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  1. [FIXED][2.1.0] gxt-all.css typo
  2. [CLOSED] ContentPanel ButtonBar after collapse
  3. [FNR-10] Bug in DateField [2.0.4 & 2.1.0]
  4. [FIXED] GXT 2.1.0 WidgetComponent Bug
  5. [2.1] GXT.isSafri vs. GXT.isWebkit in GWT Hosted Mode for OS X
  6. GXT 2.1.0 LiveGridView GridEvent bugs
  7. [FNR] Chart: Bind empty store giving a nullpointer exception
  8. [CLOSED] Chart: Strange layout when showing charts on TabItem
  9. [FIXED][GXT 2.1] BorderLayoutData size not treated as pourcentage.
  10. [GXT 2.1] Scrollbar issue in the ListView in IE
  11. [FIXED] GridSelectionModel firing Select TWICE with SelectionMode= Multi
  12. [FNR] IndexOutOfBoundsException when adding to filtered store
  13. No Checkbox Change Event on PagingToolBar
  14. Opera toolbar bug
  15. [FIXED] RadioButton bug in IE7
  16. [FIXED] Bug in FileUploadField
  17. [FIXED-20][GXT 2.1] Problem with Icons on the TreePanel
  18. [GXT 2.1] Problem with trigger icon within TableLayout in IE 8
  19. [CLOSED] Charts not fitting in containers - labels cut off
  20. [CLOSED] ComboBox and padding problem
  21. [CLOSED] BorderLayout example bug
  22. "Mask and Unmask" window bug?
  23. [FNR-27] TimeField Error when set time 23:45
  24. [CLOSED] Components Not Resizing
  25. [FIXED] Hovering over a SplitButton shows a weird colored line
  26. [FNR] GWT 2.0 + GXT 2.1. Browser context menu shows up in IE 7.0 in Dev mode.
  27. [FIXED] IE8: Debug window appear after a drag and drop out of the dropbox
  28. [OPEN-2] [GXT 2.1] [Grid] Hiding columns and columns group with long name
  29. [CLOSED] This widget's parent does not implement HasWidgets
  30. [CLOSED] Out of bounds exception when adding models to a filtered store
  31. [FIXED] Typo in LiveGridView
  32. [CLOSED] DragFail event set to null
  33. Incorrect localization for Russian in GXT 2.1 (and all previous versions, I guess)
  34. [CLOSED]ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on ColumnModel
  35. [CLOSED] [GXT 2.1-r1826][Grid] CellEditor swallows keyboard input at all in WebKit
  36. [CLOSED] Thread for typos in GXT source
  37. [FIXED] gxt 2.1: ColumnFooter not public
  38. [CLOSED-13][GXT 2.1 ] Bug in BorderLayout, collapsible elements
  39. [FNR-3] GXT 2.1 - DatePicker doesn't handle Dec 31 correctly
  40. [CLOSED] Combobox in GXT 2.1
  41. [FIXED] GXT 2.1.0 CheckBoxListView Template
  42. [OPEN-1] Column Grouping Misalignment
  43. [CLOSED] Bug displaying MultiField in ToolBar in IE
  44. [FIXED] PagingToolbar not updating pageSize on loader
  45. [FIXED][GXT 2.1.0] ComboBox and Store Update Problem
  46. [FIXED] gxt 2.1 - ToolBarLayout bug
  47. [FNR] OutOfBoundsException in GridView:doRender
  48. [FIXED][GXT 2.1.0] ListView fires multiple SelectionChangedEvents
  49. [CLOSED] Bug in FastMap?
  50. [CLOSED] NullPointerException in Grid when SelectionModel is set to null
  51. [GXT 2.1.0] Grid scroll to the top on update
  52. [FIXED] Focus switch between ToolBar Buttons with Menu
  53. [FIXED] GXT 2.1 - Portlet Constructor Bug
  54. [FIXED][GXT 2.0.1] TreeGrid and toggle on double click
  55. [FIXED][GXT 2.0+][GWT 1.7+] TreePanelDropTarget throws NPE's
  56. GXT 2.0/2.1 Bug for setSubMenu
  57. [CLOSED] Charts not working in IE8
  58. GridView fitColumns
  59. GXT 2.1.0 - data binding does not work correctly for "nested" properties
  60. [FIXED][2.1] Grid selectedItem null after unselecting one of multple selections
  61. [FIXED][GXT 2.1.0] TreePanelDragSource breaks keyboard navigation
  62. [CLOSED-8] Multiple Tree Drag and Drop Problems
  63. [FIXED-4] Method "setDefaultTextHeight" in MessageBox has no effect.
