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  1. SearchField
  2. Ext.form.FormPanel.getValues() can't handle array inputfield
  3. Panel redraw performance
  4. a bug when a panel contains one carousel and one list
  5. Tabbar bug in popup
  6. [OPEN] Element size not animating
  7. Samsung Galaxy S
  8. Report a bug: Editing issues for NumberField class and all its children
  9. [OPEN] input disabled being ignored
  10. 'flip' animation bug and workaround
  11. animation background style
  12. Layout broken after using select control and rotating (1.0.1a)
  13. Tap delay on list items and erroneous firing of event for double tap (1.0.1a)
  14. Pressing a disclosure button also triggers the itemtap event
  15. BUG: Ext.Panel does not capture multi-finger touchstart events
  16. Android: Two fields show up on text field focus
  17. Documentation for Gesture API
  18. Android: Weird scrolling while entering text into textboxes
  19. Documentation - Ext.is.tablet shows object in API is a boolean
  20. Getting Started Document is missing guide.css information
  21. docketItems as array issue
  22. [OPEN] [TOUCH-180] Blackberry Torch crashes editing a textbox
  23. scroller on Lists not resetting properly when changing data set
  24. Ext.Element#contains(textNode) always returns false, causing issues w/ hideOnMaskTap
  25. Textareafields dock over form after scrolling issue(using 1.0.1a)
  26. NestedList Issue
  27. In Store, loadData() with filterOnLoad breaks sort.
  28. Ext.Picker does not fire "pick" on click
  29. Help for isDirty in Ext.form.Field
  30. Serious performance issues with grouped lists
  31. Sortable bug
  32. A panel has x-portrait and x-landscape at the same time.
  33. Activate Listener fires twice
  34. Ext.Sheet fullscreen doesn't adjust height when hidden
  35. [1.1.0] LocalStorageProxy not handling additions correctly
  36. [API] idProperty not documented in Model
  37. [1.1.0] Id in WebStorageProxy does not need to be int
  38. "scroll"-property on "List"s
  39. [CLOSED] can't dismiss an autocorrect suggestion in iPad
  40. XType Documentation Incorrect
  41. [OPEN-120] Bug with z-index in Ext.anims
  42. iOS 4.0.2 TabPanel icons don't work
  43. Cross icon not displayed in search field
  44. Ext.MessageBox is not modal when on top of a sheet
  45. Textfield bug in android
  46. prepareData in DataView should not override Record data
  47. Google Maps is not rendering properly after changing the device Orientation
  48. Indexbar Scrolling issue
  49. [CLOSED] Ext.Ajax.request messed up headers on iPhone/iPad
  50. TabPanel won't render items unless fullscreen set to true
  51. Ext.util.Stateful.set triggers to many events and workaround
  52. Carousel breaks on orientation change.
  53. [FIXED] [124] NestedList leaf card title and back button
  54. SASS Errors in Version 1.1
  55. [1.1.0] Error compiling SASS theme
  56. Playbook - Sencha Touch has no support to detect BlackBerry PlayBook devices
  57. On the BlackBerry PlayBook, "landscape" and "portrait" are reversed.
  58. [1.1.0] examples/forms -> docked toolbar
  59. Overlay Animation Bug 1.1
  60. [1.1.0] examples/forms -> loading.gif
  61. Ext.util.Scroller accelleration default now 20 should say so in doco
  62. 1.1 Ext.Anim disableAnimations doco apparently contradicts code
  63. [1.1.0] examples/forms -> loadModel
  64. 1.1.0 Ext.data.Connection abort function coding error
  65. [API] Component -> addCls()
  66. Android Form Problem
  67. PullRefresh & ListPaging throw errors if list has no loading text..
  68. misleading variable name in Ext.lib.Component function addListener
  69. Alert modal not changing size to fit content
  70. [OPEN] [1.1.0] Ext.form.Checkbox isDirty does not work correctly
  71. [1.1.0] badgeText wrong placement when TabBar is docked at top
  72. Ext.Util.Scroller not working right on iPhone
  73. doctype declaration makes maps buggy
  74. List not preparing association data when List.grouped = true
  75. [INFOREQ] Programmatic List selection change fails until list is shown
  76. Map BUG and WebApp on homescreen BUG
  77. Scrolling doesn't work after update with HTML
  78. Getting 1.1.0 to Work with BlackBerry OS6 Non-touch Devices
  79. Insert records in store and sync it with localstorage
  80. typo in Ext.List.getRecords (v 1.1.0)
  81. typo in doc for Droppable
  82. Store is currpoted when using load?
  83. HttpProxy will not work when specifing api params, it says it requires url param
  84. iPhone and Authorization header
  85. Ext.Picker doesn't show titles
  86. wrong infowindows display in googlemaps
  87. selectfield doesn't open on Android 2.2 (HTC Desire) - Sencha Touch v.1.1.0
  88. [FIXED] Google Maps Listener on click
  89. Ext.Msg.prompt() is Not Editable when multiLine is true or number
  90. problem with list with one row only
  91. Rendering issue in Ext.Msg package / 1.1.0
  92. [FIXED] [1.1.0] Missing configuration options?
