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  1. Can't create custom GroupingViewAppearance
  2. [CLOSED] GXT Tree questions/problems
  3. ComboboxCell UIBinder Example
  4. [INFOREQ] GXT 3 - Compile time warnings
  5. [FIXED] A disabled radio button can be selected by clicking its label
  6. The icon of a disabled radio button looks strange in IE
  7. [CLOSED] ToolTipErrorHandler implementation suggestion
  8. [CLOSED] CheckBox in Grid - can't set it's column's width or Header without breaking it?
  9. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) DateField Max Date Error Message is Misleading
  10. [INFOREQ] Row section not working as expected in Request Factory Grid
  11. [CLOSED] Combination Grid with PagingLoader and GridStateHandler doesn't work as expected
  12. [FIXED] ConfirmMessageBox - many bugs
  13. [NOREPRO] DateField doesn't fire CHANGE event when using date picker
  14. LiveGrid problems with limit and offset
  15. desktop.getTaskBar().getStartMenu().setWidth(320); works in chrome but not in IE8 nor
  16. [FIXED] Localization for LiveGridView/Mask loading text
  17. [FIXED] Scalability of scatter charts
  18. [FIXED] SafeHtml ColumnConfig showing Html Tags on Column Selection
  19. [OPEN] Chrome 21 and Grid, headers not quite aligned, and will grow on hover
  20. [FIXED] Could we have a getter for EditorConverterAdapter converter?
  21. [FIXED] GridInlineEditing bug
  22. Window shrinks
  23. Grid Column Headers Not Moving with Scrollbar
  24. Examples—Web Desktop—Abnormal behavior when editing a name in the File Manager
  25. GXT Components Bleeding Out - See Picture
  26. TextArea.getOriginalValue() gone but the setter still present
  27. Page Down/Up keys doesn't work on ComboBox dropdown list
  28. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) Vertical Axis Labels Overlaid When Chart First Rendered
  29. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) AreaSeries Overstated on Vertical Axis
  30. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.0 GA) AreaSeries: SeriesItemOverEvent Has Wrong Index and Item
  31. No CSS style with a basic Grid
  32. Horizontal window resizing reduces the window height
  33. Window Border Size style setting does not work
  34. Faulty assert in BarSeries.java disalows the inclusion of negative values on chart
  35. [FIXED] PagingToolBar buttons not responsive after onBeforeLoad setCancelled
  36. [FIXED] IE8 TextArea GXT 3.0 GA critical performance issue
  37. Extjs combobox inside editable grid is not selecting proper value by entering charact
  38. checkboxgrid is missing the header checkbox
  39. PortalLayoutContainer setSpacing(0) still keeps approx 10px spacing below portlets
  40. [FIXED] Disbled Buttons added to a PagingToolBar are always enabled
  41. [FIXED] Legacy XTemplate issue
  42. [FIXED] Need to turn off the tooltip on Slider
  43. [FIXED] ComboBoxCell queryDelay member variable has no Accessor or Mutator Methods
  44. [CLOSED] VBoxLayoutContainer does not lay out widgets in two or more columns.
  45. BorderLayoutContainer - child widget can pop out
  46. Horizontal alingment of Grid ColumnConfig not possible
  47. [CLOSED] Tree how to auto scroll?
