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  1. [FIXED] Observable: Invalid unique id regexp
  2. [INFOREQ] Back button disappears when cardswitchanimation is set to false
  3. [FIXED] Dataview itemtpl vs tpl
  4. [FIXED] Issue with grouping a List
  5. [FIXED] Nested List: Object [object Object] has no method 'getAnimation'
  6. [CLOSED] Preventing zoom kills onclick
  7. [CLOSED] Operation.commitRecords fails, wrong Ext.util.MixedCollection init?
  8. [CLOSED] DataView examples is not working
  9. [CLOSED] HideOnMaskTap hides panel when you click/tap inside it
  10. [OPEN] Alter form data using the beforesubmit event
  11. [FIXED] date format in template is not working
  12. [FIXED] Ext.List shows emptyText immediatly irregardless of deferEmptyText
  13. [FIXED] focus() event not firing for Selectfield (Ext.field.Select) in ST2 PR2
  14. [FIXED] Ext.copyTo Missing
  15. [CLOSED] Tree Store does not function with XML Reader
  16. [FIXED] Image in PR3: cannot set width or height
  17. [FIXED] Strange behavior of DataView in PR3
  18. [FIXED] PR3 spinnerfield minValue bug
  19. [INFOREQ] Controller Not Recognizing xtype ComponentQuery
  20. [CLOSED] [PR3] Blur event not triggered on Enter/Return key
  21. [FIXED] ToggleField returning array for getValue
  22. [CLOSED] [PR3] Model saved to localStorage cannot be used to load() a form
  23. [FIXED] Button html is deprecated so how do you add html?
  24. [FIXED] [PR3] Ext.Msg.prompt not returning entered value, or honoring default starting value
  25. [FIXED] [PR3] Toolbar title position broken when spacers control button positioning
  26. [FIXED] .validate() doesn't test un-saved fields of a retrieved model
  27. [CLOSED] GeoCongress app does not load on PR3.
  28. [FIXED] [PR3] Textfield events not firing
  29. [FIXED] [PR3] Carousel remove and add (Error: NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8)
  30. [FIXED] Component ID is forgotten after component destroy and re-create
  31. [FIXED] [2.0pr3] Ext.plugin.ListPaging not working
  32. [FIXED] [PR3] Panel Display Bug in Kiva Sample App
  33. [DUP] [PR3] Carousel and dynamically created items
  34. [CLOSED] MapPanel tap events in PR3
  35. [FIXED] textfield focus function NOT working
  36. [FIXED] [PR3] selectfield getValues issue
  37. [CLOSED] Navigationbar - 'back' ui not accepting button text
  38. [FIXED] Reset MsgBox
  39. [FIXED] Ext.dataview.NestedList - onItemDisclosure issue
  40. [FIXED] Ext.List - initialization order problem
  41. [FIXED] [PR3] onItemDisclosure:true no longer displays a disclosure icon
  42. [CLOSED] [PR3] searchfield displays "return" key instead of "search" key on iOS keyboard
  43. [FIXED] [PR3] Items of a tab panel do not fire 'show' when shown.
  44. [FIXED] [PR3] Filtering list with emptyText property couse error
  45. [FIXED] [PR3] Navigationview : incorrect behavior of back button
  46. [FIXED] [Pr3]: TextArea field getValue() always returns empty string is config.value is empty
  47. [CLOSED] [PR3] - KIVA example doesn't work well + feature
  48. [OPEN] [PR2] [PR3] down(String selector) method from Container class is not working anymore
  49. [FIXED] xtype: 'button' iconMask: false does not remain when button is pressed
  50. [FIXED] [PR3] carousel add items dynamically, scroll issue
  51. [OPEN] Ext.field.Select: multiple selectfield on one form
  52. [FIXED] [PR1] [PR2] [PR3] missing horizontal line in FieldSet
  53. [CLOSED] bottom toolbar disappeared upon upgrade to PR3
  54. [CLOSED] [PR3] Wrong alternate class name for Controller.
  55. [FIXED] List selected on store reload
  56. [CLOSED] [PR] Select picker doesn't lock on item
  57. [INFOREQ] Ext.Msg.alert and Ext.Msg.confirm INOP
  58. [NOREPRO] [PR3] IDs not being set on numberfield fields?
