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  1. [OPEN] Bug with IndexBar
  2. [NOREPRO] Initialized event not getting called
  3. [NOREPRO] Slow load of Sencha Touch docs from local file
  4. [NOREPRO] Tap event not firing on buttons in nested containers
  5. [NOREPRO] Cannot call method setMasked (Production build)
  6. [FIXED] Message box without button still displays extra space where button suppose to be
  7. [FIXED] Ext.util.Format.date ignores timezone in ISO 8601 dates in older browsers
  8. [OPEN] Small proposition
  9. [OPEN] DataView Error When Updating Store Data on Controller Launch
  10. [FIXED] disabled selectfield acts as if enabled when navigated to using tab
  11. [DUP] after setItemTpl the cache items tpls not being refreshed
  12. [FIXED] PullRefresh resetRefreshState() doesn't use pullTpl
  13. [OPEN] [Serious] Settings itemHeight to 0 in list causing Tab to hang and leak memory
  14. Build project doesnot work
  15. [DUP] DatePicker cannot select last item in slot - Desktop Chrome
  16. [CLOSED] Cannot get store record field value in Sencha Touch
  17. [OPEN] List with useComponents:true dosen't fire the itemtap event
  18. [INFOREQ] Production build causes JS Error in microloader block - number is not a function
  19. "Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2" guide is outdated and confusing for new users
  20. [FIXED] pictos-web.woff missing?
  21. [NOREPRO] Possible Bug: Ext.Viewport.add method
  22. TabPanel Item Visibility when Replacing Document Body
  23. [FIXED] 2.2.alpha debug-all Missing Method causes launch failure
  24. [FIXED] Sencha 2.1 List Zebra Stripes Working Incorrectly
  25. Checkbox overflow when label is truncated
  26. [INFOREQ] Is not able to completely remove a component with popup child
  27. [FIXED] Android Chrome poor performance on sencha touch 2.1
  28. When using ui forward and back the buttons are not being rendered properly
  29. Cannot select a value of selectfield with 1 element
  30. Form panel items not visible on RTL
  31. [FIXED] sencha stack chart with negative value is not properly stacking with positive value
  32. [FIXED] Bug: searchfield magnifying glass icon webkit & bb10
  33. [NOREPRO] [WINDOWS] [COMMAND LINE]: impossible to generate app on paths with spaces
  34. [FIXED] Ext.device.* not working on native Android app with Sencha Touch 2.1
  35. [FIXED] ST 2.1 and 2.2alpha: Ext.device.Device.scheme is false on launch from custom URL
  36. safari window resizing distorts text and images
  37. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.Show 2.2.0 alpha IE 10 does not show message, title, or icon
  38. [FIXED] IE 10 2.2.0 alpha does not show Select Field
  39. [OPEN] Can't add names for native Android application
  40. [OPEN] Carousel indicators are not always shown
  41. [FIXED] Chrome 2.2.0 alpha Cannot tap ToolBar Buttons
  42. [OPEN] horizontal scrollable dataview's bottom docked toolbar is not visible
  43. [INFOREQ] Ext.navigation.View navigationBar long title wrong alignment in Sencha Touch 2.1
  44. [OPEN] missing records in Ext.List
  45. [FIXED] Dataview will not scroll horizontally if using components as dataitems
  46. [FIXED] Scroll's indicator should has ratio <= 1
  47. Ext.Map device JS errors
  48. [FIXED] List View Performance
  49. The entire application freeze when scroll fast the List view component
  50. [FIXED] IE 10 2.2.0 alpha DatePickerField does not work
  51. [FIXED] IE 10 2.2.0 alpha ToggleField 0 state visually wrong
  52. [FIXED] [2.1] Navigation View title animation error when in modal
  53. [FIXED] Selectfield change event, old value not correct
  54. [FIXED] IE 10 2.2.0 alpha wp.css is missing most Pictos
  55. [NOREPRO] Model.setProxy() causes wrong destroy method to be invoked
  56. [NOREPRO] Tab Panel Bug - switching tabs fail as they are all hidden
  57. [OPEN] [Sencha Cmd] Add Default-568h@2x.png to Sencha Touch app template (for iPhone 5)
  58. [CLOSED] 2.0.1 doc examples no longer work
  59. [INFOREQ] Wrong Viewport Height on Android
  60. Touch Chart 2 Freeze the App
  61. [OPEN] App hangs on appLoadingIndicator on Android native app - microloader issue
  62. [OPEN] Error while loading the phonegap 2.3 script.
