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  1. [OPEN] CustomLabelProvider strange behaviour.
  2. [NOREPRO] DualListField multi-select failure
  3. [FIXED] ListStore remove(M model) does not update private data member "debugKeys"
  4. [CLOSED] GXT DateField - gray out of current month days
  5. [CLOSED] min/max date problem
  6. [OPEN] Problem with removing columns from BarSeries at run time, where I am going wrong?
  7. [FIXED] Info popup not invoking Show/HideHandlers
  8. [NOREPRO] GridInlineEditing fires blur event immediately after cliking
  9. [CLOSED] setHTML in TabItemConfig is preventing click event
  10. [CLOSED] Custom Appearance class for TimeFieldCell
  11. [FIXED] ListStoreEditor example in Editors guide is wrong.
  12. .icon css class selector not applied on the tree folder icon
  13. [FIXED] GridInlineEditing with ClicksToEdit.TWO doesn't comletes editing in 3.0.4
  14. [FIXED] Issue with the TreeGridView.getElement() method
  15. [CLOSED] Gxt 3.0.1 Grid column resizing bug in chrome
  16. [CLOSED] Header grid problem
  17. [NOREPRO] getValue() method of FilterConfig return wrong value for NumericFilter (double)
  18. [FIXED] Grid column alignment issue while editing the row
  19. [FIXED] NPE When using FormPanelHelper.reset with a DualListField
  20. [DUP] Modal Dialog fails to prevent tab navigation / selection outside of modal window
  21. [OPEN] AppearanceOptions visibility
  22. [FIXED] [Tree Appearance] The tree nodes are not highlighted fully on scrolling
  23. Bug in Grouping view with Remote sorting in Gxt 3.0.4 and 5 (and possibly earlier)
  24. [FIXED] Bug in Draggable.onMouseMove() in GXT 3.0.4 and 3.0.5
  25. [INFOREQ] GXT 3.0.5 FillToolItem bug
  26. [FIXED] Sort indicator shows wrong data in column A after ungrouping column B
  27. [FIXED] Column headers keep expanding on mouse hover over the columns
  28. Live grid does not occupy the full scroller width
  29. Live grid incorrectly calculated the height of the liveScroller
  30. [CLOSED] CheckBox.setValue() when wrapped in <p></p> causes setInnerHTML javascript error
  31. [FIXED] Tree/ListView/Grid Selection Appearance and Event not consistent
  32. [FIXED] Grid header's context menu
  33. [FIXED] Popup autoHide doesn't work
  34. Grid row selection having minute gap at right end, even setAutoFill(true) is set
  35. ComboBox not losing focus
  36. [FIXED] CheckBox in GridInlineEditing does not work on Chrome.
  37. [FIXED] NL locale doesn't work
  38. [FIXED] Radio Input Style diffent after event.
  39. [FIXED] Error when using rem on border size in I. E.
  40. [FIXED] Issue when using a ComboBox as an Editor for a GridInlineEditing instance
  41. [INFOREQ] ConfirmMessageBox - different designs in Chrome and ff 23
  42. [OPEN] Grayed date cell problem (date component)
  43. [FIXED] Problems with the window close icon when the window is resized and dragged.
  44. [OPEN] Disabled Tree still reacts on clicks
  45. [FIXED] Grid renders diffrent in fieldset on setHideHeaders(true or false)
  46. [FIXED] Radio buttons are not focused properly on tabbing in Chrome.
  47. [FIXED] Tabbing in RichTextArea fields does not go to next field in Chrome/Safari.
  48. [CLOSED] GXT 3.0.1 grid has column alignment issue on Chrome
  49. [OPEN] BigDecimalField and "double/float" garbage
  50. BigDecimalField disabled, can still enter text (IE 8; works fine in Chrome/Firefox
  51. ListStore#getAll() returns visible items, not all.
  52. [INFOREQ] Javascript problem
  53. [DUP] Problems with Dialog height
  54. PagingToolBar.PagingToolBarMessages issue
  55. ComboBox + GridInlineEditing - Focus/Blur issue
  56. [NOREPRO] Grid - remote sorting issue on safari only
  57. [FIXED] NumberField ignores Focus/Blur event when marked as readonly
  58. Shadow does not work with Popup
  59. PropertyAccess generation error
  60. [INFOREQ] Line Chart with two Same Series with zero values is not showing
  61. Column headers expand after resetting zoom in chrome (working in firefox)
  62. date component - selection with keyboard not possible
  63. Field set header displays uncorrectly in FF3.5
  64. [CLOSED] Cannot figure out how to dynamically disable a tab in TabPanel.
