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  1. How to implement a "Back" button?
  2. trouble with list
  3. add title to list
  4. Tell when a list item comes into view?
  5. Handling 'Two Fingers Tap' custom gesture in a sencha touch app
  6. Problem with localstorage - add element
  7. TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no method 'setActiveItem'
  8. Help me destroy my popup properly!
  9. Mobile Device Detection
  10. how do I set the style of the tab bar button ?
  11. Sencha mobile app not rendering properly when accessed through webalias
  12. list item filter
  13. No scrolling on genesis tablet
  14. White screen when using setActiveItem
  15. Border radius at selectfield ?
  16. How to add dynamical panel to a panel
  17. FormPanel numberfield : decimal numbers not allowed
  18. Litte issue with pullrefresh plugin
  19. Fill a store with asp.net webmethod
  20. Call cross domain webservice call with network credentials
  21. DatePicker showBy floating Panel
  22. Custom Image in Tab bar
  23. icons in tab bar not centered
  24. ICS design guidelines and sencha ui components
  25. Hide and Show Toolbar (docked items)
  26. List Drag Drop Sorting - Other Features
  27. Window.setInterval is not working in iPhone & Android
  28. how to debug
  29. Is it possible to use Ext.data.JsonReader independent/without associated to a Proxy?
  30. Tab Panel button resetting the nested list
  31. Vertical & Area Slider
  32. Tab Panel won't let me insert items
  33. Simply displaying AJAX JSON in panel
  34. Can't Override Style of Select Menu Arrow
  35. import iframe into panel does not scroll panel on android, iphone devices
  36. Sencha Touch button style problem
  37. design a page with many components
  38. How to correctly build an app using ExtJs
  39. Not able to display Ext.picker.slot on clicking on image
  40. Carousel tap as swipe
  41. First-time Image Loading Issue
  42. Carousel content disappearing when adding new component
  43. Template for nestedlist items
  44. Data Stores and Lists
  45. Custom toolbar buttons best practices.
  46. after splashscreen on iphone and android, sencha shows a blank screen 1-2 sec.
  47. Issue with checking for Store Load - works in browser, not in iOS simulator
  48. How to do URL masking in my mobile web app?
  49. Modal on Modal
  50. iOS push notification with Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and UrbanAirship
  51. List Will Not Scroll To The Bottom
  52. Multi Touch Display support
  53. datepicker problem if set slotOrder['day', 'month']
  54. Start app after jQuery has loaded file
  55. Layouts on List
  56. Orientation Issue with Motorola Xoom tablet using Phonegap
  57. Help in managing very LONG data list
  58. Dynamically plot markers
  59. CardSwipe PlugIn Overlaying Items problem
  60. How to get a select box work with HTML encoded Data to prevent XSS attacks
  61. store load function working but view will not change
  62. NestedList Display Issue
  63. How to create custom textfield like this?
  64. TabPanel modification
  65. Sencha touch List with indexbar : auto scroll
  66. Kitchensink v1.x -
  67. previous next in forms on iPhone
  68. issue with my first app
  69. First App issue:- event handling and changing view
  70. Converting circular structure to JSON error
  71. Redirect Response Solution for Installed Web App
  72. Help by creating a findById method for localstorageproxy
  73. How to load data into a store from localStorage?
  74. Tab Panel's tab view should show load a grid view.
  75. How to handle/trap the HTTP 400 Bad Request error while using Ext.util.JSONP request
  76. Server Generated PDF in Panel
  77. Blackberry OS 7 screen size issues
  78. How to use navigation (html 5) object in sencha panel
  79. Empty Select Field
  80. Radio setChecked() method
  81. store into a Select field
  82. can we generate action on selection of subtitles in list
  83. Looking for a Sencha Touch developer
  84. generating lists from json objects using ext.each
  85. Workaround for slow connections like GPRS/EDGE?
  86. is using modelmgr to create instance of a model a bad practice.
