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  1. [CLOSED] Two TextFilters on same grid (diff cols) - shows both filter menus ticked
  2. [CLOSED] Aggregation row causes JS error in IE8 when using an AutoExpand Column
  3. [CLOSED] Accessibility theme desktop
  4. [FIXED] Problem with scrolling a TreePanel in IE8 (GXT 2.1.1.)
  5. [FNR] CSS missing bg.gif
  6. [FNR] Bug in asyncronous tree in gxt2.2 RC1
  7. [FNR] Unbuffered TreeGrid Render Bug
  8. [FNR] [2.2 RC1] Menu bar \ menus - Bug \ Change of behaviour ?
  9. [FNR] SlideOut setStyleAttribute syntax incorrect
  10. [FNR] SlideIn - Wrapper size too big in IE 8 after slide out
  11. [OPEN] [FNR] Hide column on a not rendered grid results in NPE - GXT 2.2.0
  12. [FNR] [2.2.0] Grid Filter Problem
  13. [CLOSED] GWT compiler error in ChartModel using 2.2.0 final?
  14. [FNR] RowEditor changes read only field after Cancel + another RowEditor problem
  15. [FNR] Grid horizontal scrollbar not working properly
  16. [FNR] String comparison bug in BaseStringFilterConfig
  17. [OPEN] [FNR] ColorPalette surprise
  18. [CLOSED] WindowListener Events.Minimize Stack Overflow Error
  19. [CLOSED] No ComboBox scrollbar on mobile Safari (iPad)
  20. [FNR] SpinnerField doesn't honor setEnabled(false) on triggers
  21. [FNR] BorderLayout presentation inconsistency
  22. [FNR] BeanModelGenerator wrap list in a list on set() for non BeanModel items
  23. [OPEN] [FNR] ToggleButton causes a ConcurrentModification Exception
  24. [CLOSED] BeanModelReader has wrong generic type
  25. [FNR] ListView indicates dragging when no drag took place
  26. [FNR] Typo in com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.layout.ToolBarLayout
  27. [FNR] Strange Behavior for TreeGrid and Selection Model
  28. [FNR] Typo error in NumberField
  29. [FNR] GroupingView group separator rendering problem + solution proposal
  30. [FNR] MessageBox Background Color Wrong In IE WIth GXT 2.2 When Using gxt-gray.css
  31. [FNR] Key Navigation in CellSelectionModel ignores isSelectable method
  32. [FNR] column selection submenu in grid header disappears when scrolling
  33. [FNR] ColorPalette.setValue doesn't change display value
  34. [FNR] TreeGridDragSource.onDragStart doesn't work correctly with CellSelectionModel
  35. [FNR] PagingToolBar isn't BeforeLoad cancel aware
  36. [FNR] Icon alignment, buttons, IE7
  37. [FNR] Wrong XMessages.messageBox_ok text. Should be OK instead of Ok
  38. [FNR] IE6 : Grid column submenu dissappears when it appears to the left of the menu.
  39. [CLOSED] Menu is expanded to the whole screen
  40. [CLOSED] LiveGridView bug
  41. [CLOSED] GXT 2.2.0 BeanModelGenerator bug
  42. [FNR] HtmlEditor icons in IE6 and IE7
  43. [FNR] IE6: Radio generated without name
  44. PDF in gxt-window: overlapping issue
  45. [FNR] When traling column is made visible, horizontal scrollbar isn't updated
  46. [FNR] NullPointerException in ListStore 2.2.0
  47. [FNR] TimeField minValue issue
  48. [FNR] NumberField not working in Firefox 3.6.11
  49. [CLOSED] Grid Filter does not work in IE6 & IE8
  50. [FNR] Showing a window with a ListView throws NullPointerException
  51. [FNR] SplitButton text missing in overflow toolbar
  52. [CLOSED] GridView - unnesessary cast BigDecimal to Double
  53. [FNR] BaseModel Concurrency problem
  54. [FNR] Tooltip position not correct with scrollbars
  55. [FNR] DateField.setMinValue checks wrong
  56. [FNR] Box label of checkbox moves every time the checkbox becomes visible
  57. [CLOSED] ReadOnly does not prevent from editing a ComboBox value
  58. [FNR] Problem adding components with margin data to CardLayout
  59. [FNR] Button menu does not hide anymore on multiple click
  60. [CLOSED] ConcurrentModificationException when removing a BaseModel element from list
  61. Radios and readonly bug
  62. [FNR] NumberField allowing decimals when explicitly disabled
  63. [FNR] NumericFilter is broken when using remote filtering
  64. [CLOSED] Bug in com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.util.DateWrapper
  65. [CLOSED] programmatically expand does not work
  66. [CLOSED] GXT_Combox UI bugs (Version: gxt-2.2.0.jar) !
