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  1. Cmd documentation
  2. How can I build my App to use it with two index.html file at different location
  3. Is Sencha Cmd compatible with OS X Yosemite?
  4. Compiling php with Sencha Cmd
  5. Default SDK path for workspace/packages
  6. Unable to deploy Sencha Cmd 5 "production" build: needs documentation.
  7. Problem with Sencha Cmd on Windows 7
  8. Using sencha cmd and ext folder with URL path
  9. Sencha App Upgrade breaks all builds: Requirement had no matching files (RootStub)
  10. Extjs5 packaging is giving exception
  11. Cmd - Invalid application name (any versions from too)
  12. [FIXED] ExtJs app init failure with Sencha Cmd 5.0.1 production build
  13. Compatibility in app.json
  14. CMD 5 cannot do a Cordova build
  15. Sencha Command remote javascript include bug
  16. Sencha Touch + Phonegap Build not uploaded with Sencha Cmd 5
  17. cmd theme testing with package
  18. specify app.css path on the command line in a Sencha Touch 2.3 app
  19. Sencha Cmd run with debugging to show all command line params
  20. packager.json missing when generating apps
  21. "Did not locate framework package" when installing Sencha Cmd into non-default folder
  22. Error when upgrading from ExtJS 4.1.3 to ExtJS 5.0.1
  23. Just two files
  24. Multiple "Ext.application({...})" calls in app.js in production build folder
  25. [FIXED] Upgrades do not respect 'ext.dir' for Sencha Cmd 5
  26. trying to use CMD5 but keep getting errors
  27. Overrideing a EXTJS plugin make sencha cmd fail to build
  28. Sencha Cmd 4.0.4 and JRE 1.7 fine, breaks with 1.8
  29. Sencha CMD deployment process
  30. Problem in Sencha Ant
  31. Getting the theme name in compass
  32. PhoneGap with Sencha Cmd for BlackBerry?
  33. Sencha Cmd 5.0.2 is not compatible with Ext JS 5.0.1
  34. [5.0.2] Bug: Can't handle package names that have a reserved JS keyword like abstract
  35. erro sencha cmd - help
  36. Question about generated output from build process
  37. When to add "ext-all-rtl-debug.js" to new "js" array of Cmd 5.0.2?
  38. Each time I upgrade Ext JS a new app.js is created
  39. Build Variable Documentation
  40. External config file (or class which is not compiled into app.js) possible?
  41. How do I change the theme?
  42. CMD - External JS
  43. SenchaCmd- install issue
  44. The application was last modified by a newer version of Sencha Cmd (
  45. iOS Cordova build fails due to "entitlements are required"
  46. SenchaCmd just takes all JS files in the app folder & does not warn about duplicates
  47. Cannot upgrade to Cmd 5 with extjs 4.2
  48. How to include theme in build properties when excluding Ext namespace?
  49. Dealing with "other" JavaScript Files
  50. Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.270 - Failed creating background process
  51. CMD/EXT5: Production build javascript bundle file order
  52. Cmd 5.0.2 bug: javascript file order in production bundle
  53. Sencha Cmd (Watch command) - problems
  54. build failed: Unknown definition for dependency : GeoExt.panel.Map
  55. sencha app watch keeps rebuilding and runs out of memory
  56. How to include a pre-sliced theme in a build?
  57. How to minify and load external js with Ext.js and Cmd
  58. Sencha Cmd 5.0.2: ExtJS locale file loaded twice
  59. Bug: 5.0.2 fails to create loadOrder object in manifest.
  60. Bug: 5.0.2 .sencha/app/Boot.js window.location.hostnaBoot
  61. Why "Getting Started" does not work?
  62. error sencha cmd 5
  63. How can i set JRE path for sencha cmd
  64. Exit code 127 when Installing SenchaCmd-
  65. [FIXED] Suggestion for sencha generate view
  66. How to generate metaData for app specific class only (not Ext.Class)
  67. Sencha workspace with framework outside of the workspace
  68. Custom -before-watch task not executed
  69. Production build of Touch sample KitchenSink with Sencha Cmd v5.0.2 failed to run
  70. build problem with phonegap
  71. Build Error when trying to build ExtJS 5 application
  72. choose android emulator
  73. Production build not loading css
  74. Sencha CMD error with Cordova packing application.
  75. Sencha Cmd 5.0.3 GA is Now Available
  76. [5.0.3] GA - callParent has no target
  77. [Ext 5.0.1] sencha compile and compress
  78. Is phonegap.local.properties relevant in Sencha Cmd 5?
  79. [5.0.3] Can not override some class
  80. sencha app watch and some strange loader path problems...