  59. [INFOREQ] A few bugs/questions
  60. [FIXED] Ext.dataview.List updateListItem does not use relational data
  61. [CLOSED] setActiveItem is not a functiion
  62. [NOREPRO] changing an Ext.dataview.List's closures doesn't work
  63. [CLOSED] this.callParent does not work with static methods
  64. [FIXED] List doItemDselect
  65. [FIXED] DataView.clearSelections does not remove the selected class from items
  66. [FIXED] DataView getSelection() method should be renamed to getSelections()
  67. [CLOSED] TabPanel icons no longer centered PR3
  68. [CLOSED] [PR3] Numberfields with a value attribute config always return their initial value
  69. [FIXED] Picker does not correctly set value of 0 or false
  70. [CLOSED] [PR3] ListHeaders .addCls(footerClsShortCache) bug
  71. [FIXED] List selection oddness after underlying store is sorted
  72. [FIXED] [PR3] Carousel removeAll() prevents further adds
  73. [OPEN] [PR3] selectfield.getValue() now returns a db record & breaks proxy
  74. [DUP] [PR3] selectfield does not defaults to 'value' config correctly
  75. [FIXED] Drag and Drop example does not work
  76. [INFOREQ] PR3 - Problem with overlapping toolbar content
  77. [FIXED] [PR3] using getValue and setValue attributes raise exception in Ext.field.Spinner
  78. [DUP] TypeError on store.sync()
  79. [CLOSED] PR3 form panel does not scroll any more
  80. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2 + PhoneGap are not working on Android 4
  81. Just the presence of fullscreen property causes fullscreen
  82. [CLOSED] nestedlist json data not showing up
  83. [CLOSED] Viewport sizing timeout on iOS4
  84. [INFOREQ] List scrolling in sheet
  85. [DUP] dataview.list grouped config option breaks on false
  86. [FIXED] Closure
  87. [FIXED] Native Android Packaging Issues Sencha 2.0
  88. [FIXED] Events and 'before' option
  89. [FIXED] Toolbar 'overlay' Config gone ... please put it back ...
  90. [FIXED] [PR3] Selectfield nad Datepicker 'readOnly: true' not working
  91. [CLOSED] [PR3] Ex.field.DatePicker masks all screen on tap
  92. [INFOREQ] controller is not getting accessed properly while using Offline storage....
  93. [CLOSED] [PR3] method parameter doesn't work in Ext.Ajax.request()
  94. [CLOSED] Problem with tabbar when panel scroll in Tabs2 example
  95. [FIXED] PR3 - Ext.tab.Panel (Returning false activeitemchange)
  96. [DEFER] Textarea Scroll
  97. [NOREPRO] html still in the DOM after destroy() in NestedList
  98. [FIXED] checkbox {checked: true} not working
  99. [FIXED] [PR3] Ext.form.Panel defines cls instead of baseCls in config
  100. [FIXED] selectfield display BUG
  101. Sencha Touch 2.0 Twitter Example Broken
  102. [NOREPRO] PR3 leaves some Array and Object data on item removal
  103. [CLOSED] Carousel hides first card panel if all items are fullscreen
  104. [FIXED] dataview doselect does not work when passing selected index
  105. [CLOSED] Carousel bug
  106. [FIXED] "Timeout waiting for window.innerHeight to" error when running the application on iOS
  107. [FIXED] Bubble Events not working
  108. Dynamically adding a item to a Ext.Panel, and store load not refreshing
  109. [INFOREQ] Carousel swipe is too sensitive on Android (PR3)
  110. [INFOREQ] Can't center an Ext.Image
  111. [CLOSED] Record with ID does not synchronize
  112. [CLOSED] findGroupHeaderIndices possible bug
  113. [FIXED] Event Dispatcher bug? in android
  114. [OPEN] Catch actual change event of form widget - not on load event
  115. [FIXED] TaskManager missing/license
  116. [FIXED] TabBar doesn't show at the bottom on a tabPanel
  117. [FIXED] listener not working on a ToolBar
  118. [CLOSED] textfield: problem with getValue/setValue if value is inizialized in Config
  119. [CLOSED] Add a simple link on image
  120. [DUP] emptyText bug for Ext.dataview.List on pr3
  121. [CLOSED] Ext.Img bug?
  122. [FIXED] disableSelection removed from Ext.dataview.List?
  123. [FIXED] Disabled fields do not show data
  124. [CLOSED] TabPanel doesn't dock tab-bar to bottom
  125. [CLOSED] Bug (? I think) about JSONP - scripttag load a store
  126. [FIXED] Datepickerfield is not defaulting to the correct date when user taps into field
  127. [FIXED] Mispell?
