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  1. double tap on a button will crash the app
  2. Nested Store-Data with XML?
  3. Memory Management - App locks up when not used for a few hours.
  4. PayPal integration
  5. How do I load and delete data from a local storage proxy
  6. Styling Panel With jQuery Cross Domain Ajax Data Loader
  7. changing mode of the Icon dynamically
  8. Stop overwriting data in store
  9. Sencha touch+ Phone gap Database
  10. Scroll Problem with lists without a fix height
  11. TypeError: Result of expression 'a' [undefined] is not an object.
  12. itenInfo interaction & itemhighlight is not working,please help
  13. Scroll Issue
  14. Get value of radio group
  15. Sencha Touch 1.1.1 not invoking Rest service at Android Platform 2.2.1
  16. Google Maps Streetview feature shows on Desktop Chrome but not on Mobile
  17. Speed issues reading xml files
  18. hyperlink on a button
  19. maxLength attribute for numberfield is not working in sencha touch 1.1
  20. Adding google maps infowindow using double array
  21. Best practice styling app using SASS + Compass
  22. BeforeCheck on Checkbox?
  23. List & Store:: Grouping Special Characters like ń÷‹?
  24. Can we create multi touch games?
  25. iframes
  26. Picker Slot Width: How do I set it lazily
  27. How would I create a "native" textarea which is docked to the bottom and auto-grows?
  28. Browser compatibility check
  29. Search field UI
  30. Nested list search
  31. PhonGap DB + list view
  32. How to create an image button programatically
  33. Goole places api
  34. Dynamic Placeholder Value
  35. Ext.Map and GPolyline.fromEncoded
  36. "Ext.util.JSONP.request" fire only once
  37. fieldset has no method 'add'
  38. New session created with every Ajax request
  39. Marker in sencha touch map
  40. Reset the paging params (start, page) on list render
  41. Swipe to delete iPhone list view item
  42. itemswipe: explantion
  43. xtemplates
  44. ReferenceError: Can't find variable: google
  45. remove scroller padding help
  46. store.load() give me an Uncaught TypeError
  47. Anims cube, flip, wipe don't work
  48. Dynamically add Objects to an Array then submit via Ext.Ajax.request
  49. Show selected country in Ext.Toolbar's title
  50. Refresh a number of items in layout after login
  51. change the button style of the tab panel docked at top
  52. Costomizing my code
  53. hide and show an item
  54. SASS global background image
  55. Splitting code into multiple files
  56. Sencha 1.1 - Orientation issue in iPad 4.3.3.
  57. Action on basis of selected item in selection field
  58. Should Using Complied JavaScript code in the index.html be the correct practice?
  59. Load Store with Ajax Proxy - iOS vs. Android
  60. xtemplate member function issue
  61. Multiple Indexbars displaying
  62. Problem with list and parent-child relations
  63. displaying tables
  64. phonegap app on iPhone not working as expected after resuming from background
  65. onclick action on table cell
  66. Problem with TabPanel Design
  67. Web App Address Bar
  68. Toolbar icon to tabbar icon
  69. hide and show an item
  70. ScrollTo Problem (with demo)
  71. Loading data to TreeStore question.
  72. Error by store.load() with JSON-Object + localStorage; most likely the reader
  73. Can i use sencha touch to build native ipad app
  74. basic debugging question
  75. how to specify default action for a controller?
  76. How can I change the hash but not trigger the route?
  77. How to control map size in panel and how to handle click event
  78. How to parse json returned from jsp??
  79. NestedList donít refresh screen.
  80. Trying to custom dataview tpl but not working
  81. what event is triggered when a panel comes back into view?
  82. LoadMask cancel on SenchaTouch 1
  83. regarding touch-charts-debug.css.
  84. testing my sencha touch app
  85. Hidden TabBar leaves empty space
  86. Specific Id for Visible Carousel Card
  87. how to add values to associated store with has many
  88. background color of form field
  89. difficulty with sencha touch framework
  90. Load list store only works first time
  91. Ext.DataView doesn't render data from store
  92. Only allow uppercase in Text field?
  93. Sencha Bottom Toolbar Sometimes Hides unexpectedly
  94. Create Combobox
  95. localstorage and restwebservice in sencha touch
  96. Dynamic panel doLayout flickering
  97. need to control horizontal scrolling with some button
  98. Sencha touch web application not working on iPhone & Android
  99. How to find no internet connection in sencha 1.1??
  100. XML reading issue
  101. Load 1st item in List view
  102. Request to server not working properly in Android & I phone.
  103. textareafield is broken - sencha 1.1.1
  104. nested list titlebar issue
  105. Combobox in sencha touch
  106. Display of views not proper in Android sdk 2.1
  107. create multiselectfield
  108. Dynamic creation of form fields using c#
  109. mark my position in google map
  110. How can I get back raw JSON from external server
  111. CRUD Methods in JSONStore
  112. regModel: Is it possible to give a field/variable to a fixed value in the model?
  113. sencha+ phonegap+ android jsonp not loaded
  114. iconCls for Active Tab
  115. multiselect field
  116. detail view of disclosure list not showing within tab panel
  117. Issue with running sencha1.1.1 in android 2.2
  118. How to reload the nestedlist...?
  119. Ext.data.store: Is there a "getAll()" Method or something similar available?
  120. Ext.dispatch: returning a value results in "undefined"?
  121. idProperty is always 1 after populating a store
  122. data.Store: How do delete all records in a store?
