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  1. [FIXED] several issues with Grid component
  2. [CLOSED] Cannot get reactor-boilerplate started
  3. Failed to start reactor-kitchensink - Java heap space error
  4. [FIXED] Gouping menus in grid column menu
  5. [FIXED] Date panel control year scroll bug
  6. [FIXED] menuDisabled for the CheckColumn is not set to true by default
  7. [FIXED] Cannot start reactor-classic-boilerplate
  8. [FIXED] Nested menu items
  9. [FIXED] React component lifecycle method componentWillUnmount is not called by ExtJS
  10. [FIXED] React components rendered by the Reactor Template are not cleaned up
  11. Sencha not recognized as a command
  12. Cannot start reactor-modern-boilerplate even with reactor-webpack-plugin@1.0.2
  13. [FIXED] Error when inserting container into grid header
  14. [OPEN] Grid Checkbox (select) column
  15. SpinnerFiled has strange behaviour when click up arrow
  16. Mask Layer do not disappear when close maximized Dialog
  17. [OPEN] Sencha-Cmd Memory Leak
  18. [OPEN] Container Cards and Alias's
  19. [CLOSED] Trivial error on TitleBar documentation
  20. [OPEN] Minor - Examples 6.5.x : Panel example should include require for Collapser
  21. [OPEN] [6.5.1] Changing Grid Title when titleBar is set fails
  22. [FIXED] [OPEN] [6.5.1] RendererCell use wrong record
  23. [OPEN] [6.5.1] Grid headers - strange behaviour
  24. [OPEN] Grid Selection Model default value
  25. [FIXED] ui prop as an array
  26. [DUP] Ext.selection.Checkbox throws aria related error when checkOnly: true
  27. Ext.Require loading failed.
  28. [OPEN] Javascript error when click on disabled column menu in grid header
  29. REST example
  30. TreeList expanderFirst bug when micro=true?
  31. Grid height possible bug?
  32. How do I create a custom ListItem and use it in a List?
  33. 6.5.2 classic: Ext.ux.desktop.Desktop.onDesktopMenuBeforeShow() enabled status issue
  34. Calling SetActiveTab causes stack trace intermittently in ExtJs
  35. [OPEN] TabPanel: Unable to set activeItem using itemId of child
  36. Sub-Menus not fixed in 6.5.1 or 2.
  37. Issue with license activation and issue with reactor plugin
  38. Error: Cannot satisfy requirements for "modern"
  39. The word: Trial ExtJS
  40. [OPEN] [OPEN] DOM error on KITCKENSYNC on tree component search
  41. Strange behaviour of BadgeText
  42. Strange behaviour of BadgeText
  43. Submit button not calling handler when return key pressed
  44. Grid with both drag&drop and summary behaves weirdly
  45. Route with parameters
  46. Ext 6.5.0 Uncaught Error: Duplicate name
  47. SelectField onFocus event only fired once
  48. NumberField doc say Strings are returned from the onChange event
  49. Widgetcolumn + grouping issue