  128. [CLOSED] [PR3] faulty resources/css-debug/sencha-touch.css
  129. [INFOREQ] Values Scope in XTemplate
  130. [FIXED] Instance variables become static if not explicitly set
  131. [INFOREQ] Example showing 3 bugs (showBy, navigationview, & list disclosure)
  132. [FIXED] touch2 can't work in android2.2
  133. [FIXED] iconAlign right and left are flipped
  134. [CLOSED] Datepicker does not work when in a card that is slid into
  135. [CLOSED] selectfield error on form reset
  136. [FIXED] Ext.field.Slider value initialization bug
  137. [INFOREQ] Button element loses its id when recreated post its destruction
  138. [FIXED] Ext.navigation.View canPop
  139. [INFOREQ] MessageBox onClick refers to non-existent button.itemId and button.text
  140. [CLOSED] Loading app with another name fails.
  141. [CLOSED] painted event in controllers
  142. [DUP] WISHLIST: checkboxfield change event
  143. [FIXED] Ext.dataview.Dataview misspelled method call
  144. [FIXED] Multiline prompt not working
  145. [CLOSED] Not able to remove item from a tabpanel
  146. [FIXED] Additional Headers added to list on every store load
  147. [OPEN] Tree and/or NestedList Not Functioning With XML Reader
  148. [CLOSED] getController method sencha2pr3 does not work.
  149. [FIXED] Ext.Viewport.down() returns outdated components
  150. [CLOSED] if pin header of the grouped list view works on ST 2.0?
  151. [CLOSED] [ST2 PR3] In Ext.application, list doesn't work.
  152. [CLOSED] [ST2 PR3] Store filterBy error when the store has just one item.
  153. [CLOSED] sencha-button-ui that includes forward & back
  154. [FIXED] form.getValues() not correct when initially setting value:
  155. [OPEN] Control function configuration not triggering event SHOW for listview.
  156. [FIXED] kitchensink + phonegap does not work on ios4
  157. [FIXED] [ST2 PR3] navigation view with useTitleForBackButtonText true
  158. [FIXED] Poor Scrollable performance on Android ICS
  159. [FIXED] WebStorage proxy can't deal with associated data
  160. [FIXED] JsonStore forces proxy type "Ajax" despite definitions in a new class
  161. [FIXED] [PR3] Ext.NavigationView left (back) button not updated properly on each push
  162. [CLOSED] [ST2 PR3] + Phonegap - tabpanel not working
  163. [CLOSED] [INVALID] Buttons in hbox with flex 1 not calculating width correctly
  164. [FIXED] component with tpl and setData()
  165. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store.sync()
  166. [FIXED] Pop to root view for Ext.navigation.View
  167. [FIXED] Ext.data.Connection fails when evaluating a file:// protocol's status
  168. [FIXED] Chrome 18 issue
  169. [FIXED] How to blank out a DatePickerField
  170. [FIXED] HTML-Entities Bug in Buttons Sencha Touch2 PR3
  171. [FIXED] Ext.Map maskMapCls property not working
  172. [CLOSED] Button iconAlign is reversed
  173. [CLOSED] App doesn't start if I use Ext.Titlebar
  174. [FIXED] [ST2 PR3] + [Android] Navigation View Issue
  175. [FIXED] Ext.MessageBox has both baseCls and cls config
  176. [INFOREQ] this.parent and this.getParent() always return undefined in initialize
  177. [CLOSED] NestedList should apply "defaults" configuration to child Lists in getListConfig
  178. [CLOSED] standard form in sencha touch
  179. [DUP] PR3: Google Map does not respond on Map control click events in mobile Browsers
  180. [CLOSED] Ext.mixin.Selectable cannot deselect by passing in an index
  181. [FIXED] NavigationBar: property misspelled
  182. [CLOSED] can't add docked item to viewport
  183. [FIXED] App works in browser, not on iPhone + clearIcon bug
  184. [DEFER] Ext.dataview.DataView prepareAssociatedData does not reset index variable j
  185. [CLOSED] Grouped Lists with One Item blow up.
  186. [CLOSED] formpanel has cls config instead of baseCls
  187. [FIXED] Ext.Anim.run: slide overwrites opacity
  188. [CLOSED] List plugin "listpaging" is not working.
