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  1. [CLOSED] Window minimizing not working
  2. [OPEN] LiveGridView: removing an item
  3. Grid does not update column-value
  4. GXT Layout with UiBinder and Accordian, failure to add dynamic content
  5. [CLOSED] scroll during drag-n-drop
  6. Edit grid row, combobox's width being set wrong when invalid value is detected
  7. [CLOSED] GXT 3.0 - PlainTabPanel height problem
  8. [NOREPRO] Non-Resizable Window showing resize cursor
  9. [FIXED] In GXT 3.0.2, LiveGridView.ensureHandlers() method is defined as package-private.
  10. [CLOSED] In GXT 3.0.2, no constructor with CheckBoxColumnAppearance in CheckBoxSelectionModel.
  11. [FIXED] Gird only select one row and leac browser
  12. GroupingView redraw all grid for each insert row when store.addAll() is used
  13. LiveGrid Keyboard Navigation Support Problem
  14. Nested BorderLayoutContainers
  15. [CLOSED] Issue with Mixed Chart rendering in TabPanel
  16. [OPEN] TextField can't get focus when copying text from other place rather than current page
  17. [FIXED] [Chart 3.0.2b] axis tick
  18. ValueBaseInputCell exception
  19. [FIXED] AssertionError on ListStore.addAll() when sorted and filtered
  20. AccordionLayoutContainer does not fill parent until window resize
  21. [CLOSED] Paging grid with RequestFactory and related entity - doesn't load related entity
  22. [FIXED] In GXT 3.0.2b, NumericAxis.setMinimum() doesn't work - minimum is always 0.
  23. GXT 3.0.2b - Error Icon not realigned
  24. [INFOREQ] [BUG]GXT 3 russian locale file
  25. Filter on Async Tree clears cache and returns unexpected results
  26. FieldLabel alignment when radio buttons are in Field
  27. [OPEN] TextButton is truncated / cut-off
  28. [FIXED] Dropdown for ComboBox in grid shows up at 0,0 coordinate
  29. [CLOSED] TextField AssertionError in IE9 using compatiblity mode
  30. Collapse a node in a treeGrid recursivly
  31. [OPEN] PaggingToolBar additional menu hanging after browser is maximized.
  32. [FIXED] Default focus on dialog open
  33. Cell Grid Column Resize Bug
  34. [FIXED] GXT 3.0.1/3.0.2b - DomQuery.select bug?
  35. [FIXED] SelectionMode.SIMPLE doesn;t deselect when clicked
  36. Empty Tooltip
  37. VBoxLayoutContainer within FieldLabel / FieldSet / VerticalLayoutContainer Issue
  38. VerticalLayoutContainer with HorizontalLayoutContainer -- Height Issues.
  39. [NOREPRO] Grid inline edit and combo box blur - Value not saving
  40. [CLOSED] FieldSet and VerticalLayout with height="1" invalid height calculation in doLayout()
  41. [FIXED] alignment issues with grid editing in Grouping view grid
  42. [FIXED] Draggable method onMouseMove problem wrong detection SVG
  43. [CLOSED] applyStyles not working
  44. can unselect text from combobox where allow blank is false
  45. [FIXED] Disabled com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.Slider still responds to user interaction.
  46. Dispatcher class: Cannot read property 'com_extjs_gxt_ui_client_core_El_dom' of nulll
  47. [OPEN] RowExpander Grid conflict with textButtonCell
  48. [FIXED] Data update bug in TreeGrid
  49. [FIXED] Info Position
  50. GXT SimpleComboBox: mismatch between selected item and index
  51. [FIXED] Cannot select button by keyboard (after tabbing to it)
  52. [FIXED] Issue with SeriesSelectionHandler on Charts on Scrolling down the browser
  53. [FIXED] Grid with ComboBox and one Row can fail to display drop-down.
  54. [OPEN] RowExpander dosn't fire events on ContentCell
  55. Rule did not match cause Java Heap Space during compilation
  56. [FIXED] GXT 3.0.2 - InvalidArgument (fontWeight) in the JS, but only in IE8? Is it a bug?
