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  1. [FIXED] [PR4] Ajax proxy pageParam ignored
  2. [FIXED] [PR4] JSONP throws uncaugth exception when url is wrong
  3. [FIXED] Dynamic nested carousel problem
  4. [CLOSED] [PR4] Code Suggestion
  5. [FIXED] [SASS] _variables.scss $font-family not !default
  6. [CLOSED] [PR4] TabPanel click on Tab will refresh external containers too
  7. [CLOSED] PR4: store.getTotalCount always return 0
  8. [FIXED] PR4 Store insert method ignoring index
  9. [FIXED] PR4: Ext.app.Controller.launch() no longer called by MVC framework
  10. [FIXED] Problem with onHistoryChange
  11. [CLOSED] PullRefreh bug
  12. [FIXED] NavigationView navbar bug
  13. [INFOREQ] Phantom is set to false while adding new record to store
  14. [FIXED] idgen not working in PR4
  15. [FNR] The loading mask no longer automatically appears when store.load() is called.
  16. [FIXED] The setFields property of Ext.data.Model does not seem to work.
  17. [OPEN] Don't work .find() method.
  18. [DUP] Controllers in different namespace prefix
  19. [OPEN] [PR4] Direction Right-To-Left and scrollable - horizontal
  20. [CLOSED] [PR4] setFloating not implemented ?
  21. [CLOSED] Ext.Toolbar layout config align should be pack?
  22. [CLOSED] [PR4] xtype: 'store' no longer works/exists for Ext.data.Store
  23. [FIXED] Store.sort()
  24. [FIXED] [pr4] ListPaging and PullRefresh logic needs some tweeks ...
  25. [FIXED] [PR4] Error - And now?!
  26. [FIXED] Draggable 'dragstart' doesn't block dragging when returning false
  27. [FIXED] [PR4] css class in html element error
  28. [FIXED] PR4: broken replace method in Ext.util.Collection
  29. [NOREPRO] [PR4] Ext.data.StoreManager get store by ID
  30. [NOREPRO] [PR4] Proxy can not find the callback provided it to it, in order to call it.
  31. [FIXED] [PR4] broken override (Ext.LoadMask)
  32. [CLOSED] ActionSheet defines cls instead of baseCls
  33. [FNR] Item ID changes if component is created multiple times
  34. [FIXED] PR4 Store content is cleared everytime read() is called
  35. [FNR] Model.load() broken in PR4 - fix provided
  36. [FIXED] When creating a data view the store is instantiated twice
  37. [FNR] PR4: DataView destroy method does not callParent
  38. [FIXED] [B1] Cannot instantiate two separate copies of a store
  39. [CLOSED] Constructor for classes extending Ext.Panel does not work
  40. [CLOSED] Controller doesn't create ref getters when refs are in config object
  41. [CLOSED] Unable to put Markers in Map of Sencha Touch 2
  42. [CLOSED] getController missing?
  43. [FNR] [PR4] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'item.removeCls')
  44. [FIXED] Ext.Direct removed from PR4
  45. [FIXED] searchfield not displaying search icon or decorations
  46. [CLOSED] Ext.Ajax.defaultHeaders not applied.
  47. [NOREPRO] MessageBox
  48. [FIXED] [ST-2-B1] localStorage still not working when adding a record with an id specified
  49. [CLOSED] DatePicker misaligned in desktop Chrome but fine in desktop Safari
  50. [INFOREQ] Selectfield on an iPhone looks greyed out (ST2-B1)
  51. [OPEN] SetValue on a select field doesn't work [ST-2-B1]
  52. [FIXED] Ext.Loader does not load files in subfolders and namespaces while using MVC Pattern
  53. [FIXED] Beta 1: Store.max and Store.min methods
  54. [NOREPRO] [BETA1] Carousel not hiding side images ?
  55. [FIXED] [BETA1] Ext.data.Store removeAll
  56. [CLOSED] [TOUCH-1426] - not fixed as per Beta release notes, I think?!
  57. [FIXED] [BETA1] XML attribute mapping
  58. [FIXED] Schedule next MessageBox to appear
  59. [FIXED] Singleton getters / setters aren't initialized
  60. [FIXED] Unable to load a saved model
  61. [NOREPRO] store load event being called twice
  62. [FIXED] [B1] sencha-touch-debug.js and builds/sencha-touch-all-debug.js different codebase?
