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  1. Proxy in Model vs. Store
  2. Possible memory leak in stores using ajax proxy
  3. how to add items to the checkboxgroup dynamically
  4. Is there a place to download the TouchStyle.mobi/app application source?
  5. Problem with grouped List and collectData? No combining possible?
  6. image upload using phonegap
  7. Question about google map usage?
  8. Get Ext.Panel dockedItem item textfield value
  9. External video output
  10. Book Shelf View (eg in Aldiko) SOS!
  11. Click during scroll messes it all
  12. Touch Charts Y-Axis showing 0 for all values
  13. Understanding Ext.util.JSONP.request callback
  14. NestedList/List with JSON
  15. Blackberry style issues?
  16. Problem with JSONP Store
  17. Odd behaviour after Ext.util.JSONP.request fails
  18. How to remove panel from container?
  19. 2 Problems/error .. can anyone help me? tnx
  20. VideoJS to Play Video
  21. Mutliple stores for the same api call BUT different parameters
  22. Turning off resetting of fields when they have invalid data
  23. How can I parse DateTime to Date?
  24. panel layout is not changing when we add items dynamically but items are added
  25. Drag and Drop data
  26. Non-standard List Layout - Simple Float Left?
  27. is it possible to give store name as a variable value
  28. alert popup callback not waiting
  29. How do I add polylines and markers to Map
  30. Stop mobile-web-app from freezing after 4 finger swipe on ipad
  31. carousels setActiveItem giving "TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined"
  32. Communicating between actions in MVC pattern ?
  33. Using addthis share tool in sencha touch
  34. Create gridview from xml data in sencha touch??
  35. Query Regarding Sencha touch bar charts.
  36. is it possible to use ajax request for cross domain request response
  37. Grid not displaying data.. pls help
  38. how to add values to store other than json and inline method
  39. Sencha Touch and Javascript simulation
  40. unable to get the cross domain json response using script tag proxy
  41. How to link map markers to the details view?
  42. Errors on cardswitch sometimes.
  43. Event Floor Plan from SVG - what's the best route within the Sencha family?
  44. Need help with sending information to server with JSONP
  45. Cleaning up the lib Directory
  46. Create Dynamic Carousel
  47. Reason for slight delay while loading images/icons?
  48. Error: "You are using a ServerProxy but have not supplied it with a url."
  49. problems with Draggable
  50. Sencha touch Ext.Button is not giving click sound in Android phones
  51. How to bring vertical Ext.form.Slider in Sencha touch?
  52. updating emptyText config option of List in sencha
  53. Drag and drop popup information
  54. Catching the tab activation ?
  55. RestProxy: Remove id in POST request URL
  56. Getting JSON into selectfield
  57. Getting json values into selectfield
  58. Using textfield with type:'file' and uploading a file
  59. Store cannot load associated data from nested JSON?
  60. Implementing hasOne association from Sencha Touch 2 to Sencha Touch 1.X
  61. How to make List paging works?
  62. MVC Data and View help
  63. How to clear the cache memory using sencha touch in android phone?
  64. How can i stop my application using sencha touch in android phone?
  65. How can i add Ext.form.Slider in list?
  66. Can anyone please help with the drag event?
  67. Issue related to sencha touch toolbars
  68. List border
  69. Accessing records in store
  70. Sencha Touch wrapped as a Java component
  71. Confirm Msg hiding after clicking a value hides LoadMask that is opened in callback?
  72. x-tab-active button color not right
  73. How to pull RSS feed from YQL as JSON feed and have it display in Ext.Component?
  74. Newbie whose AJAX framents are covered by main container's tool bar.
  75. Issue related to sencha touch toolbars
  76. Nested json data, models and associations
  77. sencha touch Ext.LoadMask is not working in safari browser
  78. Iphone fast - Android slow?
  79. Problem on myStore.add : Cannot read property leaf of undefined.
  80. Accessing Component from Another Controller
  81. Ext.data.TreeStore Object forcibly auto loads inside a Ext.NestedList
  82. Help adding many child record to store
  83. Toolbar title alignment
  84. Two clear icons in searchfield in toolbar
  85. require help with lists
  86. Textfield keyboard don't hide
  87. Read nested XML with Model and Store
  88. HTML Editor
  89. Selected list item is deselected upon second itemtap event
  90. sencha touch Ext.form.Select is not working correctly...