  57. [FIXED] No setSortField() method for ListStore, loss of functionality from GXT 2.x
  58. [FIXED] Child of FieldSet has height that extends the contents of Field Set (clips correctly)
  59. [CLOSED] FieldSet in Viewport (bottom/right margins different than left/top, even though same)
  60. DateField getValue() vs getCurrentValue() javadoc improvement suggestion.
  61. Hide columns in a grid break the width for the following columns
  62. Unusable application throwing Invalid Argument with IE 8
  63. [FIXED] method ensureHandler() from Loader should be protected
  64. CheckBoxSelectionModel column header problem
  65. CheckBoxSelectionModel in LiveGridView. Only First record can be clicked.
  66. [CLOSED] (GXT 3.0.2b GA) CategoryAxis Label Tool Tips Show in Wrong Place
  67. ValueBaseField.setReadOnly(false) not working
  68. (GXT 3.0.2b GA) Chart Series Tool Tip Hide Delay Does Not Always Work
  69. [FIXED] DualListField getValue does not work
  70. [NOREPRO] Browser zoom - grid bug
  71. [CLOSED] Print tool icon looks different than other tool icons
  72. Combobox scrolls panel
  73. [CLOSED] XTemplate can't access the attribute with "is" style getter method
  74. gxt 3 detects ie + chromeframe as chrome
  75. [FIXED] [GXT3.0.3] ListStore<T> .addAll(list<T>) with list.size = 0 throws exception
  76. [CLOSED] GXT 3 Gray Theme - forgot to theme Mask window.
  77. [CLOSED] Wrong cursor over file upload button, using Firefox
  78. [FIXED] Needing to click on ComboBox multiple times to get focus
  79. GXT 3 - animations going forever in Chrome 24 beta.
  80. baseParams problem
  81. TextField Grid Cell Editor not cleared when Esc key pressed
  82. [FIXED] TimeField messages are missing in XMessages
  83. [FIXED] ListField not firing selection change with multiple selections
  84. [FIXED] Grid with Inline Editing, selecting cell in same row, value entered not accepted
  85. [FIXED] TextButton active state gets stuck on
  86. [FIXED] Adding same widget twice to TabPanel bug
  87. Loader ensureHandler() should be protected
  88. [FIXED] TabPanel update ignores TabItemConfig close
  89. DateWrapper.resetTime() incorrectly sets hours
  90. [FIXED] Keep ComboBox on selected item on expand
  91. [CLOSED] Sencha Grid Demo is broken
  92. ListView setContextMenu fire onSelectionChanged
  93. [FIXED] Grid column context menu failed to hide
  94. [CLOSED] SetSelectionRange doesn't work
  95. ProgressMessageBox display error
  96. [FIXED] no appearance constructor in livegridview
  97. TreeStore hasRecord
  98. TreeStore insert
  99. [CLOSED] Borders didn't shows on the TreeGrid
  100. [FIXED] TextButton inside a ContentPanel has unwanted top margin in IE
  101. GXT chart X-axis setMinimum() does not work
  102. [CLOSED] Issue while setting custom appearance for TextButton
  103. [FIXED] NumberField - groupSeparator converted into a comma
  104. SelectionShangedEvent is not caught on mouse right click in Tree
  105. [NOREPRO] Accessibility : Field names in dialogs not read by JAWS in IE8 ? is this known bug
  106. [FIXED] Understanding DateField validation
  107. [FIXED] Info.display(String, String)
  108. [FIXED] RGB out of HSL delivers wrong color if hue is 0
  109. [CLOSED] StoreAddEvent assertion (3.0.3)
  110. [FIXED] ValueBaseField.isReadOnly always true (3.0.3)
  111. [FIXED] AccordionLayoutContainer scrolling problem (IE only)
  112. Accessibility issue: JAWS does not read name of Field in the dialogs. occurs in IE8
  113. [CLOSED] FormPanel spawning new tab in Chrome after submit
  114. Tabbing in in-lined editing grid extremely slow in Windows XP / IE8
  115. [FIXED] Grid Header Unwanted Growth
  116. [CLOSED] Filter Grid: Indicator of a filtered column is lost
  117. [FIXED] Bugs with ButtonBar in GXT ContentPanel, GXT FramedPanel (gxt-3.0.1)
  118. [CLOSED] CheckBox input element is not aligned vertically to its box label.
