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  1. [FIXED] [1.2] Tree: Drag&Drop does not work properly with toplevel nodes
  2. [FIXED] DateField validation bug
  3. [FIXED] [1.2] Advanced grid binding tab focus bug
  4. [FIXED] [1.2] CardPanel layout problem
  5. [1.2][Bug]Tooltip near bottom of page causes repeated show/hide of tooltip
  6. [CLOSED] println() statement in Record.java
  7. [CLOSE] [1.2 Firefox] Grid Column headers, when narrow, do not diplay elipsis
  8. [FIXED] [1.2] ComboBox.getView returns a raw type
  9. [1.2] Inconsistent generics in RpcProxy
  10. [FIXED] [1.2] Popup shadow z-index issue
  11. [FIXED] Bug in Bindings
  12. [FIXED] [1.1.3 - post 1.2 SVN] Collapse Buttons on Content Panel multiply
  13. [FIXED] [1.2] Empty text does not clear from text field in IE7
  14. [FIXED] Slate theme progress bar URL bug
  15. [FIXED] Hidden field not populated through a form reset...
  16. [FIXED] [1.2] IE MultiField wrongly rendered
  17. [FIXED] [1.2] TreeTable Selection Issue
  18. [1.2] SelectionListener.componentSelected is not called if MenuItem has a SubMenu
  19. [CLOSED] [1.2] TreeEvent getKeyCode not Working in IE
  20. [CLOSED] Explorer Example - Tree - Issue
  21. [CLOSED] radio - change listener issue
  22. [FIXED] [1.2] ClassCastException with EditorGrid and CheckBoxSelectionModel
  23. [CLOSED] AdapterField with LayoutContainer inside cannot be removed from parent cont.
  24. [1.2] Unnecessary scrollbars displayed when RootPanel is not positioned at 0/0
  25. [FIXED] [1.2] ComboBox.setEmptyText forces the user to click twice to expand dropdown
  26. [1.2] FieldSet not refreshing it's content in IE
  27. [FIXED] ComboBox shows selected item in incorrect color after empty text is cleared
  28. [FIXED] [1.2] DND Tree - Insert line stays when dropping on illegal drop target
  29. [FIXED] [1.2] Tree - Empty folder can show expand arrow
  30. [FIXED] [1.2] Context Menu Breaks on Draggable item
  31. [FIXED] [1.2] StoreFilter's select method has unparamaterized argument
  32. [FIXED] autoBind() does not work if using LabelField
  33. [FIXED] 1.2 GridDragSource always move. Copy not working.
  34. [FIXED] generic declaration not set in StoreFilterField (42)
  35. [FIXED] Trunk compilation fails
  36. [CLOSED] explorer bug
  37. [FIXED] [1.2 r1129] SelectionEvent ClassCastException
  38. [CLOSED] grid issue when add diferent class to listStore
  39. [CLOSED] [1.2] DualListField inside a FormPanel does not work in IE
  40. [FIXED] BeforeDataChanged event on ListStore doesn't honor event.doit
  41. [FIXED] FileUploadField - Google Chrome
  42. [FIXED] 1.2 TreeDragSource always move. Copy not working.