  189. [CLOSED] [ST2 PR3] + [Android] Navigation View backbutton Issue
  190. [FIXED] [WISHLIST] Ext.navigation.View.pop(count)
  191. [CLOSED] selectionchange does not fire on NestedList
  192. [FIXED] Map and Screen Orientation
  193. [FIXED] [PR3] SegmentedButton- allowDepress not working
  194. [DUP] ST2 GA release - storing associated models
  195. [CLOSED] ST2 PR3 - Ajax request drops HTTPS
  196. [CLOSED] PR3 TabPanel - no method 'getAnimation'
  197. [FIXED] Bug in Select field
  198. [FNR] [PR3] Ext.util.format.date not working in mobile safari
  199. [CLOSED] [PR3] Ballons on maps don't close on Iphone's browser
  200. [FIXED] selectfield uncaught error when tag name contains "[" and "]" (Phone)
  201. [CLOSED] Deselecting list items is not possible.
  202. [FIXED] Sort not working in PR4
  203. [FIXED] PR4: XML loading BROKEN
  204. [FIXED] [PR4] Web apps not full screen on 2.3 Android
  205. [FIXED] Access the map instance before it is rendered?
  206. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.StoreManager not longer derived from MixedCollection
  207. [FIXED] Store#findExact gone in PR4 ?
  208. [CLOSED] PR4: Failing to load library resources (incorrect path)
  209. [FIXED] Loading a Plugin results in busted app
  210. [FIXED] [PR3] setRootNode doesn't change the NestedList
  211. [FIXED] PR4: Model.load() broken
  212. [FIXED] PR4 - Custom folder structure for MVC no longer supported?
  213. [FIXED] [PR4] searchfield focuses when I call setWidth()
  214. [FIXED] List: cannot clear selection in store 'load' listener
  215. [FIXED] Ext.navigation.view - the pop event sends the wrong view to listener
  216. [CLOSED] Load mask broken in dataviews
  217. [NOREPRO] destroy event not fired when component removed from viewport
  218. [CLOSED] sencha-touch-all-no-compat.js & sencha-touch-all-no-compat-uncompressed.js broken
  219. [FIXED] Is there a Touch 2.0 Ext.List itemCls equivalent?
  220. [FIXED] Preview 4 Ext.List setGrouped and grouped config error
  221. [FIXED] PR4: fullscreen isn't full screen on Android
  222. [CLOSED] PR4 input element embedded in toolbar, text not visible
  223. [FIXED] RestProxy Problem with store.load() PR4
  224. [FIXED] [PR4] Incomplete error exception message
  225. [FIXED] [PR4] Profile "name" vs "namespace" and documentation
  226. [FIXED] Model.idProperty is gone? What good is clientIdProperty?
  227. [CLOSED] CardLayout with a modal/centered item masks the parent itself
  228. [FIXED] [PR4] button badgetext 'floats' above actionsheet
  229. [OPEN] width/height config options are ignored when using a string style specification
  230. [NOREPRO] Ext.List: Setting onItemDisclosure to true does not show icon
  231. [OPEN] Misplaced view in NavigationView after gaining focus in input
  232. [FIXED] [PR4] "hasMany" TypeError : reader undefined
  233. [FIXED] [PR4] Ext.data.writer.Json bug
  234. [CLOSED] Basic app broken in PR4 "Replacing a layout after one has already been initialized...
  235. [FIXED] [PR4] form.Field labelWidth improperly documented, and input field is unstyled.
  236. [OPEN] [PR4] Kitchen Sink on BB Bold 9900 causes browser to permanently(!) flickr, go black
  237. [CLOSED] Setting refs inside config breaks getters in init() function of a Controller
  238. [FIXED] [PR4] Scrolling a list doesn't work with 'id' property defined
  239. [FIXED] PR4 getTime() in Ext.data.proxy.WebStorage.setRecord
  240. [DEFER] [PR4] Simple MVC app doesnt work on IPhone 3GS IOS 5.0.1
  241. [CLOSED] TabPanel masked configuration question
  242. [FIXED] [PR4] Setting 'scrollable' on TabPanel has no effect
  243. [CLOSED] [PR4] NavigationView pop event parameter 'view' is not the popped view
  244. [FIXED] store.isLoading gone in PR4?
  245. [CLOSED] OrientationChange
  246. [CLOSED] [PR4] When back to parent panel with animation...
  247. [CLOSED] [P4] setActiveItem doesn't work with Nested-list
  248. [FIXED] Store.load() screen updating
  249. [CLOSED] [PR4] orientationchange not working
  250. [FIXED] PR4: Minimum Touch 2 App results in JS TypeError