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  1. Page scrolling problem, automatically to bottom upon load
  2. beforeunload event does not get triggered in Blackberry
  3. how to give both scroll bar in sench touch
  4. Text Area Issue on iPhone/iPad
  5. Dynamic Multiselect
  6. Problem updating badge text on tabpanel
  7. Trying to style my app but can't seem to change a few things
  8. Question marks displayed in list instead of images
  9. Ext.Store data to JSON
  10. How to get Component from a touch event
  11. Best way to access selected data of onItemDisclosure from outside scope of Ext.List
  12. Selective display of list items, based on Xtemplate condition
  13. Floating Button Inside Panel
  14. Best use of Ext.Router.draw() with data
  15. Controller Action not firing on iPhone
  16. How to display the loading percentage when using the loading mask?
  17. how to add events in calendar using sencha touch without using phonegap
  18. How make a call from web app page in sencha touch without using phonegap example
  19. A floating Panel underneath a Ext.MessageBox is still clickable
  20. Shout Out to Mitch!!!
  21. Update DockedItems HTML
  22. How do I close a modal window, from within itself?
  23. JavaScript Calendar in sencha touch application..
  24. Building First App (Directory)
  25. Does Sencha support nokia java and symbian phones?
  26. Changing phone orientation not redrawing until after rotation complete
  27. To find the device ID or Serial Number of an android/iphone device using sencha touch
  28. Font selection for iPAD app
  29. TabPanel Badge Icones not appearing over tabbar items
  30. filter and filterBy using multiple data
  31. How to fix the device orientation in portrait mode only in sencha touch
  32. Issue related to sencha touch chart labels.
  33. TabPanel not scrolling to the end of the content.
  34. ovelay.hide() throws error
  35. Page is reloading on Android galaxy s2 after pressing "GO"
  36. Keeping the same viewport width between landscape and portrait
  37. How to store data using ajax request into local storage?
  38. Saperate data into sencha list
  39. json proxy request on another server fails with no error
  40. Like carousel, but 2 elements at time
  41. how to upload file using sencha touch when it need a cross-domain request?
  42. Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  43. Ext.List with ListPagingPlugin not working as expected.
