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  1. Limitation to ST List and Store for 2.3.1 version
  2. PDF Viewer Panel seems to double load PDF
  3. Upgrading app from GPL version
  4. Sencha 2.1.1 vs 2.3.1
  5. Routes with Tab Panel
  6. load mask in list doesn't clear after list load
  7. Training : Melbourne Sencha Touch : January 2013
  8. Delta caching not working/Stuck on loading indicator after updated code
  9. WebApp can not run with non-webkit browser
  10. List Scrolling on first load
  11. Apps running in dev mode don't work in production
  12. Survey Regarding Sencha Touch
  13. [Solved] Load multiple hasMany not possible?
  14. Sencha Touch sandbox like Ext4
  15. centre of a google map
  16. Maximum image size on iPhone?
  17. Custom Icon Font problem
  18. Problemas with Views
  19. narrow the gap time between splash screen and actual app appearing (native apps)
  20. Ext.Menu: Ext.List or multiple component items
  21. Json Req from local PC to remote server [truly confused]
  22. Help with Ext.ux.parse.Store
  23. Scrollbar showing when not needed
  24. accessing a parent config from a child item
  25. iPad zoom layout problem
  26. Container never fires activeitemchange event
  27. calling generic error function
  28. Passing params to Store in a View
  29. Allowing tab bar to reset tab when when on that tab
  30. controller best practice
  31. feature request: item draggable
  32. Native build - plugin dependancy problem
  33. Reccomended way to create list items with text on both left + right sides
  34. Sencha + PhoneGap and app's icon
  35. freeze carousel swipe momentarily
  36. [solved] Navigation View not showing views
  37. Ext.button, single tap event
  38. Iphone datepicker
  39. Model with associations, idProperty issue
  40. Flow drop layout?
  41. General type of controller
  42. app.json dosn't work
  43. Android app displays blank screen
  44. Sencha + Axure
  45. Should we use useComponents in Ext.dataview.List?
  46. Open links in native browser
  47. Show keyboard on iOS automatically
  48. clearFilter performance issue
  49. Looking for someone who can help me with my app (paid work)
  50. Bind child-component visibility to model value?
  51. Sencha Touch allways scroll back to top --- HELP
  52. Panel not shown on native ios (cordova)
  53. Display different store's data in a single xtemplte
  54. Help me please, store undefined in the grid
  55. LoadMask not blocking taps
  56. LocalStorage question
  57. Initial application download
  58. cuestion about folder creates
  59. ST + Phonegap build hanging at the three dots loading screen
  60. Native Packaging Performance Boost? And ST2 feedback
  61. SOLVED: Components from “requires” not loaded
  62. why does a form panel require a height?
  63. Create Scatter Chart In Dynamic with Multiple Series
  64. Incorrect record retrieved for selected List item
  65. Why do fields not show invalid state like in ExtJS?
  66. Sencha Developers Europe
  67. ST2.3 + UIWebView + Facebook login
  68. Referencing stores & indexbar wasnt appearing
  69. logger.js failing to load, this seems to have popped up out of nowhere
  70. Change url silently
  71. Clearing innerHtml on carousel
  72. Dynamic Loading Screen
  73. [object Object] when attempting to push Store data to a Carousel
  74. How to load data into store directly from a block of data
  75. How can I make list scroll smoothly on Windows Phone.
  76. Assign listener without reference
  77. xtype vs namespace
  78. Current status of localstorage and native ios apps
  79. Securing Store Proxy API
  80. Paypal and Senca touch 2
  81. Working example of Ext.device.filesystem.Cordova
  82. Why Navigation View not show after sencha app build production
  83. How to deal with external content
  84. how to prevent auto create & enter view in a dataview
  85. How to show/hide address bar when scroll up/down in safari mobile
  86. Sencha Touch IDE
  87. Sometimes load the app very difficult by refresh On Windows Phone
  88. App unusable frequently if wake device after a long time lock screen
  89. Data list not shown on phone, but shown on browsers
  90. File path in geolocation permission dialog
  91. Remove camera option form Ext.field.File in iOS
  92. Java script function in a View
  93. draggable icon as in iphone/ipad menu
  94. Window Phone 8 small Viewport problem
  95. RAM issue
  96. Suggestion: disallow overriding methods in xtypes in development
  97. fullscreen in ipad2 - safari
  98. When there is no data, app become unresponsive.
  99. problem to style a list
  100. Including additional Pictos images as part of the Pictos font
  101. xtype leads to coupled messy code?
