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  1. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Ext.Element setWidth cannot handle NaN
  2. [OPEN-365][3.x] GridView must use autoLayout: false on its colum/header Menus
  3. [FIXED-391][3.0.3] Grid doesn't save grouping state
  4. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] TreeEditor editDelay bug
  5. [FIXED-394][3.??] Extra CSS: x-grid3-hd-checker
  6. [CLOSED][2.2.1] 'moved' event added to a splitBar never fires
  7. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Date format z issue
  8. [OPEN-377][3.x] Bottom Toolbar Rendering Near Top of Grid When Sized by Layout (IE7)
  9. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Dragging over windows and floating elements
  10. [CLOSED][3.0.3] GridView templates
  11. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] Grouptab panel UI issue on IE.
  12. [FIXED-341][3.x] Small bug in AnchorLayout
  13. [CLOSED][3.x] fbar wrong button align to right on Chrome 3.0
  14. [CLOSED-599] DisplayField Alignment Problems
  15. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.util.Cookies.clear is Invalid
  16. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Problem with UTF-8 pages
  17. [FIXED-370][3.x r5697] Panel with layout:'fit' does not resize listview properly
  18. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Nested Elements Not Layed Out When Expanded
  19. [FIXED][3.0r5736] Anchor layout broken in Fx 3.5.x for OS X
  20. [FIXED-372][3.0r5700] FieldLabeler/vbox layout form broken
  21. [FIXED][2.3.0/3.0.3] Fieldset no title in IE
  22. [FIXED][3.0r5702] No margin for right-aligned form button
  23. [FIXED][CORE 3.0r114] Bug report and patch
  24. [CLOSED][3.0r5763] Window floats above Ext.getBody().mask()
  25. [FIXED-654] Bug in Ext.util.Format.number
  26. [FIXED][3.x] Desktop example small bug caused by layout fix.
  27. [FIXED-604] onReady doesn't fire in IE7 sometimes
  28. [FIXED-373][3.0r5705] Advanced-tabs broken with latest under Leopard 10.5 / Safari
  29. [FIXED-695][3.0.3] Portal drag & drop bug
  30. [CLOSED][3.0.3] It's not possible upload file in Opera
  31. [DEFER][3.x] RowSelectionModel fires spurious events
  32. [FIXED][3.0.3] global variable "s" in Ext.util.Event.findListener()
  33. [FIXED][3.x] CSS File does not exist error message in log
  34. [CLOSED][3.1pre] Examples - bug compilation for 3.1 release
  35. [DUP][3.0 svn] vbox-form example from SVN does not render
  36. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] JSON parser fails when submitting with fileUpload option
  37. [FIXED][3.0svn5735] Form in card panel not rendering correctlly until resized
  38. [CLOSED][3.1pre] TreeGrid example column resize
  39. [CLOSED][3.x r5738] Error on rendering Ext.form.TwinTriggerField inside a toolbar
  40. [FIXED][3.x r5738] Missing list/Column.js entry in ext.jsb
  41. [FIXED][3.0r5738] Toolbars dont render correctly
  42. [FIXED][3.x] Can't specify endGroup in GroupingView config
  43. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Unselectable text is sometimes selectable
  44. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Localization Problems
  45. [CLOSED][3.0.3] NumberField -> allowBlank = false marking invalid on reset
  46. [FIXED][3.??] StripeRows Does Not Work
  47. [FIXED][3.1pre] GridView.processRows() bug
  48. [DEFER][3.x] FF/Safari hover issue on treepanel
  49. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Ext.Resizable in IE8 doesn't seem to work properly at all
  50. [FIXED-382][3.??] add a new item to a disabled toobar,new item not disabled
  51. [DEFER-614] RadioGroup.ownerCt is not set correctly
  52. [CLOSED][3.??] DatePicker memory leak sIEve
  53. [FIXED][3.??] Top toolbar inside accordion item
  54. [FIXED][3.x] VBoxLayout bug with align:'center'
  55. [CLOSED][3.??] Datefield bug on Safari
  56. [REOPENED][3.??] Form disappears when clicking the Biography tab
  57. [UNKNOWN][3.x] Cleared datefields still POSTs data
  58. [FIXED][3.1pre] TreeGrid example strange column behaviour
  59. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Ext JS is used by extcore manual - failing with IE8
  60. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Missing (New) status for TreeGrid Sample
  61. [DEFER][3.x] Ext.Toolbar imposing its "internalDefaults"
  62. [CLOSED][3.??] GridPanel not sized/resized correctly in vbox layout
  63. [DEFER][2.x,3.x] createDelegate doesn't allow original scope
  64. [OPEN][3.x] Floating Menu memory Leak - Ext.Shadows are never destroyed
  65. [FIXED-r5761][3.x] Nested hbox in borderlayout does not set child container height
  66. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.util.Cookies.clear does not work
  67. [FIXED-381][3.x] New TriggerField.updateEdit method
  68. [FIXED-380][3.1+] Ref not working for child panels created outside of the parent
  69. [FIXED][3.1pre] Adding nodes to an existing TreeGrid
  70. [OPEN-378][3.1] ColumnGroupHeader on WebKit
  71. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Broken PageUp key event in the HtmlEditor
  72. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Ext combo Store typeAhead issue
  73. [CLOSED][3.0.0] DOM reflow - layout issue with plugin
  74. [INFOREQ][3.??] GridPanel ColumnHeaders/Rows Misaligned when scrolled right - IE7
  75. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] jQuery Adapter, highlight() doesn't work.
