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  1. [OPEN] GXT Charts: BarChart broken for small numbers
  2. Nested FieldLabels have potential to render incorrectly.
  3. XTemplate custom Formatter Factories failing
  4. ContentPanel setAnimCollapse does nothing
  5. "Cursor Left" faulty at Grid Filters Input Fields
  6. Hidden columns state in grid is loaded incorrectly
  7. ThemeBuilder doesn't run in paths with spaces
  8. [OPEN] Invalid XTemplate Method Invocations
  9. [BUG] Problem with PagingToolBar pageSize and PagingLoader limit
  10. Disabling or Removal of Filteres Has No Effect in TreeStore
  11. [OPEN] Clear.gif missing, causing issues?
  12. highlighting column in GXT grid
  13. [OPEN] Grid Shift Select Scroll, removes selections from selection model
  14. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/gwt/core/client/GWTBridge
  15. [OPEN] Children of a node are misplaced on TreeGrid after the node update
  16. Hardcoded faulty english text in Tree(Grid)DragSource
  17. DatePicker doesn't properly respect 4-digit years
  18. Tree setStore does not update its selection model's treeStore.
  19. [BUG] Bug in TextField.getText() in IE
  20. GXT gwt.xml module descriptors should specify explicit source paths
  21. A sudden scroll in Firefox clicking on Tree element
  22. com.sencha.gxt.data.shared.TreeStore bug
  23. AdapterField.clearInvalid() retains errors collection
  24. AsyncTree node expand issue
  25. Generated Filenames are to large for Win7
  26. GridStateHandler is not working as expected in IE8
  27. DndDragMoveEvent setCancelled
  28. [OPEN] Problem with Labels of X Axis in Line Series Charts
  29. [CLOSED] Grid navigation with PageUp and PageDown
  30. [OPEN] Anomaly with window.setContainer()
  31. CheckBox background with Neptune theme
  32. Sticky threads gone
  33. HTML in Tooltip is invalid
  34. Can't clip a Pathsprite inside Chart
  35. [OPEN] GXT 3.1.4: setAllowDepress(false) does not work correct
  36. GXT 3.1.1 - Resizig column header can be broken if padding added around column text
  37. Scrolling in demo tree widget for IE
  38. Grid selection by right mouse button click doesn't fire SelectionChangedEvent
  39. GXT 3.1.1: onFocus/onBlur called twice in Grid/Component
  40. Grid header unaligned with content if horizontal scrollbar visible
  41. XElement's scrollIntoView() method scrolls to a wrong place in TreeGrid.
  42. LiveToolItem calling setLabel incorrectly
  43. DatePicker wrong date
  44. [OPEN] ConverterEditorAdapter<T,...> can not be used as Editor<T>
  45. [OPEN] CheckBoxSelectionModel: Right mouse button click is breaking the event propagation
  46. [OPEN] Live grid selection and navigation issues
  47. [OPEN] DateField - I want to make format like "01.02.16 23:59:59"
  48. Tooltip sometimes not dismissed when checkbox in FieldLabel is disabled
  49. FileInput-Element disappears after reset
  50. GXT 3.1.4. TreeSelectionModel RightClick sets mousdown flag
  51. Inline Editable Grid Bug: Text Field left behind after reloading the grid
  52. Browser time zone name
  53. SelectHandler is not consuming 'Space' when space bar is used.
  54. GXT 3.0.1 grid column-header misalignment
  55. Form submission canceled because the form is not connected