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  1. [FNR] [2.0.1] TabItem with icon bug on IE6
  2. [2.0.1] Grid node icon bug
  3. [FIXED] EditorTreeGrid rows duplication bug
  4. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Combobox in MenuItem doesn't work
  5. [FIXED] [2.0.1] cannot unselect Grouped Grid items when all are selected in a group
  6. [CLOSED] 2.0.1 - FormPanel.submit() opens new window
  7. [FIXED] ListStore Sort Listener error
  8. [FIXED] GroupBy Config value unset.
  9. [FIXED] Grid detaches wrong widget on row refresh
  10. [CLOSED] REORDERING Grid.allowSelfAsSource 0 index BUG
  11. [2.0.1] SelectionChange fires on render of ComboBox
  12. [CLOSED] [2.0] StoreListener Event not Populated
  13. [FIXED] [2.0.1] TreeGrid + ModelData which don't contains String Object
  14. [FIXED] Problems in changing icon in a ContextMenu
  15. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] BorderLayout saveState is not working
  16. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] NullPointerException at TaskBar.java:295
  17. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] NullPointerException at Desktop.java:242
  18. [FIXED] iframe in ContentPanel is not resized when its parent panel is
  19. [FIXED] FileUploadField renders with vertical scrollbars on FF3.5 in Window
  20. [2.0.1] TreePanel IE6 flickers on node open and close
  21. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] ListStore.update(ModelData) doesn't work on selected BeanModel
  22. [FNR] FileUpload Tab to hidden Input in IE7
  23. [CLOSED] bug in file Theme.class
  24. [CLOSED] Security Warning with context menus when using SSL
  25. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Resizable ContentPanel in Window not Resizable when Window isMaximed
  26. [FIXED] [2.0.1] FileUpload problem spring
  27. [CLOSED] Combo Box: Selection doesn't get changed for items with same name
  28. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Can not create BeanModelFactory for inner class
  29. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Combo with setForceSelection(false) returns prev val instead of null
  30. [FIXED] [2.0.1] IE6: Dynamic context menu fails every second time
  31. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] FileUploadField Change event problem
  32. [FIXED] Date Field Size Bug
  33. [CLOSED] Height of Grid Header increase after every refresh
  34. [CLOSED] Two Bugs in HTMLEditor
  35. [FIXED] Tab with long name
  36. [FIXED] Wrong CheckBoxes positions in Opera
  37. [FIXED] FireFox Flicker
  38. [FIXED] desktop / dialog issue
  39. [FIXED] FieldSet With ComboBox doesn't hide correctly on first load
  40. [CLOSED] TextField in Grid header messes up column widths despite width="100%"
  41. [FIXED]ComboBox Template getting mangled after item is selected and store is reloaded
  42. [CLOSED]: TextField in Dialog not accessable when opening from a window
  43. [CLOSED] TreePanel modificaction fails when extend-property locale is set
  44. [FIXED] Cannot resize window after maximize-restore in IE
  45. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Bug FormPanel in IE
  46. [FIXED] Grid Selection Not Clearning
  47. [FIXED] Invisible Buttons became visible after resizingTollBar
  48. [CLOSED] ToolBar Icon+Text overlap in Firefox
  49. [CLOSED] Demo: the demo is not available atm
  50. [FNR] PagingToolBar and PagingToolBarMessages
  51. [FIXED] Icons on htmleditor messed up in Slate skin
  52. [FIXED] Loading indicator stays on in TreePanel with sync loaders
  53. [FIXED] Draggable is ignoring width/height of proxy/ghosted components in a container
  54. [CLOSED] GroupingView does not cancel rowEdtor when collapsing
  55. [FNR] [2.0.1] Advanced Combox slate theme issue
  56. [FIXED] Paging BeanModel Grid display glitch
  57. [CLOSED][2.0.1]Clicking one of multiple items selected in grid doesnt unselect others
  58. [CLOSED] Grid Events.OnClick not fireing
  59. [FIXED] Tooltip in RowEditor
  60. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Re-attach of GridView deletes all cell content
  61. [FIXED] [2.0.1] DateField doesn't refresh the MinValue/MaxValue
  62. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] CheckBoxGroup - options disappearing when autoWidth = true
  63. [FIXED] ComboBox setRawValue not setting the value
  64. [FIXED] Backspace is not a special or nav key in ComponentEvent
  65. [FIXED] [2.0.1] SliderField doesn't disable
  66. [CLOSED] No focus indicator on tab header
  67. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Drag and Drop - X to TreePanel
  68. [CLOSED] GridDropTarget issue when using setAllowSelfAsSource == true
