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  1. [FIXED] Beta 4: Ext.extend is not a function
  2. Beta4: Column header issue with the Grid.reconfigure() method
  3. [CLOSED] comboBox.select(x) doesn't populate the comboBox input.
  4. [CLOSED] Beta 4: TextButton/Element Visibility?
  5. ComboBoxCell sets listview to selectOnHover(true)
  6. combobox.addValueChangeHandler is not behaving as expected...
  7. [FIXED] (beta4) Missing addKeyDownHandler in ValueBaseField
  8. [FIXED] Minor typos in Tree source
  9. [CLOSED] TextButtonCell has click animation when having the selection event cancelled
  10. [CLOSED] ContentPanel Header icon and text spacing bug
  11. [CLOSED] Issue with FieldSet with HorizontalLayoutContainer child
  12. [FIXED] TextButton setWidth bug
  13. [CLOSED] ComboBox and empty item what worked in beta3 for me, doesn't in 4...
  14. [CLOSED] minor : grid size of 0 should be smaller than grid size of 1
  15. [FIXED] Exception in ListView
  16. [FIXED] FieldSet rendering artifact
  17. [FIXED] FieldSet has both setCollapsed() and setExpanded()
  18. [FIXED] ToolButton icon isn't right
  19. [FIXED] Header API is inconsistent
  20. [FIXED] (Beta4) ButtonCell makes assumptions on markup - cannot create custom Appearance
  21. [FIXED] If you call grid.getView().findColumnConfig("column").setHeader("new') you get dups
  22. TreeGrid & ListStore.update()
  23. [CLOSED] [Beta4] Grid.setColumnLines() Gone: what is replacement?
  24. [OPEN] ComboBox doQuery method seems not working with Remote Loader
  25. [CLOSED] ComboBox getValue() returns incorrect value
  26. [Beta4] BoxLabel: text outside the panel
  27. [FIXED] [GXT 3.0] NumberField Decimal Separator with locale=es
  28. [GXT 3.0] Grid Inline edition , ComboBox seems to lost focus after select from list
  29. DateFilter.getFilterConfig() sets values that appear to be ignored
  30. [CLOSED] FieldSet title broken in FireFox 3.6.27
  31. [FIXED] Beta4: BeforeShowContextMenuHandler::onBeforeShowContextMenu never gets called
  32. both radio buttons can be selected, with event not firing also (Grid Involved)
  33. [FIXED] [BETA 3] - IE 8 - Pie chart rendering is off
  34. MessageBox and AlertMessageBox : Unrecognized image file format
  35. [FIXED] NumberField and setAllowNegative() java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
  36. [CLOSED] Grid reconfigure method not clearing old column headers in beta4
  37. GXT 3.0 Beta 4, ValueBaseField not capturing KeyUp or KeyPress events for Enter Key
  38. SimpleContainer & HtmlLayoutContainer should alert it does not support percent sizes
  39. [FIXED] VerticalLayoutContainer has httpunit import
  40. [CLOSED] FieldLabel added vertically in HorizontalLayoutContainer: Beta3
  41. [FIXED] ComboBox styling
  42. [FIXED] stretchMax broken in beta 4
  43. [FIXED] animate(true) is not implemented for Popup
  44. [CLOSED] (Beta 4) Grid refresh bug
  45. Slider setWidth appearance
  46. [FIXED] MenuItem icon isn't positioned correctly
  47. HBoxLayoutContainer has no constructor with an Appearance parameter - bug?
  48. [FIXED] TextArea input error [beta-4]
  49. [FIXED] Clicking the text of a CheckBox or a Radio item does NOT select it
  50. [FIXED] Cannot tab out of ComboBox if editable is false
  51. [FIXED] (Beta 4) BarSeries Stacked Mode Defect (AreaSeries is OK)
  52. TabPanel + bodyBorder="false"
  53. [FIXED] StretchMax longest button cut off...
