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  1. [INFOREQ] Toggle setValue() doesn't update thumb position
  2. Touch 2.3.1 blur exception on Win8
  3. [OPEN] Y Axis Labels Not Drawn if Axis is one pixel less in width
  4. [INFOREQ] dataview data update, inconsistent item data
  5. [INFOREQ] ‘Error evaluating app.js with message: TypeError: Cannot read property 'application'
  6. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch as Home Screen App broken in iOS8
  7. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch 2.4 hanging on appLoadingIndicator on android 2.3
  8. MessageBox doesn't work on Production Build
  9. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch grid crashes, console output: <error>
  10. Sencha Touch 2.4 and Native Builds with Phonegap does not work.
  11. [OPEN] Clear icon increase width of searchField when appears in Android theme
  12. Ext.device.Contacts documentation incorrect
  13. Check for foreign key before trying to load BelongsTo association
  14. [OPEN] form.submit() dosent send textarea newlines to server
  15. After changing src of Ext.Img old image shows for a second
  16. Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type
  17. Can't use cards.json file with manifest="cache4.manifest"
  18. Component Query and Refs by Class
  19. Container not showing in MessageBox
  20. Can't cache custom classes because of _dc
  21. [OPEN] Ext.MessageBox.getTitle() isn't returning a String
  22. Semi transparent backgrounds produce artifacts on Android 4.4.4 tablets
  23. IOs8 web app home screen caching bug
  24. ST 2.3-ADA support for list to scroll (Accessibility, Section508, iOS Voice Over)
  25. [OPEN] have to change source code for custom sass override variables to work
  26. "How to use the classes in Sencha Touch 2" Guide is not available
  27. [FIXED] index.html in the docs directory directs to a forbidden page
  28. [OPEN] Fields order in a model
  29. [OPEN] 2.4.0 loadScriptFile can hang app launch
  30. [OPEN] sencha app build package broken; testing works
  31. [OPEN] defaultBackButtonText and useTitleForBackButtonText do not work as advertised
  32. [INFOREQ] 2.4.0 bug on android: Ext.Msg buttons do not react
  33. [OPEN] IOS 8.1 Video / Audio - not working
  34. bug on iOS - Scroller problem with iOS standalone web app after phone unlock
  35. [OPEN] Ext.Messagebox#method-applyTitle enforces theme styling via JS
  36. [INFOREQ] Abouth "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getPageBox' of null"
  37. [OPEN] BlackBerry 10 Classic Trackpad Click Not Supported
  38. [CLOSED] BUG iOS 8.1 - XHR request doesn't call "onStateChange" after iPad unlock
  39. orientationchange fires incorrectly on Android Chrome
  40. [OPEN] Chart series getting scrunched in corner
  41. Sql Proxy and Reserved Keywords
  42. Container scroll issue when its inner item textfield is focussed
  43. Ext.field.Toggle looks weird on Nokia Lumia, if more field elements are on the page
  44. Viewport: focusedElement.blur is not a function
  45. [OPEN] xhr.responseXML causing INVALID_STATE_ERR, Android 4.1.2, ST 2.4.0
  46. 2.3.1, Ext.dom.Element, id
  47. [OPEN] Android 5.0 Lollipop vs Ext.device.Geolocation.watchPosition
  48. [FIXED] SQL proxy column names are not escaped in schema string
  49. [DUP] Touch 2.4: calling setSeries() on CartesianChart throws error from ItemPublisher
  50. [INFOREQ] Grid component giving error when used as container item In Navigation view
  51. [CLOSED] navigationView title position bug
  52. 2.4 centered property false/omitted behavior
  53. [OPEN] ST 2.4 failed to detect Windows Phone 8.1 on NOKIA Lumia 520
  54. [2.4.1] Ext.field.Spinner fires change event from constructor
  55. [OPEN] Ext.ComponentQuery.query supports comma, .is does not
  56. [OPEN] Documentation for resize event missing parameters
  57. [OPEN] [2.4.1] Selection cannot be made in Ext.field.Select
  58. Windows Phone on picker select keyboard shows up
  59. [CLOSED] Suggested Ext.Video patch: support arbitrary attributes for <source> elements
