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  1. Registering Ext Designer: incorrect login details
  2. ExtDesigner Export
  3. Ext Designer 1.1.2 for Windows available for download?
  4. Export Of Old Project With New Designer 1.2.2 Does Not Work Anymore
  5. column grid filter
  6. Still Looking for Working Form Example
  7. Importing new proxy class into designer
  8. Infovis graph
  9. MultiSelect not working...
  10. tree panel not load json file
  11. Designer grid - xml
  12. container positioning
  13. [1.2.2] date as catgory wrongly formated in line chart
  14. Ext JS 4.0.x project does not show in browser
  15. can i use a ext designer 1 license for ext designer 2
  16. Add a listener to a store - how to manage this in designer
  17. Extjs 4.0 -> Designer -> Tool -> Events - How?
  18. I really want to use .....
  19. How to use other language (code)?
  20. How to change the chart colors wit a theme assigned
  21. Define "alias" poperty for component n Ext Designer
  22. Promoting a Chart to a separate class - Legend become invisible in preview
  23. Sorry in advance Trial Period
  24. Import ux.
  25. Ext Designer Splash Screen
  26. Designer for mobile app UI
  27. Why was my post removed about the actions column
  28. own directoriesin the toolbar
  29. import own skripts in the designer
  30. Task switching in Ubuntu - no Ext Designer?
  31. Feature Request
  32. "a communication error has occured" on login screen
  33. What does mean : property must begin.....
  34. "A communication error has occurred" while registering for EXT designer 1.2
  35. Unable to register the Ext Designer
  36. extjs designer3.3 project--ComboBox labelproperty issue
  37. My chrome can not show EXT Designer Layout UI
  38. What will happen with Ext Designer 1.x?
  39. Ext Designer Trial Extension
  40. Export Project doesn't work in Ext Designer
  41. Sencha Beta 2 Designer and User Extensions
  42. Importing a component
  43. extjs4 autoref
  44. RTL direction in ExtJS
  45. Working with cards and tabs
  46. iconAlign: 'top' not centering the icon in ie, works in all other browsers.
  47. Tree store load problem
  48. Combobox with static inline data in Ext Designer
  49. Customer bullet/bubble Chart
  50. draw component with Data Store
  51. Help needed : json file + date in grid
  52. import existing files from local server to sencha ext designer
  53. Using Sencha SDK Tools on Ext Designer output
  54. Feature Suggestion: richer text editing ability for Templates in Sencha Designer 2
  55. EXT Designer Memory Leak
  56. Designer 2.0 beta 1 reserved words
  57. How to use panel's resizable attribute - panels aren't resizing automatically
  58. Styling an ext designer file with predefined sencha css styles, eg cupertino?
  59. Ext Designer and WCF Services with Parameters
  60. Posting a Form with Direct API in Designer 2
  61. Hidden windows are visible
  62. Programmatically adding a datastore to ext designer generated code
  63. Developer Pack
  64. help - using listConfig on combobox in latest designer build
  65. How do I build a framework around my application projects
  66. Sencha Designer 2.0.0 how use components based DataView
  67. add search in Designer
  68. Ext Designer Preview vs Real app rendering differences
  69. Project migration From Ext Designer 1.2.2 to Designer 2.0.0
  70. Import Javascript and CSS to create a new project
  71. Infinity Scroll
  72. FilterRow Plugin Implementation
  73. Global keypress
  74. Where is Auto Columns??
  75. How to load designer from exported .ui.js file?
  76. How to add Handler into a Button
  77. [SOLVED] There is no more tools in Designer 2 toolbox after upgrade it
  78. Global Arrays & Variables
  79. How to set appFolder so that export does not wipe it out in designer.js
  80. Preview just show empty, after add Grid Panel on Design 2.
  81. Ext Designer and 'application/json' header. A way to change the default headers?
  82. "Right to Left" Design in Ext Designer...
  83. How to change configs of subcomponents created by Ext Designer
  84. No Ext JS 3 support in Sencha Architect, let's get back to Designer 2.0 Beta
  85. Importing model definitions
  86. how to add the "animation: {}" on Sencha Designer 2?
  87. how to import a component in the Sencha Architect
  88. Can't get correct image path in image component
  89. help : register Ext Designer server error
  90. Designer marketing emails break help
  91. server error while regestering ext designer 1.2.2
  92. Registering a licensed account with Ext Designer 1.x
  93. Ext Designer bugs that must be fixed
  94. Datepicker different formats
  95. Ext Designer 1.2.3 released
  96. How can we set proxy type of store to 'rest' in Ext Designer ?
  97. Ext Designer 1.2.3 layout issue with Ext JS 3.4
  98. Still possible to buy Designer 1.x and ExtJS 3?
  99. How to use Ext.ux.StatusBar in Sencha Architect project?
  100. Download of Designer 1.x
  101. translate error message grid
  102. Simple Problem, need help.
  103. Extjs Spell checker for textarea
  104. Add "renderer" method to grid column using Ext Designer
  105. Download latest Designer Version
  106. Registering a licensed account with Ext Designer 1.1.2
  107. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
  108. Question about layout
  109. Cant Login to Ext Designer - A server error occurred.
  110. Error running Sencha Architect 2.1 in Kubuntu 12.04
  111. Error while opening existing project since upgrade to 1.2.3 Build: 52
  112. help? Cant Login to Ext Designer - A server error occurred.
  113. Dynamically adding adding views and controllers in Extjs4.1
  114. Ext designer
  115. Problem with Ext Designer
  116. Ext Designer - try & buy
  117. external style sheet in sencha architect
  118. How to use an store within a Container
  119. I know it is dead, but...
  120. problem about Ext.container.Viewport
  121. How to open a Project file created by Designer 1.1.2
  122. tabpanel overlays the toolbar
  123. Where is the ext designer change log?
  124. Error Code 5 message when trying to update Ext Designer from 3.3 to 3.4
  125. Support for Ext Designer
  126. problem in dispaly of Collapsible grouped datagrid
  127. ExtJS window is not appearing over Flash screen in IE8
  128. How to create table format with calculation using ExtJs 2.3
  129. Need to create table with calculation logic in ExtJs 2.3 - change from extjs 4.0
  130. Ext Designer is not working...
  131. Cannot activate Designer