  43. Mem leak GXT 1.2 + IE6 sp2
  44. [CLOSED] Desktop windows resize problem
  45. [CLOSED] combobox issue
  46. [CLOSE] FormPanel issue
  47. [FIXED] JavaDoc for RpcMap not escaped
  48. Datepicker is partially translated
  49. [1.2] GridView throws exception when trying to select row from empty list
  50. Problem with sort and comboboxes...
  51. [FIXED] Live Group Summary
  52. 3 generic types not showing in JavaDoc (unescaped <>s)
  53. [FIXED] [1.2.1] DND Tree - Dragging arrow drags previously selected item
  54. [FIXED] [1.2.1] BorderLayout splitter is no longer functional
  55. [CLOSED] Desktop Problem
  56. [FIXED] RpcMap implements equals/hashCode inaccurate
  57. Grid in Opera 9.63
  58. [FIXED] AsyncTreeExample fails when deployed in Windows
  59. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Regression: Asynchronous Tree with DND does not expand folder
  60. [CLOSED] combobox - setValueField - issue
  61. [FIXED] 1.2.x Tree DND: permanently disabled events on tree when drop over leaf
  62. [CLOSED] layout issue when add a FileUploadField in HorizontalPanel
  63. [FIXED] [1.2.1] lastChild does not behave the same as firstChild
  64. [CLOSED] Bug introduced in release 1.2.1 TableBinder constructor throws exception
  65. Ext GWT Popup bugs
  66. [FIXED] [1.2.1] SplitToolItem ArrowClick event incorrect type
  67. [FIXED] [1.2.1] TabPanel throws NullPointer on window resize
  68. [FIXED] Tree Context Menu/Drag and Drop Conflict
  69. [CLOSED] OFCGXT not displayed after closing TabItem
  70. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Grid context menu doesn't work when dragging is enabled
  71. [FIXED] ComboBox issue setValue to hidden field
  72. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Invalid DragnDrop to Tree locks up tree
  73. [FIXED] [1.2.1] SplitPane splitter does not show till collapse/expand
  74. [FIXED] NumberField JavaDoc example needs <> escaping
  75. [CLOSED] [1.2] Desktop bug in moving window
  76. [FIXED] DEFAULT_COMPARATOR does not take Comparable object into account
  77. [CLOSED] Version class unusable
  78. [CLOSED] [1.2.1 in SVN] double onMouseDown call
  79. RPCProxy onFailure does not respond at all
  80. [1.2.1] Deep expand in async tree does not work
  81. GXT [1.2.1] BUG Filtering ListStore with StoreFilterField gives an error
  82. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] DnD - DropTarget always moves (never copies)
  83. [FIXED] TriggerField and Twin... do not work correctly as CellEditors in EditorGrid
  84. [FIXED] ComboBox Up/Down arrow doesn't work
  85. [FIXED] Events.DoubleClick is not implemented
  86. [FIXED][1.2.1] TreeTable QA questions
  87. [1.2.1] Asyn tree icon customization issue
  88. [CLOSED] Grid + CheckBox plugin + setForceFit(true) = dupe checkboxes
  89. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] Missing labels for check and radio buttons in a form
  90. [FIXED] gridSelectionModel.addSelectionChangedListener() has wrong parameter type
  91. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Border layout splitter off 3px (south and east only)
  92. [1.2.1] Incorrent Grid column sizing in IE
  93. [1.2.1] FieldBinding on model update problem
  94. [FIXED] GWT 1.2 Radio.setBoxLabel after render does not change the label
  95. NumberField issue
  96. [FIXED] NumberField.setAllowNegative(false) does not invalidate -77 when pasted in
  97. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Pasting <b> into a NumberField does not show the correct tooltip
  98. DateTime validation not implemented
  99. [FIXED] DOCS: "is value" typo in TextField
  100. [1.2.1] NumberField (Integer) allows decimals
  101. [CLOSED] Issues with ScriptTagProxy, will not accept a callback name
  102. [CLOSED] CheckBox boxLabel has no "labelFor"
  103. [1.2.1] Tab error in MailApp
  104. [FIXED][1.2.1] Anchorlayout bug
  105. [1.2.1] RowLayout - RowData with Margins bug
  106. [r1181] IconButton fires BoxComponentEvent instead of ButtonEvent in onClick()
  107. [CLOSED] Tabbing on a non-editable Cell caused NPE on EditorGrid
  108. [r1181] BasePagingLoadConfig does not initialize map in constructor
  109. SummaryType.render should return an Object
  110. Remove items from startmenu at gwt desktop
  111. [r1181] Auto-loading TreeBinder does not honor TreeLoader.hasChildren()
  112. [r1181] TreeDragSource needs to be genericified
  113. [FIXED] DualListField - error style issue
  114. [FIXED] 1.2.1 FileUpload and duplicate name
  115. [FIXED] FileUploadField do NOT support change listener
  116. GXT overwrites body class attribute
  117. [1.2.2] TableRowLayout does not set height for <table>. Affects HorizontalPanel.
  118. [FIXED] 1.2.1 FormPanel.isValid() when using nested TabPanels
  119. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Nested RowLayout and Margins -- wrong height calculation
  120. [1.1.4] TreeTable sort does not work
  121. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Problem with Window's Collapse
  122. [CLOSED] Grid bug in IE?