  119. [FIXED] No header appearance GridView constructor
  120. [CLOSED] Tabs in TabPanel do not effectively communicate disabled status
  121. LineSeries putting NaN in fill
  122. SpinnerField with empty text causes ParseException
  123. [OPEN] HtmlEditor buttons do not get toggled properly when selecting text
  124. [CLOSED] GWTP Nested Presenter Issue
  125. Changing themes in GXT 3.0
  126. [OPEN] GridHeaderGrouping alignment bugs
  127. (GXT 3.0.3 GA) IE8 DateField Null Pointer Exception
  128. Issue with ComboBox custom typing
  129. [FIXED] How to style multiple grids differently
  130. [OPEN] (GXT 3.0.3 GA) Chart BarSeries Stacked Mode Rendering Issue
  131. [FIXED] GroupSummaryView grid - Groupings not collapsible
  132. [CLOSED] editing.onCancelEdit + escape + rpc call = Exception
  133. DateField accepts PropertyEditor<Date> but requires DateTimePropertyEditor
  134. Bug with BorderLayoutContainer (gxt 3.0.1)
  135. [FIXED] Comment Typo In FormPanelHelper
  136. [FIXED] TabPanel HTML items
  137. [FIXED] GXT 3 context menus and dropdown lists apear behind GXT2 Windows (z-index)
  138. [CLOSED] FormPanel submit doesn't work
  139. Cell navigation in Grid doesn't work in opera 12.14
  140. [FIXED] GXT Advanced Combobox example shows errors since 3.0.3
  141. GXT Live Grid Scrollbar looses its position when we navigate between different tabs.
  142. FieldLabel and VerticalLayoutContainer
  143. Can not find 'extjs-tabpanel-ui' mixin
  144. Delayed form fields resize in card layout container
  145. form elements not adjusting to the size
  146. [FIXED] Wrong vertical scroll synchronization in Tree panel
  147. [CLOSED] TreeGrid: getSelectedItem problem, always unmodified record
  148. [FIXED] DateField does not allow unsetting the max and min date values
  149. [NOREPRO] Visible rows in livegrid don't match the number displayed in toolbar
  150. [CLOSED] LiveGrid Loading on hidden tab...
  151. [FIXED] TextButton remains active after clicking
  152. [FIXED] Missing APIs in ComboBox in GXT 3.0.x.
  153. [FIXED] Disabling FileUploadField
  154. [CLOSED] Missing sort indicator for grid
  155. [FIXED] [GXT 3.0.4] EmptyValidator<Date> causes JavaScriptException with IE7or8
  156. [CLOSED] [GXT 3.0.4] UiBinder FieldSet in HorizLayoutCont with width -1 has wrong width IE7
  157. How to force the selected row in the grid to scroll to the center
  158. [OPEN] Cell tabbing after finish editing is not working properly
  159. Lost Functionality - No Html in mask(String message)
  160. [FIXED] AccordionPanel add error
  161. [CLOSED] GroupSummary and editing Grid
  162. [OPEN] ComboBox hover handler issue
  163. [FIXED] No appearance constructor for SimpleComboBox...
  164. [FIXED] Minor Bug in LiveGridView - liveScroller styles
  165. [FIXED] Legacy Bug
  166. Using mask value as inputed text not permitted..
  167. ListStore.replaceAll(newItems) changes order of newItems when sorted
  168. ListViewSelectionModel, handleMouseClick not called after list scroll
  169. [FIXED] The Combobox in Inline Editable grid hangs on browser back button
  170. [FIXED] Sorting on tree not working
  171. Should HttpProxy catch Exeption thrown by callback.onSuccess method?
  172. [OPEN] GXT Chart with BarSeries generates a invalid SVG (rect without height)
  173. [OPEN] Gxt Chart legend with many items.
  174. [FIXED] MenuBar that has child menu items don't propertly show items on mouse hover
  175. [CLOSED] ComboBox editor with selection in grid doesn't show other items
  176. The problem with removing the release buttons
  177. The problem with the height of the FieldSet
  178. The problem with the header group of the ColumnModel
  179. [CLOSED] TabPanel : Widgets are rendered differentlyy if there are in active tab or not
  180. [NOREPRO] In GXT 3.0.2b, menu is getting detached from the button when page is scrolled.
  181. gxt-chart: BarSeries with only one Bar fill all chart.
  182. [FIXED] GXT3 Grid Paging toolbar disabled after filtering
  183. Framed panel width 100% in verticalpanel
  184. [NOREPRO] Remove resize cursor from Window component in GXT
  185. check box tree performance issue
  186. [FIXED] GXT 3.0.1 application goes blank when compiled
  187. Calling focus() on a TextField leads to Exception
  188. GXT 3.0.1 ProgressBar doesn't update first time.
  189. [FIXED] GridSelectionModel Bug?