  93. Id not being correctly created when using Store.loadData
  94. BUG textfield & soft keyboard
  95. iPad Virtual Keyboard Messes with Layout During Orientation Change
  96. Ext.Fx for Sencha Touch
  97. [FIXED] PullRefresh.js references wrong documentation
  98. Carousel not working correctly on android 2.2
  99. iPhone, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap Layout issues.
  100. List does not clear scrolling on reload
  101. activate evetn wont fire (see details in post)
  102. BUG: REST proxy load instance generate incorrect url
  103. missing event for onGeoUpdate
  104. Android, Touch Event - CR.
  105. [FIXED] [OPEN TOUCH-137] enableHighAccuracy/allowHighAccuracy in GeoLocation
  106. textareafield placeHolder no use
  107. Associated Models marked dirty on when loaded
  108. Ext.urlEncode does not encode objects
  109. [1.1.0] - Select field without a name will not work properly in iPhone
  110. Sheet mask conflicts with modal mask (Msg.alert)
  111. Store bound to a List makes List fail when a store.insert() is called.
  112. ST 1.1: Select field on a toolbar doesn't work in iPhone
  113. Documentation Issue with Loading Search Results
  114. [CLOSED] [CLOSED TOUCH-24] [1.1.0] Docked item add/remove shifts content body around.
  115. Android browser autoreload breaks app
  116. 1.1: Toggle field setValue() causes an exception
  117. ST 1.1: Date picker field sets field text to 0/<day>/Y
  118. [OPEN TOUCH-25] Ext.Component overwrites Ext.lib.Compoent's isDraggableMethod.
  119. [FIXED-116] record.reject() not working
  120. [1.1.0] - showAnimation : true <-- valid according to docs!
  121. BUG: Disabled Textarea Still Popup Soft Keyboard In Android
  122. [1.1.0] Bug with nested Ext.Msg.alert() ?
  123. [OPEN] Playbook Pinch Bug
  124. [1.1] - Segmented buttons are incredibly slow.
  125. [1.1] Noticeable tap delay
  126. Masking of page content occurs in carousel mode
  127. Massive Errors on Android 2.2
  128. hiddenfield shows on orientation change
  129. [1.1.0] Pull to refresh plugin does not take height of dockeditems into account.
  130. 'r.xhr undefined' exception in 1.1.0
  131. Spelling issue with pictos icon user remove
  132. Browser crash on doComponentLayout
  133. [1.1] - Buttons in horizontal scroll tabpanel are sized incorrectly
  134. [1.1] - ui : 'small' for generic buttons does nothing.
  135. Ext.data.Store snapshot not updated when using loadData
  136. panel redraws not properly after orientation change
  137. Android browser autoreload breaks app
  138. setActiveItem after event firing twice
  139. [OPEN] [INFOREQ] 1.1 Scroll still no good
  140. Styling floating tabpanel
  141. createInterceptor: (boolean) false as returnValue is not working
  142. indexBar unexpected appearance
  143. [OPEN-122] Rotation issue with Ext.Viewport.scrollToTop and iPhone 3G
  144. Chromium's wonky google gears support causes Sencha failure
  145. AjaxProxy timeout results in store load failure
  146. Ext.Store.onProxyWrite doesn't set needsAdd to false
  147. Mask gets stuck if clicking on it while using scrolling on the foreground object
  148. Ajax call not working in sencha touch
  149. LocalStorageProxy with id-field doesn't work
  150. Screen is jumping up and down while typing on Android
  151. [OPEN] Problems filtering list/store after scrolling to bottom
  152. [OPEN] 1.1.0: Bug with "return false" from Ext.form.ToggleField#beforechange listener
  153. Alignment problems for the 'tick' of the checkbox when using labelAlign
  154. .initComponent on Ext.List breaks CSS
  155. Ext.List Scroll event on empty grouped list errors out
  156. z-index must be Number in Ext.anims
  157. Documentation bug: cardswitch event in NestedList
  158. Ext.form.TextArea scroll breaks layout
  159. Ext.defer documentation is for the wrong method
  160. Ext.Element.mask() does not return mask element
  161. toggefield cannot be updated if fieldset+form are hidden
  162. hide/show/doComponentLayout broken
  163. Slider (stand alone): thumb position wrong up when placed in Ext.Container
  164. Sencha Touch API Documentation 1.1 is a Mess
  165. [DUPLICATE-129] Minor bug in Ext.data.Connection [patch]
  166. [OPEN-135] Disabled Checkboxes/Radiobuttons still working
  167. [CLOSED] Ext.Picker Shifts Other Panels or has the Wrong Height
  168. [FIXED-129] Ext.data.Connection's abort()
  169. carousel sencha-touch.css bug v1.1
  170. [DUPLICATE] destoy() on Ext.data.Model not implemented.