  48. [FIXED] PromptMessageBox & setFocusWidget
  49. GXT 3.0.0 TreeGrid DragDrop support should have events with model data
  50. SimpleComboBox<Integer> not showing all values when a value is selected
  51. setAdjustForScroll issue with HorizontalLayoutContainer
  52. [FIXED] Scatter Chart SeriesSelectionHandler SeriesItemOverHandler
  53. [FIXED] Loading Mask Not showing up when grid height is set
  54. Grid cells bleeding in 3.0.0b
  55. Invisible fields should not be validated!
  56. [CLOSED] Date filter in filter grid auto restores its previous values and shows incorrect data
  57. [FIXED] GridInlineEditing, IE8, Browser Loosing Focus, Changed Value lost
  58. IE8, Zoom Size > 103% or greater, Grid Inline Editor, Single Row -- cannot select
  59. [FIXED] RowExpander appearance bug
  60. Rowexpander in Editable Grid
  61. [CLOSED] ProgressBar setHeight() doesn't seem to work
  62. [CLOSED] Grid title using headergroup moves from center to top while sorting
  63. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0) Simple way to see if row has been expanded or not
  64. [FIXED] NumericAxis doesnt refresh properly on Vertical Axis
  65. [CLOSED] LiveGrid different behaviors after grid reconfiguring
  66. [FIXED] HtmlEditor component getValue() doesn't return the right value
  67. [FIXED] ComboBox gets stuck open when clicking on border
  68. [CLOSED] ToggleGroup - setting values programmatically bug
  69. Issues - Co-existence of GXT3 with GXT2.2.5 - Deferred binding failed Error
  70. [CLOSED] BorderLayoutContainer - incorrect handling of event
  71. [CLOSED] gwt-cal compatibility problems with GXT
  72. [OPEN] Column Reordering not working if a widget is set using setWidget() on a ColumnConfig
  73. GXT 3.0 - content visible correctly only after Window Resize
  74. [CLOSED] [GXT 3.0] TextButtonCell with menu not fully working when in a Grid
  75. [FIXED] no SplitButtonCell constructor with appearance
  76. [NOREPRO] Grid with a horizontal scrollbar resizes vertically
  77. Portlets don't resize into different size columns inside Portal
  78. ListStoreEditor is not setting dirty state in its Delegate
  79. [CLOSED] Radio#getValue() always returns true?
  80. [FIXED] ColumnTextClassName applied too often
  81. ProgressBarCell's progress text sometimes disappears in IE8 when value = 0%
  82. [CLOSED] button with menu should remain in pressed state when menu is visible...
  83. [FIXED] ListView trackMouseOver set to false by default
  84. [FIXED] GXT 3.0.0b - HtmlEditor.setEnable(false) does not work
  85. [FIXED] Horizontal axis labels not positioned correctly in column chart
  86. Probably wrong logic in Component method onResize(int,int) and mask(String)
  87. Display problem with Grouping Grid on client-side
  88. DatePicker does not update cells style
  89. [INFOREQ] textfield.setEnable(false) not working
  90. [DUP] Disabled CheckBox not completely disabled
  91. UiBinder and ButtonGroup
  92. Radiobuttons jumping
  93. EmptySpace in the Paging Toolbar
  94. [FIXED] TextField.setTabIndex - wrong implementation
  95. TabPanel resize problem
  96. DateField#setValue() doesn't work after the triggered date picker used.
  97. Error Icon incorrectly placed when widget in ListEditor has constraint violation
  98. [FIXED] GXT 3 Charts: Specifying series colors in HSV and HSL
  99. Filter is not loading the grid when I paste a value in the filter
  100. Table column header is not being focused due to miscalculation in height by layout
  101. Problem starting superdev mode
  102. userQueryCache in Combo box?
  103. [INFOREQ] Sorting in a grid doesnt work when grouped by a column
  104. [FIXED] no tool tip on paging tool bar button
  105. IE7 diffrent result when adding a contentpanel to a horizontallayout
  106. [CLOSED] Canceling a drop event is not working
  107. Mask location for dialogs/windows appears to have style issues.
  108. [FIXED] ToolBar invisible in TabPanel
  109. [OPEN] Grid does not display after unhide of a hidden column ,from the grid state
  110. Internalization not complete
  111. DateField validation issue
  112. ComboBox dropdown shows up in upper left after tabbing out of cell
  113. [CLOSED] UmbrellaException#getCauses() error with combo box
  114. Select All in Checkbox is hanging
  115. PagingToolBar is not displayed at startup.
  116. [NOREPRO] 'nodeType' is null or not an object
  117. [NOREPRO] Weird Behavior with TabPanel, PortalLayoutContainer, and Charts.
  118. [FIXED] Store and ModelKeyProvider
  119. [FIXED] TreeStore does not fire add events when store is sorted
  120. [FIXED] Border issue when adding Charts to Porlets in PortalLayoutContainer
  121. [FIXED] Bad AsssertionError "Cannot mix positive and negative values in BarSeries"
  122. Unwanted TreeGrid Header resize on mouseover
  123. [FIXED] Gxt 3 GroupingView, start collapsed and headers render
  124. [FIXED] Bar charts continue to render items after they are removed from the data store
  125. NPE on Tree node update
  126. TreeGrid progress indicator
  127. Tree does not update when sorting is enabled
  128. Suddently all GXT grids in the application stopped working
  129. toggle() and toggle(boolean state) APIs are missing in ToggleButton in GXT 3.0.0.