  44. Load new Data in Store but LoadRecord loads old Data in formPanel
  45. Loading image appears for ever Sencha + Phone Gap
  46. How to do two fingers scrolling instead of one?
  47. Sencha MVC Ajax call only once
  48. Facebook integration
  49. Change object.style after render not working
  50. Panel overflow ???
  51. To display title bar using Sencha Touch
  52. LoadMask after confirmation box
  53. Carousel controls showing on top of other components - interfering with interface
  54. DataStore does not work with phonegap
  55. How to test on Blackberry Simulator?!
  56. View picture offline
  57. nestedList with description
  58. Checkbox with labelAlign:top badly positioned check on phones.
  59. Updating HTML of extended panel in MVC
  60. Rendering Carousel causes rest of page not to scroll
  61. Sencha Downward Compatibility
  62. Reg DatePicker - Unable to get the selected date in datepicker
  63. search field value not set when opened in popup
  64. What are the steps to follow Smartphone Sencha Touch UI to Tablet phone?
  65. Disadvantages If use morethan one controllers in Sencha-Touch MVC?
  66. itemTap not working
  67. How to call webservice on my application in sencha touch
  68. Unable to load record from store to template
  69. Toolbar gets pushed off-screen when virtual keyboard opens
  70. MVC Construction (what's the best way to build a complex app) ?
  71. How do you create a new instance of a component once it has been destroyed?
  72. Carousel items from localstorage, any suggestions?
  73. selective list item coloring
  74. How to manually trigger an orientation change event
  75. Ext.dispatch does nothing?? Why?
  76. Panel and Absolute positionning
  77. UI Issue with selectfield when disabled in iPhone
  78. JSONP Store Help
  79. activate event fires only once
  80. Easy to solve issues with creating and viewing a NestedList
  81. Ext.Carousel + Zoom
  82. Sync 2 stores (xml with database)
  83. Store load event fires multiple times and keep increasing in MVC app
  84. App structure question...
  85. Begginer asking
  86. Scrollbar on Textarea, clear event in searchfield
  87. Increase components size playbook
  88. How to pass form values to controller - MVC
  89. Interested to extend List component
  90. List within tabBar, remove the margin around list
  91. Can I change a Proxy URL?
  92. new Ext.data.Xmlwriter example
  93. List component little extend problem
  94. Back button causes desired landing page to fly by and load the previous screen again
  95. Loading another panel causes incorrect rendering...
  96. Please help clearing my concept
  97. How to display the image for the whole page in Sencha Touch
  98. IconCls to display image using sencha touch
  99. How to achieve a carousel with dynamic content
  100. Show map on same panel or send parameters to another
  101. Extending Panel and displaying inside extended Panel
  102. IconCls to display full image using sencha touch
  103. textfield
  104. callback couldn't show records
  105. Posting Huge amount of data to .net server from sencha local stores using XMLHTTPRequ
  106. Date format in sencha touch 1.1
  107. textarea set new html
  108. Phonegap json and xml list not loading
  109. TabPanel Background Not Displaying
  110. setActiveItem not working properly
  111. Carousel Problem
  112. Using Phonegap, cannot get API to work.
  113. list selectionChange event fired before button handler
  114. UI Corruption on Change of Orientation in case of Action sheet.
  115. Web Application Development Environment
  116. Disable "Bounce" Effect in Carousel
  117. Ext.data.Store reader root, json problem
  118. Store event on success load
  119. How to hide/show items within a panel?
  120. hiding items is leaving gap of blank space
  121. LocalStorage - 5MB limit
  122. Scope Problem with JSONP callback
  123. Localstore sync seems to remove all items of the store...
  124. how to convert sqlite database to csv file format?
  125. Homescreen chache refresh
  126. Interface/List question
  127. Form Field Overrides
  128. can we have store mapped to textfield Like we can for selectfield
  129. tap event behaves like "mouseup"
  130. Changing default LoadMask text
  131. ExtJS code to call a REST service in Touch app
  132. Viewport, Tabpanel, Monitor orientation different for all tab
  133. Add alert in Calendar Using Sencha Touch
  134. How to avoid a ShowBy Panel (partially) stick out of browser's window?
  135. Tabpanel , Setactive items creates new Tab automatically
  136. listeners for panel/ dockedItems
  137. embed sencha animator inside sencha touch carousel
  138. Sencha Map AutoComplete Search
  139. Problem with Carousel on iPad2
  140. Reload local store without list panel flashing loading screen
  141. displaying scrollable iframe content
  142. Positioning an image with absolute x-y coordinates
  143. NestedList: attach additional custom function onItemTap
  144. Loading times for multiple views in viewport
  145. How add loading mask
  146. MUI does not look proper in iOS5
  147. Png images or Toolbar does not show on screen
  148. How set layout for image ?
  149. Render Ext.List inside custom HTML markup
  150. how to create csv file?
  151. Is it possible to change the position of indicator of Carousal Panel?
  152. Image after List like left menu at kitchensink?!
  153. Create a custom ext.nestedlist
  154. Disabled Checkbox can still be checked/unchecked when on iPad
  155. Improving Performance: Detroy then instantiate?
  156. Dynamically Changing Items in a Carousel
  157. Extend a Ext.data.Store and change some Parameters
  158. How to dynamically remove draggable element in the Drag and Drop exampldrop listener?
  159. List and fullscreen false
  160. Control displayed wrongly
  161. Is it is advisable to make transactional applications using Sencha and PhoneGap?
  162. Help : How load content from external file for detail data model
  163. Sencha Touch Horizontal carousel, scroll: 'vertical' hides content
  164. Get HTTP Status and Code on every Ajax Exception
  165. Dropdown in floating panel
  166. Some insights on how to work with data stores on two different Lists
  167. new msg box is same size as first even if content wont fit.