  81. CMD x-sencha-command broken in
  82. How to "build app" into .js file, instead of index.html?
  83. Sencha CMD 5 - Decoupling the microloader
  84. Solved - Sencha Cmd without Admin rights on Windows
  85. Upgrade from extjs to extjs 5.0.1 using Sencha cmd
  86. Errno::EMFILE - Too many open files on Invoking SenchaCmd COMPASS/SASS with Ruby
  87. Sencha cmd 5.0.3 "moved" bootstrap.json
  88. Automatisation of sencha Cmd installation
  89. Issue with bootstrap.json and bootstrap.js in Firefox
  90. bootstrap.json 404 (Not Found) on Sencha CMD 5.0.3 GA
  91. Managing Third-Party Libraries for ExtJS 5 Apps and Packages
  92. Sencha Cmd: 'sencha theme build' -> [ERR] the page property is required.
  93. Do I need to pre build my custom theme before 'sencha app watch'?
  94. [FIXED] resources set in app.json not being copied on Windows
  95. Choose which Android AVD emulator to use
  96. com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: compass process exited with non-zero code:1
  97. Error BUILD FAILED, when run "sencha app watch"
  98. sencha phonegap init error
  99. access to password protected id_rsa during build on Mac
  100. Build native error for project with simple user extension
  101. Build Failed When trying to generate app
  102. Sencha install is not very descriptive
  103. How do I Exclude Ext boot components in Build Files in v5.0.3x
  104. Cmd recursive dependency resolving gives “Missing required class: widget.textfield”
  105. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd Class Optimiser Removes statics() method
  106. [FIXED] SenchaCMD bombs when view tries to add itself to parent
  107. Production build
  108. [CLOSED] Build - ext.toast not translated
  109. [FIXED] [] MessageBox not found
  110. [] Parse error - unflow listeners in view
  111. Override Ext generate error when build
  112. [FIXED] [v5.0.3.324] sencha fs concatenate is broken
  113. Extending 30 sec timeout for CMD build process
  114. sencha generate app -> framework version
  115. [] Building Package with Wrong Ext JS Version
  116. Where can I find the complete specification for CMD 5.0.3 app.json config parameters?
  117. Problems using sencha app watch inside Vagrant
  118. app.js build size
  119. [FIXED] Nightly build unable to handle automatically ViewController and ViewModel requires
  120. Sencha CMD 5 for Linux Download - Corrupted ZIP file?
  121. Cmd 5.0.1 not including the views, controllers, stores, models in production build
  122. Generating app problem Sencha Cmd v5.0.3.324
  123. CMD Compass build error
  124. Cannot find file: /sencha-compiler/app/full-page-master-bundle.js
  125. build app can't work (Sencha Cmd v5.0.3.324)
  126. Package versioning for workspace packages
  127. Relative paths in bootstrap.json
  128. SASS Compile issue with Cmd,, and
  129. [OPEN] Suggestion - App Icons / Splash Screens
  130. [CLOSED] sencha compile error whencreating a custom picker
  131. [CLOSED] Unable to run 'sencha ant js' on latest Ext JS 5.x nightly build
  132. [OPEN] "Override target not found" errors for classes not explicitly defined
  133. How to do production build but without compression/minimize?
  134. [FIXED] sencha.cfg file incorrect for a mac developer
  135. Merge and Compress without ExtJS source
  136. PackagesDemo huh?
  137. [FIXED] No Sencha Cmd available to be used with nightly build
  138. How can I build production by Ext JS 5 app, but keep separate the Ext JS library?
  139. Ext JS Theming question, redefining theme vars in the application style definition
  140. How do I map 'foo.view.Main' to workspace/package/foo/src/view/Main ?
  141. Sencha Cmd 5.1.0 Beta is Now Available
  142. [FIXED] CMD 5.1 BETA - Fatal error on startup - Windows
  143. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd v5.1.0.13 does not respect overrides in packages
  144. CMD Build production cause YuiCompressor Parse Error in 3d party js files
  145. Run Ext.js 5 application with Asp.NET MVC
  146. Watch Command ignores @imported SCSS files in the app.scss
  147. Functions from javascripts included in app.json come back as undefined
  148. [FIXED] When there is a new version of CMD, will you please leave my workspace.cfg file alone
  149. Force cmd app build to include additional javascript in special order
  150. Keep creating app.js when upgrading Sencha Cmd and had renamed default app.js
  151. [FIXED] Document Bug? It seems opposite description.
  152. "sencha app watch" proxy configuration
  153. Missing images directory on Build Sencha CMD 5
  154. How to use Sencha Cmd to only create smaller version of ext-all.js
  155. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd v5.0.3.324 does not apply overrides of mixins
  156. [OPEN] Sencha CMD application namespace limitation
  157. Error building production version of application
  158. [ERR] BUILD FAILED [ERR] com.sencha.command.environment.IncompatibleException
  159. problems with packages
  160. Sencha Cmd v5.0.3.324 - error on cordova init
  161. Watch task working only once
  162. Sencha CMD with Phonegap - How to build android app for "Release" mode
  163. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd v5.1.0.13 does not apply overrides of mixins
  164. cmd 5 + sencha touch 2.4 + deftjs 0.9.1
  165. Sudden "ExNotFound: Failed to detect ruby" after building for months....
  166. [FIXED] Where can Sencha Cmd be found?