  130. GridInlineEditing wrong validation behaviour
  131. [FIXED] CartesianAxis doesn't allow rendering of odd and even grid config
  132. [FIXED] ComboBox does not accept null value on enter key
  133. [OPEN] Expanded rows are not preserved by sort in the RowExpander Grid.
  134. [FIXED] BarSeries.drawLabels() doesn't account for multiple yFields, throws NPEs
  135. [OPEN] combobox is not showing values on setvalue method
  136. [CLOSED] Fieldset header issue
  137. [NOREPRO] Info is not being displayed correctly in IE
  138. UiBinder Layout rendering incorrectly
  139. [FIXED] Problem with ToolTip's title.
  140. [FIXED] Trees can have "unsynchronized" TreeStores ->NullPointers
  141. [FIXED] TextField setText with null is not right in IE
  142. TextButton does not render right on IE
  143. Repeated show/hide on Window causes window to get shorter and shorter
  144. GXT 3.0 - DatePicker Problems
  145. GroupSummaryView escapes SafeHtml on rendering
  146. GXT Tree sometimes has wrong font in IE
  147. [CLOSED] Last label on X axis is getting cut off in the Line chart in GXT 3.0.0b.
  148. [FIXED] Incorrect rendering of PieChart labels positioned outside
  149. Uibinder VerticalLayoutData HorizontalLayoutdata
  150. TextButton with Icon Aligned at Top / Bottom Overlaps with other buttons
  151. Windows + Dialogs: setResizable(false) still shows Resize Mouse pointer styles
  152. Gray theme: Row editor in GridRowEditing still blue
  153. Basic Grid inside of Window Mouse selection bugs
  154. DatePicker date format issue
  155. [OPEN] LineChart having fill with breaks
  156. [FIXED] Images on scatter chart
  157. [CLOSED] Bar Series is covered by Area Series
  158. HorizontalLayoutContainer in ContentPanel does not work, height 0px (with example)
  159. [FIXED] GroupingHandlerRegistration and widgetMap in Container causing memory leak?
  160. [OPEN] Grid inline editing
  161. [FIXED] TreeBaseAppearance Exception
  162. TreeGridSelectionModel.select(model) is not selecting model in TreeGrid
  163. SlideIn does not calculate Y location correctly (see fix included)
  164. How to get Sencha GXT3 checkox on render of abstractCell
  165. HTMLEditor generates incorrect HTML code
  166. gxt 3.0.1: HeaderGroupConfig bug
  167. Secha Explorer 3.0.1 does not work in IE?
  168. Bug trying to exit Edit mode with Chrome in 3.0.1 Explorer Demo
  169. SortInfoAutoBean never Registered with WeakMapping
  170. [FIXED] Unable to use GXT 3 WindowManager with 2.2.5 Windows
  171. Legacy-Bug-(MVC)
  172. [FIXED] Issues with line chart
  173. [3.0.1] GroupSummaryView double escapes in renderSummary()
  174. [3.0.1] DatePicker doesn't "un-grey" dates when browsing through months
  175. IE8:Editgrid javascript error
  176. Grid: column-header-alignment
  177. FieldSet not rendering contents correctly when defaulting to Collapsed
  178. NullPointerException in ScatterSeries.drawMarkers
  179. [FIXED] AggregationRowConfig.setCellStyle is beeing used for all columns
  180. TextButton misaligns in IE8 due to use of display: inline-block
  181. Gray Theme / IE8 - Collapsed Region in BorderLayoutContainer shows blue border
  182. GXT 3.0 - Grid.setAutoFill is not working
  183. [CLOSED] LIstView with SelectionMode.SIMPLE do not deselects items on click
  184. [FIXED] Tree in MULTI selection mode does not catches SelectionChangedEvent in some case.
  185. [FIXED] XTemplates does not appear to recognize isXXX boolean methods on beans
  186. Window move affects width / size (Chrome)
  187. [FIXED] 3.0.2: Grid.setAllowTextSelection(true) not working?