  64. Toolbar button 16x16 icons chopped by 1px in FF
  65. Ext GWT 2.1.1-beta now available for testing
  66. [FNR] Toolbar is incorrectly render in ContentPanel when expanding .
  67. [FIXED][2.1.1-beta] - javadoc
  68. [CLOSED] Using Viewport - gxt-2.1.1-beta
  69. PagingModelMemoryProxy weird inheritance
  70. [CLOSED]AccordionLayout.setActiveItem() does not close currently active item
  71. GridView Loading Mask problem
  72. [INFOREQ-5] BufferView rendering issues - GXT 2.1.0
  73. [CLOSED] Record setDirty method not working
  74. [CLOSED] GXT 2.1.0 : Container resizing doesn't always work
  75. [FIXED] Renamed Window Shows Incorrect Heading On Second Drag
  76. [CLOSED] Error in gtx-all.css x-grid-invalid-cell
  77. [CLOSED] LayoutContainer with scroolbar resize bug
  78. [CLOSED] SimpleComboBox rendering problem in GXT 2.1
  79. [CLOSED] Firefox combobox render issue
  80. [FIXED] Typo in DomHelper for native function
  81. [FIXED-6] migrate from gxt 2.1.0 TreeGrid not work
  82. [CLOSED] Misc Sample Code - Tomcat error on extjs.com
  83. [FNR-12] GXT 2.0+ HtmlEditor does not integrate well with other GXT components
  84. [FNR] menuitem and treepanel
  85. [2.1.0] Loader javadoc error
  86. MultiField getAll generics wrong
  87. addToolSeperator() is misspelled
  88. [FIXED] GXT API page is down - That page can not be found. (404 Error)
  89. [CLOSED-7] ConcurrentModificationException with checkbox renderer in EditorGrid
  90. [FNR] Grid stripes break row class name list
  91. TreePanel Drag And Drop to Self
  92. [CLOSED] Disabled checkbox in CheckColumnConfig always shows as unchecked
  93. [FNR-9][2.1.1] BorderLayout bug
  94. [FNR] Change the language of PagingToolBarMessages
  95. [FNR-14] Grid disableTextSelection Bug
  96. [CLOSED][2.1.1] ToolBar menu button highlighted
  97. [CLOSED] Change event not being fired correctly
  98. [FIXED-11][2.1.0] Bug whn pressing "end" button whithin a TabPanel
  99. TreeGrid method name misspelled
  100. [FNR] Duplcate image ref in xtheme-slate.css
  101. Incorrect desktop window placement
  102. Javadoc error
  103. [CLOSED] Missing icons in PagingToolBar after awhile
  104. [CLOSED] Triggerfield bug with setEditable
  105. [CLOSED] GridSelectionModel.isInput JavaScriptException: (TypeError): elem is null
  106. [FNR] CheckBox input / boxlabel alignment incorrect
  107. decouple FormPanel and LabelAlign
  108. [FNR] BeanModelGenerator ArrayLists convert members to models only on get()
  109. [2.1.1] BeanModelGenerator not handling Lists generic wildcards
  110. [CLOSED] Problem with Widgets in HeaderGroupConfig (Safari)
  111. [FNR] Grid scrollbar not visible after hiding/showing parent Window
  112. [FNR] Grid.reconfigure shows the grouped column even if setted to false
  113. [CLOSED] Default lazyRender property changed to true
  114. [FNR][2.1] RowEditor CheckBoxGroup display issue in Firefox
  115. [CLOSED] PagingToolBar
  116. [CLOSED] CellEditor Complete Event is not behaving as described
  117. [OPEN-17][2.1.1] Fx slideIn/Out failing
  118. [FNR-16][2.1.1] Toolbar Overflow problem
  119. [CLOSED] GXT 2.1.1 strange BUG
  120. [CLOSED] TreePanel not notify on model's changed.
