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  1. Relative path problem when serving an app from the server / CMS
  2. Trouble starting ios emulator with sencha/cordova test app
  3. Problem building app after upgrading to
  4. Sencha CMD documentation
  5. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd package version upgrade problem
  6. [OPEN] sencha phonegap init fails...
  7. Where is cmd 4 documentation located?
  8. Using conditional compilation -- //<if debug>
  9. SenchaCmd - 0 > -1
  10. Compile & Concatenate "Reference Optimisation"
  11. Problem Minifying Extjs-4.1.1 application
  12. ExtJS and GIT - how to source control an app
  13. Sencha CMD [ERR] null
  14. Install Sencha CMD without Admin Rights
  15. CFBundleURLSchemes it's appended every time sencha builds native
  16. [OPEN] Sencha cmd / ruby causes problems with Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  17. [FIXED] Problem generating sprites with Compass and Sencha Command
  18. app build fails on Mavericks
  19. [] $'{'package.config.dir'}'/build.properties does not exist
  20. Sencha touch building native app
  21. Change from index.html to index.php
  22. Error using sencha cmd
  23. enable split mode in compile-js target
  24. Failing to build android native on OSX/Mavericks
  25. 4.1.3 sencha app build... Themes generate, but no app-all.js is created
  26. The Sencha CMD download link is not working
  27. Problem: failed to create task or type x-compass-compile
  28. how to tell if directory is a stand alone application or part of a workspace?
  29. Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45 stbuild Error after update
  30. Building native - Error
  31. problem upgrading a project
  32. Sencha Cmd v4.0.1 GA is Now Available
  33. Use boolean expresion in conditional comment
  34. Production build successful but app throws exception in Safari
  35. Sencha App build Error
  36. Viewport dependency not included in production build - autoCreateViewport
  37. Sencha App Build Native Error
  38. Build error in Sencha Cmd
  39. [OPEN] Possible bugs in: Sencha Cmd
  40. [OPEN] [BUG] Sencha Cmd is badly copying a json and makes it invalid
  41. sencha app upgrade 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 breaking
  42. Error Building a Native App
  43. Using Sencha Cmd with existing applications
  44. sencha compile resources exclude framework
  45. How to make a Release signed apk with cordova
  46. Advice for architecture
  47. Packaging with Cordova vs. Sencha command - huge filesize difference!
  48. [OPEN] Using Sencha Cmd "app.framework.version" is wrong.
  49. [OPEN] sencha app upgrade bug
  50. [4.2.2] IE8 error in bootstrap.js
  51. upgrading app ignores --nobackup --noappjs flags
  52. Why does bootstrap.js load all my app from ".sencha_backup"????
  53. [CLOSED] Changing frameworks default location + sencha app refresh bug
  54. Toolbar Theming Issue
  55. Sencha CMD pre-requisites?
  56. Android native local storage?
  57. List view itemtap event never fired in builds (testing, production, etc.)
  58. Sencha Cmd - Package Error
  59. Sencha app build causes color shift in PNG images
  60. [FIXED] JS files with hash are ignored
  61. Download links for previous versions of Sencha Cmd
  62. What's the roadmap for CMD for ExtJS?
  63. Howto: include additional directories in the build process
  64. Mixed-Mode x-compile and microload markup is currently unsupported
  65. how to remove a view with sencha cmd?
  66. sencha app upgrade fails - Sencha Cmd (
  67. Problem with SenchWorkspace
  68. Create another static folder besides "resources"
  69. Support for new iOS7 120x120 icon
  70. sencha app build fails - NullPointerException
  71. Sencha Cmd Crashes Immediately After Opened
  72. Generated app-all.js error
  73. Sencha CMD 4.0.1 - Signing apps for Android problem
  74. plugin.xml not loaded from workspace.config.dir or app.config.dir
  75. Extjs 4.2.1 + Sencha Cmd 4.0.1 + in dev ok but "undefined" error in production build
  76. Upgrading Sencha Touch 2.1.0 project to Sencha Touch 2.3.1
  77. Sencha CMD & Mavericks
  78. cmd 4 build project unable to run
  79. [OPEN] sencha command watch
  80. Package build failed for UI extension
  81. Install over command line
  82. Sencha Cmd Shared Images
  83. NullPointerException in app refresh
  84. [ST2.3.1] Ext.Viewport missing in production build
  85. External Libraries and CMD
  86. [OPEN] Sencha Touch + Phonegap + Non-latin characters in app name
  87. Error sencha app build Ubuntu
  88. Compiling application using Closure produces broken code
  89. bootstrap.json 404 (not found)