  188. [CLOSED] GXT 2.2.x components inside of GXT 3 layout containers
  189. Fieldset fieldlabel is not removed ??
  190. [OPEN] Demo: Area Renderer Chart yAxis scaling problem
  191. GXT 3.0 slider control issue.
  192. getButtonById(PredefinedButton.YES.name()) returns null.
  193. CheckBox in Editable Grid doesn't work in IE9
  194. [OPEN] Strange behavior of FileUploadField when placed in ToolBar
  195. [FIXED] Grid Editing on hidden column produce wrong behavior. Any news on this bug?
  196. [OPEN] TreeGrid expanding two nodes with one click
  197. [NOREPRO] GXT 3.0 - Grid headers not aligned with headers when using cells
  198. [FIXED] DateFilter setMaxDate and setMinDate don't seem to be working
  199. DoubleClick on Disabled TexField doesn't work in Firefox
  200. Menu does not resize
  201. [INFOREQ] Grid with CheckBoxSelectionModel + button on a Column,inside a Portlet render wrong
  202. [FIXED] Browser Error Popup - Can't move focut to the control because it is invisible
  203. GroupingView: NullPointerException
  204. GroupingView/GroupSummaryView: buggy refreshing after removing an element
  205. [FIXED] Bug: onBeforeShowEvent called twice for combo box in grid (inline editing)
  206. [FIXED] Cell vs. InputField - setCursorPos
  207. Bug: ExpandEvent does not provide the source component
  208. [OPEN] Chart Legend ToolTips not hiding
  209. Subtotals are not updated in grouping grid
  210. [FIXED] Issue with PieChart rendering as straight line
  211. [FIXED] window's height grows on each call to win.setVisible(true) [GXT3.0.2-shapshot 9/19]
  212. [CLOSED] Swap UiBinder ContentPanels in BorderLayout
  213. (GXT 3.0.1 GA) Line Series Overlaid by Column (Bar) Series
  214. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.1 GA) AbstractHtmlLayoutContainer Add Widget By Id Fails
  215. [FIXED] Possible Bug with SummaryRenderer?
  216. NullPointerException in ScatterSeries
  217. Window Issues
  218. [FIXED] remove of TreeModel with filtering enabled
  219. LiveGrid: disable sorting bug
  220. [FIXED] 3.0.1 DatePicker ignores Locale
  221. [FIXED] On cancelling BeofreLoadEvent, paging toolbar buttons are not working.
  222. [NOREPRO] ComboBox.clear() doesn't clear the value from the field.
  223. [FIXED] 3.0.1 DatePicker startDay
  224. FieldLabel incorect marker interfaces HasText and HasHTML
  225. Slider Cell in Grid calculates wrong Slider position
  226. [FIXED] Possible ModalPanel bug?
  227. [FIXED] BarChart Rendering Issue
  228. Ext.Ajax issue With Serlvets 3.0 API
  229. Validation is not working on Auto validate
  230. ButtonCellDefaultAppearance: problems with icon display
  231. ComboBox Force Selection
  232. [FIXED] Tooltip for diabled buttons.
  233. [FIXED] TextButton in ButtonBar in TabPanel - bad button positioning in 2nd and later tabs
  234. Bad French translation in the PagingToolBar, in GXT 2.2.5
  235. [CLOSED] FieldLabel and Alignment
  236. [FIXED] BlueTabPanelBottomAppearance - exception on tab scroll
  237. [FIXED] ComboBoxCell exception on IE8
  238. [FIXED] Cannot give focus to button on dialog
  239. [FIXED] FramedPanel is not reloading properly with expected look/alignment in PlainTabPanel
  240. [CLOSED] Radio - ChangeHandler & ValueChangeHandler
  241. [FIXED] Dialog grows by a pixel on every show
  242. [FIXED] TriggerFieldDefaultAppearance keeps too much private
  243. [FIXED] Sort functionality is not working correctly after editing the data in grid.
  244. No public API to set preventScrollToTopOnRefresh flag in GridView.
  245. [FIXED] IE combobox / datefield width error (width: -25px invalid)
  246. [FIXED] DateField does not accept the date same as minimum date.
  247. [FIXED] Localized messages in GXT 3.0.2
  248. [FIXED] Grid header - eliminate space taken by arrow for menu?
  249. [FIXED] If active page is greater then number of pages, last page is not displaying.
  250. Problem with nested DropTarget