  60. Android 5 WebView animations not marking as ended
  61. [OPEN] "modal" doesn't work stand-alone
  62. [CLOSED] Modify toggleMenu animation config
  63. [NOREPRO] CSS Injection bug
  64. Web App not runable with Safari on iPad BUT works with Chrome
  65. [CLOSED] beforehide event listener on Ext.Menu
  66. Sencha touch 2.4 app is not working in IE 10 and windows phone
  67. [OPEN] Array reader screws up when fields have custom convert fn's
  68. [OPEN] Google Nexus 7 tablet is treated as phone in Sencha 2.4.1
  69. [OPEN] usePicker: false not working for datepickerfield
  70. SDKTOOLS-951: Issue still open on Devices.
  71. [OPEN] Selectfield width issue in IE
  72. Behaviour unlike documented...
  73. [OPEN] Web app iOS 8 status bar
  74. 2.3.1 Form.load without api does not use params
  75. [OPEN] Destroying a nested list and tree store does not destroy associated child node stores
  76. [OPEN] Touch Grid Column Defaults
  77. Editing textfield and textarea not working in fullscreen mode
  78. [FIXED] Broken link in documentation.
  79. [OPEN] Google Maps InfoWindow close button moves
  80. Data package always considers hash fields to be modified
  81. [INFOREQ] datepicker setValue(null) issue when oldValue is Date
  82. [INFOREQ] Records with calculated id fields always miss cache
  83. [OPEN] Some numeric axis major ticks not rendered when step size is less than one
  84. [INFOREQ] Ext.Msg sheet doesn't display after native build
  85. [INFOREQ] Infinite list re-renders twice on store change
  86. [INFOREQ] Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and Touch 2.x
  87. orientationChange event still not working ... ?
  88. Ext.Ajax.Request is reporting exception in some android versions
  89. [CLOSED] Flash between splash screen and final app load for some Android phones
  90. [INFOREQ] Bug loading record based on id property for SQL
  91. [FIXED] Bug in 'Getting started' doc
  92. [CLOSED] Underline on Sencha grid columns
  93. "persist: false" + #save() not in harmony
  94. [OPEN] [OPEN] Bugs on Windows phone on Lumia
  95. Creating multiple draggable elements doesn't work properly
  96. Spanish Accent characters wrongly encoded in app.js on WP8 Build
  97. Model getData(true) misses some associations
  98. [OPEN] Tap on titlebar shows Safari address bar
  99. touchstyle not working (no list displayed) in chrome canary ... bug?
  100. [INFOREQ] Selectfields do not work properly inside Ext.Menu
  101. The TPL COMPONENT not updated when the value of the record is set to null.
  102. [OPEN] Lumia Denim map issue
  103. Bug in build production of an App : tap event uncaught, ascii characters problem
  104. [OPEN] datepicker does not close on WP 8.1 GDR1
  105. GRID jumps in 2.3
  106. sencha compile produces invalid app.js
  107. Windows Phone 8 performance issue.
  108. [OPEN] Slide animation does not work on Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 (Denim)
  109. Android Keypad Focus Error
  110. Model.load doesn't trigger any callback function if request is successful
  111. Android not play local mp3
  112. [OPEN] Textfield clearicontap event fires after change, not before
  113. [OPEN] Recreated carousel item doesn't get added to carousel: Two-year old bug
  114. [INFOREQ] Pullrefresh autosnapback bug in 2.4
  115. WP8 portrait problem
  116. [FIXED] Scrolling Issues in latest Google Chrome
  117. Scrolling Issues in latest Google Chrome
  118. Scrollbar issue on windows Phone 8.1
  119. form.panel scrollable issues
  120. [OPEN] Sencha 2.4.1 elements not rendering in iOS WebView
  121. SQL Proxy not inserting data when the ID field is set
  122. webapp not updating in production build on iOS webview
  123. [DUP] Store fields out of order
  124. [OPEN] Crosszoom in a sencha chart with inner padding
  125. [NOREPRO] Button Tap Event in Created Ext.Panel does not fire / execute
  126. [INFOREQ] Select picker scrolls back to top
  127. [OPEN] Sencha Touch application falls apart when the soft keyboard opens on iOS
  128. [FIXED] Fix for latest Chrome
  129. [FIXED] Event parameter missing in Text field clearicontap action
  130. datepickerfield does not work with latest Chrome "43.0.2357.65 m"
  131. [FIXED] Chrome v43 - Ext.LoadMask is no longer animated
  132. [CLOSED] fakepath? in filefield?