  76. [CLOSED][3.0svn5763] Ext.Element.cache missing (also breaks uxmediapak)
  77. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Spinner broken
  78. [CLOSED][3.??] Field label doesn't align right for Form Panel
  79. [FIXED-383][3.x] CheckColumn column identification bug
  80. [CLOSED][3.??] GridView code error
  81. [INFOREQ-435][3.0.3/3.1] Inconsistent TextField font size in Chrome
  82. [FIXED-954][3.0.3] EditorGrid bug - scrolled celleditor only partially visible
  83. [CLOSED][3.0.0] selectOnFocus in WebKit (when readOnly: true)
  84. [FIXED][3.x] menu separator only visible on hover (ie6 specific)
  85. [CLOSED][3.??] Buttons with wrapping text do not behave as expected in some browsers
  86. [INFOREQ][3.0svn] file upload ux example renders badly in a window
  87. [UNKNOWN][3.0svn] HtmlEditor readOnly under IE
  88. [UNKNOWN][3.x] Ext.util.Format.stripScripts() does not work as it should
  89. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Methods Element.scroll and Element.scrollTo stopped working
  90. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Window bug ?
  91. [CLOSED-449][2.x,3.x] ComboBox.setValue(null)
  92. [UNKNOWN][3.x] Menu's autoLayout option
  93. [FIXED-384][3.0.3] DirectStore does not create Reader
  94. [DUP][3.x] Ext.each() works with 2.2, breaks with 3.0+ in IE
  95. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.Button CSS Problem
  96. [FIXED-742][3.0.3] Combo box arrow is rendered bad in Safari (Windows) and Chrome
  97. [UNKNOWN][3.x] TabPanel's setting of its defined activeTab during render
  98. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Wrong first page size in combobox with store+overridden param names
  99. [UNKNOWN][3.x] Panel.onLayout
  100. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Tabpanel -> tabchange-event
  101. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] CheckboxSelectionModel loses selection when clicking on selected row
  102. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Ext.form.ComboBox - listEmptyText doesn't display when mode:'local'
  103. [FIXED-410][3.1] TreeGrid: Folder changes to leaf icon on dragdrop
  104. [UNKNOWN][3.x] Has anybody run lint against ext-all-debug.js?
  105. [FIXED][3.1] Undefined var id in ext-base-event.js
  106. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Panel (Window) shadow and Ext.fx
  107. [FIXED][3.1] Global vars
  108. [3.x r5790] Ext.chart.Chart.onDestroy causes exception in IE6
  109. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] grid column header with no text
  110. [FIXED-393][3.0.0] Ext.MessageBox maxWidth bug with fix
  111. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Vbox example field cloning fails in FF
  112. [UNKNOWN][3.1] BUG on sample "Localization with Extjs"
  113. [CLOSED][3.1] Locking GridView Extension cannot sync multiline text in cells
  114. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Desktop Startmenu render bug
  115. [FIXED-389][3.1] GroupTabPanel Group/Tab change..
  116. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Column Head: Vertical Scroll Bar
  117. [CLOSED][3.1] GroupTabs example
  118. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Layout Browser-Absolute Layout Form example
  119. [FIXED-572] Missing buttons in collapsed panels
  120. [FIXED-400][3.1] Wrong value passed to TreeSorter.sortType
  121. [UNKNOWN][3.1] DateField menu hideOnClick bug
  122. [FIXED-457] New Slider/TimeField bugs?
  123. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Menu in Window bug
  124. [FIXED-430][3.??] Ext.TabPanel active bottom tab css failure
  125. [OPEN][3.1] Caret / Cursor Position in Editor Grid Textfield
  126. [CLOSED][3.1] deferredRender on tabpanel is not working correctly
  127. [CLOSED-549][3.1/3.1.1] TreeGrid: rootVisible
  128. [UNKNOWN][3.1] html editor problem
  129. [FIXED-423][3.1.1] Grid activeEditor BUG
  130. [FIXED-436] isDirty() incorrectly reports true on radiogroup and checkboxgroup
  131. [FIXED-512] Ext.layout.ContainerLayout: race condition in resizeTask
  132. [UNKNOWN][CORE 3.1] lightbox getViewHeight() should be getViewHeight(true)?
