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  1. about Deploying error:sencha app build testing
  2. not able to build Sencha Architect EXT JS 4.1.3 project
  3. Include Ext.chart Cmd v3.1.1.274
  4. generate sencha.cfg app.id
  5. Cannot build package: Ext. dependency not found
  6. Enable optimizer for production Ext JS application builds
  7. Apparent TreeModel/TreeStore issue with Cmd v3.0.2.288
  8. [Cmd] Cannot build package on RHEL5/OSX?
  9. Why do you want these config arrays to contain unqualified names?
  10. Chunking your app into packages or pages
  11. Both my Sencha Cmd (v.256) are crashing now
  12. CSS is being changed
  13. Add third party libraries?
  14. Using the correct Sencha Cmd for Extjs
  15. Should app.json be created when doing a generate?
  16. Sencha CMD 3.0 builds compatible with Sencha CMD 3.1?
  17. Trying to compile CodeIgniter app with SenchaCmd
  18. Native packaging for external project?
  19. Previous versions of sencha cmd
  20. App working in the browser but not on the android phone - help needed
  21. [FIXED] Properly using the 'overrides' folder generated by Sencha Cmd for Ext Js 4.2
  22. sencha app build native w/o minified app.js (ST2.2)
  23. sencha upgrade not working
  24. Improprer application skeleton generating while creating sencha app.
  25. Quick CSS Build
  26. Having issue with Sencha Cmd Compile option
  27. Theme ext-theme-classic not found after upgrading to
  28. Frame Not Applied to Custom UI
  29. Architect + Cmd: Dependency issues
  30. Wrong version on donwload page
  31. ext4/default/all not found error when running: sencha app build in workspace.
  32. [CLOSED] Unsupported Ext.define syntax (function does not return object literal)
  33. build testing WORKS - build production FAIL! - BasicException????
  34. Setting android uses-feature android:required="false"
  35. [NOREPRO] app.css not minified when sencha app built using Sencha Cmd
  36. Sencha Architect 2.2/Touch 2.2 - Build process failing
  37. Custom Button UI Frustrations
  38. Several classpath in build
  39. Error: Failed to render widgets within 30 sec.
  40. upgrade check connection timed out
  41. [OPEN] Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274 - debug possibilities
  42. Ext.Data.JsonP while packaging Sencha for Android Platform
  43. Production build for iOS failing but iOSSimulator builds fine.
  44. GPS Geolocation broken with cmd
  45. sencha cmd help
  46. Failed to download remote catalog
  47. How to build production extjs app?
  48. [OPEN] Sencha Cmd 3.1.1 - Error while building new theme
  49. How to access Android build folders/files before compiling into APK
  50. Cannot generate app. Bombs with nullpointerException
  51. [OPEN] sencha app build failed when path contained an apostrophe
  52. White listing a domain for cross-domain requests
  53. Unknown temporary file parsing error
  54. Sencha cmd - Layout run failed
  55. Errors Extending "ext-theme-neutral" Theme
  56. Migrating an Ext JS 3.x app to 4.x and Sencha Cmd
  57. [OPEN] Sencha CMD OSX installer trashes Unicode characters in
  58. SenchaTouch Error while Building with SenchaCmd: Failed to find file(s) for depdency
  59. how to recompile application's CSS?
  60. Problem with limitation CSS rules in IE8
  61. Introducing CmdPackages on GitHub
  62. Sencha Cmd Error Codes?
  63. Compass compile error: NoMethodError on line ["23"] of C
  64. Sencha Cmd throw error : failed parsing
  65. Adding in a locale package
  66. what all validations does the Sencha Compile performs?
  67. Should uglify work?
  68. <x-sencha-command> ant task broken in
  69. Panel Header Background Gradation
  70. Cmd and complicated folder structure
  71. Sencha Cmd and Sencha Touch app.json
  72. UPLOAD APK Upload failed You need to check the icon inside your APK because it is no
  73. Sencha CMD: Response file parsing treats lines as tokens, not by concatenating
  74. Compile only deendencies with new Sencha Compiler
  75. Sencha CMD: compile exclude doesn't appear to work for files pulled in by classpath
  76. android package successfully,but apk file size to large?