  65. [FIXED] VerticalLayoutContainer and CheckBoxes in 3.0.6
  66. [FIXED] Both Before and After date filter checkboxes get selected when only one is clicked
  67. Cannot format dates when a grouping grid is grouped by a date column.
  68. Grouping by an empty column hides the header row.
  69. [OPEN] Theme and Chart
  70. [DUP] Cannot set tab index to button
  71. [INFOREQ] AdapterField - widjet is always null
  72. Selection in datepicker of the not focused datefield causes error
  73. Resizing Window Horizontally Shrinks Window Vertically As Well
  74. Unchecking Before & After date checkboxes doesn't update results properly
  75. Textarea setValue ommits first character, if it is line break
  76. Bug BorderLayout
  77. Grid: Horizontal scroller jumps to left if a column is sorted [all versions]
  78. TextField setSelectOnFocus(true) not working with mouse click
  79. [DUP] ComboBox with emptytext sometimes on focus emptytext becomes the value
  80. Button disappear when browser is resized
  81. Pie chart with no data
  82. [FIXED] onTriggerClick in the TriggerFieldAppearance is never fired.
  83. [OPEN] LiveGrid does not preserve row selection or scrolling after reloading data
  84. GWT JUnit tests fails for TabPanel
  85. [FIXED] Unclosed DIV in CheckBoxDefaultAppearance.render
  86. [FIXED] Unable to configure DateCellís dropdown menu.
  87. [INFOREQ] DateField.setAutoValidate
  88. [FIXED] DatePicker todayBtn sets date although setMinDate is higher then today
  89. Unable to view GXT 3.0 Widgets on IE / FF/ Chrome
  90. Incorrect change ToolBar spacings
  91. (GXT 3.0.5 GA) ScatterSeries Fails to Plot When ListStore Size is One
  92. [CLOSED] Validation Error causing visual problems
  93. [OPEN] ToggleGroup - Broken when reset is used with originalValue
  94. [FIXED] Chart don't draw columns and line of axes.
  95. French translation
  96. [OPEN] GridRowEditing with moving (flowing) cancel & save buttons?
  97. [FIXED] After calling clearSurface no sprite is drawing anymore
  98. Disabled TextButton is cut-off in IE8
  99. Selection in a datepicker of the not focused datefield causes error
  100. [FIXED] Scroll animation error
  101. Translation of "Filters"
  102. Column Header Height diminishing issue with IE9
  103. [INFOREQ] Unwanted underlining appears during text entry
  104. ComboBox same label selection issue [all versions]
  105. [CLOSED] gxt grid selection event getting fired on changing column width
  106. [INFOREQ] Problem with markInvalid
  107. [INFOREQ] TreeStore Not Updated after Insert Method
  108. [FIXED] GridFilter does not allow custom FilterPagingLoadConfigs
  109. [FIXED] 3.0.6 - LiveGridView does not scroll to the very end of the resultset
  110. [OPEN] Double click in source Tab deletes row lines in Explorer Demo
  111. [FIXED] NPE Thrown with ListField on reset() then refresh()
  112. [FIXED] CheckMenuItem not changing values for group CheckMenuItems on setChecked
  113. [CLOSED] Different height for Headers with and without an icon
  114. [FIXED] Suggestions on cause of panel/table resize lag?
  115. [FIXED] javadoc Typo?
