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  1. [NOREPRO] [4.0.2a] TreeStore doesn't clear dirty flag on updated record
  2. [INFOREQ] [4.0.2a] Total fieldDefaults and defaults confusion!
  3. Column Chart not working in Internet explorer 9
  4. Loading mask does not stay centered when the window is resized
  5. [4.0.2a]Bug in Ext.draw.Surface: Scale's cx/cy cannot take effect when do scaling
  6. [FIXED] Expander rows doesn't work in example
  7. Bug in Ext.view.View when use events itemmouseenter / leave with floating panel over
  8. [FIXED] Upgrading from 4.0.2a to 4.0.4 breaks widget aliases containing periods
  9. [NOREPRO] [4.0.4] Form isDirty flag fails if displayfield is used on child panel(s)
  10. Incorrect sizing of collapsed child panel when external panels are collapsed
  11. [NOREPRO] Ext.Array.slice - inconsistent results btwn browsers
  12. [FIXED] Ext.form.CheckboxGroup.validate() may return false even if disabled is true
  13. [FIXED] Hidden floated element positioning bug
  14. [FIXED] Using Ext.grid.RowNumberer's xtype incorrectly sets the columns width
  15. [OPEN] Charts not updating when no data is loaded
  16. [FIXED] Bugs with Ext.form.field.Combo and Editor Grids
  17. Potential bug with ExtJS4 in IE9 - Ext.supports.IncludePaddingInHeightCalculation
  18. Potential EXT 4.0.2a bug with desktop example
  19. [DUP] [4.0.1] Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing errorSummary=true doesn't prevent all tooltips
  20. [FIXED] Ext JS 4: Hiding grouped headers (hideGroupedHeader = true) throws exception
  21. [FIXED] Ext JS 4 Themes - hardcoded variable colors
  22. [FIXED] [4.0.2] one Store and two tree.Panel
  23. [4.0.2a] Grid RowEditor close when entering new record with default value
  24. Ext.data.Store::getNewRecords() behaves strange
  25. Row Editor fails to render if grouping filed change in a grid
  26. On performance
  27. [4.0.2a] Cannot bind listener to DOM element of Ext.form.field.Display
  28. [FIXED] Gray Skin
  29. [CLOSED] IE bug on 'Ext.menu.Menu', {... lookupComponent: function(cmp) {...lookupComponent: f
  30. [CLOSED] IE bug at EXt.menu.Menu on tree panel using Ext 4.0.2a
  31. New bug with buffered grid
  32. Grid styleHtmlContent & GroupingFeature incompatible?
  33. [FIXED] New bug in RowExpander plugin
  34. [OPEN] rowEditing plugin layout problem in Grid autoHeight:true
  35. [FIXED] Mixin referenced in parent class
  36. [CLOSED] [ExtJs4 - 4.0.2] Multi-select combobox clearing value on first trigger
  37. [OPEN] [4.0.2a]Bugs in Ext.draw.Sprite.setAttributes()
  38. [CLOSED] EXT 4.0.2a CheckboxModel bug
  39. Undefined fields'ownerCt inside deferred calls
  40. Ext.Loader stalls on circular referenced components
  41. bottom-docked toolbars cut off for panels in vbox layouts
  42. [CLOSED] [4.0.2a] Class inheritance keeps references to original fields
  43. [FIXED] Ext.History doesn't work when used in <iframe>
  44. Dom error when destroying checkbox on its change
  45. [FIXED] [4.0.5] Grid : Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  46. Problem with "Spacebar" in menu form