  77. Sench Cmd 3.1.1 - app build failing
  78. Slice tool gives error "java.lang.NullPointerException"
  79. Unknown image type when building theme package
  80. SASS Example Folder Purpose
  81. Theme image not found when building custom theme UI
  82. Upgrade 4.1.1 -> 4.2.1 beta questions
  83. Ext-, SenchaCmd3.1: "Failed to find any files for Ext.ux.form.MultiSelect"
  84. Support for touch 2.2 js/css platfrom filter
  85. Specify source files for non-ExtJS classes on command line
  86. Sencha Commans Issues
  87. Build failed: Unknown definition for dependency: Object
  88. How to update environment to new version of Ext?
  89. Relative paths to Neptune overrides in bootstrap.js
  90. Must every developer use the exact same verion of SenchaCmd for an app?
  91. Undefined mixin - ExtJs 4.2
  92. How to debug an application's apk file
  93. Waiter, there is a rhinoceros in my app
  94. From cmd line to ant task: what needs to change?
  95. Bad build: "byAttribute is not defined" is this a qtip issue?
  96. how to set different folder rather using app folder?
  97. "sencha app upgrade -noframework" - app.js error generation
  98. A few questions about Sencha Cmd
  99. Platform-specific CSS files after having built the app skeleton with CMD
  100. APK file built using Android 3.0 does not run on emulator using Android 4.0
  101. circular reference from sencha js files to themselves?
  102. sencha.cfg question
  103. Sencha compile without HTML page
  104. Apple Store Upload fails with "Non-public API" usage error
  105. Different output from Compass in Cmd 3.1
  106. Add non-Ext files to built/compiled app?
  107. Application not working after build
  108. Possible bug in "sencha app upgrade"
  109. How to use the inclusion flags?
  110. compass process exited with non-zero code : 1
  111. [OPEN] [FEATURE REQUEST] generate an empty app (no starter template)
  112. Circular requires reference for file C:\sim\ext\src\dom\CompositeElement.js
  113. Build Failing - Java heap space
  114. Use compile optimize -define-rewrite on one file
  115. Upgrading seems to work, but usage seems to be omitted
  116. define-rewrite not working
  117. Sencha Cmd native support on linux
  118. ST delta updates - size limit?
  119. erorr on sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d (js wrong path)
  120. [OPEN] config.rb only fake for ExtJs 4.2 themes?
  121. [OPEN] BUG or just my bad coding?
  122. "sencha app build" within page directory (workspace mode) throws capture image error
  123. [OPEN] fail to compile ext-theme-neutral package
  124. sencha app build native and sencha app package build packager.json
  125. Issue with different placement of custom required classes for dev and prod
  126. Bug on relative when generating an app
  127. line 1: syntax error: unexpected "("
  128. Cmd v3 memory needs?
  129. revision control best practice for projects generated using "sencha generate"
  130. Geolocation in ST 2.2 in Android fails
  131. Cmd won't install on Mac: Java not found (but it is there!)
  132. [OPEN] Sencha cmd bash script fails when install path contains spaces
  133. sencha compile does not resolve controller dependencies
  134. How to exclude a file from sencha app build?
  135. Why native build for Android is not supported in Linux?
  136. Moving a large app from 4.1.2 to 4.2.0
  137. Extjs sencha command build issue in extjs 4
  138. Error in with Slicing images
  139. [] generates much bigger apk's
  140. Sencha Cmd v3.1.2 GA is Now Available
  141. Want to specify absolute path to compiled assets
  142. incomplete clean
  143. Does app.js have to be in the same directory as index.html?
  144. App crash
  145. production vs development inconsistencies on neptune.
  146. post to delete
  147. Strange View generated with Sencha CMD
  148. Problems using Cmd, especially for iPhone 5
  149. [Cmd] antlib taskdef not found in Ant build file.