  116. [INFOREQ] Problem clearing grid store
  117. ComboBox.setValue() ignored when called within ComboBox selection handler
  118. [FIXED] column move action prevents column add/remove/clear
  119. Paging Tool Bar forever disabled by multiple concurrent requests
  120. Tooltip text is wrapping unnecessarily
  121. FileUploadField Appearance the textFieldClass() is never used
  122. [OPEN] Live grid horizontal scroll position changes on vertical scroll
  123. [OPEN] getScrollState() in LiveGridView always returns 0 for vertical scrollbar
  124. [FIXED] tree.isexpanded(model) NullPointerException
  125. VerticalLayoutContainer does not take hidden components into consideration
  126. [FIXED] Missing Blink for Window and Dialog
  127. Different colors and styles for Windowborder
  128. Example LiveGroupSummary: Cost column broken
  129. [FIXED] "fixed" table columns are not included in the "Columns" header context menu
  130. AccordionPanel Resize Bug
  131. Wrong calculation of scrollbars and margins
  132. [FIXED] Reuse widgets between BorderLayoutContainer with split
  133. [OPEN] GXT chart label setRotation on Y not work
  134. [INFOREQ] GroupingView.groupBy creating huge performance problem
  135. Autocomplete combobox not aborting previous search query
  136. GroupingView GroupBy Renderer
  137. Tree setAutoLoad(true) doesnt work with store.addSubTree
  138. [OPEN] A ComboBox issue in Chrome
  139. Rendering is not proper in the I.E - 7 Browsers. (Alignment gets Disturbed)
  140. [FIXED] Unable to text select a single column in row grid.setAllowTextSelection
  141. Child node unable to expand (Needs Info)
  142. Wrong collapse mini button
  143. Header group column ordering
  144. [CLOSED] FieldSet with a HorizontalLayoutContainer (EXTGWT-1549)
  145. listfield panels disappear
  146. Scrolling grid while editing
  147. [FIXED] Chart AreaSeries orphan sprite
  148. Center Panel doesn't display correctly on manual resize (BorderLayout)
  149. [FIXED] Cannot change colors of an AbstractPieSeries
  150. [FIXED] Error while parsing id in TreeGrid
  151. [OPEN] GroupingView Throws Exception If Grid Rows Not Sorted By Current Grouping Column
  152. [OPEN] DateWrapper resetTime shows faulty description
  153. [FIXED] clear() doesn't work on disabled TextField
  154. colum and data not synchronised when columnconfig hide
  155. scatter renderer chart in IE8
  156. [FIXED] HeaderGroupConfig Column Width Wrong When Grid Contains RowNumberer
  157. Mouse over on grid headers increases their height when higher font dpi selected
  158. Grid Header Align
  159. Error occurs with DateFilter when date is not explicitly set
  160. GridInlineEditing Bug
  161. [DUP] Column header text is aligned to top upon mouse hover in Chrome
  162. [OPEN] Grid Cell Focus
  163. AggregationRowConfig update value problem
  164. [FIXED] DatePicker Localization
  165. [OPEN] CheckBoxSelectionModel and grid
  166. [Info] GXT3 LiveGridView and StripeRows
  167. [FIXED] Broken Buttons in DateField
  168. [FIXED] Date picker for locale DE strange characters
  169. GXT not compatible with GWT 2.6
  170. [OPEN] "Check all" checkbox in checkboxgrid not rendered correctly in blue nad gray theme.
