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  1. Updating a component doesn't properly escape text
  2. x-panel-body: mystery margin-right
  3. Problem with Ext.Picker
  4. JSONP callback
  5. Kitchen Sink menu not visible with BlackBerry
  6. Store isFiltered always returns true when snapshot exists
  7. Ext.decode has differing behavior on android
  8. Slider.setValue not initializing in the correct position?
  9. Picker scroll bug (only when two elements are present)
  10. debug version has space in method call
  11. Focus gets messed up when destroying a floating panel. requires double click after
  12. Pinch Zoom working on BlackBerry PlayBook and OS7beta but non on BlackBerry OS6
  13. Invalid HTML fragment inserted in the DOM?
  14. JSONP chaining static calls
  15. SegmentedButton - toggle event
  16. Ext.form.ToggleField change event fires on render
  17. [SCSS] @mixin sencha-toolbar-ui
  18. Ext.Button Event 'beforetap' does not pass arguments
  19. Filter methods in Ext.data.Errors should return an instance of Ext.data.Errors
  20. cardswitch listener firing early
  21. Ajax / Connection timeout
  22. Fields are not updated when a filtering store.
  23. xml reader not working..
  24. How to refresh a template in a panel ?
  25. standardSubmit=true prevents beforesubmit handler from stopping form submission
  26. [FIXED] Memory Leak in Sencha Touch
  27. store.filterBy() and store.clearFilter() do not reapply sort
  28. Ext.form.Fieldset inconsistent setInstructions behavior
  29. Complex/Nested XML data associations don't work
  30. Panel not scrolling
  31. [FIXED] Select loses currently selected option after cancel
  32. Draggable - revert: false prevents intersections working
  33. body width of a panel is incorrectly calculated if a margin or border style is added
  34. Store can't handle data where a number preceeds the number 0 in the id property
  35. Datepicker: Days do not get properly updated on change of the month
  36. PullRefreshPlugin Element disappears if List store is loaded while hidden
  37. Flipping cards in Carousel too quickly cancels cardswitch event
  38. Android First Selection on a List Fails
  39. A textarea layout bug in FromPanel
  40. DatePicker problem when 'day' slot doesn't exist.
  41. Scroller jumps on second finger touch.
  42. Draggable revert fails when >1 Droppable in same group
  43. SelectList major issue when a floating panel on Ipad
  44. Toolbar Does Not Re-Pack on Orientation Change
  45. Problem with layout when user rotating from landscape to portrait or vice versa.
  46. Wrong initialization of blueprint-typography.
  47. BUG: Ext.data.WebStorageProxy doesn't handle QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR
  48. [1.1.0] Ext.regApplication is not compatible with application profiles
  49. XTemplate update and doComponentLayout causing map to disappear
  50. passing custom class to iconCls for tabPanel only works when tabBarDock: 'top'
  51. [CLOSED] not working on firefox5.0.1 and IE 8.0.7600?
  52. Android Textfield,SearchField focus problem
  53. iPhone: TabPanel is shifted wrongly when showing virtual keyboard
  54. Extending an Application affects rendering on iPhone
  55. Is Sencha reading this forum?
  56. Mask of modal panel some times does not close with panel after hideOnMaskTap
  57. Ext.List Only Renders in Desktop Safari
  58. Bug in List-Store binding
  59. Half of InActive card still visible in landscape ornt - Simple Kitchen sink example
  60. Half of InActive card still visible in landscape ornt - Simple Kitchen sink example
  61. [CLOSED] Focus on TextField breaks when using sencha.
  62. [FIXED] API Docs - Textfield in Source
  63. [PENDING] Setting Carousel isDraggable to false does not work. Possible fix inside.
  64. suspendEvents on a Button doesn't prevent tapcancel or tapstart
  65. Cannot use List object on more than 1 Carousel item
  66. Problem with dynamically (from db) building TreeStore for Ext.NestedList
  67. List (or uxBufList) and Selectfield - option change = itemTpl change problem
  68. 1.1.0 Ext.List addCls Documentation Error
  69. Textfield does not move with scrollable panel on Android HTC EVO
  70. [1.1.0] Data of Localstorage disappear
  71. 1.1.0 iOS GET phoneStartupScreen is called twice
  72. Arrow Select form missing
  73. [FIXED] MessageBox doesn't resize every time based on message content
  74. [FIXED] Store.loadData doesn't update Snapshot when loadData is called second time
  75. [CLOSED] [1.1.0] idProperty of Model is ignored
  76. [INFOREQ] Extending a model ignores the proxy
  77. AJAX and Adroid
  78. Can't fetch associations when memory proxy used on store
  79. Memory proxy doesn't fetch correct record for belongsTo association
  80. DataView doesn't load belongsTo associations, so they can't be used in List's itemTpl
  81. [CLOSED] Checkbox values always set to false in record when using form.updateRecord
  82. [CLOSED] Ext.ajax.Request -> always returns success
  83. Panel randomly not destroying in Card layout
  84. Slider doesn't move if parent component has property hidden: true
  85. [FIXED] layout not update after orientation change - focus was on form field (keyboard shown)
  86. [CLOSED] Ext.Router should handle trailing slashes
  87. [CLOSED] MapView on iPhone recenters itself automatically when navigating
  88. sencha-command: Stream:"Could not open the stream"
  89. BUG: Date picker inside popup closes the popup
  90. [FIXED] Animate an Ext.Element
  91. [CLOSED] x-list-parent not redrawing on orientation change
  92. [FIXED] sencha command typos in generator templates
  93. [CLOSED] Activate Events are not Called when animations are disabled by Overriding Ext.Anim
  94. [OPEN] [TOUCH-29] Ext.Picker title not working
  95. Container.getComponent fails to lookup by id if itemId has been set
  96. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.DatePicker issue
  97. [INFOREQ] List's emptyText not rendering on initial load
  98. [FIXED] Segmented Button ignores pressed true when ...