  168. multi-column select?
  169. how to attach the image?
  170. Orientation change with Onscreen keyboard open messes the Layout.
  171. Sencha Touch + Phonegap 1.3 - Not working on Android
  172. Nested List Problem
  173. How to start creating draggable panels
  174. Quick question on Component.render
  175. Modify application from external function/file
  176. panel setHeight() extremely slow
  177. NestedList - jump to a card ( setActiveItem ? )
  178. Delay on popup causing users to double tap
  179. How to create Dynamic form?
  180. TabPanel not showing without refresh or resize
  181. NestedList : Different Styles on each level ?
  182. JSON Working in Android, not in iOS
  183. from image gallery
  184. sencha-touch Facebook wall post
  185. Hybrid App using Sencha Touch 1.1.1
  186. Google map not rendering when added dynamically
  187. show popup instead of creating new one in html dom
  188. iOS Fullscreen webapp, manifest file gets ignored
  189. CSS not working for iOS but is working for Android (PhoneGap)
  190. Read and differentiate data from the json file through list
  191. App not workng when loaded on device
  192. TabBar MVC problem
  193. How do you reload a store bound to a List which links to Ext.Map
  194. Sencha Touch 1 performance question
  195. TabPanel nested in CardPanel
  196. Carousel Performance with many items
  197. prevent loadmask from being closed by others being closed
  198. Adding and destroying form issues
  199. List in two different screens from nested data in JSON
  200. store counter did not update after removal of record
  201. Load store failed when calling ASP.Net Webservice with large JSon data.
  202. android mobile application
  203. Lock the Orientation to Portrait Mode
  204. Spaced tabpanel not setting heights for items
  205. Insert list on Panel
  206. Warning for unsupported browsers
  207. carousel lags - navigation breaks. please help :S
  208. Splash Screen using Ext.Application
  209. Embedded PDF viewer available in Sencha?
  210. What do I need... I'm going crazy!
  211. Panel containing child panels and list, all with asingle scroll
  212. When to load data
  213. Hiding/Showing TabBar on Android Webkit browser
  214. Unable to redisplay modal screen on item disclosure
  215. Carousel navigation through List
  216. Blank Browser
  217. Validations
  218. Floating Panel at bottom of screen
  219. HTML link to open new view
  220. Custom fonts using SenchaTouch and Phonegap
  221. When does the "activate" event fire?
  222. Reusing Panels?
  223. Using multiple stores for slightly different proxy data
  224. how to add event listener for a item like select field in sencha touch
  225. why the startup screen is not coming when it converted to native app
  226. How to add custom images to tab panel
  227. MVC Application, NestedList
  228. Detecting id or class in touch event
  229. How to set Store to a NestedList ?
  230. How to load specific ID from server
  231. Listener on an HTML Element in a Ext.List item
  232. How to left align a message box?
  233. validateOnBlur not in Sencha Touch?
  234. Json and data store
  235. Non-scrollable List Styling
  236. Navigation list to new form
  237. Remove automatically list items on switch.
  238. Multiple calls to event handler on button press
  239. localstorage with json and hasmany
  240. Error: Cannot call method 'createChild' of undefined
  241. Using store data in a map panel
  242. How does sencha pass an id from a toolbar button to data.Store proxy?
  243. Move data to new store & delete it from old
  244. Android ICS 4.0.3 Ext.Msg.prompt input field bug?
  245. Scaling an app for Tablets
  246. Layouts and code structure
  247. Clickable Telephone Number in a Ext.form.FormPanel
  248. How to run sencha app on blackberry simulator?
  249. After-Orientation-Changed event
  250. Advanced Form Layout with Sencha touch