  54. Live grid data serialization
  55. ButtonCell with image - problem
  56. Set Horizontal Align center in HeaderGroupConfig
  57. [FIXED] ComboBox<T> has no user selection changed event
  58. [FIXED] TextButton - no disabled icon & cursor stays pointer
  59. Beta4: Scatter plot with custom rendering doesn't work.
  60. [CLOSED] [Beta4] BorderLayout and BorderLayoutData ignoring splitter
  61. [FIXED] Can't make changes to null properties of Store record
  62. If you edit a grid cell, and navigate to another cell, that cell isn't into edit mode
  63. [FIXED] updated to snapshot (3/23/2012) , assert error
  64. Cannot Instantiate a Portlet in production mode
  65. [CLOSED] ComboBox input click handler
  66. [CLOSED] Strange IE behaviour (Ext GWT 3 - beta 4)
  67. Tiny bug in ComboBoxCell
  68. EmptyValidator error when moving dialog [gxt-3.0.0-rc]
  69. TextField.setAllowBlank() invalidates field even if there's content present
  70. [FIXED] (RC) Overriding getValue()
  71. [FIXED] RC: ToolTip titles are no longer rendered.
  72. [FIXED] dialog.setHeaderVisible() doesn't work with RC, worked with Beta4
  73. [FIXED] gray theme?
  74. [FIXED] Spinner arrow buttons do not clear validation messages.
  75. [FIXED] InlineEditableGrid, when you change a cell's value, old value flashes on blur
  76. [FIXED] (Beta 4 / RC 1) TextButton Custom Appearance Gets Applied to All TextButtons
  77. [FIXED] (RC 1) Resizing FF Browser Horizontally Causes TimeAxis Labels Render Issue
  78. [FIXED] (RC 1) Rezising FF Chart Smaller Vertically Will Revert Back to Larger Size
  79. [FIXED] GroupSummaryView with GridRowEditing
  80. clicked Buttons in version 3.0.0-rc
  81. (3.0.0. RC) NullPointerException @ ToolTip.onTargetOver
  82. [3.0.0 - Beta4] NPE in Store.java
  83. [FIXED] Can't apply a custom appearance to RowExpander
  84. [FIXED] (RC) CheckBox setReadOnly not working as expected
  85. [CLOSED] Non standard grid selection
  86. (3.0.0 RC) Cursor in Basic Grid example when hoovering the headers (in IE only)
  87. [CLOSED] shifting columns [GXT3]
  88. [FIXED] DatePicker does not accept null values
  89. [CLOSED] (RC) CheckBox alignment within FieldLabel behaves oddly
  90. [FIXED] IE8 Radios in ToggleGroup
  91. Major bug in ListStore.java : update() has no effect at all !
  92. [FIXED] Checkbox on column name in Grid's column menu not displayed in IE7
  93. [FIXED] Grid onCompleteEdit() datastore not updated with RC (worked in beta4)
  94. [FIXED] (RC 1) TimeSeries Labels Not Very Compact When "\n" Used
  95. [FIXED] GridInlineEditing and Expander don't work together (beta4 & RC, ok with beta3)
  96. [NOREPRO] ComboBox in grid and "flash" of grid in upper left corner between cell edits
  97. Scrolling in LiveGrid
  98. IE9 bug in Portlet collapse animation
  99. (3.0.0.RC) Broke ComboBox API regarding Handler/Event inheritance
  100. [FIXED] IE 9 - TextField on GridRowEditing 3.0.0.rc
  101. [CLOSED] How to customize Resizable proxy behavior?
  102. [CLOSED] No defaultTabPanelAppearance?
  103. new Grid(store, columnModel, appearance) is in docs, but does not exist....
  104. columnConfig.setColumnHeaderClassName(style) is overridden...
  105. [FIXED] Issue with tabulation key navigation on IE9
  106. [CLOSED] combo-box drop-down to be wide enough to show long values
  107. GroupSummaryView, GridRowEditing, and ComboBox
  108. VerticalLayoutContainer needs scrollbar listener
  109. Ext GWT Bug Template
  110. [FIXED] Stacked Area Chart Numeric Axis
  111. No appearance constructor for Mask...
  112. Draggable causes trouble with Event.ONMOUSEMOVE
  113. Grid's cell async render doesn't work
  114. Loss of uncommitted data in Grid on drag&drop
  115. Mask.mask(XElement, String) issue
  116. [FIXED] No icons shown in the grid's column popup menu in IE
  117. [CLOSED] NullPointerException in Store.PropertyChange
  118. [FIXED] Use of QuickTip leads to empty tooltips
  119. [FIXED] FileUploadField has no events to handle
  120. [FIXED] render() never called
  121. GXT 3 RC Grouping Inline Editing Grid
  122. [CLOSED] How to force GXT to use a certain language for its masks, messages and tooltips?
