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  1. [FIXED] SenchaCmd crashes with NullPointerException when run from an Extjs5 app
  2. incorrect color reproduction with rgba via sass theming.
  3. Build errors using sencha cmd
  4. Default Sencha cmd verion
  5. Sencha Cmd Sass Compilation Hangs :(
  6. Deploy app on tomcat
  7. Mixin extjs-tab-panel-ui missing while compiling js without ext framework
  8. Fashion destroy radial-gradient
  9. Sencha cmd native packaging build failed
  10. app watch and ajax requests
  11. Uninstall Sencha Cmd 6
  12. using cmd 5 for sass only compile
  13. What exactly does sencha app watch do?
  14. Sencha app build compass error (Windows path length)
  15. Installing Sencha Cmd on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 doesn't work
  16. Sencha Cmd v6.0.0.202 on Mac doesn't generate version hash for js and css in app.json
  17. Generating a sprite?
  18. Build failed on dynamic aliases
  19. Integrate third party libs?
  20. moved from SA V5 to WebStorm V6 Some (hopefully) simple questions
  21. suggestion. put start time when
  22. Using cachebuster with Local Storage Cache
  23. Cmd/Extjs 6 compile issue - Failed to resolve dependency Ext.app.Application
  24. 403 Forbidden when trying to upgrade to sencha 6 with http://cdn.sencha.com/cmd/6.0.0
  25. Disable cache buster for specific files
  26. Dispatch exception org.eclipse.jetty.io.EofException: early EOF
  27. sencha generate theme vs sencha generate package -–type theme
  28. Sencha app watch listener with scss files included in packages
  29. Wrong class-loader bootstrap.js is generated when package has nested root directories
  30. Build failing with generic message
  31. Sencha-cmd: not found
  32. load js file quickly when development
  33. Sass readme contains incorrect info
  34. Sass compilation fails with ambiguous error message if a named color is used
  35. build the application
  36. Cannot generate new app with Sencha Cmd 6.0 - Invalid Path
  37. sencha cmd compile without --remove-text-references not working
  38. [OPEN] Unknown command: "include" Cmd 6 (same issue also in older versions)
  39. Sencha Cmd Doubt
  40. "Sencha app build development" does not copy all files
  41. Cannot build app with splitted app.js and framework.js (cmd 6)
  42. com.sencha.exceptions.ExBuild: Failed to compress input
  43. Cannot build package because of sass compilation error
  44. Could not read script '''cordova.gradle''' as it does not exist.
  45. Noob seeks Advice on how to set up a Sencha Project on his work computer
  46. "sencha package upgrade" breaks package (.sencha/package/sencha.cfg)
  47. SenchaCMD 6 + ExtJS 4.2 can't build
  48. Sencha app refresh errors
  49. Sencha CMD Architect 3.2
  50. Custo UI problem
  51. Sencha cmd 6 application building
  52. Cmd crashes on typo
  53. Manifest loading from server should be forced with cache buster
  54. Exclude framework classes from app.js
  55. Include external files in a package [CMD]
  56. sencha app build with Ext.direct Error 404
  57. Cmd not building ST 2.42 production builds
  58. Cmd 6 JAVA version issues in OSX (Solution)
  59. Sencha Cmd 6 - Compile a package like an app, only with its dependencies
  60. sench app watch changes loader-order in bootstrap.js
  61. How to exclude Extjs sdk folder from version control
  62. sencha app build results in Error 404
  63. "sencha app prepare native" starts the build process
  64. sencha app refresh - Exclude namespace from compiling (?)
  65. cmd.merge.tool.args - no examples
  66. [ERR] MERGE CONFLICT - sencha.cfg - [ERR] Please resolve manually
  67. sencha app watch, doesn't recognize workspace properties
  68. sencha cmd is buggy
  69. Can't find file: build/temp/testing/ThemeDemoClassic/slicer-temp/theme-capture.json
  70. Production application not running
  71. Combine CSS with sencha cmd
  72. Sencha cmd configuration, faster build for development
  73. Windows Platform - Loading files with BOM
  74. Upgradation issue
  75. Control Sencha Cmd Errors Output
  76. [OPEN] Bug - Sencha cmd could not go through proxy with password auth
  77. [OPEN] Sencha Cmd quiet install does not include compass
  78. Production build includes watermark stuff two times
  79. [OPEN] Reference to undeclared variable - building package with 6.0.1
  80. [OPEN] building an empty app include a lot of sencha code
  81. [OPEN] Blocking issue with 6.0.1 - "undeclared variable : $font_icon_font_family"
  82. Sencha CMD 6.0.1 generates invalid development environment manifest
  83. Failed to resolve dependency Ext.grid.Panel
  84. CMD6 - Cannot build package - Unknown definition for dependency : Ext.data.Model
  85. [] Building App Breaks Unbuilt Version
  86. [FIXED] Cmd v6.0.1.76 Fashion - CSS Nested rules and parent reference not working as expected