  150. [OPEN] [] generate workspace
  151. The current working directory SenchaSDKTools-2.0 .0-beta3 not a valid SDK directory.
  152. How to control scripts order ?
  153. [OPEN] [WAITING]Native build iOS error on, touch 2.2.1
  154. cmd 3.1.2 + extJS 4.2.1 workspace generation issues
  155. About path and bootstrap.js
  156. Absolute path for controllers
  157. Problem building app, Cannot find Main.js
  158. Why deprecated code included in build?
  159. controllers don't start in the compiled file
  160. [OPEN] SenchaCmd don't copy resources from packages
  161. Compiling with locale - ExtJs 4.2.1
  162. Error upgrading workspace packages
  163. Trouble upgrading complicated workspace
  164. Sencha build 'loading project null' and other errors
  165. Create project with existing source
  166. Sencha theming guide issue
  167. Resolve package on linux
  168. how to use sencha command to build project
  169. Installing Sencha CMD in CentOS via ssh
  170. Target index.jsp instead of index.html
  171. Minor enhancement to Sencha Cmd (symlink support)
  172. Theme override include order
  173. CMD error using ext-4.2.1
  174. Sencha CMD and ASP.NET MVC
  175. Theming Upgrade 4.1.2a to 4.2.1
  176. Sencha Cmd & Sencha Touch package different js files and in different folders
  177. sencha create jsb
  178. [FIXED] Error with generating a model
  179. [OPEN] Upgrading app to Cmd fails with ${args.type} errors
  180. [FIXED] Concatenated all-classes.js still tries to load scripts dynamically.
  181. Cmd 3.1.2 fails to build with requires in app.json (steps to recreate)
  182. [CLOSED] List Pull and Paging plugin for dataview error
  183. Invalid Binary - iPhone 5 Optimization Requirement
  184. [4.2.1] cannot slicing images
  185. How to add parameter to src="app.js" in my index.jsp
  186. Sencha CMD and SDK
  187. Chart legend items positions are different after sencha build
  188. Help Understanding Sencha Cmd Error Messages
  189. Conditional compilation
  190. Why cmd loads classpath from its own temporary file
  191. Noob question on Sencha Cmd
  192. Curious about code found in all-classes.js
  193. Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342 -- [Err] Null with no additional info.
  194. [OPEN] examples/theme.html is broken after sencha packages build
  195. [OPEN] Sencha Cmd doesn't clean its temp files in /temp
  196. Strange escaping in "sencha ant"
  197. [OPEN] What are the different Ant config files for?
  198. 4.2.1 Theme harness / theme build example is broken
  199. Built application will not launch
  200. window.location.reload() issue in ST 2.2.1
  201. [Cmd v3.1.2.342] Build Native produces syntax error
  202. [OPEN] Touch 2.2.1; generating a form with Cmd creates empty form folder.
  203. Why Ext.Loader is included in the generated application?
  204. Why isn't Sencha Touch building?
  205. [DUP] [BUG] Sencha CMD does not support spaces in username.
  206. Do we have to wait
  207. When to build a new button UI theme: @theme-background-image: Theme image not found
  208. Uses reference had no matching files error when compiling
  209. Inline CSS and JavaScript?
  210. "generate app" exception
  211. Localizaion
  212. How can I tell sencha cmd to stop obfuscate my files?
  213. cmd v3.1.2.342 BUILD FAILED java.lang.NullPointerException
  214. Differentiate HTML template production and development
  215. Sencha Cmd build fails on one computer and not another with same input!
  216. Theme Image Custom Color Setting - How To
  217. CMD theme package issue using vars
  218. [Cmd 3.1.2] Can you force all css rules to be included?
  219. [OPEN] app package: UTF-8 encoding is lost on files
  220. Sencha Cmd generate ExtJS app fail
  221. Exclude entire packages
  222. CMD build successed but app not showing up
  223. sencha app build production error
  224. Error building app after upgrading to Touch 2.2.1, Cmd
  225. Alternative for Sencha Cmd?
  226. [ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: phantomjs process exited with code 1
  227. difference between Sencha SDK Tools and Sencha Cmd
  228. SenchaCMD generate sencha touch app error
  229. Difference between Compile and Build
  230. Change base path for files included in the bootstrap
  231. Warnings when slicing images
  232. iOS packager error "The application does not have a valid signature"
  233. Sencha CMD to minify CSS and package images?
  234. `sencha generate app` error "Workspace does not have framework touch at ..."
  235. Sencha Cmd outputs absolute dirs for code package resources
  236. [FIXED] Bug in sencha app resolve
  237. sencha app build generates senseless files
  238. Weird exception during update
  239. Ext: js light (sencha compile)
  240. all-classes.js is throwing error-Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype
  241. sencha package does not seem to work
  242. Including vendor libraries in build
  243. Exception when generating app under windows
  244. How would I handle the order scss files are imported in?
  245. App containing multiple themes and custom rules
  246. straightforward question re: app.js build
  247. Sencha build command, logger issue and now associatedModel issue
  248. Sencha Cmd v3.1.2 and Sench Touch v2.1.1 : empty app.json
  249. Calling Sencha CMD in Maven compile: Cannot find com/sencha/ant/antlib.xml
  250. Error: "SenchaLogManager" is not defined.