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  1. [CLOSED] Issues with default values
  2. [CLOSED] empty FieldSet is generated
  3. [OPEN] Ext Designer 1.0.3_2 doesn't start on Linux
  4. [OPEN] Shift + Tab doesn't focus to previous option (comp. configs)
  5. [FIXED] [OPEN] Tabpanel, Toolbar
  6. [DUPE] Designer provides no feedback on a failed save operation to a read-only file
  7. [CLOSED] Designer does not allow all available properties to be configured
  8. [CLOSED] Opening another Project, closes the actual one.
  9. [CLOSED] File Open and File Save dialog forgets it's last position.
  10. [CLOSED] Exporting extension
  11. [CLOSED] Adding an Editor Grid breaks preview
  12. [PENDING] JSON export of templates substitutes HTML characters (wrongly)
  13. [PENDING] Transforming FormPanel into Panel problem
  14. [OPEN] The Button Transform error
  15. [OPEN] Can not use dot in field name property of Ext.data.Field
  16. [DEFER] Component xtype not registered in exported js file
  17. [OPEN] Missing property for TableLayout: tableAttrs
  18. [FIXED] Preview issue
  19. [PENDING] Panel config 'floating' should be a z-index
  20. [CLOSED] adding a ListView to a panel causes page to display incorrectly
  21. [INFOREQ] Ext Designer Lock Up
  22. [FIXED] Store API config BUG in
  23. [FIXED] ListView Columns renderer by setting format property '0'
  24. [PENDING] Lockup issues when changing properties
  25. [FIXED] Changelog not found
  26. [CLOSED] duplicate combo promote it as class ?
  27. [FIXED] Ext designer crash after project loading
  28. [FIXED] Preview is not working in 1.1.0
  29. [OPEN] [FIXED] Encoding Issue in Designer 1.1.0
  30. [FIXED] Export project: russia text bug
  31. [FIXED] Latest version: Export not working after opening XDS
  32. [FIXED] preview not working after installing version 1.1.0
  33. [FIXED] Snap to screenshot error
  34. [FIXED] v1.1.0 - Save & Export to Toolbox
  35. [FIXED] Save to Toolbox not working
  36. [FIXED] Designer crash & burn
  37. [FIXED] Export project fails silently if files read-only
  38. [FIXED] Open Recent Project - Export Troubles w/ Network Drive
  39. [FIXED] Export Project Fail to relative path
  40. [FIXED] ExtDesigner for Linux 64 Bit seems to be broke.
  41. [FIXED] Closing Designer should warn if unsaved changes
  42. [PENDING] Grid with CheckBoxSelectionModel and missing CheckBoxColumn in 1.1.1
  43. [CLOSED] xdx_index.js automatically shows window in 1.1.1 (Bug or Feature)?
  44. [CLOSED] Filter is not applied in Component Config when switching components
  45. [PENDING] Ext Designer locks up when trying to preview
  46. [PENDING] Viewport preview bug
  47. [PENDING] Unreachable FormPanel Fields inside ViewPort on large Forms (1.1.1)
  48. [CLOSED] Missing store warning message
  49. [OPEN/DEFER]Ext Designer crashes on preview attempt
  50. [OPEN] [OPEN] Problem HtmlEditor
  51. [CLOSED] AutoRef is not working witch MenuItem
  52. [OPEN] Component's (dis)appearance after promoting TabPanels to classes
  53. [CLOSED] extjs designer double params fieldset no interhirace params: allow blank
  54. [PENDING] Conflict with Viewpot and Custom Component
  55. TextArea Doesn't show in firefox and IE
  56. Pressing delete key while editing text deletes the component
  57. Ubuntu 11.04
  58. Button not accepting zero as value
  59. cannot open project on windows
  60. JSONStore cannot load data when level goes beyond 3 layers deep
  61. [Open] ExtDesigner for Linux 64bit still broken.