  47. Undefined parentPrototype when inheriting a store
  48. The tree item is selected upon right mouse click per default
  49. [4.0.5] Grid rendering problem using checkboxModel into a layout 'fit' panel
  50. Record.save not calling the success callback
  51. [FIXED] Grouped Grid - Adding new record in a list retrieves incorrect data
  52. Ext.log missing
  53. [NOREPRO] Pie Chart Label Alignment Issues with Fit Layout
  54. [FIXED] keypress event catch and handling at check tree
  55. PortalPanel will fail if contains no items
  56. [CLOSED] [4.0.2a] Menu Floatable: false layout anomoly in IE
  57. The current Extjs 4.02a is full of bugs , when will the next version be released?
  58. Ext 4.0.5 store.sync Presence zero value validation bug
  59. [FIXED] 4.02a: Vertical Scroll Bar Disappears in Locking Grid
  60. [FIXED] Ext 4.0.5 bug with record.validate() and length validator when value is null
  61. Donut pie chart renders incorrectly
  62. Border layout issue
  63. [EXT 4.0.5] Autoscroll problem in border layout
  64. Grid Filter TextField only has focus when mouse is over it
  65. Grid on destroy (loadmask issue)
  66. [FIXED] [4.0.5] Panel disappears (width=0) after collapse
  67. [FIXED] leadmask.bindstore error in 4.0.5
  68. Grid plugins 'Expander' and 'Checkbox selection' works bad together
  69. Editable Grid Editor Focus Behavior
  70. [FIXED] [Fixed 4.0.7]Grid column menu for hiding colums is rendered wrong when overlow arrows
  71. CellSelectionModel - no selection given
  72. [FIXED] [4.0.5] LoadMask shadow not aligned properly
  73. [4.0.2a] Ext.data.Store#filter doesnt replace filter on existing column
  74. Bug in Ext.util.Observable
  75. Window with tree and grid not rendering correctly in IE
  76. Outlines of bars drawn under x-axis when using stacked column chart
  77. [4.0.2a] Grid Grouped Header - Layout issues when column resized
  78. [CLOSED] Common CSS Frameworks are reset by ExtJS
  79. [4.0.2] Does not work send the form by removing the element
  80. [OPEN] TabPanel: defaults: closable true not configurable
  81. [OPEN] Chart confusion in Tabs
  82. [Sandboxing] CSS issues with form error tooltips
  83. [FIXED] Ext.tab.Tab setIconCls not working properly
  84. Ext.view.Tree creates is own store, an Ext.data.NodeStore.
  85. [FIXED] Custom renderer doesn't work with the tree portion of lockable tree grid
  86. [FIXED] [4.0.2a] Line Chart doesn't show labels
  87. [4.0.2a and 4.0.5] Tooltip in Modal Window Breaks Modality with Scrolling
  88. Grid with expander and hidden columns is rendered wrong
  89. [OPEN] Store + ComboBox synchronization
  90. Anchor Panel bug
  91. [DUP] [4.0.5] Nested panel disappears on collapse
  92. [FIXED] History and Tab Panel behavior
  93. [OPEN] It seems that numberfield has no arrow in Opera
  94. ComboBox does not honour NULL as a value properly
  95. Application & Models naming conventions
  96. Wrong class names in locale files
  97. Fieldset does not render fields in table layout
  98. Bug in line chart with two series
  99. Grid column renderer reporting wrong colIndex
  100. [CLOSED] Script not working in IE 9 .zend_form to extjs form panel <dd><dl>
  101. [CLOSED] Grid exception: store.add after store.removeAll
  102. [Ext JS 4.0.2a] Layout treepanel with accordion
  103. [closed] [Ext JS 4.0.2a]itemselector not reloading the store
  104. store doesn't always provide all arguments
  105. Grid of ExtJS4 ==> Possible memory leaks or misuse
  106. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.0.2a] Scrolling menu does not display well.