  190. [CLOSED] Date Picker Short Name
  191. [OPEN] Modal dialogs can be bypassed
  192. Button with menu hover issue
  193. [FIXED] Menu item background color "stuck" after selection (Windows 7, IE 10)
  194. [FIXED] GXT 3.0.1, bug in com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.Window
  195. [OPEN] Menu scroll loosing its focus in FireFox by doing scroll Up/Down using mouse scroll
  196. GXT 3.0.X DatePicker not propertly displaying min / max range when month is changed
  197. [OPEN] Hidden Line and Scatter series showing tool tip
  198. com.google.gwt.dom.client.Style::setPropertyImpl(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String
  199. ContentPanel fix bottom margin from 2 pixels
  200. [FIXED] GXT 3.0.1 FieldSet problem
  201. GXT 3.0.1 - IE - Grid GroupingView, On row edit, textfield jump up by one row level
  202. [CLOSED] (GXT 3.0.3 GA) LiveGridView Exception Occurs When An Empty Result Set Is Returned
  203. [CLOSED] Nested layout initially broken
  204. [FIXED] GridRowEditing displays the cells incorrectly
  205. [FIXED] Adding new ContentPanel to AccordionLayoutContainer at runtime issue
  206. GXT 3.0.1 ListStoreView Endless Loop
  207. [FIXED] QuickTip and setAnchor don't mix
  208. border layout container Collapsible and CollapseMini
  209. CollapseMini makes the region resizable
  210. [FIXED] Tree: cascading multi-selection crashes onDragStart
  211. (TypeError): Unable to get value of the property 'nodeType': object is null or undefi
  212. IE9: Tree problem
  213. [FIXED] Grid does not get focus when clicking on the slected item
  214. [NOREPRO] Shadow missing in TextArea
  215. Tab Panel bounces left and right when scrolling tabs in XP and Chrome [3.0.1, 2.2.6]
  216. [FIXED] ListVIew drag and drop on itself - preview issue
  217. [DUP] GXT chart highlighting and tooltip popup don't work in scroll panel
  218. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.4 GA) ToolTipConfig.setAnchor(Side.BOTTOM / Side.RIGHT) Problematic
  219. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.4 GA) GridRowEditing Error Tool Tip Issues
  220. [FIXED] (GXT 3.0.4 GA) GridRowEditing setMessages for Save / Cancel Buttons Issues
  221. [DUP] ComboBox - set maximum height
  222. window sizes
  223. BorderLayout doesn't mind the margins
  224. [FIXED] BorderLayout wrong alignment for region arrows
  225. Different sprite trigger look for ComboBox
  226. [FIXED] Scrollbar in textarea disappear when the textarea is invalid
  227. [NOREPRO] Expand and Collapse of tree nodes doesn’t work when filtering is enabled.
  228. [NOREPRO] Post-3.0.2 TextButton menu doesn't show on first click in IE8
  229. TabPanel Problem
  230. [FIXED] GridRowEditing - Labels take up more space than they should
  231. [FIXED] 2 Minor Issues at ReorderingTree Example
  232. [NOREPRO] Problem with GridInlineEditing and TextButtons
  233. how to combine two variable from Ext.grid.GridPanel
  234. ToolButton in ContentPanel in IE8 not working
  235. [FIXED] Dialog's Child Widget doesn't take all of dialog
  236. [FIXED] GXT Grid: Header context menu displayed at wrong location
  237. maxSize and flex ignored in HBoxLayoutContainer
  238. [CLOSED] TextButton's SelectHandler doesn't fire if another event causes button to move...
  239. [FIXED] Dialog resize issue
  240. [FIXED] Error Decorator doesn't move when component is moved (dialog resized)
  241. [FIXED] LiveGrid : repeated hide/unhide columns causes columns to get shorter and shorter
  242. [INFOREQ] GXT focus problem
  243. [FIXED] Does BorderLayoutContainer require collapsible areas to contain ContentPanel
  244. [NOREPRO] BorderLayoutContainer - setFloatable(false) doesnt work.
  245. [OPEN] Collapsible BorderLayoutContainer expects children to be ContentPanel
  246. AsyncJsonTreeExample Sample not working
  247. GXT 3x: Adding a widget to BorderLayoutContainer center widget doesnt resize
  248. [INFOREQ] Context menu on Tree under browser menu (GXT 3.0.4, chrome 27 / firefox 21)
  249. [FIXED] GridInlineEditing with ClicksToEdit.ONE not possible with Firefox
  250. [FIXED] AdapterField validation errors