  67. [FNR] comboBox Editor in modal dialog
  68. [FNR] ColumnConfig set resizable to false problem
  69. [FNR] GXT Grid Column Selector Menu vanishes
  70. FormPanel fields flicker when collapsing ContentPanel in RowLayout (FF only)
  71. [FNR] Ctrl+C and ctrl+V did not work in numberField with firefox 3.6.13
  72. KeyListener realted bug in Safari 4.0.4
  73. [CLOSED] Date Picker Problem, cannot select years after 2030
  74. [FNR] GridView not showing dirty cells when using dataIndex in ColumnConfig
  75. [CLOSED] Display errors in AreaChart's XAxis
  76. [FNR] Problems with RowLayout
  77. [FNR] FileUploadField bug under Firefox 3.6.15?
  78. [FNR] Pressing tab is not works with single column on editorgrid
  79. [FNR] RowEditor.dofocus() Throws NPE When Selecting CheckBox COlumn In Editable Grid
  80. [CLOSED] CheckBox or EditBox can be show in GroupBox if size is not enough
  81. [FNR] Version 2.2.3 Livegrid not working anymore with RpcProxy
  82. [FNR] Bug with SummaryType.MAX
  83. Empty QuickTips
  84. Disabled RadioGroup still changeable in chrome
  85. different column width in table header and boldy when "zooming"
  86. [CLOSED] AbstractGridFilters removeAll causes ConcurrentModificationException
  87. [CLOSED] Window ToolButton does not mask correctly
  88. [FNR] gridfilters can show more than one context menu when you have non filterable
  89. [CLOSED] Tooltip Bug
  90. [FNR] GXT 2.2.4 ComboBox force selection fails is ComboBox never expanded
  91. [FNR] Binding new model fails for checkboxes when panel is not attached
  92. [CLOSED] Menu not hiding after double click
  93. [CLOSED] DateField validation in grid problem
  94. [FNR] GXT 2.2.4 DatePicker bug
  95. [FNR] Move cursor doesn't disapear within IE9
  96. [FNR] Aggregation row and LazyRowRender bug
  97. [FNR] BorderLayout expand does not close popup
  98. [CLOSED] LiveGridView infinite loop upon empty result in gxt 2.2.4
  99. [CLOSED] Grid context menu not disappearing
  100. [FNR] GXT 2.2 rev 2410 Grid views fail to scroll correctly when grid has > 33 rows
  101. [CLOSED] LiveGrid Scrollbar not working
  102. [CLOSED] Buttons Problem in Chrome
  103. GXT 2.2.4 Grid Header Groups cause header and body columns to be out of sync
  104. [FNR] Grid sort state not apllied
  105. [FNR] TreePanel not scrolling correctly when using arrow keys
  106. [CLOSED] Double Click on filter drop down don't go if one clicks anywhere
  107. [FNR] Popup.show() fires Events.BeforeShow twice
  108. [FNR] Button won't show menu when clicked
  109. [FNR] Portal drag drop startColumn initialization error when column spacing = 0
  110. BufferView scrolling problem when page zoom <> 100%
  111. [FIXED] [2.2.5] ComboBox resets filtered list after one second when force selection set
  112. [2.2.5] ComboBox getValue() issue when not rendered and with force selection set
  113. [FNR] RowEditor error when scrolling the grid, if RowEditor not rendered yet.
  114. [FNR] BufferView invalid cell rendering [2.2.4]
  115. [GXT 2.2.5] Compilation issue with jdk 1.5
  116. [FNR] StackOverflowError on column show/hide
  117. [2.2.5] Overflow Toolbar with hidden buttons
  118. [2.2.5] Grid column resizing behavior is erratic and not reliable
  119. TreeGrid columns content overlap when viewed in IE6
  120. DatePicker does't correctly show selected item while navigate with the shortcut keys
  121. DatePicker select Today with SpaceBar shortcut key inserts a space on the field
  122. [FNR] RowEditor AssertionError
  123. Logic of moving around tootip when there is not enough space is not entirely correct
  124. The maximum supported width value of tootip is not enough
  125. [GXT 2.2.4] Bug on GridCellRenderer for TreeGrid
  126. CSS style bug with LabelField
  127. CSS validation errors in gxt-all.css
  128. Size < 1 (for BorderLayoutData): Popup will be have incorrect position!
  129. TreePanel CheckCascade style bug
  130. I can't remove gxt grid component from ContentPanel
  131. Paging ComboBox issue
  132. DateField Selection Issue in IE
  133. List multiselection problem
  134. Reorder GroupingStore DND - Malfunction
  135. [GXT 2.2.5] NPE in Checkbox
  136. Calculation of the textLength in a TextArea
  137. DND grid duplication issue
  138. Incorrect position and size from CellEditor in Grid!
  139. Add item to tree with applied filter
  140. [gxt 2.3.0] Issues with hiding triggers of TriggerFields
  141. [FIXED] Grid trouble in Chrome 19
  142. [HELP] Grid CheckBoxSelectionModel bug
  143. GXT grid column headers are not displayed for hidden columns once they are unhidden
  144. Selection gets lost for multiple selections (when Scroll-Bar is used) in IE
  145. setIconStyle and Firefox 12
  146. setSelectionRequired(true) for radiogroup doesn't work
  147. [CLOSED] Row Expander Not working properly with keyboard.