  123. How to connect the camera with sencha touch?
  124. Lists and disclosure icon click
  125. How to do Local Storage in sencha touch 1.1
  126. Ext.util.jsonp request does not work on device android 2.3 / iphone 5.1
  127. Catch an invalid JSON response from server
  128. Issue regarding orientation of iphone
  129. Sencha Touch 1.1 nested list associations
  130. Help with submitting form
  131. Get Data From Value - List - Store
  132. JSON Data Store - How To Acess Data Outside Of Data 'root'
  133. Sencha not working in Touch screen Monitor
  134. Placing a toogle field in grid which extends Ext.ux.touchgridpanel
  135. I need to tap button two times instead of one time
  136. How to upload a file or image from mobile using sencha
  137. datepickerfield Not Setting Value After Select
  138. issue with ToolBar.show()
  139. Poster image is not properly visible in Sencha Video
  140. Image in TabPanel
  141. Memory Issue in Blackberry Smartphone Simulator 9800
  142. Does Sencha 1.1 support android 4.0.x??
  143. Touch Calender Refresh Problem in Sencha Touch 1.0
  144. Cascading selectfields
  145. Scrolling does not function correctly on a list
  146. Submitting form in Sencha Touch
  147. CSS3 in sencha touch
  148. linkedin
  149. Calendar Example
  150. A layout problem with textfield , panel and image
  151. toggleCls() Issue on iOS
  152. LocalStorage: Cant persist image as Base64 String...too long?
  153. Update of JSON-Object only takes place in store but not in localStorage
  154. Problem Getting Images - Gallery PHP
  155. How to refresh a view in sencha touch 1.1?
  156. Error while using convert in Model
  157. create model for the followind data
  158. Panel Margin
  159. Button with If
  160. Php File - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
  161. Textfield and button in the same line
  162. Need help with a complex view
  163. set flex for fully instantiated component in Container Panel
  164. Aling button center
  165. destroy and recreate
  166. Filter List by a Greater/Less than expression
  167. Problem retreiving data from store
  168. dispatch issue
  169. Data in Subgroups - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
  170. Using Google Maps: How to activate pinch to zoom?
  171. Virtual Keyboard in Sencha Touch
  172. Sencha 1.1 api not opening
  173. Load data from store into html
  174. sencha touch local storage vs PhoneGap databse
  175. web services with sencha
  176. Catching Google Maps error when starting app while offline
  177. load data into store from ajax request
  178. Writting in a file with javascript
  179. Hiding all floating panels visible at present
  180. localstorage does not persist
  181. HBox into Container not resize it
  182. Problems in switching tabPanel and load store
  183. problem on event tap on newly add node to nested list and save that node to json file
  184. Rerender of a view dynamically?
  185. parent property not showing in Xtemplate
  186. Is it possible to draw a poly line on google map using sencha touch 1.0
  187. Issue related to sencha touch store.
  188. How to create infobubble on maps in sencha touch 1.0
  189. Extra button in NestedList title bar
  190. LocalStorage heeeelp
  191. Loading views problem
  192. Some quick questions
  193. LocalStorage with MVC
  194. Change the view of a nested list item
  195. Form submit always returns failure
  196. how to place a bubble on map using geolocation with onlocationupdatate event
  197. Localstorage not storing state after refresh
  198. List multiSelect: true
  199. Problem re rendering Google Maps in Panel
  200. Problem Ext.List Store record.data
  201. Dynamic addition of fieldsets to panel
  202. Text Field CSS Bug with Multi word label
  203. Index.html: Possible to add/load something in it while the app is running?
  204. unable to change the height of a textfield
  205. Adding same item again to list
  206. consuming a web service with sencha touch
  207. LocalStorage
  208. Cannot call method 'getMargin' of undefined
  209. Disabled Checkbox is still working
  210. How to read Json reponse from Ajax Request
  211. Error delete multi selected items from list
  212. horizontal scroll in mobile phone which holds component..
  213. how to change button color when perform onclick in sencha touch
  214. How do you set a panel to be active?
  215. Error Message when 'Enter' key press
  216. Make the second carousel item show slightly
  217. Store HasMany doesn't sync
  218. Not Sencha Touch but ... Google Touch Problem
  219. overriding css toggle field
  220. Add in Local Storage
  221. Hide Tab in TabPanel
  222. Expandable text
  223. Selectfield defaul valueField - displayField
  224. Styling question for a mobile app
  225. Remove Record and the Add Record doesn't work
  226. how to change the background color of Ext.Msg.confirm and Ext.Msg.alert?
  227. sencha touch 1.1+phonegap android 3.2,4.0+jsonp
  228. SetFocus Tab on TabPanel
  229. Problem with Hiding Toolbar
  230. Ext.data.JsonReader.getResponseData: Unable to parse JSON returned by Server
  231. frame alignment issue / text not fitting in the frame
  232. App runs in safari and emulator, but on phone touchscreen does not work
  233. Result of expression 'a' [undefined] is not an object. sencha-touch.js
  234. Canvas drawing slow while backface visibility is hidden
  235. consume a web service with sencha touch 1
  236. sencha+phonegap+local json
  237. Set data into my store
  238. how to take data from store and display it on table
  239. FormPanel.hide() becomes blank screen.
  240. consume a web service with sencha touch 1
  241. Sencha touch 1.1 Ext.tabPanel bottom tab shows acsii characters on Android
  242. Load DateTime from .net
  243. Globally Replace Loading Mask
  244. Does Ext.util.jsonp have a post Method??
  245. DatePicker Read Only
  246. How to link map marker to the detail view
  247. Can you put Ext.Msg.alert and Ext.Msg.confirm icon?
  248. listener property versus on method
  249. Rendering Issue with form textbox
  250. MVC first controller specification