  123. [CLOSED] (RC 1) Charting & Drawing Framework Performance
  124. [CLOSED] bug not fixed in rc1 or rc2
  125. [FIXED] Grid headers height change on mouseover if you have more than one grid
  126. [CLOSED] RC 2: CheckBoxSelectionModel does not work as expected
  127. [CLOSED] RC2: ComboBox LabelProvider not used consequently
  128. [FIXED] Component should implements HasEnabled ?
  129. [FIXED] DateField validation in 3.0.0 RC 2
  130. BorderLayoutContainer, split problems
  131. [FIXED] (RC 2) ProgressBar shows &#160; if you pass null as progress text
  132. [FIXED] ComboBox Major issue with RC2 (shows up in explorer demo too)
  133. [CLOSED] SpinnerField and ValueChangeEvent behavior in RC2 (different than RC)
  134. [FIXED] (RC 2) ProgressBar text color is not OK in case of 0% value
  135. [FIXED] PredefinedButton should be easier to use
  136. (RC 2) Web Mode Charting & Drawing Framework Performance
  137. [FIXED] Issue when expanding a CombobBox while an other ComboBox is already expanded.
  138. [FIXED] How to make truely non-resizable Dialog?
  139. [FIXED] (RC2) Copy/paste grid data behaves differently in different browsers
  140. [FIXED] A ProgressBarCell used in a grid doesn't resize according to the column width
  141. [CLOSED] Combobox dropdowns cut off when screen height is shortened
  142. [CLOSED] GXT 3-rc2 ComboBox: setForceSelection(false) does not work
  143. [FIXED] GXT RC2 Axis Labels display wrong in Firefox/Chrome
  144. [FIXED] GXT 3 RC HttpProxy: Add "PUT" to load method.
  145. ComboBox doesn't always collapse when expected
  146. [FIXED] Grid: scrollbar disappears after header refresh
  147. [FIXED] Grid: Column lines not visible
  148. [FIXED] TextSprite rotation not working in IE8
  149. [CLOSED] ListStoreEditor date editing without blur
  150. CardLayoutContainer question / issue
  151. BorderLayoutData - isCollapsed() always false
  152. Add a mark to the grid header that is filtered
  153. Charts are not displayed in a TabPanel
  154. [FIXED] Tooltip text is displayed outside the tooltip's borders
  155. [FIXED] Tooltip doesn't hide when the mouse is no longer over the object you hoovered on
  156. IE9 - tab key doesn't focus next field after entering password
  157. [FIXED] IE9 - left click doesn't correctly switch focus between fields
  158. [CLOSED] Blur Event not fired after Date Picking
  159. [CLOSED] GXT 3.0 RC2 - Critical Bug - ComboBox onBlur renders Object::toString()
  160. GXT DomQuery does not support namespaces... still?
  161. [FIXED] GXT3 RowNumberer extremely slows down grid rendering
  162. [OPEN] (RC 2) BarSeries Stacked Mode Defect (Column is OK)
  163. [CLOSED] ListStore throws NPE when null values present
  164. Grid headers do not scroll after Grid#reconfigure()
  165. [CLOSED] display problem - BorderLayoutUiBinderExample
  166. Tab button is not neat
  167. [FIXED] Inline editing cell don't hide while resizing column.
  168. [CLOSED] Exception when clicking outside of dropped-down Advanced Combobox
  169. [FIXED] Row Editing displays toString of edited object
  170. Selection of row with CheckBoxSelectionModel triggers editing with GridRowEditing
  171. [FIXED] Multiple tooltips in chart
  172. [CLOSED] Height of row is wrong when using a custom Cell
  173. ContentPanel with FramedPanelAppearance not show button buttons
  174. DateField breaks tab order (RC2)
  175. [CLOSED] Remotely filtered paging grid does not reset offset on filter activation
  176. [FIXED] Grid: addAll() + SortInfo = mess
  177. Grid row with a CheckBoxCell has wrong height
  178. [FIXED] Grid nested in FieldLabel and within FieldSet not renderd ... (RC2)
  179. [FIXED] Grid headers height change on mouseover
  180. [FIXED] BorderLayoutData .setFloatable(false) doesn't work.
  181. [CLOSED] The FieldLabel's alignment of label and value is not correct
  182. [CLOSED] Why is our PagingToolBar so high?
  183. [CLOSED] Filter grid header shows no indication of active filter
  184. 3.0.0 Multiple Context Menu's
  185. [CLOSED] Error when access mvn comercial repository
  186. [FIXED] gxt radar chart refresh issue
  187. store.clear() removes all items of the list returned by store.getAll()
  188. GXT 3.0 LiveGrid with UIBinder
  189. [OPEN] slider horizontal appearance issue
  190. [NOREPRO] stretchmax for hboxlayoutcontainer?