  167. sencha cmd and remote phonegap build
  168. Build Issues for PhoneGap
  169. Cmd and Visual Studio integration
  170. Production issue ("importPackage" is not defined in <eval> at line number 1)
  171. [FIXED] Not able to upgrade v5.1.0.13 to latest
  172. [CLOSED] Error on phonegap init
  173. [FIXED] does not work in SA
  174. [INFOREQ] Sencha CMD & ES6
  175. Existing 4.2 application
  176. [FIXED] Cmd :: :: Maven
  177. Significance of requires for sencha command
  178. Compiler - how to produce even smaller ext-all.js?
  179. Sencha cmd is mixing slashes and backslashes on Windows
  180. Sencha Cmd 5.1.0 GA is Now Available
  181. [FIXED] Warnings Building
  182. [FIXED] Please stop upgrading my workspace/.sencha.cfg
  183. Why does a custom path COPY ext to project dir?
  184. "sencha app build native" doesn't complete with phonegap
  185. TypeError when building app with Sencha Cmd
  186. [FIXED] can not Generate Theme
  187. App built with Phonegap remotw won't work when some official plugin is added
  188. How can I use a production build without the index.html?
  189. Reference package without import it
  190. CMD 5.1 builds cordova but does not produce the .apk file.
  191. Unalble to locate framework dir
  192. Upgrade to Cmd 5 => so much warnings!
  193. List of the required JS class dependancies
  194. build time error
  195. How to instruct compile to require a package via command line?
  196. Can't create workspace with Sencha Cmd v5.1.0.26
  197. Sencha CMD and Cordova
  198. Unable to run build on devices with CMD 5. Browser builds work fine
  199. Large app.js after build
  200. [FIXED] Issues with compile concat --strip-comments
  201. Error while running sencha cordova init command
  202. How to use a common package in a workspace
  203. Locales + resources
  204. Minor Sencha CMD upgrade bug
  205. Sencha Command build error!!
  206. error on build app
  207. [FIXED] Cmd 5.x throws an error on dynamic require.
  208. Sencha CMD compiled file still downloading individual javascript files (touch 2.3.1)
  209. Is it possible to override theme variables in runtime?
  210. ERRORS after build!
  211. cordova.local.properties is missing
  212. Build Failed ClassCastException: ..StringLiteral cannot be cast to ObjectLiteral
  213. Sencha Cmd plugin Development
  214. CMD App Upgrade Problem
  215. No package environment in latest CMD version(s)
  216. [OPEN] Downloaded a commercial version but using a GPL version??
  217. Cmd Error While Building App - phantomjs exited with code 100
  218. Cordova closure compile
  219. Hook into -after-build-production using build.xml
  220. Cmd production build fails, testing build works
  221. [OPEN] app.json in production mode
  222. WARNING! => Sencha Cmd Build Error Repair Program = Malware?
  223. Running app watch on a different interface?
  224. moving application or sdk directory
  225. Ajax request returns contents of entire php file instead of the output
  226. viewport plugin not found in testing and production builds
  227. Optimize callParent
  228. [CLOSED] Sencha Cmd v5.1.1.45 not able to handle override in same file
  229. Rendering issue with centered vbox in Chrome
  230. Sencha app build and chart CSS
  231. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd v5.1.1.45 testing or production build mingle literal and comments
  232. [OPEN] Should be able to access the release note before installaling
  233. [FIXED] Warning when build a ST app production version
  234. Microloader looking for "/.js" after building app
  235. [CLOSED] For Remote PhoneGap , using Cmd 5 what file type for local.propertie file?
  236. Problems copying local page resources when building the app
  237. [FIXED] sencha app build (without ExtJS core?)
  238. Sharing variables between Themes / ExtJS? It seems like it would be possible...
  239. Sencha Cmd build output directory
  240. Sencha Cmd 5.1.1 GA is Now Available
  241. Is it possible to create a custom watch app?
  242. Ext.Loader and CMD
  243. best TODO / sample CMD apps?
  244. How to exclude all rtl from Sencha cmd theme build?
  245. CMD codepage problem
  246. Sencha Cmd + Package + Production/Testing Environment
  247. Controling package resource output folder
  248. [FIXED] Bug: Incorrect encoding on concatenated JS file in Sencha Cmd
  249. [CLOSED] Specify what JRE to use with Sencha CMD
  250. Phonegap remote build error java.io.FileNotFound