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  1. [2.0b2][SOLVED] fields position:fixed,but labels move
  2. [2.0b1][DUP] EditorGrid cell edit fails when scrolling
  3. [2.0b1] TextArea anchoring
  4. [2.0b1] issues with fieldSet
  5. [2.0b1][SOLVED] Panel header always rendered in IE(7)
  6. [2.0b2] Quicktip possible bug
  7. [2.0b1/rc1][SOLVED] timeout at BasicForm never used
  8. [2.0b1/2.0/2.0.2] Fields added to FormPanel after render are not found by findField
  9. [2.0b1][DUP] GridPanel is leaking
  10. [2.0b1][CLOSED] 404 in two TreePanels demo
  11. [2.0b1] Window background color change
  12. [2.0rc1/2.0] QuickTips rendering
  13. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Error with State Manager and Dates
  14. [2.0b1] Floating Panel Hide / Show Bug
  15. [2.rc1][SOLVED] TabPnl AutoWidth : true contends with gridpanel as a tabpanel child
  16. [2.0b1] Combo inconsistencies related to setting width
  17. [2.0b1][CLOSED] NestedTabPanels dont work in 2.obeta but do in 1.1
  18. [2.0b1] Form controls rendering "stacked" in Safari 2.0.4
  19. [OPEN] [2.0b1][SOLVED] bug on record.set()?
  20. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Button.setHandler broken?
  21. [2.0b1] Bug in implementation of Ext.Element.getColor
  22. [2.0b1] Issue about "addButton" function of Ext.Panel
  23. [2.0b1] gridpanel's renderTo problem
  24. [2.0b1][SOLVED] tools config option goes wrong with Ext.form.FieldSet
  25. [2.0b1] PagingToolbar small optical enhancement
  26. [2.0b1] Safari Issues
  27. [2.0b1] bug in tabs in rtl mode?
  28. [2.0b1][CLOSED][was not a bug] Firefox FormPanel colapse and scroll bug
  29. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Grid inside any panel other than window or viewport does not resize
  30. [2.0??][CLOSED] PHP+Smarty+ExtJs
  31. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Problems with grid reconfigure
  32. [2.0b1] Ext.Window rendering problem with IE7
  33. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Tooltips not working in grid
  34. [2.0b1] Combobox defaults
  35. [2.0b1][CLOSED] autoScroll and BorderLayout
  36. [2.0b1][CLOSED] onclick events in checkbox:fire twice?
  37. [2.0b1][CLOSED] JSONDatamodel bug at yui-ext.js
  38. [2.0b1] tabpanel-icons with tabposition bottom
  39. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Ext.tree.TreePanel.findById() return null
  40. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Suggestion for small documentation enhancement
  41. [2.0b1] Feed Viewer Demo on the Site has Issue?
  42. [2.0b1/1.1.1] Ext.lib.Ajax.setDefaultPostHeaders fiddles with the wrong variable
  43. [2.0b1/1.1.1] Dom.hasClass not defined
  44. [2.0b1] Flash menu affecting Ext?
  45. [2.0b1] Selected Tree Node Not Scrolling Into View
  46. [2.0b1] Border Layout - Collapsable Toggle Button
  47. [2.0b1] field labels with wraping text aren't adjusted (aligned) with the the inputs
  48. [2.0b1] reset() form's method and combobox empty value
  49. [2.0b1] DragSource.js the cloneNode in drag proxy offset Issue
  50. [2.0b1/rc1][SOLVED] Safari fails to render XML form example
  51. [2.01b1][CLOSED] Ext.grid.ColumnModel config: hidden
  52. [2.0b1][CLOSED] accordion layout and setActiveItem
  53. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Combobox's hide() method doesn't works fine.
  54. [OPEN] [2.0b1][SOLVED] Ext.Container methods findById, findBy, cascade
  55. [2.0b1/2.0] "Syntax Error" - receiving XML response with Ext Form
  56. [2.0rc1][DUP] Desktop Example fails
  57. [OPEN] [2.0rc1][SOLVED] prototype's Event.pointerX problem when document.body is null
  58. [2.0??] ComboBox Error
  59. [2.0b1] getWeekOfYear() in Date.js doesn't correctly account for leap weeks
  60. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Ext.version is still 2.0-beta1
  61. [2.0rc1] TabPanel bug?
  62. [2.0 - rev 1375][SOLVED]
  63. [2.0??] Grid doesn't add lines after record is added in store
  64. [2.0rc1] treePanel inside window scroll ie bug/problem/or something.