  99. Store loadData should also clear the snapshot
  100. Android Scroll Reveals Address Bar
  101. Floating panels are added on every show() but not removed on hide()
  102. Extending several Panels + dockedItems = panel display failure?
  103. [INFOREQ] SegmentedButton ignores allowdepress on swipe
  104. Incorrect anchorEl position on Element showBy with animation slide up
  105. Redraw Orientation
  106. HTTP status of 0 prevents json from loading in phonegap
  107. defaultRootId parameter is not honored in TreeStore.
  108. Flicker when tapping edge of viewport
  109. Segmented button loosing class on swipe
  110. [FIXED] Spinner Bug
  111. itemTap and itemSelector is broken for nested data in xtemplate
  112. Toolbar not showing on Droid X
  113. Checkboxes are still controllable after disabling them
  114. Toolbar showing on the bottom of the iphone and splitting into 3 pieces
  115. Toolbar showing on the bottom of the iphone and splitting into 3 pieces
  116. Button control does not position the icon correctly after removing and setting Text
  117. buttons on a docked toolbar dont work in panel which is in a carousel
  118. Spinnerfield incrementValue
  119. Bug in DatePicker
  120. Problem with image loading using sencha.io
  121. [API Docs] Ext.Msg.prompt
  122. [CLOSED] List becomes unusable when scrolled to bottom and short data replaced with long data
  123. Bug in DataView
  124. [FIXED] Sencha 1.1.1 Mask Android
  125. defaultRootId is not working in TreeStore
  126. Data from record creating an extra div that's adding height to the panel
  127. Bug / weird logic in Ext.Viewport.getSize() screws up dynamic resizing
  128. Android and Icon Masks
  129. XML Reading causing indefinate loading.
  130. isfiltered store
  131. Sencha Touch's event cancelBubble BUG
  132. Application useLoadMask issue
  133. 1.1.0 Grouped List Item (Bottom Border Not Displayed)
  134. iPad: Scrolling 'below the fold' will disable native magnifier and selecting text
  135. Column config setEditor is not displying the dateField editor at the correct location
  136. Column config setEditor is not displying the dateField editor at the correct location
  137. Forms in Android duplicated when scrolling
  138. Additional block in Ext.TabPanel
  139. [FIXED] SegmentedButton.add() not working on empty item list
  140. BlackBerry Issues
  141. Buttons and toolbars too tall on desktop Chrome/Safari versus iOS
  142. Margin bug shrinks panel width but happens only in portrait mode (not in landscape)
  143. [FIXED] Ajax Request timeout
  144. Samsung Galaxy S2
  145. Miss a drag as we are waiting for WebCore's response for touch down
  146. This bug tracking system leaves ignored a lot of posted bugs
  147. Carousel bug
  148. Android URL Bar Problem
  149. Disabled radio button getting selected on Samsung Android Tablet
  150. Ext.data.model not have the function destroy
  151. selectfield in overlay toolbar will hide the overlay on selection
  152. Panels do not scroll on HTC Flyer
  153. setActiveItem not working in nested Panel with card layout
  154. Audio not work
  155. Ext.List not working when showed more than one time
  156. [CLOSED] Twitter example is broken
  157. [INFOREQ] Whats up with Sencha Touch Carousels and Orientation issues?
  158. Ext.Router doesn't work expected if url path includes hyphen...
  159. toolbar disabled:true property not working for me
  160. Potential "Bug" fix? Self Associated Data Models
  161. [1.] Docs, Ext.ComponentMgr.all is listed as a MixedCollection
  162. Google map custom overlay resize works only on Google Chrome
  163. Compass compile error <Line 1: Invalid @import: expected end of line, was ";".>
  164. Panel xtype items problem
  165. panel.doLayout() method is not working.