  69. [FIXED] Cell grid row expander shipt columns in Google Chrome
  70. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor, setSourceEditMode(false), getValue() -> NullPointerException
  71. ListStore doesn't update sort direction and field if not remote sorting
  72. [FIXED] [2.0.1]Editable Grid with data grouping bug
  73. [FIXED] Typo in Binding class
  74. [FIXED] Bug in BaseDot class
  75. [FIXED] setStyleName works different in before/after rendering
  76. [FNR] [Combobox] Triple clic
  77. [FIXED] Problems with labels in line charts
  78. [FIXED] GXT Chart Label Rotation
  79. [CLOSED] CheckBox Id bug
  80. [CLOSED] ModalWindow bug
  81. HtmlEditor, Shrink/Grow Text does not work in Chrome
  82. [FIXED] NullPointerException in XmlReader
  83. [FIXED] [GXT 2.0.1] Tab Panel in Italian Language
  84. [CLOSED] [GXT 2.0.1] TreeGrid to TreeGrid Demo - Parent folder changes to child icon
  85. [FIXED] GroupingView with one row nulls out record on RowEditorEvent for AfterEdit
  86. Grid header resize issue and general design
  87. [FIXED] Bug in displaying custom invalidTest error message in DateField
  88. [FIXED] TreePanelSelectionModel.select() Throws Exception
  89. [CLOSED] Context menu on components added after container's adding
  90. [CLOSED] ComoBox not updated correctly
  91. [CLOSED] Tooltip on RowEditor does not hide when field is not valid
  92. [CLOSED] TreeStore doesn't keep track of modified records
  93. [OPEN] [CLOSED] ColumnModel.getColumnById, GXT 2.0.1
  94. [OPEN] [CLOSED] RowEditor doesn't reflect a change of a column editor
  95. [OPEN] [FIXED] Regression: Grid auto expand not updated after window resize
  96. [OPEN] [FIXED] ToolBar#enableOverflow defaults to true while documented as false
  97. [OPEN] [CLOSED] XmlPagingLoadResultReader.newLoadResult
  98. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Disabled ComboBox displays w/o bottom on IE7
  99. [OPEN] [FIXED] TreeGrid TreeStore and Grid ListStore Problem
  100. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Margins for panel ignored in latest 2.0.x release
  101. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.1] Wrong javadoc for FormPanel.setPadding
  102. [OPEN] [FIXED] hideLabel is not respected by setVisible
  103. [OPEN] [FIXED] TabPanel resize
  104. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Grid AutoHeight is not being respected in Firefox
  105. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Draggable for ScrollContainers
  106. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Form is validated immediately when binded
  107. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.2] DnD zone overlay & Charts.
  108. [OPEN] [FIXED] ComboBox's value not cleared when unbinding
  109. [OPEN] [FIXED] A ComboBox's empty text is not shown when calling clearInvalid
  110. [OPEN] RpcProxy generics still wrong in 2.0
  111. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Refresh button
  112. [OPEN] [FIXED] ProgressBar Reset Bug
  113. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Drag and Drop Rows disappear
  114. [OPEN] [FIXED] Window that opens child Window - Menu displayed behind child
  115. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Window that opens child Window - Field loses focus immediately
  116. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.3] null reference passed to ModelKeyProvider
  117. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.1 / SVN r1721] Menu with TextField broken in Firefox
  118. [OPEN] [FIXED] GRID restore state bug
  119. [OPEN] [FIXED] Adding subfolder to treepanel bug
  120. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Loader interface load(Object loadConfig)
  121. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Grid resize not working
  122. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.3 / r1722] TreeGrid DropTarget issue
  123. [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelectionModel.setChecked() throws NPE
  124. [OPEN] [FIXED] Missing RemoveStyleName in EL#setBorders
  125. [OPEN] [FNR] Null Pointer Exception from QuickTips
  126. [OPEN] [FIXED] BorderLayout collapse bug
  127. [OPEN] [FIXED] Naming convention: Convertor vs. Converter
  128. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.2] Formbinding Validation
  129. [FIXED] Desktop: Window & taskbutton bug.
  130. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Reordering Grid drag and drop - cannot place in original location
  131. [OPEN] [FNR] [2.0.1] Bug on EditorGrid with Required Field
  132. [OPEN] [FIXED] Message boxes cause scroll bars to appear after window resize
  133. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Portlet can't be dragged in hosted mode?
