225. [INFOREQ] TreePanel Expand/Collapse Causes ChildNode to Disappear
  226. [OPEN] 6.5: Grid Header items grow on store load
  227. [FIXED] Ext 6.5 Classic - Window Ordering Not Right
  228. [FIXED] Ext 6.5 Classic - Window Dragging issue
  229. [ modern] mobile click events trigger on several components
  230. [FIXED] 6.5.0 classic: Ext.form.field.Text.onBlur() reference to outscoped variable
  231. RowEditor errorSummary Tooltip does not handle show / hide correctly
  232. [FIXED] 6.5.0 Modern - Various tooltip errors
  233. [FIXED] 6.5.0 Modern - Button ripple issues
  234. [OPEN] Binding does not update Column Menu
  235. [OPEN] [Fixed in 6.5.1] Edge picker is hidden when clicking on it a second time
  236. [6.5.0 Modern] Ext.picker.Picker with pullrefresh work incorrectly
  237. Broken references in the CSS files
  238. [FIXED] [classic] Grid header is not aligned to columns (vertical scrollbar)
  239. [OPEN] [6.5 classic] form fields with emptyText property are not accessible on iOS
  240. 6.5 Classic - Empty text in tree is 'Root'
  241. [FIXED] Queryable visitPreOrder / visitPostOrder - typo in the fn function doc
  242. [FIXED] [enhancement] Ext.dataview.DataView.selected confusingly documentend twice
  243. [OPEN] [enhancement] Reference correct tree widget for Ext.data.TreeStore in modern docs
  244. [6.5.0] Column widget disappearing
  245. [FIXED] Modern Component - beforeflexchange and flexchange events are not documented
  246. [FIXED] Modern: labelAlign layout in Ext.field.Text
  247. Modern Component - beforeHide, afterHide, beforeShow, afterShow methods are not doc'd
  248. [FIXED] ComponentManager - each should not return value
  249. [OPEN] [6.5.0]
  250. Ext.emptyString is not empty