  166. Spinner keyboard input can't be disabled, and doesn't take effect
  167. Sencha.io (syncstorage) => blank/white/empty page
  168. ScriptTagProxy removes function from page
  169. Changing dock of toolbar creates bugs.
  170. Reference API Documentation for Textfield?
  171. Checkbox Error in Chrome
  172. Togglefield shows green but toggled false on load when using pre-set value true
  173. Android problem - the whole window moves left and leaves a gap on the right
  174. Problem with adding or remove docked Items after resizing
  175. Flip animation on Android is different to iOS
  176. Ext.data.TreeStore.fillnode error when ajax request failed
  177. Sencha Touch in iOS5 doesn't work anymore, even Kitchensink fails
  178. request undefined on line 27638 of sencha-touch-debug-w-comments.js
  179. [API Docs] Ext.form.FormPanel
  180. Screen jumping when using FormPanel and TextAreaField Sencha 1.1 on Android
  181. TabPanel setActiveItem
  182. Initial orientation on Android 3 tablet is not detected correctly
  183. Disapearing buttons
  184. iOS5 related problem
  185. Model not mapped correctly to wire when saving to remote resource
  186. XTemplates; part II -> Ext.TEmplate.from bugs
  187. panel.removeAll does not cleanup the DOM
  188. Load method returns data for first node only
  189. Error:Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'get'
  190. the 'failure' event of 'Ext.util.JSONP.request' not work
  191. Sencha Touch v 1.1.1 - sencha-touch.js is missing & the examples don't work!
  192. [FIXED] [1.1.0] Model field truthy defaultValue doesn't allow reading non-truthy value
  193. [CLOSED] 1.1 Documentation - Missing tag
  194. 1.1.1 broke store.sync for modified records
  195. [CLOSED] Cross Domain Ajax Request with WCF does not work with Ext.Ajax
  196. [FIXED] Incorrect Return Type
  197. Fullscreen Overlay Panel and Message box conflict
  198. [CLOSED] Webapp doesn't work only on iPhone HomeScreen
  199. [CLOSED] EXT.router fails to pass file name to controller
  200. SelectField does not allow selection of items with value of 0
  201. Chart does not render on Mobile device
  202. Bug with Action sheet in till sencha 1.1
  203. JSON store/view bug?
  204. Checkbox field disable not working
  205. model reader cannot read local stored date (localStorageProxy, dateFormat)
  206. using HasManyAssociation.storeConfig.filters removes auto-generated foreignKey filter
  207. Kindle Fire and Silk Browser Compatibility
  208. Screen flickers when clicked on the side
  209. Bug in empty lists with scrolling enabled
  210. [CLOSED] Cache Problem on iOS 5
  211. Observable.clearmanagedListeners has a memory leak
  212. JSON Request Generates Syntax Error
  213. [OPEN] Typo in Docs (Ext.MessageBoxView)
  214. Sencha Touch OLD BUGS
  215. Template does not handle table layout
  216. [INFOREQ] Problem with getGroupString property and grouping header in sencha list.
  217. selectfield doesn't close on Android
  218. Using Ext.Encoding in Android return wrong character encoding
  219. [CLOSED] Forms are not correctly submitted in Chrome 16
  220. [CLOSED] problems about Sencha Touch 1.1.1
  221. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 1.x using layout:{type:vbox} its create extra space in bottom
  222. [URGENT] scrolling issue after panel.update(html)
  223. iPhone/iPad invisible space in bottom when page height > Apple device screen height
  224. [CLOSED] Checkbox with labelAlign:top badly positioned check on phones
  225. [CLOSED] List.update() not resetting scroll position
  226. [CLOSED] Using square brackets in field name breaks selectfield reset
  227. Warning: Bug in IOS 5.01 add to home screen
  228. help with Ext.Audio
  229. Panel.getActiveItem not working
  230. [OPEN] 148113-Category-Axis-not-redrawn-when-underlying-store-has-getCount()-1
  231. [OPEN] Adding listeners to drawn sprites.
  232. Html page scrolling when textfield focused, iOS
  233. LoadMask and MessageBox size or position problem
  234. Sencha touch 1.1 and Phonegap 1.2.0 - Keyborad don't hide on Android 2.x
  235. selectfield , textfield display incorrect
  236. Ext.data.Store.load() method adds "&calllback=stcCallback1001" to the end of http req
  237. [CLOSED] Google Maps API 'click' event not fired in Android/iOS
  238. Weird InfoWindow Alignment Bug
  239. Sencha-touch-1.2.0-sync breaks localstorage?
  240. data corruption using LocalStorageProxy w/ Store
  241. placeHolder broken when value contains double quote
  242. Touch Charts - markerConfig on line series is ignored
  243. Carousel doesnt populate when rendered to a hidden div
  244. Rest proxy sets the id param even though it is being appended to the url string
  245. scrolling FormPanel blocks text input, unable to move cursor in text(area) field
  246. Ext.data.store.filter() filters current data, not snapshot
  247. Ext.gesture.Manager.removeEventListener bug?
  248. Blackberry Back Button in Phonegap no longer working when Sencha added
  249. currentMap.map is null ?!
  250. Sencha touch MVC -reference error