  148. containers do not display well
  149. containers do not display well
  150. text-selection in TreePanel not working
  151. DatePicker bug in GXT 2.2.5
  152. Wrong french message for max length
  153. Height of the Grid header is increasing on every mouse enter (Zoom at 110%, Chrome)
  154. Bug with mandatory fields in tabs : GXT 2.2.5 (build 2479)
  155. XTemplate : Member functions in if statements
  156. LiveGridView crashes browser when resized
  157. Sencha Ext GWT grid columns not aligned with grid header
  158. Wronly execute cancelEdit() in editablegrid when enrty is not fully displayed
  159. [FIXED] Viewport scrolling issue in Firefox on GXT 2.2.6
  160. Scrolling in FF no longer works when a ContentPanel is within a TabPanel
  161. CheckColumnConfig bug please help
  162. Expand/Collapse not clickable anymore if refresh(headerToo) was called on GridView
  163. [FIXED] AsyncTreeGrid Filter issue (looped loading after filter application)
  164. [GXT2.2.6] Grid column alignment issue
  165. [2.2.6] IE9 issues
  166. [CLOSED] Getting multiple requests with scrolling on Live Grid.
  167. [FIXED] Infinite loop in LiveGridView (gxt 2.2.5 / gwt 2.3)
  168. Grid's CellSelectionModel returns incorrect values in case of LiveGridView 2.2.5.
  169. Bug with Tree[...]DropTarget
  170. [CLOSED] [2.2.6] LayoutContainer does not add children to DOM (sometimes)
  171. Issue with grid header alignment
  172. [FIXED] SelectionModel of TreeGrid doesn't use equals()
  173. [FIXED] ExtGWT 2.3.0 regression: LabelField.setValue(null) throws NPE
  174. GXT 2.2.5 - Broken column alginment
  175. [2.3.0] Button with large icon in IE10
  176. Error in extjs 4.0
  177. [FIXED] Grid with spanning heading bug - headers get the wrong width don't align [2.3] r2490
  178. [FIXED] [2.3.0] Grid column headers in wrong order when varying header group levels used
  179. [OPEN] HtmlEditor cannot enable edit feature using setEnable functions once disabled
  180. [FIXED] (GXT 2.3.0 GA) Grid RowEditor and CheckBoxSelectionModel Null Pointer
  181. [FIXED] Null Assignment in ColumnModel#getColumnWidth()
  182. [OPEN] visited menu-items are shown as selected when revisted in IE10
  183. [OPEN] [2.3.0] Button Image shifted from 0.5px in Chrome
  184. [FIXED] [2.3.0] GridView: Literal "x-grid3-highlightrow " ends with unnecessary space
  185. [FIXED] Grid filter not working
  186. [FIXED] [GXT2.3.0] Treegrid filters are not working.
  187. [2.3.1] Async TreePanel is broken
  188. Random rendering issue with Editable TreeGrid and Internet Explorer
  189. [CLOSED] MenuItem Misalignment
  190. [CLOSED] HTML encoding occurring twice on
  191. Status renders html as text if setHtml executing on not yet rendered Status
  192. [CLOSED] migration to gxt2.3.1 - grid header menu no longer displays properly.
  193. Editable Live Grid Updates Incorrect Row (GXT 2.3)
  194. LabelField.clear() or LabelField.setValue(null) results in NPE, GXT 2.3.0
  195. In Select box unable to find selected index
  196. Can't select Grid panel on tabbing
  197. Misalignment of grid cells along with the last header cell
  198. Issue with Grid Panel in IE9/10 - Object does not support this property
  199. Black background between tabs in Firefox 29.01
  200. [GXT 2.3.1a] In RowEditor#stopEditing ComboBoxes are invalid
  201. Bold text selection issue
  202. [GXT 2.3.1] IE10 Button in comboBoxes and datefields on wrong site
  203. Radio Button on IE 10 GWT 2.0.0 GXT 2.1.0
  204. GXT 2.3.1 Grid header text is not showing on tab item select event
  205. GXT 2.2.3 Ext GWT Compiles in 'devmode' target but not for 'build'
  206. Sencha Ext GWT grid columns not aligned with grid header