  133. [DUP] Scrolling in Dataviews not working in Chrome 43.0.2357.65 (64-bit)
  134. Delta update generate incorroct file content in localstorage
  135. Android TextField Focus Error
  136. [OPEN] Kitchensink example doesnt work in latest chrome
  137. Invalid authentication token error using phonegap
  138. [FIXED] Toggle fields don't respond to click or drag i Chrome 43
  139. [CLOSED] Forms toolbar selectfield bug
  140. [CLOSED] selectfield iphone bug
  141. chrome 43 overrides - circular reference when in cmd build
  142. CardLayout:Visibility of animated element isn't correct if active item is changed
  143. [INFOREQ] Component-based lists broken in nightly build
  144. Windows Phone 8.1 - Keyboard make render issue
  145. Dataview itemtaphold not firing on Windows Phone
  146. Chrome 43 breaks Carousel
  147. How to report a bug
  148. Strange bug on Chrome 43: incorrect window size after returning from fullscreen page
  149. Chrome 43.0.2357.92 on Android 5.1.1 - Overrides not working
  150. Chrome 43 - Ext.form.Panel not rendering
  151. Chrome43 Sencha Touch 2.x DatePicker Field Bug??
  152. Eta on chrome 43 fix
  153. [INFOREQ] Windows Simulator + Surface stops receiving tap events
  154. [ST 2.4.2] Chrome 43 breaking detail panel
  155. [INFOREQ] The Ext.Panel.hide() function doesn't work for Winphone 8.1
  156. Tablet and mobile device detection
  157. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 2.4 Carousels aren't working in Electron Atom app.
  158. (ST 2.4.*) Ext.Img won't display PDFs on new Chrome/Android webview
  159. Picker issue in Sencha Touch 2.1
  160. [OPEN] Sencha Touch select field is not working properly in IE11.
  161. [OPEN] Selectfields do not load, autoSelect and trackResetOnLoad interaction
  162. [INFOREQ] Form submission by ExtDirect ignores overridden getValue
  163. [OPEN] Child model inherits unwanted id property from base model
  164. Picker not showing options on some android devices
  165. [OPEN] Not able to scroll to the end of the panel
  166. [INFOREQ] Toggle not working in 2.4.2 on iOS plus scrolling issues
  167. iOS 8.x triggerInitialized crash
  168. [OPEN] ST2.3.0:Formpanel submit/beforesubmit event not firing on pressing Go(iOS)/Enter(And)
  169. [OPEN] Navigation view with a form field with name "id" breaks back button
  170. Sencha Touch 2.4.1, bug with iPhone scrolling
  171. [OPEN] Quickly popping and pushing on the navigation view causes javascript error
  172. [OPEN] Duplicate style in ST 2.4.2
  173. Wrong orientation for Galaxy Tab devices
  174. [OPEN] orientationchange event sends wrong height/width on Android stock browser
  175. [OPEN] Grid's NumberColumn uses undefined Ext.util.Format.number in renderer
  176. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 2.2.0, Navigation View: Back button not working
  177. Kitchensink doesn't work properly with the Google-Chrome Simulator for Samsung device
  178. Problem with latest Chrome version
  179. Grid does not populate with data on some devices
  180. [INFOREQ] LocalStore creates an entry with key "undefined"
  181. [OPEN] Android Fail to Load Store (Cordova)
  182. [OPEN] Select field not firing change event on same text but different value
  183. 2.3.1 dataview items do not render in Mobile Chrome (Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One)
  184. [DUP] Sencha touch consider Windows Phone as Android
  185. Why is htmlready not firing for sencha cordova application on samsung galaxy tab
  186. IOS Smart App Banner Does Not Show Up
  187. Application crashes on startup on iOS 8
  188. Chrome 43 causes dom.setAttribute undefined in updateSrc
  189. [OPEN] Filtered Store write operation duplicates record
  190. [OPEN] Android Chrome: Keybord covers input field when setting focus on the field
  191. [OPEN] Android: Pull-to-refresh activates when touch event starts in a input-field
