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  1. [STALE-300] Ext.Toolbar.Insert appears to insert component into wrong node
  2. [DUP-277] [b.95] Message box critical recursion
  3. [FIXED-328] store.loadData + store.sync does not update the index on the localStorage
  4. [FIXED-304] Text wrapping in select field action sheets.
  5. [OPEN-324] Google Maps problem with bottom tabpanels
  6. [FIXED-307] El.garbageCollect
  7. [CLOSED-329] Show event doesnt fire first time
  8. [OPEN-335] DataView is not using getRenderRecords in refresh method v0.95
  9. [FIXED-338] textareas scroll on Android but not iOS
  10. [FIXED-337] Reverse of slide down animation doesn't slide up
  11. [OPEN-327] List with carousel
  12. [FIXED-339] LocalStore Proxy Record Remove Issue
  13. [FIXED-326] hide/show do not take the Boolean value 'true' as the docs suggest
  14. [FIXED-316] Extra white space displayed after URL bar disappears on Droid 2.1
  15. [DUPE-318] Markers clicking is very slow in Android 2.1
  16. [FIXED-340] metadata of json result not copied to data store
  17. [STALE-341] parts of theobject model not working in floating elements
  18. [FIXED-334] Proxy Event 'exception' Never Firing
  19. [CLOSED-342] blockRefresh doesn't work after updating a field in a record.
  20. [FIXED-343] Slider doesn't move if hidden
  21. [DUP-332] Glitchy Back button on iPad in 0.9.5
  22. [FIXED-347] 0.95 Ext.data.Connection method request(o) wrongly uses disableCaching
  23. [FIXED-349] JsonStore sending invalid HTTP header
  24. [FIXED-348] addDocked in .95
  25. [FIXED-350] scrollTo results in error if not "scrolled" yet
  26. [OPEN-345] .95 dragdrop/tablet_startup.png says "Drap & Drop"
  27. [FIXED-346] Can't Slide/Zoom after scrolling
  28. [STALE-353] Safari 4.0.4 never finishes loading this simple app
  29. [FIXED]Select field still editable when disabled
  30. [CLOSED-355] isSelected fn not available in Ext.DataPanel but only in DataView
  31. [CLOSED-354] Panel:items [0.95]
  32. [DUPE-316] HTC DESIRE Android width and height
  33. [CLOSED-356] Ext.decode
  34. [FIXED-360] scroller.scrollTo doesn't fire scroll event
  35. [FIXED-361]store read listeners doesnt return true?
  36. [CLOSED-364] List with dynamic store, anchors failing
  37. [OPEN-368] demo is missing overlay.js
  38. [FIXED-374] Scrolling a List in a nested panel
  39. [INVALID-373] Animation callback scope set to config object instead of config.scope
  40. [FIXED-371] Ext.data.Connection().request() method defaults to post
  41. [STALE-372] Attempting to remove a component fails to fully remove element
  42. [CLOSED] Date formatting issue
  43. [CLOSED-378] Form Example crash Google Chrome
  44. [DUPE-376] 0.9.6 Maps - Locate position not working
  45. [FIXED-377] 0.96 Carousel switching sections bug
  46. [FIXED-379] 0.96 SegmentedButton toggle event doesn't provide the Button itself
  47. [OPEN-380] Form required fields appearence
  48. [OPEN-381] KitchenSink carbon-like phantom screen in 0.96
  49. [FIXED] 0.96 misses Ext.data.HasManyAssociation
  50. [INFOREQ] Screen drawing problem.
  51. [OPEN-382] some backgrounds messed up since 0.96 ?
  52. [STALE-383] Store in 0.96 not working properly
  53. [FIXED-384] beforelayout not functioning
  54. [FIXED-390] Ajax behaviour broken in 0.96
  55. [FIXED-391] Ext.form.Field hasfocus and focus() dont work
  56. [OPEN-385] zIndex typo in wipe animation (0.96)
  57. [FIXED-386] (0.95+) Scroller positioned wrong in flexed Container
  58. [FIXED-387] Nested list is breaking 0.96
  59. [FIXED-388] TabPanel doesn't accept animation
  60. [FIXED-389] insertDocked - Incorrect Parameter Order in Docs
  61. [DUPE-338] Ext.TabBar.onTabTap bungles animation
  62. [FIXED-397] ungracious mess when template loop over undefined variable
  63. [OPEN-392] 0.96 Carousel broken
  64. [OPEN-393] search field on toolbar
  65. [FIXED-394] (Android 2.1) Overlay Bug
  66. [OPEN-395] Float Style Causes HTML to Fail on Button
  67. [FIXED-396] Editable form still appearing on other card
  68. [STALE-398] Video not scrolling with panel
  69. [DUPE-378] Forms broken in iPhone Simulator
  70. [FIXED-396] Form field stuck on android
  71. [OPEN-399] 0.96 - gestures and child nodes
  72. [OPEN-401] Sample not working for audio and video
  73. [FIXED] MessageBox displayed over Modal window show up behind Modal Window and invisible
  74. [FIXED-403] Android 2.2 map bug
  75. [FIXED-405] A trailing comma
  76. [DUPE-316] Bug in Samsung Galaxy S
  77. [OPEN] [OPEN-406] All panels seem to redraw on first scroll since 0.96 release..