  62. [CLOSED]baseParams in designer
  63. ExtDesigner F1 (Help) not working correctly anymore (since the last site updates).
  64. Importing Data Store
  65. Webservice
  66. Unable to preview nested promoted classes
  67. [FIXED][1.2 Beta] Can not preview Ext.grid.property.Grid
  68. [CLOSED][1.2 beta ] - Unable to preview PagingToolbar when adding to grid
  69. [FIXED] [1.2 beta ] - bbar and fbar transforming in tbar while migrating to 4.x project
  70. [CLOSED] [1.2 beta ] - Using deprecated Method Ext.entend() while opening 3.x project
  71. [CLOSED] [1.2 beta ] - Border config in the pallet as string type
  72. [FIXED] [1.2 beta ] - css problem while previewing window with tools
  73. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Some properties/atributes missing in component config
  74. [CLOSED][1.2 Beta] layout type in toolbar while adding to the form.Panel
  75. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] 1.1.2 version projects conversion faulty
  76. [FIXED][1.2 Beta] setting align stretch automaticaly while closing designer
  77. [OPEN][1.2 Beta] Duplicated properties in border layout items (panels)
  78. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Can't especify cmargins/margins: '0 5 0 0' in panel
  79. [CLOSED][1.2 Beta] Duplicate/Delete Option on Store(all) proxy contextmenu
  80. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] stores flyout missing stores when a store is duplicated
  81. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Allowing to export project with duplicated userClassName
  82. [CLOSED][1.2 Beta] Disabling Component Config Pallete while Move Down/Up
  83. [CLOSED][1.2 Beta] Store Load Data option is not refreshing gridview
  84. [CLOSED][1.2 Beta] Can't duplicate root components objetct
  85. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Export to file does not work as well after import file xdc
  86. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] json TreeStore undefined records loaded
  87. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Some properties are wrong after reopen saved projects.
  88. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Loading invalid JSON to a store crashes Designer
  89. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Project Settings ExtJs Path with missing trailing slash
  90. A few missing things???
  91. [INFOREQ] [1.2 Beta] Combo box / store assignment ....
  92. [1.2 Beta] Changing user alias doesn't update all files required on export
  93. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] Promoted classes, aliases and Ext.Loader not working together ...
  94. [FIXED] [1.2 Beta] segfault on linux
  95. [DEFER] [1.2 Beta] Un-flexing collapses panel title
  96. Ext Designer 1.2 Layout mangler
  97. Issues on importing existing 1.1.2 project
  98. Unable to start 1.2.0 Beta
  99. Beta 1.2 complex layout causes the design canvas to blank out
  100. 1.2 Beta changing a container layout causes issue
  101. 1.2.0 Beta1 - view edit template problem
  102. collapseDirection does not work on preview, it does on browser.
  103. Property values of instances are not persisted
  104. [FIXED] How to do a standard submit with Ext Designer ?
  105. Stores do not get instantiated, regardless of the 'Instantiate Stores' option.
  106. [NOREPRO] Collapsed property on gridpanel class instance breaks designer
  107. [FIXED] (Linux) Unable to load Sencha Designer application -- Missing libion.
  108. 1.2 Beta 2 bad store name cause all objects to disappear
  109. Segfault on Linux x86_64
  110. [FIXED] Problem converting an existing project with Ext Designer 1.2
  111. [DUP] Problem with autoExpandColumn in GridPanel. Ext Designer 1.2.0
  112. [FIXED] TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  113. Ext Designer 1.2.0 rendering issue
  114. No "center" value for "align" in vbox
  115. [CLOSED] Missing fbar property
  116. Designer 1.2 breaks compatibility with Designer 1.1.2 on store definition
  117. Re: [URGENT] Ext Designer will not open on 32-bit version of Mac OS
  118. Update linked class
  119. "Promote to class" doesn't preserve "region"
  120. Toolbar forced to have a region
  121. [CLOSED] title:Settings doesn't work
  122. Can't specify "animCollapse" duration
  123. Can't rename alias in top level class
  124. Scroll bars not displayed in safari 5.1/Lion
  125. [FIXED] Application Name and Store Bugs: Ext Designer 1.2
  126. Add Filter to json datastore yeilds : TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
  127. Designer 1.2 Null pointer exception
  128. Add TreePanel in a Panel with layout accordion : TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  129. Percentage in height and width
  130. [FIXED] 1.2 store parameter broken
  131. [INFOREQ] Return value of 'undefined' gives message and NO option to save!
