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  1. Android Performance
  2. Optimizing my CSS file
  3. Prevent duplicate data in combo
  4. Why does ST2 use SASS instead of any other CSS types?
  5. can't show data inside the list
  6. Sencha Touch 2.4 mouseover, mouseleave events.
  7. non ascii value in select field text
  8. App not functional on ios8 device Safari
  9. NavigationBar - how to disable or hide button as user navigates?
  10. Is 2.4.1 beta available?
  11. [slightly off topic] logical vs actual pixels
  12. When is the Core Package being incorporated into Sencha Touch?
  13. Defining listeners - Class vs Object
  14. Why can't I use onTap :this.tapEventHandler
  15. Object listeners NOT overriding class listeners
  16. Why can't I use tap:this.tapEventHandler inside class listeners
  17. Can I add/remove listeners of classes dynamicly
  18. [SOLVED] Datepickerfield didnt set value after form.load(..)
  19. Dataview scroll go back to the top
  20. combined display field in select component
  21. tap :'tapEventHandler' vs items: [ 'myTitlebar' ]
  22. Overriding class properties: config vs listeners
  23. 12.3.40 items:[Ext.create()] is not executed for every Object
  24. Button needs 2 clicks to execute after navigationview back
  25. Cant access global Variables in build
  26. polymorphic views
  27. vertical swipe and its performance hit
  28. error adding subpanels to panel
  29. error loading user classes
  30. nested layout vs templates
  31. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getHistory' of undefined
  32. using nested json to populate a list without associations...
  33. Subsequent button actions not possible on single tap
  34. Strange scrollbar behaviour in Sencha Touch based app
  35. slider field customization
  36. vertical scrolling wierd behavior (with fiddle)
  37. images not displayed on device
  38. how to use Nested-List with big data
  39. App is freezing at the Loading page
  40. [newbie question] Is it impossible building without phonegap?
  41. Scrollable container layout
  42. Path menu not working
  43. Weird assignment failure in AbstractComponent
  44. Web view compatibility in android 4.x and android 5.0
  45. Launching APK with sencha app build directly to Genymotion
  46. iOS Startup image timeout and appLoadingIndicator
  47. Unique localstorage based on string in URL
  48. Horizontal list ST 2.4.1 not working
  49. need to show .pdf and .doc file in a Ext.Container
  50. Sencha Touch - First experiences
  51. Sencha Touch MVC Example App - Loan Shark
  52. Sencha touch CMD 5 + cordova
  53. Component DataView: Cannot read property 'items' of undefined
  54. Component DataView not displaying store data
  55. How could I work with "var = new Ext.Panel" and only viewport or Ext.define?
  56. baseUrl with selection in util.config
  57. Mobile app that need too time to load.
  58. Use Camera as Source Instead of a File?
  59. Google Maps InfoBubble not working correctly after production build
  60. Senca Textfield RTL Special Char Issue
  61. Automated build process.
  62. webapp not updating in production build
  63. How to connect a sencha touch application with mysql database with a PHP backend?
  64. get xap for windows 8
  65. Straightforward way to set iOS app icons in touch + phonegap?
  66. TouchTreeGrid and CalendarPicker free or charge cost?
  67. Whats your development approach?
  68. Why I Cant sign in?
  69. add back button to link multiples navigations view
  70. android Menu Page in sencha
  71. Application crashes on startup on iOS 8.3
  72. fast click library for hybrid apps
  73. Controller Best Practice and/or Personal Preferences
  74. Crosswalk: which version is better?
  75. [Urgent] Set src in an image while already in a carousel destroys the animation
  76. class variables and methods scope
  77. [warning] new webview update on Android seem to break hybrid app (PGB)
  78. Clarification regarding Sencha Touch free commercial license.
  79. android webview breaking hybrid apps once again
  80. Basic Sencha Touch Project does not working on Windows 8.1
  81. Form Validations
  82. Sencha touch multiple data views in a container, scrolls horizontally and vertically
  83. Sencha Touch + Cordova App = Android. How to increase app performance ?
  84. slow swiping of html pages in carousel
  85. xtype conflict
  86. Sencha Touch 2.4.1 and Cordova issue
  87. Need help with broken build...
  88. integration with Parse.com
  89. controller control refers to which view
  90. scope in button config
  91. real time chart in sencha touch
  92. How to access parent method once have left original context of method call?
  93. Styling issues on android platform with buttons and icons
  94. Sencha Touch 2 view not loading in Andoid 4.4.4
  95. ST + Phonegap remote build failed
  96. proxy for phone memory storage
  97. [Newbie] Ext.dataview.List issue ver.
  98. Cant delete single record from sessionstore
  99. Reinitialize Ext.Msg config
  100. Sencha MVC: View Model binding
  101. [FIXED] Is it possible to have a date picker inline in a panel ?
  102. ST app on desktop
  103. Prevent docked items from moving with keyboard?
  104. Ext.Panel is not showing Itens properly
  105. Mobile frameworks for android development survey. Which one is better?
  106. Ext.device.SQLite.openDatabase is not a function
  107. NestedList back button text
  108. Sencha Touch Activity Monitor
  109. Multiple languages based on user's locale
  110. Mask with Filter Blur
  111. Unable to Create Sencha Touch App on MAC
  112. ext Img encoding to base 64
  113. Sencha Touch Selectfield Change event didn't work ?
  114. ST 2.4.2 and Microsoft Edge
  115. in my second tab not scroll my list
  116. How to use onUpdated?
  117. How paginate a store with sql proxy
  118. iOS9 SSL Key issue
  119. Sencha Touch 2.4.2 - Draggable Component not moving outside Container
  120. iPad issue
  121. Remove right mark from select field while selecting values.
  122. Scrollable property not working
  123. Google Maps and windows phone metro app
  124. How to add custom font in sencha touch??
  125. Sencha App Watch posts syntax error ??
  126. Android - How to update Cordova version 3.9 to 5.4 in my Sencha touch app
  127. How to add a vertical marker to a column separator in the grid?
  128. Sublime linter for ext and touch
  129. when useComponents is true of dataview, itemtap is not work in sencha touch 2.4.2?
  130. Touchtree grid load mask
  131. Send nested data to server with POST/PUT Request
  132. Best way to locate bugs caused in Production vs Testing?
  133. What is a key difference between Truncate and Delete?
  134. No more development on Touch framework...
  135. button to upload file doesn't work build Microsoft
  136. Need help in attempt to recreate TouchCalendar
  137. how do i generate app?
  138. store load parameter and value in combo type
  139. ST + Phonegap build issue
  140. Storage proxy
  141. Images are not show on Android
  142. How to get the event keydown working?
  143. Debugging Sencha App
  144. Double tap on button-it does not work
  145. Extjs - How to get the item from the list you are viewing
  146. Extjs6 backward compatibility with sencha touch
  147. phonegap + sencha touch js take ~5seconds to initialize
  148. sencha touch performance on Ext.application
  149. How to load minimal css and javascript in microloader?
  150. Force Browser to refresh image Cache
  151. Moving one row of list to another row