  91. Issue related to sencha touch store
  92. how to give sub items of the store to the list items
  93. Two Loading Spinners are displayed at the same time
  94. Hidden characters in Ext.Prompt
  95. Dynamic adding, removing and reusing panels - Problem
  96. Positionning item
  97. Panel contents not laid out correctly after width-based CSS transition animation
  98. How to use and get values of radio boxes?
  99. MessageBox Border CSS
  100. how to remove Done button in Select field in snecha touch
  101. Dynamic Accordion with Touch v1.1.1 PhoneGap 1.4.0
  102. How to open a docx and pdf files which is present on my laptop on click of a button .
  103. Address bar slides down when sliding down on Android
  104. Accessing data in JSONP
  105. Store undefined
  106. List onItemDisclosure in TabPanel does not respond
  107. Best approach to swapping panels using segmented button
  108. I want to click sound for Ext.Button using sencha touch in android phone.
  109. Gauge Chart Title
  110. Can I have more than one return value from Ajax request?
  111. filter the list using search field
  112. Placing DataView and ListView together on the same Panel
  113. Select Event is not correct on grouped list
  114. Using back button to control several tabpanels
  115. Getting XTemplate data on button hanlder event
  116. How to access child records?
  117. NestedLIst and TabPanel... going mad....
  118. Card Panel + DataView = Scrolling problem!
  119. How to open a docx on click of a button .
  120. Trying to override nestedlist submenu toolbar title
  121. round the corner of list
  122. Ticker Action
  123. how to create link button
  124. Hyperlink with telehpone number freezes web application on iPhone.
  125. How to connect to JSON webservice using Sencha Touch
  126. Sencha Touch compatibility in opera mini....
  127. Multiple Stores in a List
  128. system wide vibration?
  129. Ext.Map current location latitude and longitude shows null?
  130. Ext.Map rendering problem
  131. Noob type question
  132. Parent-Child relationship into models
  133. How to add a store data into a local variable
  134. Cannot enter text in a textarea which is displayed in a list item on Playbook
  135. Full touch Calendar functionality
  136. How to change text colour on Ext.List items according to different field values
  137. How to destroy panels in tabs of TabPanel and then recreate them?
  138. JS errors for define
  139. How to make a datepickerfield editable?
  140. Ext.data.TreeStore + scripttag + Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token
  141. Load binary data from SQL to sencha touch
  142. Resize scrollable area on hide?
  143. conditional extraParams
  144. Sencha Touch - PHP newbye question
  145. How to do it clickable ?
  146. Sencha Touch 1.x Tab Icons Text Jargon language
  147. mimicking touch two's list setTpl in 1.x
  148. How to implement join SQL using sencha touch sqlite proxy with multiple tables??
  149. Number Field Separator in sencha touch 1
  150. SVG background problem inside a JS page
  151. How to use FROM config of Ext.Anim?
  152. setActiveItem animations in conjunction with doLayout() call
  153. How to customize anim slide? How the place where it starts defines?
  154. Any ideas for resizing the selectfield picker in iPhone and Android
  155. Floating panel disappears when I click anywhere outside it. Can anything be done?
  156. .net magazine tutorial demo not working in Safari Windows
  157. How to move the ticker to show at the bottom of the page instead of top
  158. TabPanel tabbar scrolling - can I prevent selecting whilst scrolling?
  159. viewport.dockedItems.items[0].setTitle() Only works once?
  160. When is Sencha going open source with their eclipse thingy?
  161. filterBy not working..