  87. localStorage VS Web Sql Database
  88. panel displays only after browser resize or orientation change
  89. how to avoid iOS 5 mobile safari's default location services alert in a PG/Sencha app
  90. How to enlarge a Docked textfield in panel?
  91. How to parse xml data getting from web service?
  92. When sync() finish
  93. SelectField changes layout on smartphone and tablet
  94. Orientation Change on Carousel
  95. Android local json store not loading
  96. TimePicker not as a ext.sheet
  97. render panel performance
  98. List scroll wouldn't stop at boundary after bounce
  99. Corner Ext.form.select
  100. How to disable draggable Tab icons in Tabpanel?
  101. Ext.form.Text transformation
  102. How to open ad content in a popup
  103. Resize Parent Container When Child Contents Change
  104. Phonegap + Sencha Touch + Blackberry = Display Problems ?
  105. methods not available when using xtypes
  106. How to know the filter rule in a store?
  107. How to call native language c or c++ using sencha touch for android application?
  108. clearIcon not visible for searchfield in iOS device.
  109. To set a badge to a tab item how to create an instance in MVC?
  110. Making extjs component ext.form.Combobox accessible.
  111. SenchaTouch 1.1 website breaks in Android 4.0.3
  112. ArrayStrore item to the select box based on the value selected in the first box
  113. How to add a list to one select box based on another select box value
  114. problems with ext.ux.gris.search
  115. list didnt render on 2nd time while using listpaging
  116. how to hide broswer address bar when searchfiield is touch
  117. Big Button in middle of Toolbar (Path App or Instagram Style)
  118. JSONP.request error/failure action
  119. O’Reilly Conferences App on Android
  120. Sencha touch con 2011 slides
  121. Possible error in select field with scroll or renderer
  122. Disable "Add to contacts" and "Copy"
  123. Application Loading Mask Issue
  124. Caching store
  125. A complete google map/ directions applicaton
  126. Blackberry destroyed letter bug? (phonegap + sencha touch)
  127. Frequently Reloaded List
  128. What are the properties of an image to insert "disclosure"?
  129. Best Way To Add A Select Field To HTML Inside A Panel
  130. Toolbar button with two or more badges... how to?
  131. Android and passwordfield/textfiels superfocus
  132. TabPanel tabs rendering issue
  133. sencha + phonegap: reading local xml file
  134. Dynamic TabBar
  135. Sencha Touch on Blackberry (Torch): Using Touch and Trackpad
  136. How to sign a apk developed on sencha touch v1
  137. screen is jumping while taking input with soft keyboard in i os
  138. Can read device information from Sencha Touch?
  139. how to set multiple overlay modal for sencha component
  140. How to change default background color of list item on itemtap ?
  141. Order of Groupings
  142. itmTpl Css "<" character
  143. Radiobutton/-field style
  144. Cannot load data into store via REST proxy
  145. Loading local json
  146. Objective C - Sencha Touch Bridge
  147. How to integrate the Google Map Javascript code for DirectionsRender in Sencha Panel
  148. Version 1.0.2 on the downloads page??
  149. How to rearrange items in a container with drag and drop.
  150. Retina Display
  151. Android orientation change scaling bug
  152. Keyboard issue in Android 4.1 Jellybean - Nexus
  153. Add Button in itemTpl
  154. HTTPS Connection issue
  155. how to use store.getProxy().setExtraParam
  156. iOS 6.0 problem with keyboard in Ext.Msg.prompt
  157. Samsung Galaxy Nexus keyboard issue
  158. Customizing Sencha Touch Interface
  159. Select field with option in search and show data in new page in a list
  160. Multiple Nested Chart Panels in TabPanel
  161. ScriptTag Proxy to WCF C# Service
  162. Card Containers inside tab panel, no method setActiveItem
  163. Using iOS 6 Smart App Banner in Sencha Touch
  164. Help with persistent file changes with Sencha Touch applications.
  165. Android Deep Sleep - slow to start
  166. Panels are hiding but not reappearing
  167. Parameter after Submit with Sencha Touch 1.0 form are empty
  168. Sencha app 640px wide does not auto scale device width
  169. scroller.scrollTo left and right?
  170. Toolbar theme
  171. How to wrap a Ext.Button in a div using template
  172. make label clickable
  173. Data into gridview
  174. Ajax called twice and unable to send params on (phonegap+sencha) xcode emulator
  175. Ext.Ajax.request...