  90. Can you turn off layout messages and ext-dev warnings?
  91. Can you specify the repo directory from an environment variable?
  92. Sencha Cmd not updating bootstrap.json
  93. Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45 - Application name must be in the format of a valid JS variable
  94. Compile exclude/include
  95. Computer Crash Causes Build Fail?
  96. [Cmd] Force certain files to be included in build
  97. sencha compile error(java.lang.NullPointerException)
  98. Object Heap Allocation Error
  99. Extjs 4.2.1 with Sencha CMD 4.x and mod_rwrite
  100. cmd build css style losing
  101. Sencha Command + Cordova Error "Failed getting js file list"
  102. AMD modules?
  103. Portal Sencha example project
  104. sencha cmd v4.0.1.45 error(java.lang.NullPointerException)
  105. bug : cmd v4.0.1.45 can't find 'Ext.util.JSON'
  106. Only Splash screen (Blue Loading Screen) appears while deploying in Android
  107. Getting app.js to not be a combination of all classes
  108. Sencha Touch Production Build fails with Cannot call method 'getOrientation'
  109. sass : output_style = :compressed
  110. best way to use a different default theme
  111. microloader and theme/platform selection
  112. Error in running cordova native build
  113. Is their any Tool for ExtJS Minification and packaging of ExtJS code ??
  114. Guide for making a custom starter template...
  115. Is it possible to tell Sench Cmd to only look at the requires array of a file?
  116. sencha compile - dependencies not resolved
  117. IE Slicer in application-level .scss without custom theme.
  118. Use theme package outside CMD
  119. Performing "package build" under <x-sencha-command>
  120. How do I stop sencha cmd from writting out the .css link?
  121. Sencha SDK Tools installation in centOS
  122. Error using phonegap remote run
  123. Cannot create an instance of unrecognized alias: formaction.standardsubmit
  124. Sencha cmd by php exec
  125. Best to upgrade app with many packages from Cmd 3 to 4?
  126. Cmd [WRN] C1009: Circular reference in requirements chain
  127. Sencha Cmd cannot build a config object
  128. Wrong concat order inside x-compile
  129. Ext.util.Geolocation in native Android build
  130. How to: Cordova build of an Android Release APK
  131. Failed to find: Which file caused the message? How to read the error?
  132. Error while installing the Android apk packaged using sencha cmd
  133. [CLOSED] sencha app build hangs on Capturing theme image
  134. Cmd generated Base App - Ext.application() cause error on "config.name"
  135. having "sencha app build production" go to a different directory
  136. New version of Sencha Cmd.
  137. cannot sencha app upgrade with Sencha Cmd v4.0.2.67
  138. Build for frontend and backend with shared components
  139. Put together existing apps to a workspace.
  140. Installation of the touch-azure package fails
  141. How create and compile very simple example with Extjs 4 and Sencha Cmd?
  142. sencha CMD on OSX maverics - Invalid application name
  143. Error using Sencha cmd Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  144. [FIXED] Bug in Sencha CMD - "enable.split.mode" config parameter does not work
  145. Include docs in package?
  146. Only want to build/compile app folder
  147. Do not include Microloader into bootstrap.js
  148. Sencha generate app NullPointer-Exception
  149. Sencha commnad line always compile theme for toolbar with margin 3px
  150. Custom Extensions
  151. Sencha native build does not support open window and Facebook Twitter
  152. Ext.create vs. config object with PhoneGap/Cordova
  153. [OPEN] Allow specification of remote repositories for an application
  154. Maintaining a remote repository for packages
  155. Failed to resolve dependency on another computer
  156. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd Cordova init problem
  157. Strip whitespace and comments with Sencha Cmd 4.x
  158. Can I use Maven with Sencha Cmd instead of Ant, or must it use Ant?
  159. is there a way to build two output files?