  63. [CLOSED] Missing showBy anchor
  64. [FIXED] [Beta1] SessionStroge proxy
  65. [CLOSED] In SenchaTouch2PR3 TextField doesn't take the input value
  66. [FNR] XmlReader not work correct
  67. [CLOSED] B1, emptyText not working gor List
  68. [CLOSED] B1, Toolbar layout wrong with docket buttons
  69. [CLOSED] [B1] Application object getters not available anymore
  70. [FIXED] [B1] Application won't start when using setTimeout to delay
  71. [FIXED] B1 Ext.Store.setProxy() not working
  72. [FIXED] [B1] Bug in Ext.dom.applyStyles()
  73. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch 2 + PhoneGap are not working on ios5
  74. [CLOSED] [B1] mask() & unmask() drops previous configuration
  75. [FIXED] Beta1: Carousel not removing items properly
  76. [FIXED] Ext.Sheet's enter: 'right' and exit: 'right' not working
  77. [CLOSED] B1 maprender event does not fire, but painted event does
  78. [FIXED] B1 model error when no local storage record exists.
  79. [FNR] Confirm Overlay not calling callback
  80. [FIXED] Reference to Ext.util.Event
  81. [CLOSED] Navigationview back button need double click
  82. [FIXED] [Beta1] Associations expect fully qualified Classname for the Models and other bugs
  83. [CLOSED] [B1] Carousel not fully active when item is masked
  84. [CLOSED] [B1] Model idField type is set to auto
  85. [FIXED] [B1] Ext.data.Store.getById() compares with strict equal
  86. [FIXED] PullRefresh plugin does not work well with ListPaging plugin
  87. [FIXED] List item tap event is fired before disclose event
  88. [CLOSED] [B1] Select event stops working on clicked item in Ext.List
  89. [INFOREQ] [B1] Map does not render, if useCurrentLocation set to true
  90. [INFOREQ] [B1] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'layout.getAnimation()')
  91. [CLOSED] Beta bundle not working when using sencha-touch.js instead of sencha-touch-debug.js
  92. [FIXED] Ext.picker.Picker updateSlots (setSlots) doesn't remove all previously set items
  93. [FIXED] [B1] Grouped list header 1px bug
  94. [NOREPRO] Ext.dataview.List doesn't show text in lines if stores storeId setup.
  95. [FIXED] [B1] ui: 'round' not working in toolbar/textfield
  96. [FIXED] beta1: Add select field cls to overlay
  97. [INFOREQ] [B1] Phonegap problems
  98. [DUP] [b1] Custom Paths to views not working
  99. [FIXED] MessageBox mask stays active after dismissal
  100. [OPEN] LocalStorage proxied Store crashes on sync() with 3000 items
  101. [OPEN] [BETA1] Ext.util.JSONP second time call
  102. [CLOSED] Cannot read property 'Chart' of undefined
  103. [NOREPRO] PR4: Ext.Msg.alert error
  104. [OPEN] [FEATREQ] Assert
  105. [FIXED] [BETA1] Ext.mixin.Selectable refreshSelection
  106. [CLOSED] Unable to add listeners to an object's "el" (element) via "control"
  107. [NOREPRO] redirectTo not working
  108. [FNR] Back button not updated correctly in navigationview, useTitleForBackButtonText:true
  109. [INFOREQ] Dynamic carousel removeAll bug
  110. [FIXED] Beta 1 - SegmentedButton's initialize does not invoke initialize on its parent
  111. [CLOSED] Beta1 - Custom config items not applied to Component
  112. [DUP] ActionSheet and NavigationView mask problem
  113. [FIXED] [Beta1] Can't Set Custom Path for Namesake that Matches App Name
  114. [CLOSED] Beta1 - NodeInterface constructor does not preserve custom field values
  115. [WISH][GRANTED] Ext.navigation.View pop event passed all popped views
  116. [CLOSED] Numberfield - any numbers after 15 are changed to zeros onblur
  117. [FIXED] Component.showBy does not work when called second time
  118. [CLOSED] callback function not execute.