  123. [1.2.1] MultiField shouldn't extend Field<F>
  124. [CLOSED] FormPanel.isValid() - fails when field is marked how invalid
  125. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] CenterLayoutExample does not work
  126. [FIXED] setHideCollapseTool doesn't seem to work with BorderLayoutData
  127. [FIXED] ListField not posted on a form submit
  128. [FIXED] BUG in GroupingView.doRender() at about line 190
  129. [OPEN] [FIXED] [r1188] Nodes missing from tree when expanding a TreeNode via DND
  130. [r1188] Useless branch in GridDropTarget.onDragMove
  131. [r1188] TreeDragSource not clearing "my-tree-drop" style correctly
  132. [FIXED] [1.2.1] CompositeElement.replaceElement is not implemented
  133. [1.2.1] BaseModel API docs wrongly refers to buttons
  134. [FIXED] Loading a store from an xml string.
  135. [FIXED] Specified RowLayout Margins differs from the real one
  136. [CLOSED] DateField start day issue
  137. [FIXED] StartMenu Rendering
  138. [FIXED] Resize/move a Window over an iframe has problems
  139. [CLOSED] Dragging a window hangs when initiating drag on non-active window
  140. [FIXED] [1.2.1] TreeTable ignores CellRenderer on store.update
  141. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] Vertical RowLayout - adding components with height of -1
  142. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] More than one window causes them not to be draggable
  143. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [r1201] Double event on keypress in IE
  144. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] Module restarted based on user actions in FormPanel
  145. [r1201] TreeItem does not set leaf=false on item add
  146. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] FileUploadField/FormPanel issue
  147. [1.2.1] firefox/mac context menu (right click)
  148. [FIXED] Grid + IE + Enter = Page reload
  149. [FIXED] Adding empty list to ListStore throws JS exception
  150. [1.2.1] ListView insert at wrong position if allowing self as source
  151. [2.0-SNAPSHOT] TabPanel is broken - content only in the first tab displayed
  152. when combobox return the PagingLoadConfig, return whitout sort info
  153. [CLOSED] Dialog with Tree has scrolling issues in IE7 and Safari
  154. [1.2.1] Multiple calls to popup.show causes NPE
  155. [1.2.1] GridView does not reflect SortDir.NONE indicator
  156. [CLOSED] JavaDoc missing method Component.getModel()
  157. [FIXED] [1.2] MessageBox.prompt enter key does not dismiss message box
  158. [CLOSED] [1.2.1] SimpleComboBox and FormBinding
  159. [FIXED] Catalan Translation won't compile
  160. [CLOSED] [1.2.2] Start menu tools panel width hardcoded
  161. [CLOSED] [1.2.2] Rename Util.ellipse to Util.ellipsis
  162. [FIXED] [1.2.2] MessageBox.prompt doesn't work anymore
  163. [FIXED] TableRowLayout does not set height for <table>. Affects HorizontalPanel.
  164. BeanModelGenerator not generating getProperties() method
  165. DataList's SelectionChanged event does not use DataListEvent
  166. [FIXED] combobox layout bug
  167. Basic Grid Example - highlighted rows
  168. [FIXED] [1.2.2] Desktop Shortcut
  169. [1.2.1] Multiple MessageBox windows cause screen to go black
  170. [FIXED] [1.2.2] ModalPanel should listen to Window Resize Events
  171. [1.2.2] MultiField.onRender() does not render padding spacing properly
  172. Excessive encapsulation in GXT
  173. [CLOSED] Event handler executed twice
  174. [FIXED][1.2.2] RadioGroup broke in IE.
  175. DateField's DatePicker incorrect after setting min/max date
  176. TimeField.findModel doesn't return correct Time
  177. [FIXED][1.2.2] RadioGroups previously grouped by name
  178. [FIXED] [1.1.4-1.2.2] TreeTable does not refresh on mouse over
  179. [1.2.2] ComboBox Alignment Problem in IE
  180. x-panel-btns and x-panel-btn
  181. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [1.x] Secure/unsecure (mixed) content warning in IE
  182. [1.2.2] ContextMenu changes selection on Table with SelectionStyle.MULTI
  183. [1.2.2] Problem with ModelProcessor when binding BeanModels
  184. [FIXED] ListStore.remove() tries to remove a Model from Record list
  185. ListField.setOriginalValue()
  186. [CLOSED] Result HTML of Form Submitting differs between IE and FF
  187. Pattern 'yyyy-mm-dd' interpreted in a strange way
  188. [FIXED] [1.2.2] show() and hide() methods inverted in BorderLayout
  189. [CLOSED] Problems with FileUploadField in TableLayout
  190. [CLOSED] Problems with FileUploadField in TableLayout LayoutContainer
  191. [1.2.2] DataList.createContainerEvent() incorrectly creates wrong DataListEvent data
  192. [FIXED] StatusButtonBar.getStatusBar().showBusy("Loading.. .") fails
  193. [1.2.2] Tabbing out of a DateField doesn't close DatePicker in Safari/IE
  194. [1.2.2] The DatePicker of a DateField remains on screen after scrolling (Safari/IE)
  195. [FIXED] 'Advanced forms' example is incorrectly rendered
  196. [FIXED] [1.2.2] Adding DataList to Composite causes NPE during rendering
  197. [CLOSED] [1.2.2]problem with DataListBinder
  198. [FIXED] Bug in Store?