  65. [2.0rc1][DUP][SOLVED] bug in Desktop example
  66. [2.0b1/rc1/2.0.2][CLOSED] Window shadow
  67. [2.0rc1] form-grid bug?
  68. [2.0rc1] more odd behavior of nested panels.
  69. [2.0rc1] Grid: Bug in grouping
  70. [2.0rc1/2.0][SOLVED] Horizontal scrolling/editing problem with GridEditor
  71. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Ext.MessageBox.wait Shows [object, object].
  72. [2.0a1] JsonReader.getJsonAccessor thows exception is nested objects are null
  73. [2.0??] Grid Rendering Bug??
  74. [2.0rc1] Calling doLayout() prior to render causes ProgressBar to display improperly
  75. [2.0rc1] Bug in ContainerLayout.setContainer
  76. [2.0rc1] Bugs with BorderLayout/Frameset/4.01 doctype/IE 7
  77. [2.0rc1/svn1380] Combo inside tabpanel bug
  78. [2.0rc1] DataView/Store bugs?
  79. [2.0rc1] Too many tabs loses tabs
  80. [2.0rc1/1.1.1] NumberField regression error
  81. [2.0rc1] tree panel - allowContainerDrop isnt working
  82. [2.0rc1] Editor can't cancelEdit
  83. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Ext.data.Store.insert misses to update snapshot
  84. [2.0rc1] ComboBox scrollbar rendering bug in FireFox on OS X
  85. [2.0rc1] maximized Window: collapsible icon is missing
  86. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] dragndrop multiple windows & ddgroups
  87. [2.0a1/rc1][SOLVED] Firefox grid data columns width bug
  88. [2.0b1][CLOSED] Date.parseDate Fails
  89. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Docs Hang
  90. [2.0rc1/2.0] IE7 won't scroll textfields
  91. [2.0rc1] Tab Panel bug
  92. [OPEN] [2.0rc1/2.0.1][SOLVED] GridPanel Column must be sortable in order to be hideable?
  93. [2.0rc1] API Home's Search Feature - problem
  94. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Missing 'nodemove' event for TreePanel in RC1?
  95. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] getJsonAccessor should not fail on undefined accessors(fix included)
  96. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] context menus not working in Safari for Windows
  97. [2.0rc1] Downloaded ExtJS (still) phones home to extjs.com
  98. [2.0rc1] store reload can't more select multi
  99. [2.0rc1] GridPanel Hidden Column Refresh
  100. [2.0??] MessageBox problem in right-to-left
  101. [2.0rc1/1.1.1][SOLVED] getAlignToXY should check for null
  102. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Ext.Window frame:false is honored.
  103. [OPEN] [2.0][OPEN] Is there a temporal solution for the Complex Layout bug?
  104. [2.0rc1] QuickTips css not reset
  105. [2.0rc1] KeyMap not working on Safari
  106. [OPEN] [2.0rc1] CheckboxSelectionModel lost when grid reconfigured
  107. [2.0rc1/2.0] unmask repositions element to top left on IE7
  108. [2.0rc1] Ext.form.HtmlEditor QuickTips Issue
  109. [2.0rc1] Resizable textarea in Safari
  110. [2.0rc1/2.0.1] TreePanel: Dropping onto a Leaf Node
  111. [2.0rc1] Ext.MessageBox defaultTextHeight
  112. [2.0rc1][SOLVED][DUP] Ext.DataView, refreshNode, updateIndexes
  113. [2.0rc1] ext-base sets multiple content-types when posting xmlData
  114. [2.0??] HtmlEditor
  115. [2.0??] FormPanel: fileUpload=true: error handling in firefox 2.0
  116. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] An invalid or illegal string was specified" code: "12
  117. [2.0rc1][DUP] EditorGridPanel can not render cell-editors when first invisible
  118. [2.0rc1] Displacement of resizable element when draggable
  119. [2.0rc1] IE7 fadeIn() and show() not functioning properly
  120. [2.0rc1/2.0.1] tree multiselect selectionchange bug
  121. [2.0rc1] Complex layout issue when rendering DataView
  122. [2.0rc1] Textfield extends in IE 6.0
  123. [CLOSED][2.0rc1/2.2] RowSelectionModel - event: selectionchange
  124. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] QuickTips & Validation