  160. Sencha native build vs. Cordova/Phonegap
  161. Specification app.json file
  162. [OPEN] x-split-css bug: crashes on -webkit-calc
  163. Sencha Cmd Build fails (Mixed-Mode x-compile and microload ...)
  164. Ant target dependencies and double execution
  165. [SOLVED] Sencha generate app Null Pointer Exception
  166. one single file for framework and app source
  167. Sencha Cmd: copy extern javascript source
  168. Package - "local": true
  169. Is there any way to build native (Android) application using Sencha Cmd on Linux?
  170. Performance Issues - Production Build - Sencha Cmd for ExtJS
  171. Cut off icons in Neptune build.
  172. How to build multiple themes for the same app?
  173. Jetty Web Server
  174. Disable system.java.net.useSystemProxies and honor ANT_OPTS
  175. why "x-form-trigger" not in $(app_name)-all.css via "sencha generate app" cmd
  176. [Sencha Cmd v4.0.2.67] Native build fail : Could not sign application
  177. Can you specify a multi-part namespace as the 'root' for a package
  178. ExtJS and microloader
  179. Custom Build Parameters
  180. IE8 4096 CSS Rules, not splitting up CSS File
  181. Build fails because Thumbs.db can't be copied
  182. Sencha Cmd v4.0.2.67 - sencha app build - Failed creating background process
  183. sencha "create" command not found in
  184. BUILD FAILED com.sencha.exceptions.ExArg: Unknown command: "include"
  185. Customize sencha generate app
  186. Include a theme specific css file
  187. Best practices for developing shared packages under source control
  188. Fonts not included in phonegap package
  189. yui version in Cmd v4.0.2.67
  190. Automating the building of native iOS and Android apps with Sencha Command 4
  191. Sencha CMD and Cordova 3.4.0+
  192. Not able to run app on Galaxy Tab3 (Android Emulator and Nexus 7 works)
  193. Building but not correctly
  194. Error: Bootstrap.json not found
  195. Sencha Cmd v4.0.3 GA is Now Available
  196. Unaltered app generated with Sencha CMD fail to load in Android as an APK
  197. Custom resources path for build
  198. create production index.html with _dc parameter in script tag
  199. Sencha Cmd v4.0.4 Beta is Now Available
  200. "Requires" sections removed from code by Sencha CMD
  201. Problems compiling using sencha cmd
  202. Using sencha generate app in extjs 4.1 (sencha cmd v
  203. Updating Cordova in sencha app
  204. Cordova native build error
  205. Unable to build Sencha Cordova project shared via GitHub
  206. [OPEN] sencha theme capture bug in screenshot-runner.js (windows)
  207. Cmd for linux armv71 architechture
  208. Sencha Cmd v4.0.4 Beta App fails to launch on iOS Simulator and iPhone
  209. sencha app build native - complete successfully, with NO result
  210. [CLOSED] Preprocessors does not works in build version
  211. "C1009: Circular reference in requirements chain" -How to fix it?
  212. getting build failure in build system.
  213. Build Fails. Unhelpful BasicException thrown
  214. Sencha app build with production not reflecting changes on updating the app
  215. Version of Cmd for Sencha Touch
  216. How to avoid extjs code merging/concatinating into the mified app.js
  217. Sass folder of included package does not include applicaiton build
  218. Multipage application structure with Sencha CMD
  219. sencha generate app failing from INSIDE SDK FOLDER
  220. Using Sencha CMD to concatenate/minify existing ExtJS Application
  221. Build web app update:full
  222. Can you build an application without building an app-specific theme?
  223. Can not start Sencha CMD due to running out of VM heap space
  224. Packaging an application for Android using Sencha Touch Native Packaging.
  225. 2 application files
  226. [FIXED] RFE: `sencha upgrade` should show download progress
  227. Sencha Cmd v4.0.4 GA is Now Available
  228. [] Application name containing a period/dot, or specifying a root namespace
  229. [CLOSED] Sencha CMD + FilterFeature = no css classes loaded
  230. [] Disabling resolution of proxy type!
  231. Getting issue : with Cencha CMD 4 build command
  232. Sencha Touch 2 App Is Stuck With "Installing..." message
  233. -inherit-resources not copying resources for custom theme using sencha package build
  234. sencha app build and resources images
  235. Disable sprite generation
  236. Multipage app & ambiguous resource resolution
  237. Fail microloader: development.js and testing.js
  238. Sencha generate app changes environment variables of sencha web server
  239. will a production build from mac work differently when run in windows?
  240. Multiple 'sencha cordova init' executions breaks cordova at runtime
  241. Sencha Cmd hangs/freezes w/o any output
  242. Missing Styles for items created in the Controller
  243. Unknown Command Generate Error
  244. SenchaCmd buid a big production
  245. cmd packages designed for both ExtJS5 and Touch 2.3
  246. Sencha Commad switches for logging and deminify JavaScript
  247. [FIXED] Senca Cmd change build directory
  248. [FIXED] Repository authentication for download
  249. [FIXED] sencha app watch - how to ignore files?
  250. Prevent concatenation of js files into one