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  1. [CLOSED] Form blue background depends on setFrame(true)
  2. [FIXED] TreeTable: setCheckNodes() is ignored
  3. [FIXED] Collapsing selected TreeItem calls deselect(item) when caching=false
  4. [FIXED] rc1b-MessageBox.setIcon() throw error.
  5. [FIXED] RC1b-HORIZONTAL RowLayout has bug with Margins.
  6. [BUG] Fix extra padding in ButtonBar
  7. [FIXED] incorrect height/layout for ToolBar and PagingToolBar
  8. [OPEN] RC1b form cursor missing in IE7
  9. ContentPanel.collapse() causes AssertionError
  10. Bug in explorer demo
  11. [FIXED] BUG BorderLayout & Modal Dialog
  12. [OPEN] [FIXED] Draggable container resize
  13. [FIXED] TreeEvent.isRightClick() doesn't work properly
  14. BUG: Combobox multiple entries with same label
  15. [CLOSED] table.css not in ext-all.css
  16. [BUG] TabItem throws exception with RowLayout(Orientation.HORIZONTAL)
  17. [CLOSED] TabPanel Close buttons are not masked by Menu
  18. [FIXED] NullPointerException when loading Table before render
  19. [FIXED] Problem expanding all tree items, only the first one shows as expanded
  20. [BUG] RowLayout not rendering properly with height and width of Style.DEFAULT
  21. [CLOSED] ComboBox in Dialog Problem
  22. [FIXED] BUG? Animated components, dont display on readd
  23. [CLOSED] ComboBox scroll not working
  24. [CLOSED] Unable to display VerticalPanel in BorderLayout CENTER
  25. [FIXED] RadioGroup.getValue() returns true regardless of the item selected
  26. [FIXED] Store losing setMonitorChanges(true) on reload
  27. [FIXED] Patch to add constructors to MenuItem
  28. [FIXED] Tree should provide an equivalent to setCellRenderer
  29. [FIXED] Cannot register WindowManager
  30. [CLOSED] XmlReader Bugs RC2
  31. [CLOSED] Problem adding data to a Paging Table
  32. [CLOSED] problems when trying to add a dialog to an absolut panel
  33. [CLOSED] Store.commitChanges() bug
  34. [FIXED] Fade-in Bug, blinks initially
  35. [FIXED] [PATCH] Make BaseModelStringProvider generic
  36. Combobox in tabpanel
  37. [FIXED] ComboBox doesn't work with Long attribute
  38. [CLOSED] ContentPanel and setUrl() method
  39. [Bug] Chaining effects is super-limited
  40. Radio Button rendering problem?
  41. Posting Guidelines
  42. [CLOSED] Table implementation is not scalable!!
  43. [CLOSED] Really strange duplication of TextFields
  44. [CLOSED] "are you sure" logic puzzle???
  45. [CLOSED] Region cannot be resized in a BorderLayout'd container
  46. [OPEN] ComboBox doesn't shown properly
  47. [CLOSED] Possible bug in ColumnLayout
  48. GWT compiler error at PagingToolBar onLoad()
  49. [CLOSED] FormPanel doesn't support mix of Fields + Tabbed Form
  50. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Bug in BaseModel
  51. Vertical lines bug in a table with multi-line cells
  54. Rpc integration with hibernate4gwt
  55. [FIXED] NumberField maybe a bug?
  56. MessageBox display bug on Opera 9.26
  57. [FIXED] SVN Compile Error
  58. [FIXED] Resizable is not working in FF3
  60. [CLOSED] Modal dialog doesn't work in IE6
  61. [CLOSED] Field markInvalid not make invalid the formPanel
  62. [CLOSED] auto height table example not working
  63. button style improperly handled when showing dialog box
  64. NPE when calling show() on Window
  65. [FIXED] TextField lost focus if added to a TableItem [Safari]
  66. [CLOSED] Tree Loading style ("my-tree-loading") not cleared after loading
  67. Form Panel Visualization Bug?
  68. NPE when adding a detached treeitem
  69. [FNR] Expanding more TreeItems with AsyncTreePage not possible
  70. [FIXED] Fields disappearing on Click on FormPanel (Demo attached)
  71. [CLOSED] TabFormPanel auto height doesn't show fields
  72. [FIXED] ToolBar Redering Issue
  73. [CLOSED] StoreListener.storeAdd(StoreEvent ev) model is null
  74. [FIXED] "down" key doesn't open ComboBox - fix included
  75. [FIXED] Problem with Dialogs
  76. valid notification render bug in Tab-FormPanel
  77. [FIXED] List.add(List) in BeanModelReader
  78. [FIXED] Grid should not let you remove all the columns
  79. Programmatic Close Fails if Window is Being Dragged
  80. Invisible items particiapte in layouts
  81. [FIXED] Tooltip dismiss delay 0 throws IllegalArgumentException
  82. [FIXED] First row doesn't expand correctly with RowExpander
  83. [CLOSED] Bug in Window/ComboField
  84. [CLOSED] MarginData() in a FlowLayout don't change anything on linux
  85. [FIXED] 1.0.1 BUG in MyMessages_pl.properties
  86. [FIXED] Modal window opening another modal window not masking first window
  87. [FIXED] mail application bug
  88. [GXT 1.0.1][Firefox]FormPanel display strange in FitLayout.