  191. [FIXED] IE8: Grid displays hidden column values after grid state is restored
  192. [OPEN] TreeGrid text-overflow
  193. ProgressBar: strange difference between 1% and 99% (especially in IE)
  194. [FIXED] Grouping grid on column with a null value
  195. [CLOSED] No xsd for uibinder autocompletion
  196. ListView styling does not follow Theme packaging structure
  197. [CLOSED] [GXT 3.0 PR] Grouped grid - can't toggle groups when using CellSelectionModel
  198. [INFOREQ] Editing is not stopped if you click inside the empty table area
  199. [FIXED] Delete or Remove Row in GridRowEditing
  200. [CLOSED] LiveGridView - NullPointerException
  201. GXT 3.0 Explorer Source View Bug
  202. [CLOSED] BorderLayoutContainer, toolbuttons not applied when components are added after render
  203. [OPEN] How to use the Loading Mask for normal Components?
  204. [FIXED] window height reduce 6px for every show
  205. [CLOSED] ToolBar Button onClick override not invoked when Button is in ToolBar overflow menu
  206. [OPEN] ToolBar with ToggleGroup overflow
  207. [OPEN] AccordionLayoutContainer with disabled panels
  208. [FIXED] SideErrorHandler displayed at incorrect location when widget is not visible
  209. Please provide easier way to submit bugs/issues
  210. [CLOSED] DualListField onRemove() events not called when "all" buttons are used.
  211. [CLOSED] Column Config with SafeHtml for Header Not Working
  212. [FIXED] Fast Tabbing in Editable Grid Example causes dialog from browser (IE issue only)
  213. [FIXED] TabPanel findItem is not checking against the tabItem text as the docs tell it will
  214. [OPEN] NumberPropertyEditor render doesn't support null values
  215. AccordionLayout ExpandMode causes height of child contentpanel to be incorrect
  216. Center layout with incorrect positions
  217. [OPEN] cannot tab into or out of grid inline editor
  218. [FIXED] GXT3: I18N in DateField
  219. [FIXED] CheckBoxSelectionModel not showing up in the grid header
  220. [FIXED] Remote sorting in GXT 3.0 Grid
  221. [FIXED] bar chart refresh problem after deleting a bar
  222. GXT3.0.0: Cannot change style of Window/BorderLayout/etc. default toolbar icons
  223. [CLOSED] NestedDivFrame appearance relies on background resource in Blue theme
  224. [CLOSED] viewport and other decentralized
  225. [CLOSED] GridRowEditing does not resize correctly
  226. [CLOSED] Custom FieldLabelAppearance affects all Field Labels
  227. [FIXED] Tab content not show if contains fileuploadfield
  228. [CLOSED] Grid Column Contents are not inline with the Column Headers
  229. RowExpander Not working until I click on the column header
  230. [FIXED] Initial Display of Grid doesn't align with headers initially
  231. [NOREPRO] NullPointerException using GridstateHandler(Grid<M> component)
  232. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) Bar Series Chart Does Not Render Correctly When Time Range is Changed
  233. (GXT 3.0.0 GA) Cannot Change Appearance of a SplitButton
  234. [FIXED] PortalLayoutContainer throws "IndexOutOfBoundsException: null" after clear()
  235. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) IE Long Running Script Charting Issue
  236. [CLOSED] Form Background on IE7 Not Right
  237. [FIXED] Surface.getSprites() removed
  238. [FIXED] Ho to mock GXT widgets?
  239. [FIXED] ComboBox Loading spinner?
  240. GXT BorderLayout Not Working with GWTP Tabs
  241. [CLOSED] Bug: HorizontalLayoutContainer inside NOT first tab panel
  242. Legacy Bug (MVC)
  243. [OPEN] tabPanel added to ContentPanel has excess borders
  244. [CLOSED] TextField implementations question
  245. [FIXED] Problem with private access to Sprites in Surface
  246. [FIXED] No custom GridAppearance in GroupingView constructor
  247. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) Canít Center TimeAxis Labels on Tick Marks in Charts
  248. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) DateField Days of Month Formatting Issue
  249. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) TimeAxis Label Rotation Issue in Charts
  250. [INFOREQ] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) AbstractHtmlLayoutContainer Add Widget By Id Fails