  199. [r1230] Grid.reconfigure() hangs
  200. Safari: ComboBox drop-down on Enter doesn't setValue() to selection
  201. [FIXED] [1.2.2] Portal setSpacing not working
  202. componentKeyDown fires twice ?? Enter
  203. [FIXED] [1.1.4 - 1.2.2] TreeTable Horizontal Scroll works incorrectly
  204. [FIXED] Select all checkbox remains selected when paging to the next page in Grid
  205. Trunk: com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.GXT can't find gray theme
  206. [CLOSED] ComboBox select scrollIntoView bug
  207. [CLOSED] ComboBox IndexOutOfBounds
  208. [CLOSED] ComboBox TriggerClick issue
  209. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [1.2.2] ComboBox throws JavaScriptException if resized too small
  210. [FIXED] Need to add a getShortcuts() method to the Desktop class
  211. [CLOSED] [1.2.2] Setting setAllowBlank() for ComboBox will cause dropdown list not...
  212. [Trunk] Tree icons disappear
  213. [1.2.2] ComboBox throws a NPE
  214. [1.2.2] ComboBox getValue returns null with custom PropertyEditor
  215. [FIXED] Issue with ListStore.remove(Model)
  216. [FIXED] Composite doesn't work as documented
  217. [1.2.2] DataList.removeAll() not overridden to clear Checked items
  218. [CLOSED] FormBinding issue
  219. [CLOSED] Strange tree in Opera 9.52
  220. [FIXED] [1.2.2]GXT Explorer AnchorLayoutExample shows wrong layout on IE7
  221. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [1.2.2] HiddenChange and WidthChange Events not firing
  222. [FIXED] Scroll problem on Draggable example on IE7
  223. [1.2.2] Multiple layout problems with Chrome
  224. [CLOSED] [1.2.2] AssertionError in ComboBox
  225. [1.2.2] CenterLayout bug
  226. [2.0 Trunk] Incorrect grid header background behaviour
  227. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [1.2.2] filter in combobox only if expanded first
  228. FFox and Chrome size bugs (??)
  229. [CLOSED] [1.2.2] ComboBox expand issue
  230. [FIXED] [1.2.2] Problem with ComboBox and TypeAhead
  231. [CLOSED] LoadListener class should be generic
  232. [FIXED] ComboBox using PagingLoader periodically throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
  233. [FIXED] [1.2.2] ProgressBar text unreadable
  234. [1.2.3] KeyNav sinking of events doesn't work
  235. [CLOSED] El.setStyleAttribute(String, Object) causes strange behaviour
  236. [CLOSED] [1.2.3] Portal padding
  237. [CLOSED] [1.2.3] SelectionMode.SIMPLE broken for EditorGrid
  238. [CLOSED] ListStore throws RuntimeException on load exception
  239. [FIXED] [1.2.3] DataList and Tooltip breaks multi-selection
  240. [CLOSED] [1.2.3] Grid column headings disappear in right/centre aligned container
  241. issue with NumberField and form binding
  242. [CLOSED] [2.0 Trunk] css not found
  243. BUG:Add Row to Empty EditableGrid (GXT 1.2.2)
  244. [1.2.3] DataViewEvent's "view" variable not set or used
  245. [FIXED] [1.2.2] PagingToolBar disable not working
  246. [1.2.3] ContentPanel collapse flicker on FF
  247. IE crashes while expanding tree
  248. BeanModelReader::read() assumes all beans are of same concrete type
  249. GroupingView chopped off the last cell
  250. [1.2-r1219] Center pane of BorderLayout obscured by blue box