  125. [2.0rc1][DUP] form: id for fieldset (bug or config mistake)
  126. [2.0rc1][DUP] Possible bug in Container.cascade method
  127. [2.0rc1] Menu Issues
  128. [2.0rc1] Editable Grid changing focus to next item (enter/tab)
  129. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] showing values in Drop-Down Combo-Box when displayfield contains a /
  130. [2.0rc1] BorderLayout bug
  131. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] panel setTitle bug
  132. [2.0rc1] GroupingStore no likey hidden column
  133. [2.0rc1/2.0][OPEN] in Grid ComboBox onBlur broken when using keyboard navigation
  134. [2.0rc1][SOLVED][DUP] Ext.DataView code logic error
  135. [2.0rc1] PagingToolbar - displayInfo bug
  136. [2.0rc1] FieldSet Radio in scrollable from display pb in IE7
  137. [2.0rc1] Combobox in EditorGridPane with forceSelection= true allows wrong values
  138. [2.0][SOLVED] Bug in Ext.grid.GroupingView
  139. [2.0??] Possible bug with TreeNode.eachChild()
  140. [2.0rc1] Treepanel vertical scrollbar positioning IE6
  141. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] A ComboBox as an item in an AnchorLayout is broken
  142. [2.0/2.1][FIXED] Observable.addEvents() bug
  143. [2.0rc1] PagingToolbar's 'start' param lacks consistency
  144. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] TabPanel setIconClass js error
  145. [2.0rc1] TabPanel.js
  146. [2.0rc1][DUP][SOLVED] File not found, desktop.js -> Desktop.js
  147. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Compile error line 6738
  148. [2.0rc1/2.0] Fx 2x winders TreeNode Shift+click fires window.open
  149. [2.0rc1] Can't make a grow/shrink TextArea field have a single line height.
  150. [2.0b1] form submit no firebug display?
  151. [2.0rc1] TwinTriggerField not visible when panel is collapsed true
  152. [2.0rc1] Reused editors need to recalculate z-index
  153. [2.0rc1][CLOSED]Tabs from markup destroys original
  154. [2.0rc1] Combo-box labels and arrows disappear
  155. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] fieldset css bug
  156. [2.0rc1] checkboxes not rendered in panel within collapsed fieldset
  157. [FIXED][2.x] Ext.enableListenerCollection causes event handlers to stop responding
  158. [2.0rc1] Bug sorting null strings in the Grid
  159. [2.0??] disableSelection in GridPanel has no effect
  160. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Ext.QuickTips.interceptTitles possible Bug
  161. [2.0b1/rc1][DUP] TabPane & tabPosition = bottom
  162. [2.0rc1] Ext.dd.DragDrop.constrainTo breaks xTickSize/yTickSize settings
  163. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Strange bug on autoHeight: true of Ext.grid.GridPanel
  164. [2.0rc1/2.0][SOLVED] Store sortInfo bug.
  165. [2.0rc1] Safari and scrolling TabPanel
  166. [2.0rc1] Tree node icon - is this a bug?
  167. [2.0b1][CLOSED] TextMetrics incorrect when global visibility mode is set to DISPLAY
  168. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] AnchorLayout uses wrong value
  169. [2.0??][FIXED] Memory Leak
  170. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] IE7 and TriggerFields - incorrect position of dropdown
  171. [2.0][Updated]Various layout issues
  172. [2.0rc1] Bug in Ext.TabPanel.setActiveTab()
  173. [2.0??] (PATCH) grid ColumnModel getTotalLockedWidth bug
  174. [2.0??][CLOSED] anchorTo bug?
  175. [2.0rc1] JavaScript error when form has no fields
  176. [2.0b1][DUP] Maxlength doesn't lock digitation.
  177. [2.0rc1] anchorTo event handler leak
  178. [2.0rc1] Combo leaves components registered after destroy
  179. [OPEN] [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Bug when adding buttons with existing events to Panel
  180. [2.0b1][CLOSED]Textfield with inputType:file has no css applied on it.
  181. [2.0b1] DatePicker's wrong behavior!