  134. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.3/r1733] Portal issue
  135. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0.3] Wrong method name Portal.setAjustForScroll
  136. [OPEN] A MenuItem in a Menu component maintains the color of the "selected" style in IE
  137. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Setting modal on Dialog does not disable tab navigation
  138. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Problem with ComboBox in nested Dialog
  139. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Buffed & Striped Grid bug
  140. [CLOSED] Problems with TaskButton in GXT 2.0.1
  141. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Visual problem with disabled FormPanel in IE
  142. [FIXED] EditorGrid with required fields goes into an infinite recursion.
  143. [FIXED] Removing icon from contentPanel / Portlet leaves gap in IE6 / Hosted mode
  144. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Window resize problem
  145. [FIXED] [2.0.3] DatePicker Error
  146. [FIXED] AggregationRowConfig does not work with auto-filling columns without width
  147. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] RowEditor column without cell editor style issue
  148. [FIXED] RowEditor column without cell editor - considered changed when switching rows
  149. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] RowEditor different behaviour when ClicksToEdit.TWO
  150. [CLOSED] Layout Bugs:LayoutContainer in window layout() & onAfterLayout() not called
  151. [FIXED] [2.0.2] Field sets have extra empty section in IE6 / IE8 / hosted mode
  152. [FNR] [2.0.2] Viewport has gap on right hand side IE6 / IE8 / hosted mode
  153. [FIXED] [2.0.1] TabItem icon wrong position
  154. [CLOSED] TreePanel NodeOpenIcon loaded after collapse/re-expand only
  155. [FIXED] [2.0.1] ContentPanel#expand missing setting for unrendered
  156. [CLOSED] Group column
  157. [FIXED] Drag'n'drop in FF from ContentPanels
  158. [FNR] grid with CheckboxSelection - Misbehaviour on selection
  159. [FIXED] Aggeration row doesn't respect center alignment
  160. [FIXED] [2.0.1] MultiField resize problem when added using FormData
  161. [CLOSED] [2.0.2] Pb in refresh top compoment
  162. [FIXED] LineChart: If a store is used, setDotStyle doesn't change dot type
  163. [CLOSED] You cannot write into the fields the same text that is grayed
  164. [CLOSED] [2.0.3] Desktop StartMenu with missing right border
  165. [FNR] [2.0.3] ListField.addSelectionChangedListener doesn't work
  166. [CLOSED] Strange behaviour on Combo and Grid
  167. [CLOSED] Window and topComponent error
  168. [FIXED] Unexpected NullPointerException in call to AdapterField.validate()
  169. [FIXED] TextField in EditorGrid is not selectable
  170. [FNR] When collaping panel in 2.0.1 GXT BorderLayout null shown in title for north
  171. [FNR] [2.0.1] Fields Names getting lost on IE6/7
  172. [FIXED] [2.0.3] Field: ChangeEvent fired only on first change
  173. [FIXED] Window.setAutoHide() closes window on window moving
  174. [FIXED] [2.0.3] NPE on ChangeEventSupport
  175. [FIXED] [2.0.3] NPE on FormBindings.unbind()
  176. [FNR] [2.0.1] Widget does not appear in grid footer
  177. [OPEN] [FIXED] [bug] HtmlEditor in GXT 2.0.1
  178. [CLOSED] TreeGrid showing context menu and statusproxy when using scrollbar
  179. [CLOSED] Missing super() call in BaseTreeModel constructor
  180. [CLOSED] Window Maximize/Restore if not draggable
  181. [FIXED] [GXT 2.0.1] SetIconStyle method give back url(none)
  182. [CLOSED] [2.0.3] Change event not fired on CheckBox
  183. [FIXED] [2.0.3] NPE is thrown when unbinding Checkboxes
  184. [FIXED] Generics issue in Util.getJsObjects, etc
  185. [FIXED] Value set in ComboBox is shown with empty text style
  186. [CLOSED] NullPointerException on NestedModelUtil
  187. [CLOSED] [2.0-Branch r1749] icon in button misplaced (only FF)
  188. [FIXED] [2.0-Branch r1749] TaskButton shrink and icon issue
  189. [FIXED] [2.0.3] Can't have multiple radio groups in IE
  190. [FIXED] [2.0-Branch r1754] move a ButtonGroup to another ToolBar causes an exception
  191. [CLOSED] A Bug of SimpleComboBox in 2.0.3
  192. [CLOSED] [2.0.3] ComboBox fails to use items after a selection has been done
  193. [FIXED] [2.0.3] ComboBox: PagingToolbar display issues
  194. [FIXED] OnMouseDown fires twice on Combobox
  195. [CLOSED] GXT 2.0.3 firing Detach while isAttached() still true
  196. [CLOSED] ComboBox loses trigger arrow on setStyleName
  197. [CLOSED] ComboBox dropdown behind Dialog
  198. [CLOSED] Defect: Portal drop event row, column information is wrong
  199. [CLOSED] Disappearing radio buttons on initially collapsed FieldSet
  200. [FIXED] Accordion Collapsed State Resize
  201. [CLOSED][2.0.1] PagingToolBar lost focus in FF3.5
  202. [2.0.1] Typo - "PROGRESSS"
  203. [FNR] [2.0-Branch r1758] dnd in treegrid broken
  204. [FIXED] FormButtonBinding only listen for Attach event
  205. [FIXED] DateField with custom property editor problem
  206. [CLOSED] ComboBox backward compatibility error
  207. [FIXED] Grid dnd display bug when insert mode is on.