  102. Deleted store item keeps coming back
  103. List in fieldset doesn't work
  104. Sencha Touch loadmask doesn't appear instantly
  105. Why is model referenced differently from proxy?
  106. JsonP proxy exception on Android
  107. Ext.Ajax.Resquest send null params
  108. Create an object with a string
  109. Sencha Touch and Geocoder API Google Maps
  110. Typescript and sencha
  111. How to include Ext.define to the code
  112. Sencha can find AM.store.MyStore but can't find AM.model.MyModel?
  113. Clarification on stores : ['MyStore'],
  114. Why proxies and readers don't have their dirs in MVC?
  115. Resize radiofield bullet
  116. store big data into mobile
  117. Options for Beta Testing Sencha Mobile Apps, since TestFlight dropped Android
  118. Reusing components defined inside xtype structure?
  119. App for test
  120. Migrating from sencha 2.1.1 to 2.3.1 gone wrong.
  121. Performance as a native app?
  122. Scaling Text in Select Fields
  123. sencha keeps session cookies from development version and compiles with ipa
  124. Remote loading of app.js?
  125. How much of the cordova directory should I have under version control (git)?
  126. Sencha 2.3 js has performance issue
  127. Creating a custom component
  128. Porting ST2 app to Windows 8
  129. trying to create a dropdown menu on a titlebar [newbie]
  130. ShowBy anchor wrong aligment
  131. I find Controller to be too complex and tightly coupled with View
  132. UI Rendering Delayed Until After Store Load with Phonegap
  133. Remove iOS7 top status bar for full screen app
  134. Form Empty
  135. Device Profiles and Views
  136. Android Softkeyboard covers the edit text in Sencha Touch 2.3
  137. Adding sencha fields in itemTpl
  138. SuperClass Properties shared between subclasses.
  139. Android Virtual Keyboard - Next Button Issue (Shifts View)
  140. Sencha Touch vs. ExtJS 5
  141. Document upload from sencha touch iphone app
  142. Localization of sencha touch applications
  143. Configure backend server address
  144. Contact Form on Creating Your First app Example not working
  145. Comparing Date objects; DST issues
  146. Reg: Gauge Chart in Sencha Touch 2.3.1 Implementation
  147. iOS time bar within the app
  148. How to load multiple stores from a nested JSON response
  149. Loading amimated( interactive) content in sencha touch?
  150. DnD reorder a DataView
  151. urgent Help needed
  152. XTemplates - updating question
  153. How to inculde HTML, CSS, JQuary files into Sencha Touch app?
  154. Scroll does not work after build production
  155. Social Networking Application Help
  156. Sencha Touch Authentication and Authorization
  157. Destroying a store
  158. Sencha Touch 2.3 app doesn't fill full screen in iOS Simulator
  159. hasMany association woes
  160. Iphone 5 device rotation resets input fields
  161. Iphone 5 Auto focusing on text field when it is not set to auto focus
  162. Deployment problem
  163. How to comunicate with an API with Sencha
  164. Where can I find the 2.3.2 release notes?
  165. Failure/Success - Store - Rest Proxy
  166. input type=range
  167. Not able to view the pdf from the local file
  168. CMD Build produces empty app.js
  169. Road map for modern features (MVVM and other extjs 5)
  170. Web app not using full screen under iOS 7.1 when packaged
  171. best pattern for dealing with nested list and items choice
  172. goToLeaf Not Working
  173. IFrame Alternative for Rendering External Web Page
  174. Native Build Classpath Questions - Cordova
  175. Struggling -- dynamic data for my custom container....
  176. Compass extension not installing
  177. Drag and Drop lists
  178. Scrollable text area on sencha touch 2 on iPad
  179. Explanation of possibility to minify the code
  180. fullscreen web app support in android's chrome browser
  181. Where is the best place to declare global variables in a Sencha Touch app?
  182. please help....list can't show the store
  183. There is any STABLE version of Sencha Touch and Sencha CMD?
  184. JSON store based on day of week and time of day
  185. Mobile Packager Changes in Sencha Cmd 5.0
  186. Testing Application
  187. stuck at blue loading screen
  188. ext.msg.show changing defaults
  189. use NestedList tips "No items available"
  190. Tabpanel setRecord() problem
  191. SQL proxy and sync
  192. Sending HTML content
  193. Ext.Ajax.request submits twice
  194. how to controller dynamic itemId in ext touch
  195. How to remotely debug Sencha Touch app on android using chrome on desktop
  196. Can Sencha touch 2.3 run on Firefox for android ?
  197. App - Multiple Roles / Login
  198. Problem formatting a Checkbox Grid
  199. Polar Chart Store
  200. ext touch Ext.NavigationView push can't display
  201. is config of activeItem no effect in navigationview?
  202. extracting all application label strings to util class statics?
  203. SMS functionality
  204. select field not working when push panel in navigation view sencha touch on WP8
  205. Question Quiz Application
  206. Dataview.dataview and Container: why back button of Container not working???
  207. Sencha TouchGrid Filter
  208. Dynamically add html to panel in a view
  209. Using Sencha instead of a website that is optimized for mobile phones
  210. Possible bug using Ext.create on a model class
  211. Select fields and Viewport
  212. Proxy Ajax Post with params JSONData
  213. Disable swipe event on menu
  214. UI QA Automation Hell in Sencha Touch 2/Cordova
  215. Ext.img setSrc() method is not working in android
  216. Sencha Cmd build production not working
  217. Simple working examples on Models and Stores
  218. Free app to Live Edit your Sencha Touch apps. Massively speeds up app development.
  219. Delay on rotate
  220. MVC application error
  221. [SOLVED] Basic Sencha Touch Project does not working on Android Emulator
  222. Integration with PouchDB?
  223. Need to show tap gesture with icon change on tab tap - Tabbar
  224. Best Way to Handle Events in a Singleton Class?
  225. controller with # in selector will register only once?
  226. Change disclosure list icon Firefox
  227. Over-the-air updates for packaged apps?
  228. Cannot use Sencha Touch JsonP store with VB.NET WCF service
  229. Why do I get error in HTTP post?
  230. List.View inside Ext.Panel (even with container's layout defined)
  231. Startup image until my app finishes loading
  232. CMD build failing to add Google script includes to index.html?
  233. Tips for Sencha Touch Beginners?
  234. Defining height dynamically for XType list in version 2.3.1
  235. Worklight Sencha, performance issues and best pratices
  236. What is the correct way to include Google Maps with Touch
  237. Android app. for Twitter opens in Sencha/Cordova web view
  239. Component DataView, get records in listitems
  240. Status bar is about content app
  241. Cross Domain problem when do login
  242. overflowchanged event is deprecated.
  243. Sencha touch 2.4+ browser support
  244. thank you
  245. [Cordova] Problem keyboard with input focus
  246. Detect if Sencha Touch is supported in the browser
  247. Problem running production build
  248. Android's status bar overlapping the app
  249. Problem with slider field in tizen theme (ST2.4)
  250. list images rendering safari issue