  78. [OPEN-407] API documentation wrong?
  79. [FIXED-408] textfields unresponsive to first taps on iOS devices (0.96)
  80. [FIXED-409] 0.96: Carousel Switch Broken when List is Used
  81. [FIXED-416] Indexbar for the list is not working.
  82. [OPEN-410] 0.96 Drag on form field problem
  83. [FIXED-411] 0.96 Not seeing a (x) to remove text from form fields
  84. [OPEN-412] 0.96 direction for flip animation is wrong
  85. [FIXED-413] 0.96 SegmentedButton toggle event is fired with null param
  86. [FIXED-414] 0.96: Serious Flaw with List Selection
  87. [OPEN-417] 0.96 Styling of SearchField
  88. [OPEN-415] Sorting a list (by dragging a line using a handle) broken in 0.96
  89. [CLOSED-418] Content in IFrame in Panel Will Not Scroll
  90. [DUPE-403] Input error: Google Maps examples in HTC Hero 2.1
  91. [OPEN-419] Online API docs search Ext JS docs instead of Sencha Touch docs
  92. [OPEN-424] Form Item in Toolbar
  93. [INVALID-425] Broken 'Blog' Example
  94. [FIXED-423] 0.96 stopMaskTapEvent = false still cancels touchstart
  95. [FIXED-422] Ajax.extraParams doesn't work
  96. [FIXED-421] quota_exceeded_err:DOM exeption 22 - Safari Mobile
  97. [CLOSED-420] Validator Package missing
  98. [OPEN] [OPEN-426] List returns wrong records on itemtap after Store.filterBy()
  99. [CLOSED-427] Reorientation breaks text?
  100. [FIXED-428] 0.97: Textarea fields ignoring click on non-iOS browsers
  101. [FIXED-429] 0.97: A return in a text area closes keyboard on iOS
  102. [FIXED-434] 0.97: Ext.data.Reader "this.getTotal is not a function" error
  103. [FIXED-430] Virtual Keyboard dismiss make a gap equal to the part that have been hide
  104. [FIXED-431] listchange event is not fired in NestedList
  105. [OPEN-432] input field in Ext.List leading to unexpected behaviour (Android)
  106. [INVALID-433] 0.97 config not applied for proxies
  107. [CLOSED] missing ext-touch.css??
  108. [OPEN-435] 0.97: Distribution is missing Ext.data.Errors
  109. [OPEN-436] (0.97) Pictos filenames
  110. [CLOSED]Twiiter application is not working in 0.97
  111. [FIXED]Ext.DatePicker Bug
  112. [OPEN-438] Following error is displaying while calling validate() in 0.97
  113. [OPEN-437] Ext.is function against Desktop and iphone
  114. [CLOSED-439] Focus problems with tab panel content
  115. [OPEN-440] Wrong Panel width when having a side dock and being a child of a TabPanel
  116. [FIXED-441] Icons and Guid example .97
  117. [CLOSED] 0.97 - TabPanel inside an overlay Panel issue
  118. [CLOSED]DataView templates stopped working in 0.97
  119. [FIXED-443] Store.load callback function is passed wrong argument when called.