  63. [OPEN] [Theming] Wrong path generated by theme_images.rb
  64. 64-bit Linux /opt/SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3 is not a recognized Sencha SDK
  65. [INFOREQ] Nested List Item Not Expanding to Fit Contents
  66. Small bug in sdk\src\data\TreeStore.js
  67. [FIXED] Ext.util.InputBlocker is possibly in wrong module 2.2.0 alpha
  68. [FIXED] Ext.field.Number with minValue/maxValue
  69. [FIXED] Ext.data.proxy.Sql HasMany Sorters
  70. [INFOREQ] "Uncaught Error" if multiple components are selected in control query for button tap
  71. [NOREPRO] Line chart - Legend selection/deselection has no effect on line chart Y axis scaling
  72. [OPEN] Space in grouped List.
  73. HTML5 native input elements support(phonegap+io6 inspired rant)
  74. [OPEN] 'preventZooming' disables blur (Android 4.x)
  75. IE 10 2.2.0 alpha CheckBox displays on 2 lines, not 1
  76. IE 10 2.2.0 alpha Ext.Msg.Show Button order
  77. [FIXED] IE 10 2.2.0 alpha Ext.Msg.Show hides input on masked form
  78. [OPEN] Datepicker doesn't set a correct value
  79. [FIXED] Sencha touch 2.2 alpha - wrong orientation on Samsung Nexus 10
  80. [CLOSED] Nested models are not saved in local storage...
  81. [FIXED] Runtime error Ext.util.translatable.CssTransform
  82. [INFOREQ] Picker Bug?
  83. error when generating app
  84. [NOREPRO] Ext.picker.Slot can not setValue 0
  85. Issues with the microloader and OpenLayers and other scripts
  86. [NOREPRO] Setting EventListener on Ext.dom.CompositeElementLite Collection produces TypeError
  87. Ext.device.Device.openURL with Facebook link launches another app
  88. Require does not recognize namespaces without a class
  89. Sencha touch 2.2 alpha iOS home screen detected as a webview
  90. IE 10 2.2.0 alpha List onItemDisclosure icon is missing
  91. [INFOREQ] Navigationview back event
  92. Performance issue scrolling DataView
  93. [OPEN] Serious Bug in how "data" properties are being handled in ST 2.1
  94. Wrong Values on SliderField with Multiple Thumbs
  95. [FIXED] client/touch/resources/css-debug/*.css comments reference /Users/jamieavins/
  96. [CLOSED] Issues with Sencha Map Example in FF & IE
  97. [OPEN] stbuild detected as virus
  98. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2.1.1 - problem with maprender event
  99. Swipe out of screen - Bug??
  100. [FIXED] Form Panel is positioned on the toolbars after scrolling. Sencha 2.1.1
  101. [2.2] Elements autocreated via refs are not automatically added to the viewport
  102. [INFOREQ] Push notification not working with sencha CMd
  103. [FIXED] List: ScrollToEnd causes PullRefreshPlugin to show up
  104. [OPEN] Profiled Views not showing up after building production/testing
  105. [FIXED] Docs issue - Ext.form.Pane#scrollable doesn't list null as acceptable value
  106. [FIXED] In tab panel, setDocked removes tab bar
  107. [FIXED] [2.2.0-alpha] fireEvent returns 'undefined' if no handler.
  108. [OPEN] Can't set scrollable back to null
  109. [FIXED] Warning when scrollable is false but height is specified
  110. [FIXED] Ext.data.proxy.Sql Date type
  111. [OPEN] Donut chart iteminfo interaction issue
  112. [CLOSED] List "forgets" its items when scrolling
  113. [CLOSED] "scrollDocked" items inside a list will render inside the first list item
  114. [NOREPRO] Maprender wont be called unless useCurrentLocation is true
  115. [CLOSED] [FR] Ext.dataview.component.ListItem is missing hasCls()
  116. iPAD 3 crashes on image capture
  117. [FIXED] Ext.data.proxy.SQL uuid support for single read.