  107. [FIXED] Ext 4.05 Chart Bug
  108. [IE9] Rendering a Slider that is initially disabled throws an error
  109. [4.0.2] [3.4] Ext.Element.move() - no return value
  110. [4.0.2b] examples/view/multisort/multisort.html variable spacing on first click
  111. [Extjs 4.0.5] Ext.Ajax fails when parsing a http 302 redirect response
  112. IE9: Viewport is displaced when Ext.window.Window is moved out
  113. FF3.6: Grid rows are not visible after resize
  114. [CLOSED] Ext.util.Format.capitalize not backwards compatible
  115. [CLOSED] ext.String.repeat is missing in 4.02a
  116. Bug in the example Combo with Templates and Ajax: paging goes over the whole list
  117. locale files do not set Ext.Date.defaultFormat
  118. [FIXED] Bug Tree/Grid Scroller Stops Working
  119. Ext.Grid.Panel column filter issue
  120. [INFOREQ] Grid Renderer call twice everytime
  121. Found a bug using charts with border layout
  122. [FIXED] Ext.container.AbstractContainer#suspendLayout is not reentrant
  123. [NOREPRO] CheckboxGroup item width overflows parent container (layout issue)
  124. [FIXED] Radar Chart Line Connectors do not Appear With Default Theme
  125. [INFOREQ] [ExtJS 4.0.5] Dependency problems in Ext.LoadMask
  126. Grid horizontal scrollbar not appearing when it has no data
  127. Found a bug in remote summary
  128. [FIXED] [4.0.2] Form reset not working for file upload field
  129. Bug in Panel Scrolling Programmatically
  130. Model defined in Controller or Application doesn't get loaded
  131. Ext 4.0.5 Compatibility Mode Crash
  132. [CLOSED] Extjs 4.0.5 throws error with Ext JS 3 Compatibility Layer
  133. forum-search.js bug in ext 4 (and 3)
  134. 'highlight' config disregarded when hovering over Chart legend
  135. [FIXED] Scatter Series with Non-Circle Marker Config do not Hide on Legend Click
  136. [FIXED] [4.0.5] Loading Masks
  137. [FIXED] 4.0.5 tabpanel shows blue strip in header in IE
  138. [FIXED] Ext.ComponentQuery - significant whitespace
  139. [FIXED] [4.0.5] Ext.data.Connection.isLoading() always returns false, with no parameter
  140. Columns do not line up axis labels when using Time axis
  141. Chart not destroyed properly
  142. [4.x] mapping feature not used when writing (different from Ext 3)
  143. [CLOSED] [4.0.5] "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" after resize of grouped column
  144. Translation of Grouping grid not working
  145. [CLOSED] When will the Extjs4 be stable enough ?
  146. [Bug] Collapse state for a stateful accordion layout
  147. No ability to catch arrow keys on 'keydown' event for 'Ext.selection.CellModel'
  148. Ext SDK, linux version with error
  149. grid repositioning on row click
  150. [4.0.5] Sass variable $window-header-padding not actually being used.
  151. RowExpander collapse event has undefined 'body'
  152. Ext 4.0.2a Window Bottom render bug.
  153. Modal Window Mask and document.body Mask bugs multiple browsers Ext 4.0.2a / 4.0.5
  154. Modal Window Center 4.0.2a / 4.0.5
  155. Ext 4.0.2a / 4.0.5 - Grid Panel with height greater than window causes dblclick issue
  156. Chat overflows when data points fall outside of minimum and maximum boundaries
  157. [FIXED] Grid Row Expander (broken demo)
  158. [OPEN] Ext.Function.createBuffered BUG
  159. [INFOREQ] Selection Model doesnt working correctly with grid grouping feature
  160. [FIXED] Selecting components with Ext.ComponentQuery.query(), with dots in alias
  161. [CLOSED] Ext.panel.Panel.border CSS format doesn't work
  162. [NOREPRO] Ext.scopeResetCSS Tooltip Positioning Issues
  163. [CLOSED] Viewport margin issue
  164. Radar not showing labels under some circumstances
  165. [FIXED] Error: Grid Plugins Row Expander Example failing.
  166. [OPEN] [4.0.5] Creating LoadMask with a DOM node as the "el" config throws an error on show
  167. [CLOSED] Not a bug, but a typo.
  168. [FIXED] [4.1.0] branch - destroy() logic does not handle floating child components
  169. [INFOREQ] Is Ext.state.Manager supposed to work in Ext.application?
  170. Combo fonts are different
  171. [FIXED] Ext.view.View itemadd event bug
  172. Paging toolbar last and next buttons are active with empty store..
  173. [4.0.2] Grid'store - extraParams always sent via GET with CRUD actions
  174. IE9 and DateField with showToday:false
  175. Grids inside an accordion throw error, also accordion css borders seems broken
  176. [EXTJSIV-3663] Store at combo with filter, and typeAhead problem!