  121. [CLOSED] JsonConverter cuts leading 2 letters from each value
  122. [CLOSED] HTMLEditor and setEmptyText
  123. [OPEN-22][GXT 2.1.1] (SLATE Theme) Window header rendering issue when title wrapped
  124. [FNR-23] LiveGrid selection returning wrong data
  125. [CLOSED] Loading Store twice causes PagingToolBar to disable
  126. [FIXED] javadoc bug BaseObservable - fireEvent
  127. [CLOSED] TimeField - Selecting or setting a value stops the field listing times
  128. [FNR-25] ColorPalette with custom color options - Null pointer exception
  129. [FNR] RowEditor focuses even if startedit returns early
  130. [FNR-26] MessaBox.wait(): the messagebox ins't closing if its being dragged
  131. [FNR-28][2.1.1] ComboBox fails to expand in certain cases
  132. [CLOSED] Paging Grid doesn't render in Tab Panel
  133. [CLOSED] Radio button grouping doesn't work in IE7 (GXT 2.1.1)
  134. [CLOSED] Events.Attach is fired more than once
  135. [CLOSED] ButtonGroup won't display two rows of 4 buttons
  136. [CLOSED] Store filter is not working for LiveGrid
  137. [FNR] GridView refreshRow javascript exception w/ grouping grid
  138. [CLOSED] AreaChart draws one extra column
  139. [CLOSED] Icons on TriggerFields not showing up in Windows
  140. [FNR] Radio layout problem in Firefox
  141. [CLOSED][2.1.1] Binded form remains dirty if default value is a date
  142. [FNR] NPE on FormPanel.clear()
  143. [FNR] 2.1.1 - ListView change record bug
  144. [OPEN-30][2.1.1] Chart YAxis:getLabels() when there are no labels removes default
  145. [OPEN] [CLOSED] ListView doesn't have scollIntoView but DataList (decprecated) did.
  146. [FNR] Another Grid Reordering Bug
  147. [CLOSED] chartmodel
  148. [FNR] ScaleProvider
  149. [FNR] HtmlEditor tooltip bug
  150. [FNR] GridView column size problem
  151. [FNR] HtmlEditor isValid() - NullPointerException
  152. [FNR] Default value for AutoExpandMax for Grids
  153. [FNR] DatePicker picks wrong date / month
  154. [FNR] TabPanel - Bottom Position and Plain Style CSS Wrong
  155. [CLOSED] Grid BeanModel different beans
  156. [CLOSED] HTMLEditor does not select initial font.
  157. [CLOSED] Events for StoreFilterField when filter removed
  158. [CLOSED] Width of toolbar page-icons becomes zero
  159. [FNR] XmlReader doesn't handle boolean types
  160. [CLOSED] DatePicker: cant choose
  161. [CLOSED] Bug in DateWrapper.addMonths
  162. [CLOSED] Popup sends Events.Open not Events.Show contradicting API docs
  163. [FNR] Exception on tracking hierarchy.
  164. [FNR] AbstractStoreSelectionModel's lastSelected does not get updated in onUpdate()
  165. [CLOSED] Wrong date
  166. [CLOSED] DatePicker: Validator show an error, but should not
  167. [FNR] AccordionLayout::setActiveItem doesn't collapse the expanded panel.
  168. [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelectionModel plugin does not work with EditorGrid?
  169. [CLOSED] LiveGridView mask bug
  170. [CLOSED] Icon in HtmlEditor toolbar disapear with AccordionLayout
  171. [CLOSED] Class cast exception in TreeGridCellRenderer
  172. Documentation incorrect
  173. [FNR] LiveGridView setStripeRows Bug
  174. [CLOSED] Bug in Radio
  175. [FNR] LiveGridView - getVisibleRowCount() can return too many rows
  176. [FNR] ComboBox readonly problem
  177. [CLOSED] Bug in TimeField.findModel()
  178. [CLOSED] MenuBar bugs in 2.1.2
  179. [FNR] TimeField bug?