  89. [FIXED] NumberField & numeric keypad
  90. [FIXED] Store commit/reject changes bug
  91. [FIXED] scrollIntoView
  92. Text alignement Firefox
  93. ext-all.css "overwrites" fontstyle
  94. IE Bug - 'typeIdArray[...]' is null or not an object
  95. [CLOSED] Error with FormLayout on TabPanel in Window
  96. Unexpected errors with Record et al
  97. [CLOSED] Grid: RowExpander does not display object graph data
  98. [FIXED] timeField.setMinValue(min)
  99. [FIXED] AccordianLayout.setActiveOnTop() doesn't work.
  100. [FIXED] Error with Record -- cannot set a new value
  101. [CLOSED] Simple ComboBox problem
  102. [FIXED] WindowManager and Window Activate
  103. [CLOSED] MessageBox getDialog()
  104. [FIXED] TextToolItem height issue
  105. [CLOSED] BaseModelData NPE silently
  106. [CLOSED]treetable.getItemById
  107. [CLOSED] Adding a DataList to a FormPanel means the DataList is not scrollable
  108. [CLOSED] Bottom of Scrollbar hidden in DataList
  109. [FIXED] PagingToolBar.onLoad NullPointerException
  110. [FIXED] Bug in Radio setValue(Boolean value) method
  111. [CLOSED] Window displaying in Firefox
  112. TriggerField and TwinTriggerField bugs
  113. internal compiler exception from CheckChangedListener
  114. [FIXED] Few form bugs in isvalid and multifield
  115. [FIXED] typo in german translation
  116. Fail to hide CheckBoxGroup's field label
  117. [FIXED] memory leak in combobox?
  118. EditorGrid with GroupingView
  119. 1.0.2] ToolTipConfig.setHideDelay(0) throws exception
  120. showing / hiding borders
  121. Checkbox not ok in FF2
  122. DataListBinder not all methods are typed
  123. [FNR] StoreEvents pass little information in Grid
  124. setIconStyle not working after render for DataListItem still exists in version 1.0.2
  125. [FIXED] RadioGroup isValid does nothing
  126. [FIXED] NullPointerException when clicking within DataList
  127. Vertical RowLayout margins issue
  128. [FIXED] Modal window opening another modal window
  129. [FIXED] Radio callback only happens on focus lost
  130. [FIXED] Popup hides when click occurs on Widget in the Popup, not the Popup body
  131. [CLOSED] Window icon glitch
  132. [BUG] Radio/Checkbox selection
  133. Dialog don't add new component after show
  134. [FNR] Numeric Field Decimal Bug?
  135. [OPEN] TableItem setCellToolTip bug??
  136. [FIXED] MenuItem text does not become gray on disable()
  137. [FIXED] Bug - AccordionLayout
  138. [CLOSED] Bug: Window.alignTo()
  139. [FIXED] Bug in TreeTableBinder?
  140. [FIXED] update failed in DataViewBinder class
  141. [FIXED] Typo in German translation
  142. [FIXED] DateField setMinValue
  143. [FIXED] problem with the rendering order (in layout())
  144. draggable rendering problem
  145. [FNR] Basic validator messages dissapear when using Validator
  146. [FIXED] DateField gives wrong error messages
  147. [FIXED] Component.removeStyleName(...) doesn't works for not rendered component
  148. [CLOSED] problem with nested horizontal RowLayout
  149. [FIXED] TextField.getMaxLength() missing
  150. Validator Bug
  151. [FIXED] Different Listener behaviour TextField vs Radio
  152. [FIXED] Window setShadow() is not defaulting to false
  153. TreeTable > LayoutContainer > ContentPanel, expand moved the table up a bit
  154. [FIXED] DataViewBinder.onSort always causes a ClassCastException
  155. Window bottom border IE/FF
  156. [FIXED] [gxt 1.1] BaseModel map equals() doesn't work anymore
  157. Expanding Grid caused the table header to move up
  158. [FIXED] Editable Grid DateField lost focus => NPE
  159. [FIXED] Incomplete value of SimpleComboBox => NPE
  160. [FIXED] Removing an element from a grid store throws exception
  161. [FIXED] Grid selection model does not fire selection event when mode is SINGLE
  162. [FIXED] markInvalid is not honored
  163. Problem with Grid and BeanModel loading
  164. [FNR] Grid display fields bug
  165. [CLOSED] Bug in ToolTip.update(ToolTipConfig)
  166. [FIXED] gridView dateformat NPE
  167. [gxt 1.1.x] getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem() doesn't work on Editable Grids
  168. Add EditorGrid.setEditable(boolean editMode)
  169. GXT compile problem
  170. Combobox: button is positioned badly
  171. FormPanel => Enter key doesn't submit in Firefox
  172. Unhelpful exception when using Grid
  173. 1px jump in heading when FieldSet is collapsed
  174. Hitting enter on grid causes app reload
  175. [FIXED] Context menu breaks highlighting
  176. [FIXED] GXT.gwt.xml bug?