  162. Showing Disclosure indicator for only selected rows in list
  163. Problem showing current location as a pin on Ext.map
  164. DataView with Selection and LIsteners
  165. dockedItems and List disapears when searchfield empty
  166. animations with Ext.Router
  167. how to get handler configuration by this.on
  168. Combinating TabPanel and Corousel - catching events
  169. how to display datas from store
  170. Carousel question - I am trying to do a full screen carousel with limited width snaps
  171. AJAX Request Issue: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: request
  172. Help adding a field
  173. Sencha list problem
  174. unable to load a jsonstore
  175. Stack toolbars and tabpanels
  176. 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'this.model.proxy') Sencha-touch-debug.js
  177. set active item for select field
  178. Having doubt in sencha touch examples
  179. page order in url
  180. JSON-Problem with wordpress
  181. Diamond shaped button
  182. list + soft keyboard on ios
  183. TypeError: 'null' is not an object on ipad full screen mode
  184. How to change component layout order
  185. Tabpanel card switch is not happening all the times
  186. Is there a quick way to copy the tabbar buttons style to a normal non-tabbar button?
  187. How to build table in Xtemplate?
  188. Sencha Touch 1.1 video not working in Android 4.0
  189. Adding and removing a list panel makes it unusable.
  190. Save Data From Ext.Ajax.request into Ext.Store
  191. title on message box displayed in wrong position
  192. store load problem when some data is null
  193. What's wrong with this?
  194. How to switch between panels of type card
  195. Custom button on the first level of a nested list
  196. facing issue in sencha touch1.1 for select and date picker field with phionegap
  197. Selecting text from a list
  198. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined reading xml in a list
  199. How to control pan & zoom in Android webview app?
  200. design of a page
  201. Two Marker is displayed when only one is expected in Google Map.
  202. Override submit function in FormPanel fails
  203. Add Tips to sencha chart
  204. How can i load charts into Accordion Panel
  205. Turning off ability to deselect Ext.form.Select
  206. how to put progressbar?
  207. TabPanel inside FormPanel
  208. Toolbar title alignment
  209. Problem with own Proxy: "You are using a ServerProxy ..."
  210. Store Data Formatting
  211. Sencha touch reloading page after restoring minimized phonegap application
  212. Margin lost when enable scroll:'vertical' in panel
  213. itemtap listed is no longer available when comming back to this view
  214. Access scope when using form items and listeners
  215. Add Data store and recognize double entries | Syncing 2 Stores
  216. Add geolocation to map component using locationupdate event
  217. login check in sencha
  218. issue in creating Custom looking text input
  219. Update toolbar is making trouble switch cards
  220. Can I use an array var to fill the options of a selectfield and how?
  221. Showing arrow indicators for horizontally scrollable panel
  222. Is there anything like an afterSync event for stores?
  223. how to create collapsible menu
  224. Make Buttons Switch Panels?
  225. Triggering the noMoreRecords text using the listpaging plugin
  226. Toolbar being shared across mulitple instances of view
  227. how to display a panel
  228. Ext.Form.Select Field setting an JSON array
  229. Stores for models with associations
  230. Data not loading in Android 4.0 emulator
  231. Append data to store
  232. how to make a tabbar hidden?
  233. What to keep in mind when wanting to develop for both smartphone and tablet
  234. Remove Chart panel default toolbar
  235. How to get start coordinatioin of a floating Panel ?
  236. Comparing for equality on Date objects
  237. How to refer to things in items:[]
  238. fullscreen issue
  239. Is it possible to connect sencha touch 1 to SQL database???
  240. Is it possible to make a website using sencha touch 1?????
  241. mask spinner
  242. How can I add a listener to a div of a Ext.component "tpl"?
  243. Is there any limit of using session storage?
  244. Themes
  245. Not displaying the homepage when Private Browsing on Safari is on
  246. how to uniquely identify text fields in a Panel
  247. Hide iPhone Soft keboard
  248. Limit size in Ajax proxy Response
  249. Map Marker Information
  250. Unable to bind the store to Ext.List/Panel