  118. [INFOREQ] App frezzes by multitouch / Android native build
  119. [CLOSED] Ext.device.Camera.capture return small image and not expected file type
  120. [OPEN] Sencha 2.1.1 (native app) + iPhone 5 = Letter box format
  121. [CLOSED] [2.2] [FR] Make icon mixin more generic
  122. [OPEN] Carousel item layout "glitch", ST 2.1.1 (regression from 2.0.1)
  123. Error after the container's item was destroyed
  124. Sencha Charts - renders incorrect when there are a large number of data points
  125. [FIXED] Obtaining a List docked Items
  126. [FIXED] Checkbox in multiselect doesn't work for selecting
  127. [FIXED] Direct proxy throws "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getMessage' of null"
  128. [FIXED] Infinite orientationchange sencha-touch-all.js 2.1.0 in Chrome Android
  129. [INFOREQ] Dissapear view content. Infinite 'Recalculating Style' in Chrome Android
  130. [FIXED] Performancetuning of Store by optimizing Ext.util.Collection
  131. [2.2] Ext.Viewport.getOrientation() reports wrong value on BlackBerry 10
  132. [OPEN] Cannot call method 'registerTest' of undefined
  133. [INFOREQ] White screen on Android 4.2.2
  134. [FIXED] [2.1.1] Class loader tries to load already defined class
  135. [OPEN] 2.2.0 b1 - LocalStorage path error
  136. [INFOREQ] Item docked bottom displayed above keyboard when displayed
  137. [FIXED] selectfield: autoSelect doesn't work when you change the value
  138. [FIXED] 2.2.0b1 Toolbar title misplaced in IE10
  139. Where is documentation for 2.2 beta1?
  140. [OPEN] Ext.data.Model.cache returns data from the wrong store
  141. [FIXED] LIst UI=Round breaks list highlights (ST 2.1.1)
  142. [2.2b1] Missing BlackBerry crosscut component
  143. [FIXED] Ext.device.notification.PhoneGap broken
  144. [OPEN] xtype file on Android device grayed out and disabled
  145. [OPEN] 2.2 Beta 1 Chrome / Safari DatePicker Needs extra taps
  146. PullRefresh is not completely hidden with longer pullRefreshText.
  147. [FIXED] PullRefresh don't use lastUpdatedDateFormat for the first render
  148. Ext.plugin.ListPaging is docked to top rather than to the bottom of the list
  149. [OPEN] Axis Labels cutting off
  150. [OPEN] Pressing tab repeatedly can open multiple select menus
  151. [CLOSED] Are the 2.2.0 beta 1 examples working?
  152. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch does not respect WebView resize
  153. [CLOSED] Suggested change - panel.js setRecord(record) cause event fire before record is set
  154. [FIXED] PullRefresh ignores sorterparams
  155. [FIXED] Property updater is not being called because of invalid value !== oldValue check
  156. [NOREPRO] Ext.Msg toolbar change layouting after the second call
  157. [FIXED] ST v2.1.1 - Ext.tab.Panel's delegateListeners won't fire!
  158. [OPEN] selectfield becomes invisible if you click it while it's fading out
  159. [DUP] ST 2.1 Input gets false focus after switching to card!
  160. [FIXED] Ext.Connection.upload first call raises javascript error
  161. [INFOREQ] DataView List Will Not Render Approrpiately
  162. [FIXED] [ST 2.1.1] Ext.DomQuery.is do not work with elements outside document
  163. Controller route action called twice
  164. [FIXED] [2.2.0 Beta] Ext.field.Select does not destroy its list panel (picker)
  165. [OPEN] Ext.Msg.prompt over selectfield picker
  166. Icons in ST 2.2 beta not working
  167. [FIXED] ActionSheet has white background in WP dark theme
  168. [CLOSED] List in ActionSheet is not visible
  169. [FIXED] [2.2.0b1][WP] Selected list item is purple
  170. [FIXED] When configuring baseCls, UI config gets applied incorrectly
  171. [FIXED] LocalStorage data corruption - robustness fix
  172. [INFOREQ] Tab bar icons cut off on right side
  173. [NOREPRO] Touche 2.1.1 and idProperty
  174. [FIXED] 2.1/2.2: WebStorage proxies corrupt timestamp/time date formats
  175. [CLOSED] Smoothing property for line series doesn't appear to work in ST 2.1.1
  176. [CLOSED] HTC One X - false offline event
  177. [OPEN] Form Layout Issue in Sencha Touch 2.1.1
  178. Adding a tap listener to a container's element causes a segfault (Chrome & Safari)
  179. index.html missing in production build
  180. [FIXED] Sliderfield setValue() doesn't work correctly if passed multiple values
  181. [INFOREQ] Problems with removing all items from a DataView List (Sencha 2.2 BETA)