  120. [FIXED-442]Dynamically adding tabs to a tabpanel
  121. [FIXED-444] overlay border not fully covering content
  122. [FIXED] Documentation broken for validators
  123. [CLOSED] Orientation change messes up floated overlay position
  124. [OPEN-445] iPhone is not detected when desktop safari is set to use iPhone user agent
  125. [FIXED-448] Documentation Example for Observable's 'listen' config is wrong
  126. [FIXED-446] Back & Forward Button height broken in 0.97
  127. [OPEN-447] TreeStore not firing "load" event
  128. [OPEN-449] Panel example in docs says type: 'light' instead of ui: 'light'
  129. [FIXED-450] Toolbar's shadow covers top of lower toolbar on iPad 3.2
  130. [FIXED] Bug in Twitter Example
  131. [OPEN-454] Audio Broken on iPad [v0.97]
  132. [OPEN-451] textfield with focus in floating panel causes errors on hide of panel
  133. [FIXED-452] no way to capture char 13 (enter) in textfield as of 0.97
  134. [FIXED-496] Touch/ExtJS Ext.MessageBox handler inconsistency
  135. [OPEN-453] Centered Floating Panel with form focus problem
  136. [CLOSED-455] setFloating autoShow does not appear to work
  137. [CLOSED-456] Viewport Resize Removes Width attribute on floating panel
  138. [FIXED-457] Bugs in the example of Kitchen Sink - User Interface - Forms in 0.97
  139. [CLOSED] Button Icons on SegmentedButton
  140. [OPEN-458] DataView - Scroll horizontal with one finger
  141. [FIXED-460] API Layout Config Documentation Innacurate
  142. [DUPE] some kitchen sink samples does not work on Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.1)
  143. [NOREPRO] Select field closing floating formpanel
  144. [FIXED-463] Wrong calculation of panel width in 0.97 (Worked in 0.96)
  145. [REOPENED] Height of Panel Body is 0px/undefined in 0.97 (worked in 0.96)
  146. [FIXED-466] DatePickerField error on selecting of date
  147. [OPEN-465] Checkbox field spacing with multi-line label
  148. [CLOSED-462] FieldSet setting disabled
  149. [OPEN-467] Nested List dont fire any event on backtap
  150. [FIXED-468] field 'change' event inconsistent argument order
  151. [FIXED-471] 0.98 Wrong debug css
  152. [FIXED] store.read with only one object in a DataView
  153. [FIXED-469] 0.98 Ext.layout.HBoxLayout invaild file
  154. [FIXED-470] 0.98 Ext.util.Dispatcher is missing in documentation
  155. [CLOSED-472] One Time Buttons
  156. [FIXED-473] New scroller in 0.98 is crazy jumping
  157. [CLOSED-480] New "getTotal" bug in 0.98 (worked in 0.97)
  158. [FIXED-474] dockedItem not rendered/painted in 0.98
  159. [FIXED-479] .98 - Strange characters in Password field on Android
  160. [FIXED-478] Typo in src/widgets/Component.js
  161. [FIXED-477] Element.unitizeBox only works with pixels
  162. [INFOREQ-493] Bug - Forms jump around when entering text on Android
  163. [FIXED-500] Kitchensink UI >Forms example crashes Safari in iPhone simulator?
  164. [OPEN-483] Vertical Carousel does are not displayed on grey or background (0.98)
  165. [STALE-484] Default value on Toggle component
  166. [FIXED-487] 0.98 Checkbox inside Container toggles check *twice* on tap/click
  167. [OPEN-485] ux.CodeBox content doesn't scroll in detailCard / nestedlist example
  168. [FIXED] DockLayout attempts to manipulate DOM element after it's been destroyed
  169. [OPEN-491] 0.98 overflowed image cannot be scrolled any more.
  170. [OPEN-486] SegmentedButton allowDepress flag evaluated incorrectly
  171. [FIXED-489] Bug in SELECT field (iOS simulator, Sencha Touch 0.98)
  172. [CLOSED] 0.98 MessageBox layout incorrect. body is positioned under the title bar.
  173. [FIXED-494] Slider thumb not adjusted when rotating device
  174. [FIXED-490] 0.98 Ext.Button iconAlign cfg is defined twice
  175. [CLOSED-492] Different (wrong?) autoLoad behavior in 0.98
  176. [OPEN] [FIXED-498] Validation not working
  177. [FIXED-495] Slider.getValue() is incorrect if minValue != 0
  178. [FIXED-502] List created by Select field is never destroyed if hidden on mask tap
  179. [CLOSED]Ext.data.Connection.isLoading() returns true if another connection is loading
  180. [FIXED-503] Store load always returns success as false ?
  181. [OPEN-504] <select> not working on Android
  182. [FIXED-506] Ext.data.Connection: conn.abort() aborts *all* instances
  183. [DUPE-447] Ext.data.TreeStore firing "read" not "load"
  184. [INFOREQ] Panel and Carousel scroll issue.