  192. [DUP] Ext.data.Connection.onStateChange without a request
  193. Issue with hidden components in Chrome Beta 46.0.2490.15
  194. [SOLVED] sencha build fails with a NullPointerException
  195. Xml reading stop working
  196. Windows Phone 8.1 update 2(IE11) FLEX layout is not working
  197. Kitchen sink example is not working in Touch 2.0.1
  198. iOS 9 breaks apps dependent on this.redirectTo
  199. Windows Phone 8.1 blank picker slot
  200. Override broken on real devices?
  201. [OPEN] Sencha touch 2.4.1, IOS 9 and landscape
  202. [OPEN] Sencha touch 2.4.1, IOS 9 and showAnimation/hideAnimation
  203. [OPEN] Duplicate text in iPad/iOS9
  204. [OPEN] Chart label not rendered when flipXY is true
  205. error on hosting sencha touch app in googledrive
  206. Android Stock Browser Painted event not firing and scroll issue
  207. Wrong callback signature for transaction error on sql proxy
  208. Input event not fire with labelWrap property
  209. Button: Style Background Color
  210. chrome: can not select value in selectfield
  211. chrome: can not select items in list with mode:'multi'
  212. [ST 2.1.1] iOS9: Ext.dataview.List stopped displaying (works in iOS8)
  213. Navigation View problem on Windows Phone
  214. Sencha Cmd v6.* Fails update Application
  215. The onUpdated trigger no longer fires when a new production build is deployed
  216. JavaScript error during touch event on Ext.Map when using a windows tablet
  217. Ext.draw.sprite example fail on the API website
  218. Sencha Touch Navigation View Scroll
  219. [OPEN] Ext.Anim run slide causes z-index to grow out of bounds
  220. DataView performance
  221. [DUP] Twice tap/release events under Chrome for Windows with touch screen.
  222. Store loading Mask not closing
  223. Android 5.0 - > Selectfield item doesn't show
  224. Sencha Touch APi docs 2.4.2 Not Found
  225. updateUrl method in video doesn't expects an url as a string
  226. Duplicated record after add in filtered store
  227. [OPEN] Problem with scollable panels
  228. Crash on iOS
  229. Bug in drop down picker option
  230. Issues in accessibility mode for latest Android M OS(ST V 2.3)
  231. [OPEN] [2.4] Object with attribute 'length' breaks Ext.data.Reader#extractData
  232. [OPEN] ST 2.4.2 with list ui round is not showing pullText for PullRefresh Plugin
  233. List items are selected after itemtap code has runed
  234. [OPEN] List item select bleeding through to drill in view on iOS
  235. Not working Ext.device.Connection.isOnline() in android app using sencha touch
  236. Error evaluating /mobile/app.js with message: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
  237. ST app does not load with certain Cordova plugins
  238. Click event not working whenever go to previous screen
  239. [OPEN] Sencha Touch 2.4.2 and Microsoft Edge
  240. [OPEN] Form panel checkbox group values
  241. Doesn't work on Chrome computer, Lollipop and Marshmallow
  242. Sencha Touch Build on Sencha Architect 3 error
  243. sync success/failure callbacks
  244. [OPEN] Ext.toast showAnimation properties not applied
  245. Animation (fade in and out) for masks/modals
  246. [OPEN] Ext.MessageBox prompt field focus not working in IOS.
  247. [OPEN] render for Pie3d series
  248. Problem with "sencha cordova init"
  249. Font Icons (Pictos, Font Awesome) not available on Windows 8.1
  250. Fail to build application to android device <antlib.xml:650: shellscript returned: 1>