  180. [CLOSED] ClassCastException in EditorGrid
  181. [CLOSED] The PagingToolBar component should be bound to a Store not to a Loader
  182. [CLOSED] Bug in GroupingGrid with nested properties in model data
  183. [FNR] [2.1.1 / 2.1.3] Tooltip bug and tooltip shadow issue in IE8
  184. [CLOSED] Shrinked toolbar buttons
  185. [FNR] Portal Drag Drop Bug
  186. [CLOSED] RowEditor - possible to skip commit when changing sorting
  187. [CLOSED] Field.isDirty() incorrectly returns true if original value is empty string
  188. [CLOSED] Bug in layout HBoxLayout
  189. [FNR] [2.1.1] NPE in Menu class in Desktop
  190. [CLOSED] Context menu not show after upgrade gxt 2.11 -> gxt 2.1.2
  191. [CLOSED] TriggerField.triggerBlur
  192. [FNR] NumberField bug in Firefox
  193. [FNR] Grid visible column selection
  194. [CLOSED] LiveGrid RowEditor bug
  195. [FNR] NullPointer when selecting a Radio in a RadioGroup [version 2.1.3]
  196. [CLOSED] FormBinding.unbind()
  197. [OPEN] [FNR] DateField validate onBlur
  198. [CLOSED] SeparatorToolItem in context menu
  199. [CLOSED] LiveGridView and RowExpander bug
  200. [CLOSED] SimpleComboBox field binding problem with force selection
  201. [CLOSED] Inconsistent usage of Element
  202. [CLOSED] Basic tree and IE7
  203. [CLOSED] Not able to Reconfigure the LiveGrid
  204. [CLOSED] TreeStore removes leaves it in inconsitent state
  205. [FNR] ComboBox CSS bug - GXT 2.1.3
  206. [FNR] RowEditor Buttons have strange behavior
  207. [CLOSED] Advanced Combobox not working
  208. [FNR] IconButton problem
  209. Bug with Scroll Bar in Firefox 3.6
  210. [CLOSED] setAutoFill(true) and setForceFit(false) leads to "growing" last column
  211. [CLOSED] Dialog autoWidth bug in IE
  212. [FNR] MessageBox (wait) not closed while replacing it.
  213. [CLOSED] ListField Multi select bug - GXT 2.1.3
  214. OFC / GXT stacked chart #x_label# integration bug
  215. [FNR] Collapse FieldSet in Popup moving Radio Items to Right [GXT 2.1.3]
  216. [FNR] FlashComponent.swfWidth/Height not used for SwfConfig
  217. [CLOSED] GXT 2.1.1 and GWT 2.0.3 - results in com.g.....rpc.SerializationException
  218. [CLOSED] LiveGrid, Events.CellDoubleClick does not give back the correct model
  219. [FNR] NPE appears after container is removed and then added into DOM in GXT 2.1.1
  220. [FNR] IconAlignment issue under Accordion
  221. [CLOSED] TreePanel Events.BeforeSelect - cancel
  222. [FNR] Header group alignment ignored
  223. [CLOSED] TriggerField: size of textfield wrong if trigger is hidden [GXT2.1.3]
  224. [FNR] GroupSummaryView incorrectly displayed
  225. [CLOSED] Grid column width is incorrect if grid is hidden store is added
  226. [FNR] setHideOnClick(false) ignored on MenuItem with submenues added on StartMenu
  227. [FNR] [Removing an Item of a Grouping Grid grouped by a nested property
  228. [FNR][2.1.3] Slate theme missing image resource
  229. [FNR] FormPanel/FormField validation issue with error icons
  230. [FNR] Portal + Drag/Drop + bad startColumn
  231. [FNR] LiveGridView / by Zero (ArithmeticException)
  232. [CLOSED] Anchor Layout Example is incorrect
  233. [CLOSED] Bug with TimePicker (Comboboxes in general)
  234. Displacement of Button text arranged in a RowLayout
  235. [FNR] Filters. Bug and inheritance problem.
  236. [FNR] GroupSummaryView and SummaryColumnConfig alignment issue
  237. [FNR] [2.2.0 Beta] ListViewSelectionModel - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (-1)
  238. [FNR] Desktop Shortcut issue
  239. [CLOSED] Scrollbar in IE [GXT 2.2.0 beta]
  240. [FNR] Spinner arrow broken in slate theme
  241. [CLOSED] AssertionError in BorderLayout (Hosted Mode)
  242. [FNR] TreePanel with checkboxes CheckChangedListener returns null
  243. [2.1.3 / 2.2.0 Beta] Dialog + Firefox = Maximize bug
  244. [FNR] Grid Filters throwing NullPointerException when model has null values
  245. [FNR] ColumnHeader.updateSortIcon misses SortDir.NONE
  246. [FNR] AccordionLayout does not remove Listeners, when Components are removed
  247. [CLOSED] SelectionChangedListener returns always the first element
  248. [FNR] Background color of an alert Message in IE
  249. [FNR] Calling getRotation() on a chart's axis can throw an unrecoverable exception
  250. [FNR] Minor Javadoc bug - Select Event for TabItem