  208. [CLOSED] [2.0.3] BarChart tooltip works partially
  209. [CLOSED] KeyNav on LayoutContainer in Firefox
  210. [FIXED] 2.0.1 - Store.contains() does not use the ModelComparer provided
  211. [CLOSED] FileUploadField sizing issue
  212. [CLOSED] The parent of selected tree node is NULL in Async Tree
  213. [FNR] TreePanel and Accordion Layout
  214. [CLOSED] BaseTreeModel and SerializationException
  215. [FIXED] CheckMenuItem.onRadioClick is not sufficient
  216. [OPEN] [CLOSED] GXT fails if RTL (right to left) is activated
  217. [FIXED] 2.0.4 - NumberField documentation wrong - not generic
  218. [CLOSED] Stacked Bar Chart ToolTip Problem
  219. [FIXED] fieldSet togglebox doesn't precheck with IE
  220. [FIXED] GXT 2.0.1 Chart - LabelProvider bag
  221. [CLOSED] Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart Tooltip Issue
  222. [FIXED] GXT 2.0.4 CompositeElement.indexOf
  223. 2.0.1 widget.button.Button documentation issues
  224. [CLOSED] Toolbar does not stretch to the borders when frame is set on Content Panel.
  225. [FIXED] TreePanel/TreeStore sort problems
  226. The setReadOnly() method of ListField has no effect
  227. [FIXED] CheckBox positioning issue within CheckBoxGroup (IE8)
  228. [FIXED] Issue with Widget Renderer Grid
  229. [FIXED] Chart: All values 0 bug/YAxis starts at 0
  230. [FIXED] Combo box selection clicking through to grid underneath
  231. [FIXED] [2.0.1] WindowManager.get().getActive() doesn't work correctly
  232. [CLOSED] LayoutContainer.setElement doesn't trigger children's onAttach
  233. [FIXED] CheckBox not working properly in IE6
  234. [CLOSED] Column Width not working with HeaderGroupConfig
  235. [FIXED] [FNR] HeaderGroupConfig mis-alignment with Grid cells
  236. [CLOSED] Window:onEsc working inconsistently in FF3
  237. [CLOSED] LayoutContainer fails to fire OnMouseOver event.
  238. [CLOSED] Overlapping of tooltips in FF3.5
  239. [FIXED] MenuItem delete on click of the MenuiTem icon throwing a null pointer ex
  240. [FIXED] TreePanel.setCheckedSelection can not deselect tree nodes
  241. [CLOSED] GXT 2.1 Bug in GXTClippedImageImplIE6
  242. [FNR] GXT 2.1.0 CheckBoxSelectionModel Bug
  243. [CLOSED] [GXT 2.1] Checkbox plugin for Grid not working properly under IE8
  244. [FNR] Tree not visible in AccordionLayout
  245. [FIXED] GXT 2.1.0: ContentPanel.setTopComponent recursive call
  246. [FIXED] Bug in class com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Component
  247. [FNR] Bug in GXT 2.1, incorrect removing RadioGroup
  248. [FNR] TabPanel key navigation
  249. [CLOSED] [2.1] LiveGridView and SelectionModel
  250. [CLOSED] Grid HeaderGroupConfig