  171. [FIXED] HTTP 503 on RPCs at Remote Filter Grid
  172. [FIXED] Lines of Linechart disappear
  173. Info popup is transparent in IE
  174. [FIXED] border-bottom on ColumnHeaderDefaultAppearance causes headers to grow
  175. [FIXED] RowNumbererDefaultAppearance has no resources constructor
  176. [FIXED] Lables don't hide in line chart
  177. [OPEN] XTemplate bug on conditional
  178. [FIXED] MultilinePromptMessageBox hidden border on Firefox
  179. [CLOSED] Misalignment of grid cells along with the last header cell
  180. ListStore.getAll() returns an unmodifiable list, which is not serializable
  181. [FIXED] GridRowEditing with LiveGrid: Last row is not editable
  182. [FIXED] Tree.clear() before attach
  183. inline edit grid: No event for checkbox click
  184. [FIXED] Heavy Perfomance difference for charts of gxt-3.1.0-beta and nightlies
  185. [FIXED] TwinTriggerFieldDefaultAppearance doesn't check for isEditable()
  186. FormPanel causing opening of new blank tab on safari browser after submit
  187. [FIXED] Issue with Line Series in GXT chart's tooltip
  188. [BUG] Disabled toolbar's buttons are clikable
  189. [FIXED] ValueBaseField.isAllowBlank method wrongly return false by default
  190. [FIXED] TreeGridView Does Not Allow Custom Comparators
  191. [FIXED] Columns misaligned on row editing grid when resizing
  192. [FIXED] Grid ColumnHeader Menu missing
  193. [OPEN] Misaligned tooltips in charts with browser body scroll
  194. ToolTip for Slider isn't working anymore
  195. [FIXED] ToggleButton does not have centered text as expected
  196. [FIXED] RowNumberer is default hideable
  197. StripeRows not working in Grid when there is RowExpander
  198. [FIXED] GXT3.1: ContentPanel has wrong height
  199. [FIXED] Theme Builder button styling
  200. [FIXED] Theme builder: Tab Panel
  201. Padding with sliced Buttons (Theme Builder)
  202. RowExpander doesnít work correctly in IE11.
  203. Bug for StrokeWidthAnimator in BarHighlighter.class
  204. IndexOutOfBoundsException for PieSeries
  205. Problem with PieSeries/-chart and shadow
  206. Donut PieChart with just one segment is no Donut
  207. [FIXED] GXT 3.1: BorderLayoutContainer rejects IsWidget which is represented as ContentPanel
  208. [OPEN] MessageBox layout issues
  209. [OPEN] Button click event issue in cell grid
  210. MessageBox NullPointerException
  211. A Context Menu does not pop up on IPad/IPhone
  212. [FIXED] BUG unable to change font for radioButtons in themebuilder
  213. [FIXED] IndexOutOfBounds Exception when building nested tabPanel with bottom tabs
  214. [OPEN] Title of GaugeAxis
  215. TreeStore Filter error
  216. Toolbar overflow menu doesn't add ComboBox
  217. [OPEN] LoadEvent getSource bad generic parameters in return type
  218. CssFloatLayoutContainer ScrollSupport
  219. NegativeArraySizeException while building LineSeries Chart when its panel was hidden
  220. GXT 3.1.1 & GWT 2.6.1 throws IllegalArgumentException at startup
  221. GXT chart 3.1.1 & 3.1.0 shows exception for second chart in AccordionLayoutContainer
  222. GXT 3.1.1 Grid's Head's ContextMenu Icons don't show when in TabPanel
  223. Column Headers disappear in IE 10
  224. PortalLayoutContainer drag handlers not properly cleaned up
  225. GXT announcements, tips, tutorials community...
  226. Print chart pie on IE8 doesn't work
  227. GridInlineEditing Chrome bug
  228. The AccordionLayoutContainer Bug
  229. Checkbox returns true when unchecked (vice versa) on Chrome
  230. Selecting tree nodes causes scroll position to jump around
  231. The GXT3.1.1 neptune theme bug
  232. [FIXED] Select text inside gxt basic grid
  233. GXT3 CheckBox with null Box Label
  234. How to Remove Space between two bars in bar chart
  235. [OPEN] Chart - NumericAxis: autom. calculation of steps
  236. [OPEN] setMessages in DatePicker()
  237. [FIXED] Grid Text Selection - selected text gets unselected
  238. Change message "Browse..." of a FileUploadField
  239. [OPEN] How to set the page/scroll bar in Livegrid
  240. Wrong sprites in Neptune grid header icons when ClientBundle.enableInlining=false
  241. Checkbox in CheckBoxSelectionModel...
  242. Rendering Issues with Line Chart with multiple series and axes
  243. EXTGWT-3741 caused NullPointerException
  244. BorderLayoutContainer doesn`t accept ContentPanel created thou uibinder
  245. ComboBox with TypeAHead = true
  246. ComboBox orphaned list at 0,0 for GridInlineEditing & GWTP
  247. TriggerFieldCell ctor and consumedEvents param
  248. [OPEN] Assertion Fail on ScatterSeries
  249. [DUP] IE9 grid column selection checkboxen don't scroll
  250. Errors in IE7