  132. Store data not automatically rendered in UI
  133. [FIXED] Problem with Promoting columns to class
  134. [FIXED] Unable to set the flex property of children of Border Layout
  135. Installation
  136. [FIXED] Multislider's class "values" takes precedence over linked instance
  137. [FIXED] Error after duplicate TreePanel in a Panel with Border Layout
  138. [FIXED] Unexpected error - Maximum call stack size exceeded
  139. [FIXED] Designer layout gets messed up when selecting controls or changing linked stores
  140. [INFOREQ] ExtDesigner 1.2: Editor Display issues (this must be a bug)
  141. ExtDesigner 1.2: Column Chart xField value is set as x and not ['x']
  142. [CLOSED] renderTpl on ComboBox causes crash
  143. [FIXED] allowDepress config doesn't work
  144. Pie Series tips config does not allow renderer function definition
  145. [FIXED] accordion + Grid Panel = Error?
  146. [FIXED] Hide Inherited option not staying on
  147. [FIXED] ExtDesigner 1.2: Form layout options not working for ExtJS3.x
  148. [FIXED] New Component - Tree View - TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  149. [FIXED] Column Editor in editorgrid have bugs when it is converted from 1.1.2 project
  150. [FIXED] Json without double quotes
  151. [CLOSED] Case-insensitive filename exports causing app to break
  152. [FIXED] Designer goes blank and crashes, treepanel with !rootVisible and default store
  153. [DUP] Tab Panel with Grid Panels in different Tabs crashes designer
  154. [FIXED] TypeError
  155. [FIXED] Designer (with Ext 4 project) frequently crashes
  156. Can't use design window for class after component "Promote to Class"
  157. [FIXED] Problems with example Promoting a Component to a Class
  158. [FIXED] Json Tree Store / XML Tree Store property missing
  159. [CLOSED] Bug: Designer 1.2 generates code that the SDK Tools can't handle...
  160. [FIXED] Template Parsing Error
  161. Duplicate Assignment on Field Labels
  162. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Setting (none) string in store config while converting to new xds file format
  163. [CLOSED] TabPanel Adding activeTab property and activeItem at same time
  164. [FIXED] [1.2.1] Toolbar are not keeping buttonAlign config while converting ext 3.x project t
  165. [CLOSED] DirectStore api is exported in quotes
  166. [FIXED] Floating Windows Issue
  167. [FIXED] Layout view hides left and right panel
  168. display wrong when textfield has a vtype & value
  169. [FIXED] [1.2.1] JsonStore autoSave property is not settint true as default value.
  170. [FIXED] Problem upgrading TreePanel from 1.1.2 to 1.2
  171. [FIXED] Promoting to a class makes designer crash
  172. Store Bugs: Ext Designer 1.2
  173. Designer version: 1.2.1-27 for Linux
  174. TypeError:'null' is not an object
  175. [FIXED] Spaces in the "id" property make the "preview" non functional
  176. Designer 1.2.1-27 Cannot navigate between tab panels using mouse clicks
  177. Property missing in Ext.button.Button
  178. [FIXED] Ext Designer 1.2.2 (Build 41) causing errors after export?
