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  1. Download link error
  2. [CLOSED] unable to create new workspace
  3. Sencha Studio no longer working
  4. Exit Code 65 - Unable to create application
  5. Sencha Cmd Integration
  6. Event recorder
  7. [FIXED] Unable to configure archive server
  8. [FIXED] Unable to create/open workspace
  9. Generate App Failed
  10. Failed to create new workspace in exisiting Sencha Touch workspace
  11. [FIXED] Cannot generate Sencha Touch App
  12. [FIXED] Sencha Touch Examples
  13. [DUP] Creating test project deletes all comments from app.json
  14. [FIXED] Testing ExtJS 4.2 app - never loads in any browser (just keeps "loading")
  15. [FIXED] Unable to run scenario from CLI - err - Could not find module 'process'
  16. Event Recorder Hangs on Launching
  17. [OPEN] TLS issue
  18. /bin/sh: Can't open shell-wrapper.sh
  19. [FIXED] Running tests of packages in CLI
  20. [FIXED] Test packages with Sencha Test
  21. Studio UI no longer responds - rendering error?
  22. [FIXED] Self-signed Certifcates or our own AD CA?
  23. [OPEN] Needed artifacts from the dev build are missing. Would you like to run a development
  24. Event recorder issues - Component Query Locator
  25. [FIXED] Ext.create is not a function
  26. Can't found test scenario when running Sencha Test by CLI
  27. [OPEN] build dialog just goes on forever
  28. Sencha Test trial version of 1.0.3 not working
  29. demo of gmail using sencha test runner not working
  30. [NOREPRO] Sencha Test 1.0.3 Does Not Show Any Error If It Is In Test Case Code
  31. [FIXED] STC should exit with non-zero exit (errorlevel) code when tests fail, and 0 for pass
  32. [OPEN] PhantomJS and Webdriver
  33. Event recorder - unexpected output if button element has no id
  34. [FIXED] Message Box timeout problem clicking yes/no button
  35. [OPEN] Sencha Test : Preferences --> Editor : "Allow Undo after Save" doesn't save
  36. Sencha Test : Event recording splits single field entries
  37. Sencha Test : Report Archive tab shows spinning "Generating HTML report"
  38. Sencha Test : How to see the failure reason ?
  39. Sencha Test : Extra Sencha Studio processes ?
  40. Sencha Test : Altering and saving a declaration fails to save
  41. Sencha Test - stc run errors with Browserstack local
  42. Sencha Test - Can't stop tests while running
  43. Sencha test 1.0.3 - stc run performance
  44. Sencha Test Browser not starting when runnning tests from Studio
  45. Event Recorder: Timeout waiting for target Error
  46. Event Recorder is not launching
  47. [OPEN] Sencha Studio(Test): Event Recorder, opaque overlay Chrome
  48. Timedout does not fail
  49. Sencha Test - WebDriver Errors in Multi-Page Application
  50. Test 2 fails development build after upgrading to Sencha Cmd (
  51. Recorder stopped working after upgrading from 2.0.0-EA to 2.0.2
  52. [OPEN] stc 2.0.2 windows x64 fail to start
  53. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeCls' of null
  54. Ext.create is not a function
  55. Ext.create is not a function
  56. Update examples, they don't work in latest ST
  57. Chaining Search for dom elements does not work
  58. Component Query locator matches multiple items - Recoder, grid cell
  59. 2.2 EA saving page-object through inspector removes existing
  60. Combobox with typeahead on blur triggers SELECT event (ExtReact)
  61. Opening scripts, unexpected behaviour
  62. 'chromelinux' of undefined
  63. Feature request: click() with negative values
  64. Average function returns the sum of the averages instead
  65. Error in documentation?
  66. Local browsers not detected on Mac OS X sierra 10.12.6
  67. sslv3 alert handshake failure (CAC authentication, BigIP proxy)
  68. Saving a file eliminates the "undo" buffer
  69. Event Recorder wont launch
  70. [FIXED] error in documentation
  71. [FIXED] timer-worker.js wrong location
  72. [FIXED] reveal() method on ST.future.row causes subsequent actions to timeout.
  73. Sencha test 2.2 firefox is crashing and not starting to execute tests
  74. [OPEN] Viewing screenshot comparisons in Sencha Test
  75. Sencha Studio 2_2_1_83 cannot view test results behind SSL reverse proxy
  76. docs: no search results in API section (2.2.1)
  77. Large variables in test suite cause code completion to fail