  87. Sass/Fashion - Stack trace for functions
  88. Blocking issue with 6.0.1 : Can't find variable: responsivecolumn_item__mix
  89. Simple Question - How do I add Ext SDK to my newly created CMD 6.0.1 workspace?
  90. [FIXED] Consistent usage of quotes type in javascript template files
  91. package cannot build if framework : ext is set in package.json [6.0.1]
  92. Why Cmd generated application duplicates the name config?
  93. Difficulty Creating a Remote Package
  94. 2.4.2 Prod Build for Multi-Themed App - TabPanel Rendering Issues
  95. [OPEN] are there any release notes for nightly builds?
  96. Cmd and locales
  97. sencha app build failed on "Capturing theme image"
  98. Ext JS custom build version number
  99. LocalStorage delta/full synchronization
  100. Sharing a starter app
  101. [FIXED] [] Building package will duplicate css code
  102. Error when running: sencha app build package
  103. [FIXED] CMD-Installer on Os X overwrites .profile
  104. Application stopped working in off-line mode
  105. Can't update app.json without clearing browser cache
  106. app.json version property
  107. Build error sencha cmd 6.0.76
  108. Bug: Sencha Cmd Linux not generating CSS
  109. Sencha Fashion apidocs/specs
  110. Sencha app build failure - ClassRequire::Ext.util.Operators
  111. Shouldn't production build generate cache busters for scripts and resources automatc?
  112. [FIXED] Ext.promise catch building error
  113. Sencha app build producing duplicate components
  114. Fashion not possible when JEE app with web.xml
  115. sencha upgrade - error downloading... File not there.
  116. sencha Cmd GUI for Windows?
  117. Missing slicer-temp/theme-capture.json file
  118. Console output heavily redundant...
  119. Minifying individual files using sencha cmd
  120. Extjs Code packages load order.
  121. sencha cmd build ux fails
  122. theme-capture.json, sencha app build error
  123. [OPEN] sencha.cfg system environment variable
  124. Add listeners to Ext.direct.Manager
  125. Warnings: callParent has no target...
  126. Cmd Web Server does not launch on Windows 7
  127. Silent Installation on Windows 7
  128. Error during init cordova
  129. [FIXED] Documentation bug - CMD Workspaces package links
  130. [OPEN] generate theme -n name caused a package.json error
  131. Custom profiles for app.json
  132. ExtJS Build profiles with different packages.
  133. sencha scrolling snaps back
  134. Errors in package builds
  135. How to utilize ES6 with extjs
  136. [OPEN] Crash on invalid parameter
  137. build.xml: How to execute -before-build-testing
  138. Unknown definition for dependency : Ext.ux.IFrame
  139. Sencha Cmd 6 package build issue
  140. weird build error
  141. com.sencha.exceptions.ExNotFound: Unknown definition for dependency : Ext.view.View
  142. How to convert x-compiler form into microloader?
  143. ExtJS 6 nightly requires SenchaCmd v6.0.3.33
  144. sencha build — A crash log is available in the file "sencha-error-20151107.log"
  145. [OPEN] [] Production microloader contains redundant stuff
  146. failed to download path : /ext-6.0.0/packages/core/sass/etc/_all.scss
  147. [OPEN] CSS local storage caching not working in classic build
  148. Using sencha app watch, compiling sass takes approx 90 seconds
  149. [FIXED] BUG: Sencha Cmd : Fonts missing when using -destination flag
  150. Like Sencha Cmd connect package from another workspace?
  151. Is it possible to have classpath property in the app.json builds config?
  152. callParent has no target: mixin override
  153. How to create workspace without copying the SDK?
  154. sencha is not installed
  155. [DUP] Adding local repository does not work on Windows with Sencha Cmd
  156. Toolkit "${args.toolkit}" not found
  157. Error do build: File not found
  158. Sencha App Watch vs. Sencha App Build Testing
  159. [WRN] Aliased resource: file:
  160. Sencha Cmd RTL
  161. sencha build package throwing java.lang.NullPointerException
  162. SenchaCmd- installer doesn't work in -q command-line mode
  163. Use App from different index.html locations
  164. Rename application project
  165. Using Sencha CMD 5.0 with CakePHP
  166. Sencha Cmd v6.0.0.202 runs <target> 2 times!?
  167. Build and upgrade are both failing
  168. What to do with ext (source code) having multiple applications
  169. Sencha CMD Allow Cors
  170. [OPEN] Include newer version of Closure Compiler with Sencha Cmd
  171. Including external libraries in app build
  172. Sencha Cmd without MVC/MVVM
  173. How to set app.json attributes from command line
  174. Failed to resolve package
  175. [minor bug] catalog.json does not comply with JSON standard
  176. Is it possible to just compile the manifest / app json for themes during production?
  177. Build rules and post-build execution behavior
  178. What files to exclude from versioning ? [Sencha Cmd 6]
  179. Sencha `app watch classic` doesn't detect changes [Sencha Cmd 6]
  180. Are numbers in remote package names prohibited? [possibly a SenchaCmd bug]
  181. Jetty servlet mapping not working in Sencha CMD v6.0.2.14
  182. Sencha Command build error
  183. Transfer a non-MVC app to sencha cmd
  184. Compile My Source File
  185. Building extjs app in git with Cmd
  186. Customizing paths in ExtJS 6 and Cmd 6
  187. Framework upgrade and version control.
  188. Sencha Command Build Error
  189. CMD Build Stopped Building working Project
  190. sencha command build with production
  191. Problem while building for android with cordova
  192. Sencha CMD and Web Application Manager: build for target webserver
  193. refresh phonegap directory without building local or remote?
  194. Building CSS with all classes
  195. Unable to find the download for Sencha SDK Tools (2.0.0-beta3)
  196. Getting Started -- unknown definition for dependency
  197. Sencha Cmd fails when ran from Phing
  198. Sencha CMD theme build issue
  199. [ERR] Cannot redefine $base_color as dynamic
  200. Possible to set Cordova version required for project
  201. Java webapplication + sencha cmd
  202. Problem with app build process (Sencha Touch)
  203. Build custom theme without Sencha Cmd
  204. How to include External script in UMD format
  205. [OPEN] Sencha CMD hangs on application generate (compile)
  206. Adding your own development targets to build.xml
  207. Should SENCHA APP REFRESH generate a BOOTSTRAP.JSON having a loadOrder section?
  208. moving old ext app into a new workspace
  209. Workspace - how to share ExtJS framework between apps (aka "pages")
  210. "modern" app generation using Sencha Cmd 6 (Unable to locate framework.dir)
  211. Universal application with relative paths
  212. Custom theme: inconsistent CSS builds (prod vs dev)
  213. Sencha app watch gets stuck
  214. SCSS Compiling on Package Build VERY slow
  215. How to inject configuration into build?
  216. [WRN] Encountered multiple matches for name...
  217. App Watch gets stuck with errors if a JS syntax error is made
  218. How to change repo.local.dir on cmdline?
  219. Sencha Cmd v6.1.0.65 - Sass Timeout
  220. Sencha Cmd 6.1 is Now Available
  221. Sencha Cmd
  222. framework.dir problem
  223. App Build Unknown Definition Problem
  224. Cmd 6.1 changelog?
  225. [FIXED] Sencha Command 6.1 Install Path Bug?
  226. [OPEN] Copying additional resources (img/font folders) to production build
  227. New Ext JS 6 support portal exceeds MSIE 4095 Selector Limit
  228. Java heap space error with cmd
  229. Sencha Cmd v6.1.0.65 error with extjs 6.0.1
  230. Sencha Cmd v6.1.0.65 - Unable to load required framework: null@
  231. Any plans for PhantomJS 2.x in Sencha Cmd?
  232. file download breaks after build
  233. EcmaScript 6 support in Sencha Cmd
  234. "sencha package build" with Sencha Cmd 6 and extJS 6 does not recognize Ext.Component
  235. sencha app build production app crashes when Ext.plugin.Viewport is removed from req
  236. Delta patching
  237. IIS Path change generates build errors
  238. Using Production build through architect
  239. Cmd Triggers Anti-Virus
  240. Sencha Cmd 6.1.1 is Now Available
  241. [FIXED] Build APK not working
  242. Sencha Cmd missing files from previous versions
  243. Sencha Command throws NullPointerException
  244. Set working directory path in sencha command
  245. Something different with Sencha CMD ???
  246. SCSS image support in Ext JS / Sencha Cmd 6
  247. IndexOutOfBoundsException when running sencha app build testing
  248. Build failed Ubuntu 14
  249. duplicate key: framework during 5.1.3 to 6.1.1 upgrade
  250. Need to update cordova in my current sencha app