  133. [FIXED][3.1] LockingGridView.js
  134. [UNKNOWN][3.??] splitbutton not keeping focus
  135. [CLOSED][3.1] Unstyled Components Do Not Display in Absolute Layouts
  136. [CLOSED][3.??] GridPanel can't destroy
  137. [FIXED-407/408][3.1] fn.task is undefined error message in createBuffered
  138. [FIXED-395][3.1] Removed TreeNode can't be added again
  139. [FIXED][3.1] Date.parseDate problem
  140. [CLOSED][3.1] Field width = 0 after browser resize
  141. [CLOSED-DUP][3.??] jsb2 == json?
  142. [CLOSED][3.1] AsynchTreeNode - Load the data, but no expands
  143. [CLOSED][3.1] <Component>.add(<Panel>) doesn't work
  144. [CLOSED][3.1] tree listener fires for wrong node (off by one)
  145. [CLOSED][3.1] Ext example don't work in firefox
  146. [FIXED][3.1] baseParams and no params issue
  147. [CLOSED][3.1] origclass.prototype is undefined
  148. [UNKNOWN][3.1] tab-scroller-menu.css must be in UX folder
  149. [UNKNOWN][3.1] xtheme-gray: wrong path for separator image
  150. [FIXED][3.1] vbox w. formpanel child layout bug
  151. [FIXED][3.1] border layout west containers fire resize event with missing param
  152. [INFOREQ][2.3/3.1] IE8 DragDropMgr Bug
  153. [CLOSED][3.1] VBox Form Example, has layout bug
  154. [FIXED-396][3.1] VBox-Form example, FieldReplicator issue
  155. [INFOREQ][3.1] breaks GridPanel's inside Tabs in FireFox
  156. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Tab panels don't render correctly with FireFox Zoom
  157. [FIXED-397][3.1] Ext.ProgressBar updateProgress
  158. [CLOSED][3.1] Tabpanel render bug
  159. [CLOSED][3.1] VBox Form Example issue
  160. [FIXED][3.1] Slider horizontal handle placement bug
  161. [CLOSED][3.1] weird behavior in Chooser example
  162. [UNKNOWN][3.??] RowEditor reconfigure after grid reconfigure
  163. [UNKNOWN][3.??] HtmlEditor doesn't toggle bold correctly
  164. [CLOSED][3.??] Charts Bugs
  165. [FIXED][rev 5252] "pub is not defined" error when upgrading to 3.1
  166. [UNKNOWN][3.1] TriggerField in Toolbar is misaligned in IE8 only
  167. [FIXED][3.1] paramsAsHash not working correctly in TreeLoader
  168. [OPEN-497][3.1] Tree with treeFilter errors on reload()
  169. [UNKNOWN][3.??] roweditor's record object empty
  170. [UNKNOWN][3.??] SplitButton tooltip bug
  171. [CLOSED][3.1] Toolbar Overflow Scrolling
  172. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Ext.util.Observable.construct
  173. [CLOSED][3.1] Ext.DatePicker and update event
  174. [UNKNOWN][3.1] LockingGridView + syncHeight + cells with different heights
  175. [OPEN][3.1] VBox Form Example issue - Opera
  176. [OPEN-581][3.1] Desktop sample - broken taskbar in FireFox zoom mode
  177. [UNKNOWN][3.1] ItemSelector has no vertical scroll bar when using in a Window
  178. [UNKNOWN][3.x] xtheme-gray.css bug
  179. [DEFER-791][3.x] Fieldset Bbar CSS Problem
  180. [CLOSED][3.1] Resizing is not always as good as 3.0.3
  181. [FIXED-447][2.x/3.x] Fieldset renders incorrectly with different baseCls
  182. [UNKNOWN][3.1svn5819] vbox-form example is possibly still broken
  183. [OPEN-440][3.??] TreeGrid - hide column error
  184. [CLOSED][3.1] tabpanel.el.boxWrap() loses containment when inside a border layout
  185. [FIXED-420][3.1] Bug with FomPanel inside TabPanel
  186. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Sub Menu Bug
  187. [FIXED][3.1] Online ItemSelector example gives error
  188. [UNKNOWN][3.1]Items don't render in window w. fit layout and TabPanel w. table layout
  189. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Apply this small patch set
  190. [UNKNOWN][3.1] checkboxgroup setValue() bug when using an array of boolean
  191. [FIXED][3.1] Restful Store incorrectly overrides proxy configured HTTP method
  192. [CLOSED][3.1] Is this a bug with jsonstore's loadData?