  177. browser (chrome) zoom adds scrollers to grid column menu
  178. Ext.data.Store removeAll() method got errors...
  179. The Turkish localization file is corrupted (ext-4.0.2a)
  180. [4.0.2a] Ext.data.proxy.Server overwrites API declarations of the subclass
  181. Date Field have a bug when using Chinese
  182. [4.0.3] Localization don't work
  183. [INFOREQ] [4.0.2a] Combobox forceSelection & blur
  184. Stateful Grouped Header Grid?
  185. [FIXED] [4.0.2] Ext.Element fadeOut not respecting useDisplay:true
  186. [4.0.2a] actioncolumn disable property not working
  187. [Ext 4.0.5] Panels won't re-expand when added dynamically
  188. [CLOSED] [4.0.5] autoScroll has no effect on panels
  189. [4.0.2a][Firefox] Row Editor and Editor Grid Issues
  190. [FIXED] Grid row editor shows hidden fields of grid - it should not show a hidden field
  191. Grid Cell Editting not load xml data from file
  192. [FIXED] Menu icon missing in Grouping Grid
  193. [DUP] [Bug] Update a model record resets attributes with persist: false
  194. Chart theme axis title issue
  195. [CLOSED] Bar Chart Bars are Disconnected from X Axis When column=true
  196. Bar Chart Highlight=true in Base Theme adds Borders (Chrome)
  197. Tab key and writable store...
  198. vertical align of Label
  199. Ext.draw.Component subclassing
  200. [FIXED] [4.0.2a]Ext.Msg.progress has bug
  201. Controller's this.control function does not accept "dot" notation xtype/widget alias
  202. [4.0.5] Ext.button.Button "pressedCls" config adds "x-" in front of user value
  203. [CLOSED]4.0.4a refs or Ext.Array.each bug on IE 9 with browser mode 8 and 7
  204. Draggable Sprite Causes Exception
  205. [FIXED] Draggable Sprite Doesn't Follow Cursor
  206. [EXTJSIV-4128] RowEditor layout and alignment problems with textarea fields.
  207. [CLOSED] Horizontal grid scrolling misaligns column with headers and vert. scrollbar
  208. Chart Axe Error when using labelTitle: {} - IE specific
  209. Short text not displaying in tabs
  210. Ext.button.Split href doesn't work
  211. [OPEN] Time x-axis and getFullYear() error
  212. Grid column menu dropdown cannot handle lots of columns
  213. [FIXED] [OPEN] Mouse scrolling on a grid scrolls both horizontally and vertically
  214. Ext.data.writer.Xml not escaping reserved characters
  215. date type in store is not stored as date object
  216. Artifacts on grid after Expand/Collapse
  217. [FIXED] Area Chart - Farthest right tick not firing mouse events, showing tooltip, etc.
  218. [CLOSED] Short Month Dates In French Locale
  219. [FIXED] Bugs in event bubbling?
  220. [OPEN] ProgressBar should have a background like Ext JS 3.x
  221. Locked column with multi level columns doesn't size correctly
  222. [FIXED] Grid not displaying vertical scrollbars
  223. EncodeString problem
  224. [FIXED] Store#loadData modifes data array passed into the method
  225. Missing language support for Ext.view.AbstractView.loadingText
  226. Ext.selection.CheckboxModel mode, SINGLE, how do deselect a row
  227. [OPEN] Ext.layout.container.Box: wrong chilren margins if use CSS rules
  228. [CLOSED] Issue registering an event listener when not using the listener config option
  229. [CLOSED] Date field not Displaying in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  230. Panel wihout fixed size cuts off its own Toolbar
  231. "has attribute" dom query
  232. when configuration data for Ext.ClassManager.create overwrite postprocessor?
  233. [CLOSED] Charts: Square markers render as circles
  234. [NOREPRO] rowediting: cannot select text in editors
  235. [CLOSED] 4.0.2a still do not have with Ext.form.Labelable method setFieldLabel
  236. Disabled ComboBoxes (erratically) trigger an Ext.fly error in IE6
  237. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing Bug
  238. [OPEN] [4.0.2a] Line chart with single X value produces JS error
  239. [FIXED] slideOut Callback Called Too Soon
  240. [CLOSED] ExtJS treating text/html as JSON in Chrome?
  241. browser freezes for chained dom query clauses
  242. button menuAlign inside el. with absolute position
  243. Grid throws an error when scroll is set to "vertical"
  244. [FIXED] Calling reconfigure() on Ext.tree.Panel throws error
  245. ComboBox does not have getStore method
  246. Phantom flag is false when calling Ext.data.NodeInterface#appendChild
  247. Accordion does not resize properly
  248. [CLOSED] Problem with Form.getValues() after removing a form field.
  249. Ext Grid to Grid Drag & Drop Example with (large) Ids in the 'id' field
  250. [FIXED] Toolbar overflow button icon