  179. Toolbox won't collapse in code-view
  180. [FIXED] Adding additional regions to borderlayout overtakes existing region
  181. tabpanel vbox layout issue after latest Ext Designer update
  182. [FIXED] Designer 1.2.2-48 export with the new ExtJS 4.0.7 does not load in the browser
  183. Unexpected error - TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  184. [FIXED] FieldContainer hbox layout is extremely recalcitrant
  185. [FIXED] Missing "toolTip" property in Tab Panel
  186. Can not enter objects into properties
  187. [CLOSED] 4.x project: missing "tpl" property for ComboBox
  188. Ext.form.field.Hidden with anchor: '100%'
  189. Menu default width not necessary
  190. [Closed] Loading /ux/CheckColumn.js
  191. stack overflow in MyForm.superclass.initComponent.call(this)
  192. Errors export Designer 1.2.2 build 48 osx
  193. Ext designer lost fieldLabel settings while changing fieldSet layout, var 1.2.2 b. 48
  194. [DUP] Border Layout problem in Ext Designer when designing in ExtJS 4
  195. [FIXED-DSGNR-954] format property for Number Column in Grid Panel requires comma
  196. ExtDesigner - Build 1.2.2 Build 48 - Corrupted my .xds file so I cannot open it.
  197. [FIXED] Ext Designer crash when changing tpl property in a templatecolumn
  198. [FIXED] Ext Designer broken on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit
  199. [FIXED] Huge memory leak
  200. Export of projects having hidden windows
  201. [FIXED] Crashing when trying to display a complex grid
  202. [FIXED] summaryType configuration missing from column when GridSummary feature used
  203. [FIXED] TreePanel and TreeStore problems when opening 1.1.2 project with 1.2.2 Build 48
  204. ExtDesigner-1.2.2-48 does not work on my Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit
  205. [CLOSED] Error: namespace is undefined
  206. Segmentation fault on Debian Wheezy (amd64)
  207. export the project successfully, run the designer.html does not work
  208. Promote to class a grid view
  209. EXT Designer - Large Project File - Designer Unstable / Crashes
  210. RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded when resizing columns
  211. Error While Running ExtDesigner-1.2.2-48 on Fedora!!
  212. [FIXED] DirectStore: directFn property is lost when Ext Direct API URL is empty
  213. ext designer crashed when save as ...
  214. Preview doesn't match Designer View
  215. Unable to register ExtDesigner
  216. [FIXED] Bug: Tablelayout
  217. [FIXED] Issues with stores , 1.2.2 build 48 , mac osx lion
  218. Flex value cannot be set for some HBOX elements
  219. Changes in Designer cause irreversible parameter problems
  220. Designer thinks old components are still there
  221. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object, when working in Designer
  222. designer 1.2.2 build 48 , mac osx , duplicating components
  223. carStore example works in firefox but broke in google chrome
  224. NestedList, TreeStore and Json - Cannot call method 'beginEdit' of null
  225. Not saving projects as xds by default
  226. Store and autoload
  227. DirectStore api still not working....
  228. Since release 309 ... strange behavior
  229. Tree with multiSelect on view doesn't behave accordingly
  230. Update build version window
  231. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (2.0.0 build 341)
  232. when creating a button on tool bar, function named should be filled in automatically
  233. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
  234. Designer User Interface
  235. Large XML Data Store Crash
  236. [FIXED] Designer 1.2.2. b48 generates buggy code for extjs 3
  237. Bug in Build Your First Desktop Application in Secha Architect 2
  238. architect 2 - arraystore, data field looses quotes when generating code
  239. Ext Designer minor update fail with Error Code 5
  240. 1.2.3 Upgrade breaks Panels
  241. Cannot export my old Designer 1.2.2 projects with the 1.2.3 build
  242. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object adicionando plugin de mascara
  243. [OPEN] Layout bug with designer 1.2.3 Build 52 and compositeField fields
  244. Datefield export problems
  245. chart renderer missing end }
  246. [OPEN] TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'scroller.getElement().getSize')
  247. [CLOSED] tpl doesn't allow Date Format
  248. Cannot call method of on of undefined
  249. Ext designer launch, server error occurred
  250. transferring project files