  185. [FIXED] Android Orientation Change Not Firing
  186. [FIXED] Initial load on Android has incorrect Dimensions
  187. [FIXED-521] 0.98: Sencha killing certain clicks on iOS devices
  188. [FIXED-507] [0.99] incorrect Ext.form.Select popup height if too many items
  189. [FIXED-508] 0.99 Fullscreen does not work with Ext.regApplication()
  190. [CLOSED-509] Card Layout Expanding beyond Screen
  191. [FIXED-515] Component doesn't destroy its Scroller
  192. [OPEN-513] carousel config disabled is ignored
  193. [OPEN-510] 0.99: Touch events ignored when wrapped in PhoneGap
  194. [FIXED-511] store.add() : should be able to add array of data instance
  195. [OPEN-512] kitchensink/index.html includes non-existent .js files
  196. [FIXED-514] removeAllListeners() does not remove added events via .on('eventName')
  197. [OPEN-517] Overlay issue in version 0.98 & 0.99
  198. [FIXED-518] 0.99 - Stack Overflow
  199. [FIXED-516] DataView - Breaking orientation
  200. [OPEN-520] Several Form bugs
  201. [FIXED-519] Ext.lib.Container.show() method doesn't pass arguments to superclass
  202. [CLOSED] List width with docked item at left or right
  203. [INFOREQ]initMouseEvent Sencha Touch 0.99 NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS_ZERO_ISNOT_NULL
  204. [FIXED-522] toggle.setValue() doesn't properly update UI slider
  205. [FIXED-523] removeDocked leaves blank space (0.99)
  206. [CLOSED] On PC - chrome and safari browsers get "stuck" to mouse
  207. [FIXED-530] Radio "checked" not sticky when clicking on another radio label
  208. [OPEN-534] List items can no longer be deselected in 0.99
  209. [OPEN] [OPEN-524] Ext.isObject testing for tagName
  210. [FIXED] 0.99 - Field focus / blur events don't work as advertised
  211. [CLOSED]Model date fields issues on Android and iPhone
  212. [OPEN-525] Ext.Msg.prompt multiline not working
  213. [FIXED-526] DataView.loadingText not passed to LoadMask (0.99)
  214. [OPEN-527] Ext.List event selectionchange different in 0.99 but not documented
  215. [FIXED-528] Carousel Indicator issue in version 0.99
  216. [CLOSED] tapping the list once, itemtap event appear twice. (in 0.99)
  217. [CLOSED] DatePicker/Picker on select error
  218. [FIXED-583] nested xml / complex xml, cant get associations to work
  219. [FIXED-529] Ext.form.NumberField do not activate numeric the keyboard
  220. [FIXED] 0.99 List docs example uses outdated tpl/itemSelector syntax
  221. [FIXED] Component.add() not working in 0.99
  222. [OPEN-531] Embedding list in popup window and using showBy causes arrow glitch
  223. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Error extending store ...
  224. [OPEN-532] Rendering issues with 'x' clear icon
  225. [FIXED-507] List display broken with scroll=false in 0.99
  226. [CLOSED] creating tpl format in new version 0.99 not working
  227. [FIXED] Calling .add() in child panel raises parent tab panels onCardAdd
  228. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.confirm - YES/NO Order
  229. [FIXED-533] 1.0RC Ext.form.Search have wrong doc comment -> incomplete doc api
  230. [FIXED-535] 1.0RC: Form-submit does not call success-function
  231. [OPEN-536] Android 1.0RC1: Ext.form.Search in toolbar field shown twice while focused
  232. [FIXED-537] 1.0RC1 Form checkbox
  233. [OPEN] [OPEN-539] 1.0RC: Floating TabPanel
  234. [FIXED-538] RC1 .removeAll() in child panel by Ext.Carousel.Indicator onCardRemove
  235. [FIXED] Animations on Android flickering
  236. [OPEN-540] IndexBar barely visible when using android.css
  237. [OPEN-542] Ext.form.Select broken on Android
  238. [FIXED] Can't have more than 1 hasMany association
  239. [INFOREQ] Droid 2.2 ActionSheet with ToolBar Buttons don't always fire
  240. [OPEN-545] RC1.0 NestedList in combination with certain TreeStore broken
  241. [OPEN-548] Expensive Ext.List.updateOffsets() called even if unused
  242. [FIXED-543]noCache: false does not work
  243. [FIXED-544]Problem with setLoading(false)
  244. [CLOSED-547] segmentedButton.add() not working right in RC1
  245. [INFOREQ]Syntax error: DOM Exception 12
  246. [CLOSED] Kitchen Sink dont run on Android 1.6
  247. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.confirm broken in 1.0RC
  248. [OPEN-550] RC1 bug: click button on toolbar show bad effect with chrome
  249. [FIXED-429] RC1. Pressing return key in TextArea makes the field lose focus.
  250. [FIXED-552]FormPanel setValues method missing setChecked logic & extra values error