  177. west collapsable panel disappear?
  178. [CLOSED] Tree setSelectedItemBug
  179. context menu non-clickable patch between the icon and label
  180. [FIXED] Grid ColumnConfig set up for date does not gracefully handle nulls
  181. [FIXED] Grid RowNumberer is not ordered
  182. [FIXED] Wierd TableItem.onMouseOver error
  183. [FIXED] ClassCastException when resizing Window
  184. [FIXED] Bug with on Blur of DateField
  185. [FIXED] FieldSet collapse bug
  186. [FNR] Incorrect gap between Column Form widgets
  187. [FIXED] modal window position problem
  188. [FIXED] GroupSummaryView does not update on remove row
  189. [FIXED] Combobox.getValue() bug?
  190. [FIXED] Wrong MyMessages_pt_br.properties encoding
  191. Tree context menu disappear in google chrome
  192. [FIXED] GridView: doRender bug
  193. [FIXED] Combobox with paging loader
  194. [CLOSED] DateField Init Bug
  195. [FIXED] Minor bug on combo with paging
  196. [FNR] ComboBox drop-down skip every other option if using keyboard
  197. [FIXED] ComboBox and lazy rendering
  198. [FIXED] Combo trigger bug
  199. [FIXED] Window maximize don't work after hide and show
  200. [FIXED] DesktopApp bugs
  201. [CLOSED] Grid + CellSelectionModel + SelectionMode.MULTI?
  202. [CLOSED] ToolBar's button align does not work
  203. [FIXED] HttpProxy always uses POST
  204. [FIXED][Gxt 1.1 Alpha 4 ]ComboBox could not work with firefox 3!
  205. [FIXED] TimeField.setRawValue() issue
  206. [CLOSED] TreeTable Explorer demo doesn't work
  207. [FIXED] ListStore remove error
  208. [GXT 1.1 alpha 4] Problem with Check Columns in Editor Grid When Editing
  209. [CLOSED] Keyboard event being called twice in ComboBox
  210. [FIXED] AbstractStoreSelectionModel un-selected bug
  211. [FIXED] XML Table Demo Bugs?
  212. [FIXED] xtheme-gray.css can not be loaded under grails gwt-plugin
  213. [FIXED] MaskPanel of modal window does not cover the screen in IE
  214. [FIXED] MaskPanel of modal window does not cover the screen in I
  215. [FIXED][Gxt 1.0.4] ContentPanel.setHideCollapseTool(boolean) doesn't work
  216. DataListBinder give unhelpful exception message
  217. [FIXED] DataList.onCheckChange throws NullPointerException
  218. [FIXED] URGENT BUG : overriding hashCode() in BaseModelData
  219. [FIXED] XTemplate
  220. [FIXED] MessageBox missing getTextArea
  221. [FIXED] MessageBox setMaxWidth/setMinWidth
  222. [FIXED] MessageBox addListener
  223. [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelectionModel deselects
  224. [CLOSED] Grid
  225. [FIXED] RowExpander does not fire BeforeExpand event
  226. [CLOSED] Hosted mode layout not working
  227. [CLOSED] Can't use BorderLayout in Window Subclass
  228. [FIXED] GroupSummaryView does not update when group property is changed
  229. [FIXED] NumberField stopped accepting decimals
  230. [NO CODE] ComboBox applying filter to ListStore inconsistently
  231. [GXT 1.1-alpha4] Window
  232. [CLOSED] 1.1.4 Grid IE expanded too much bug
  233. [FIXED] desktop: tool eventhandler tries to close wrong parent
  234. [FIXED] GXT 1 1 alpha4 Bug - Start Menu Tools
  235. [CLOSED] Big Tree disappears outside Panel
  236. [NO CODE] Grid getSelectionModel.getSelectedItem() not updated properly
  237. Column layout problem in a window
  238. [FIXED] casting of BaseEvent to GridEvent fails
  239. [CLOSED] GroupingStore sort does not seem to work well
  240. combo box stuck open
  241. [FIXED] FX Slide In/Out are not Polished
  242. [1.1] Table.getSelectedItem behaviour changed
  243. [FIXED][1.1] Not proper leaf indentation of the tree.
  244. [CLOSED] Error in Combo box when adding item into its store after its creation
  245. [FIXED] DataList : removeAll don't clear checked ArrayList
  246. [FIXED][1.1] In GridGroupRenderer not correctly rendered if the string is empty
  247. [FIXED] Bug [1.1] Desktop problem with MessageBox.alert() not close after press OK
  248. [FIXED][1.1] Summary Grid failed with setShowGroupedColumn(false)
  249. [CLOSED][1.1] BaseTreeLoader constructor compilation error
  250. [FIXED] TreeTableView.getCellIndex() NumberFormatException