  193. [DUP][CLOSED][3.1] bug: TimeField maxValue never validates
  194. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Ext.air.FileTreeLoader bug
  195. [UNKNOWN][3.1] global js var dom breaks ext base
  196. [FIXED-402][3.1] 'bodyStyle' config no longer applies 'overflow' styles
  197. [FIXED-403][3.1] RowEditor.js
  198. [CLOSED][3.1] Toolbar button 'id' uniqueness
  199. [CLOSED-443][3.??] Ext.Editor + autoSize gets the width wrong for spans/labels
  200. [UNKNOWN][3.1] deselectRow -- this.grid is undefined
  201. [CLOSED][3.1] Form with buttons,nested in Window,renders infinitely wide in Webkit
  202. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Pagingtoolbar Issue
  203. [UNKNOWN][3.1svn5843] Weird ItemSelector bug
  204. [FIXED-426][3.??] Toolbar inserts extra HTML Table after remove item and doLayout
  205. [UNKNOWN][3.??] TreePanel nodes are not diplayed on IE7 browser
  206. [UNKNOWN][3.1] TabPanel activate, setActiveTab IE7,8
  207. [UNKNOWN][3.1] DateField/ComboBox etc readOnly cause the trigger disappear
  208. [OPEN-69][3.1.0] GroupingView does not refresh when GroupingStore.groupBy() is called
  209. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Page content disappears in FF after upgrade to 3.1
  210. [CLOSED][3.1] collapseMode:mini no longer hides expand/collapse tool button?
  211. [FIXED-811][3.1] TreeGrid discards loaders createNode implementation
  212. [UNKNOWN][3.1svn] TreeGridNodeUI does not set the x-tree-node-leaf class on nodes
  213. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Collapse BUG with IE 6+
  214. [UNKNOWN][3.1] TreeNode.ownerTree should be a tree
  215. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3/3.1] Ext.ux.grid.RowEditor
  216. [UNKNOWN][3.1] CheckboxSelectionModel clashes with ColumnHeaderGroup
  217. [OPEN-509]cellclick event does not fire when cell must be scrolled into view
  218. [DUP][3.??] GridFilters clashes with ColumnHeaderGroup
  219. [DEFER-475] initRef fails with too many levels
  220. [CLOSED][3.1] store.removeAll() doesn't do all the bookkeeping required
  221. [FIXED-995] ColumnHeaderGroup interferes with GridFilters menu
  222. [UNKNOWN][3.1 svn] HttpProxy request callback being passed incorrect arguments
  223. [FIXED-422][3.1] Tree node remove() acting strange
  224. [CLOSED] create store from array doesn't set ID field
  225. [CLOSED][3.1] getViewSize error during render
  226. [FIXED-653] Bug in GridPanel.processEvent; this.view is null when used
  227. [UNKNOWN][3.1] BUG in debugging console demo
  228. [UNKNOWN][3.1] Ext.data.DirectProxy - functionality broken
  229. [FIXED][3.1r5847] HBox -> children elements render incorrectly
  230. [FIXED-406][3.1.0] listEmptyText on ComboBox ineffective
  231. [CLOSED][3.1] Overflow menu: incorrect sizing for bottom toolbar on initial expand
  232. [UNKNOWN][3.??] checkchange event of a treepanel has some bug.
  233. [CLOSED][3.1] Sort ASC/DESC arrows doesn't display.
  234. [CLOSED-464][3.1] Bug in the REST store?
  235. [CLOSED-416][3.??] border layout in grouptabpanel
  236. [FIXED-952] background:transparent instead of background-color:trans
  237. [FIXED-405][3.??] this.id.indexOf is not a function
  238. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Broken "filter" param handling in GridFilters
  239. [UNKNOWN][3.??] xtheme-gray.css has bad link to grid-split.gif
  240. [FIXED][3.1] ext air deleteBy function does not exist!
  241. [FIXED-409][3.??] Combo removeMode set to 'container'
  242. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Object reference on Ext.iterate is undefined
  243. [OPEN-417][3.1] Unable to right click paste into htmleditor
  244. [DUP][3.??] Modal Window Close button stops working
  245. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Component render bugs when browser zoom level is not default
  246. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Google Chrome & Toolbars
  247. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Ext.grid.GridPanel loads data twice
  248. [INFOREQ][3.x]Russian locale is broken
  249. [UNKNOWN][3.??] GroupTab Panel
  250. [UNKNOWN][3.??] GridPanel Refresh Paging Issue