  171. [OPEN-125] Store (using AjaxProxy) duplicates new record when .sync() is called
  172. itemtap
  173. .show()/.hide() on a toolbar doesn't work properly
  174. Destroy method isn't working properly...
  175. Default Tap Menu is not displayed on PlayBook
  176. [OPEN TOUCH-138] Serious flaw with List Selection (revised)
  177. [FIXED-117] Pull Refresh: Last updated doesn't update
  178. [CLOSED] NestedList doesn't show up when not set fullscreen
  179. BUG Android2.2 Passwordfield
  180. List plugins disable mask and never re-enable it
  181. Selectfield does not always disappear properly.
  182. setActiveItem animation to a blank panel does not work
  183. Ext.TabBar totally broken in iOS 5 1
  184. Carousel Bug using Motorola Xoom
  185. Carousel Bug using Motorola Xoom
  186. Google Map is broken when change oriantion in anroid
  187. android flicker/freeze on data view
  188. The contact MVC sample fails on Android
  189. For Sencha Admins: Picker API documentation Error
  190. Ext.data.WebStorageProxy->getRecord Bug in Safari
  191. List.groupTpl cannot accept an XTemplate
  192. add mon/mun to docs
  193. PENDING: group headers in store bug after loadData is called
  194. Ext.Sheet can't be over 200px unless stretched
  195. Does Sencha Touch support doublie-bytes language?
  196. Tricky bug using Safari, scrolling a card and setActiveItem cover: true
  197. Ios 5 Safari renders a white screen
  198. ASC Sorting Compromised by Capital Letters
  199. Controller#render() does not work for a child viewport of a child TabPanel
  200. Audio tag not displaying on Chrome
  201. screen shifted down in os x safari when user agent = iPad
  202. refreshNode causes template's # (xindex) value to be set to 1
  203. Documentation Toolbar Buttons Dysfunctional
  204. Selectfield Issue
  205. Request variable undefined in AJAX connection when timeout
  206. In a grouped list, the first header disappears if scroll down quickly
  207. Where to contribute bugfix
  208. [CLOSED] Issue with cursor focus on Input/Textarea when an overlay appears (Android)
  209. Pull to refresh plugin bug
  210. Selectfields
  211. SetActiveItem not working
  212. [OPEN] Ext.Map.update() only works the first time when the map is hidden
  213. Slider first tap and setValue
  214. Spinner self-increments
  215. MessageBox breaks on the PlayBook if it includes a field (and other issues)
  216. Store findById uses old dataset after second load()
  217. [SCSS] @mixin sencha-buttons
  218. [INFOREQ] kitchen sink bugs
  219. Paging plugin bug
  220. Compass Compile Error from following intro
  221. Panel showBy doesnt work with nested containers
  222. viewIndex wrong value when adding item on grouped list
  223. getById fails after adding record to store
  224. Store datachanged event inconsistency
  225. Ext.AbstractManager.onAvailable registered listeners never fire
  226. Minor Documentation bugs: Ext.form.Field subclasses
  227. [CLOSED] Scrolling bug in forms example on Android 2.1
  228. Ext.data.AbstractStore forces model to always come from config
  229. Unify Ajax requests and Model Proxy requests.
  230. [FIXED] Rotating device after activating SelectField breaks layout
  231. cardswitch event not always triggered when there is animation.
  232. [INFOREQ] Selectlist items 'active' for picking even after select list is gone Sencha 1.1.0
  233. [OPEN] [TOUCH-227] Ext.Panel.update loadScript and callback ignored
  234. Dynamically Hide/show the panel toolbar when we tap on panel content
  235. Container scroll put draggable item behind mask
  236. Weird behavior of sencha touch on iphone when dealing with orientation change
  237. Presence Validation type returns true on null values.
  238. [FIXED] TreeStore autoLoad
  239. dirty property when updaterecord called
  240. Docked Item Rendering Issue
  241. Important typo in Ext.util.Droppable validDropMode
  242. [CLOSED] Ext.Ajax.Request bug report
  243. Togglefield + Texfield + Toolbar = weird scrolling.
  244. Problem displaying toolbar in iod when page is loaded in background
  245. Address bar won't hide in iOS, using application and viewport.
  246. Duplication of some parameters when using Ext.data.ScriptTagProxy.buildRequest
  247. selectfield bug - easily reproducible on GeoCongress example
  248. Ext.regStore() does't return instance
  249. Load() specific instance model/store URL building
  250. Sencha Touch Mobile Xorg stutter and high cpu