  182. iPAD Tap on select box activates text boxes underneath the select popup
  183. [OPEN] mixin, inheritableStatics doesn't work
  184. Form Panel Keyboard hides active Textfield on Android
  185. [OPEN] scrollable: "vertical" changes width
  186. Navigation Controller - after push/pop/push, button callback not working
  187. [INFOREQ] Demo Kitchen Sink not scrolling on Android 2.3.5 (HTC Desire HD)
  188. [FIXED] ST 2.2b2: Cosmetic fault: wrong vertical button icon position on tablets
  189. List sometimes flicker when switching between cards
  190. [CLOSED] ST 2.2b and iPad ios 3.2.2 microloader error
  191. [CLOSED] [2.2.0 Beta2] Cosmetic flaw: Slider thumb jumps from 0 to default value when visible
  192. Lister Bug in Navigation View ST 2.2b1
  193. [OPEN] List empty text scroll through (+ fix)
  194. Empty dataview styling
  195. selectfield tablet picker bug
  196. [DUP] Alternating rows (zebra) in List Component not working correctly. Sencha Touch 2.1.1
  197. [NOREPRO] Selectfield not working on Phones if the valueField is set to an object
  198. [FIXED] [2.2.0 Beta2] Proxy type 'sql' works only if filename is Sql.js (not SQL.js)
  199. [INFOREQ] 1 container, 2 data views, both collapsed
  200. [FIXED] Error with DelayedTask - Sencha Touch 2.2 RC
  201. [INFOREQ] navigationView.reset(), .pop(), .fireEvent('back') all throw error
  202. [FIXED] Error on load() or sync() with localstorage in ST2.2.0 RC
  203. ST 2.1.1/Sench Cmd Can't compile when importing scss with compass macros
  204. [FIXED] [2.2.0 RC] Disabling a form or field hides the value inside textfields
  205. [DUP] Ext.util.DelayedTask.delay() throws error because of Ext.Class.generateSetter
  206. [DUP] App not resizing after Nexus 4 keyboard shows/hides
  207. [OPEN] InputText is hided after keyboard opened on Android. Working OK on 2.1.0 only
  208. [CLOSED] Model panel not hiding in native os
  209. [CLOSED] [2.2.0RC] Error when upgrading from 2.1.1: Could not find file sencha-touch-debug.js
  210. [NOREPRO] Scroll outside of the page on ST2.1.1 with 3 toolbars and 1 listview
  211. [OPEN] Ext.Map can't customize
  212. [INFOREQ] [ST 2.1.1] Message text is invisible on BlackBerry10 simulator
  213. [FIXED] maprender event's 2nd argument is undefined
  214. [2.2.0RC] icon mess in tabbar if unknown icon
  215. [FIXED] [2.2.0RC] Missing PullRefresh Arrow in Windows theme
  216. [OPEN] [2.2.0RC] [IE10] PullRefresh is aligned to the left
  217. [FIXED] [2.2.0RC] Scroller lags behind
  218. [INFOREQ] [2.2.0RC] ListPaging scrolls list to the top
  219. [NOREPRO] [2.1.1] Chart renderer not working at all
  220. [OPEN] Reader's extractors should be rebuild on fields change
  221. [FIXED] Problem with Draggable in ST2.2.0 rc
  222. List store Refresh problem
  223. [NOREPRO] Form panel textfield default value bug
  224. [OPEN] Need to tap multiple times on a Ext.field.Text to start wirting
  225. [DUP] Ext.util.DelayedTask broken in 2.2RC
  226. Issues upgrading from 2.0.1 to 2.2.1
  227. [OPEN] Android 4.2.2 (Api Level 17)
  228. [OPEN] ST2.1.1 - 2.2RC Listener Bugs
  229. [FIXED] Wrong PhoneGap attribute used in Device class
  230. [FIXED] Ext.data.Types.BOOL.convert is different in 2.1.0 than in 2.0.1
  231. [FIXED] Ext.tab.Panel with docked tabs dosen't work
  232. [OPEN] ST2.2RC WP8 Cordova - icon font not shown
  233. [DUP] scrollToEnd on List with variable itemHeight
  234. Droppable status in 2.2
  235. [OPEN] Sencha tab bar bottom in google chrome browser iphone does't appear
  236. [FIXED] ST 2.2 RC, Search Field Icon alignment
  237. [FIXED] ST 2.2 RC - List UI=Round + Grouped Last Item no Highlight
  238. Hyperlinks on activating card recieve click events from previous card
  239. [OPEN] Alerts inside listeners on IOS
  240. [FIXED] Docs bug with ToggleField
  241. [FIXED] 2.2.1 Global leak 'widget'
  242. [FIXED] 2.2.1 Typo in tryDragStart?
  243. [FIXED] Documentation drop-down points to 2.2 beta.
  244. Keyboard opens up when touching the screen where a text field is about to show
  245. [INFOREQ] 2.2.0 CSS files are compiled with errors
  246. [FIXED] An animation passed with animateActiveItem is set as default
  247. [OPEN] Ext.field.TextArea with no given height didn't fit into it's container
  248. [OPEN] [2.2] Changing theme trough url is not working
  249. [OPEN] store load event seems to fire before filter on localstorage
  250. [FIXED] [2.2] Ext.util.Draggable docs