  182. [2.0rc1] Firefox 3.0 Beta vs. DatePicker
  183. [2.0rc1] Possible syncFx bug
  184. [2.0rc1] Render bugs
  185. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] EventObject#getTarget bug
  186. [2.0??] PagingToolbar does not use last options given to load()
  187. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] vtype:'email' doesn't allow apostrophes
  188. [2.0rc1] TreePanel.getChecked() has bug
  189. [2.0rc1] Window shadow has an incorrect size
  190. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Cyclebutton does cycle on disabled items
  191. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Windows height does not work whit %, only Number
  192. [2.0rc1] PagingToolbar should use the start and limit parameter names from its Store
  193. [2.0b1/rc1] Bug when double click TreeNode with a checkbox
  194. [2.0b1/rc1][FIXED] two other bugs in TreeNode with CheckBox
  195. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Accordion + nested TabPanel = possible bug
  196. [2.0rc1][DUP] Combobox has incorrect width of drop-down part
  197. [2.0rc1] Ext.Panel. draggable:true does not work.
  198. [2.0rc1] Small CSS problem in editor.css
  199. [FIXED][2.x] Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel.selectRow called twice when click on row
  200. [2.0??][CLOSED] Ext.grid.GridPanel column headers
  201. [OPEN] [2.0] Bugs with reload of state after reconfigure
  202. [2.0.1] Opera Bug - Dynamic Form XML Example
  203. [2.0/3.0rc2] GridView - autoFill, forceFit problem in BorderLayout
  204. [2.0rc1] forceFit and autoExpandColumn
  205. [2.0??] GridPanel does not redraw on hiding toolbar
  206. [2.0b1/rc1][CLOSED] tab problems?between versions
  207. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] getInnerWidth() on Safari
  208. [2.0rc1] Tree with navigation panel
  209. [2.0rc1] Ext.lib.Dom.getViewWidth includes scrollbar in Safari3
  210. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Feedviewer example causes compilation error in Visual Studio
  211. [2.0rc1] extjs cgi perl
  212. [2.0rc1] Safari does not handle cursor keys in grids
  213. [2.0rc1/2.0] Bug in MessageBox example (minor issue)
  214. [2.0svn1423] ext-all-debug.js corrupted
  215. [2.0] suggested fix - Grid detaching from the header of the panel IE7
  216. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Rendering Problems in IE6
  217. [2.0rc1] Column layout does not share out total width
  218. [2.0??][CLOSED] Form fields with same name don't get rendered
  219. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Problem with multiple instances of HtmlEditor
  220. [OPEN] [2.0rc1][CLOSED] emptyText is submitted
  221. [2.0rc1] CheckBoxColumnModel bug
  222. [2.0rc1] radio boxLabel column layout problem
  223. [2.0??][DUP][SOLVED] DataView bug in updateIndexes()
  224. [2.0??][CLOSED] Record commit/reject suspicious
  225. [2.0rc1] Tree nodes icons always appear expanded when embedded in collapsible panel
  226. [2.0rc1] Rendering editable grid in IE
  227. [2.0svn1426] IE Window bottom border
  228. [2.0svn1426][SOLVED] BasicForm and destroy function
  229. [2.0rc1] Rendering form/textarea in IE
  230. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Ext.Toolbar.TextItem breaks Ext2.0 API
  231. [2.0rc1/2.0/2.1][FIXED] Editable grid: TextField cell causing Firefox to lock up.
  232. [2.0rc1][CLOSED] Refreshing a async node with children
  233. [2.0rc1] Ext.form.Checkbox.setRawValue has no effect
  234. [2.0??][CLOSED] BUG in ext-base.js
  235. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Date formats with special characters
  236. [2.0rc1] New Bug in ext-all-debug.js
  237. [CLOSED][2.0rc1] "r has no properties" with loadData and append in grid
  238. [2.0rc1][FIXED] emptyText doesn't go away if too many rows are loaded
  239. [2.0rc1] Combo Fields in a hidden tab render incorrectly with deferredRender: false
  240. [2.0][CLOSED] Safari: Drag operation breaks when hovering over scroll bar
  241. [2.0rc1] Problem with fieldset and 'anchor' parameter
  242. [2.0??] Ext.ProgressBar IE bug
  243. [2.0rc1] combo enable/disable does not update hidden field
  244. [2.0rc1] TreePanel.selectPath() on root
  245. [2.0??] Error when closing tab
  246. [2.0??] Problem highlighting rows in GridPanel
  247. [2.0??][CLOSED] requesting BLANK_IMAGE "s.gif" from extjs.com
  248. [2.0rc1] Simplistic Ext.isStrict switch causing IE rendering issues.
  249. [2.0rc1] BorderLayout resize problem in IE when panel is hidden
  250. [2.0rc1][DUP] ToolTip changed after form validation errors