  119. [FIXED] hasOne not working (b1)?
  120. [FIXED] Missing attach method on Ext.dom.Element.Fly
  121. [FIXED] [B1] Ext.List method setSelected() doesn't work as expected
  122. [FIXED] Displayproblem when showing fields in fieldset
  123. [CLOSED] Tap Event fires twice
  124. [CLOSED] [ST2 b1] Ext.select().each error
  125. [FIXED] Problems with Date fields in Beta1?
  126. [CLOSED] [B1] Msg and NavigationView mask problem
  127. [FIXED] Touch2b: Ext.util.Filter - Uncaught typeError: Cannot call method 'call' of undfined?
  128. [FIXED] None of the example apps are full-screen anymore
  129. [INFOREQ] Actionsheet bug
  130. [FIXED] Back button in Navigation View
  131. [NOREPRO] selectfield & buttom does not respond to clicks
  132. [FIXED] [beta2]Ext.Application. loadControllerDependencies error
  133. [FIXED] [B2] Ext.Msg is no longer modal
  134. [FIXED] [B2]Remote filters and sorters don't work on List using Proxy memory
  135. [FIXED] [B1] Observable: Invalid unique ID
  136. [FIXED] Ext.dataview.NestedListView.getTitleTextTpl and getItemTextTpl not called
  137. [CLOSED] [B2] Xtype spacer not working correctly
  138. [FIXED] [B2] Empty ResultSet crashes
  139. [FIXED] Model id "mechanism" property causes store.removeAt doesn't work
  140. [FIXED] Routes not getting called for Controllers in different folders than default
  141. [CLOSED] [B2] Ext.Picker create() is broken
  142. [FIXED] [Beta1] Returning false in activeitemchange doesn't leave improper index in TabBar
  143. [INFOREQ] Routes params not working with some characters
  144. [CLOSED] [Beta2] Slider drag and dragend events not firing?
  145. [CLOSED] [Beta 2] MVC, store and selectfield not populating
  146. [FIXED] datepickerfield with custom slotOrder attribute is not working
  147. [FIXED] Incomplete setValue() on Ext.picker.Picker (and Ext.picker.Slot) before render/show.
  148. [FIXED] [ST2B2] Ext.navigation.View reset() doesn't work when it is not shown on screen
  149. [FIXED] [B2] Ext.NavigationView bar Title defaults to "Back"
  150. [FIXED] [B2] Google Map centered problem
  151. [CLOSED] Right hand side of button too wide
  152. [FIXED] [B2]Ajax timeout doesn't work?
  153. [FIXED] [beta2] NavView reset properties of child - working in beta1
  154. [CLOSED] [B2] Ext.MessageBox has no built in cancel functionality
  155. [FIXED] [B2] getItemTextTpl does not work for Ext.dataview.NestedList
  156. [CLOSED] [beta2] Loading list's store the second time -> list is empty
  157. [FIXED] [B2] styling is missing in Ext.field.TextArea when placed on ToolBar
  158. [FIXED] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'item.removeCls')
  159. [FIXED] Navigation View on initial screen shows back button
  160. [CLOSED] Beta 2: NavigationView Problems
  161. [FIXED] [B2] Ext.data.reader.Json metadata response does not override reader configuration.
  162. [FIXED] [B2] Ext.plugin.ListPaging plugin breaks store.load() loading mask.
  163. [FIXED] Unable to fire events from map view until map view is added to the main view.
  164. [CLOSED] Ext.isDefined is not correct
  165. [FIXED] Uncaught Error: [ERROR][Ext.data.association.Association#setAssociatedModel]
  166. [FIXED] Ext.repaint: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'remove'
  167. [FIXED] hasMany...accessing children causes method not found error
  168. [FIXED] B2: searchfield clear icon disappears
  169. [FNR] scrollBy and scrollByAnimated
  170. [CLOSED] Dynamic title for navigation view
  171. [FIXED] [B2] Ext.NavigationView .getPreviousItem() is returning the Active Item
  172. [CLOSED] Buttons not working good on ST2
  173. [CLOSED] TextArea scroll on iOS not working
  174. [FIXED] [B2] Panel with map: show() called twice
  175. [CLOSED] [B2] placeHolder text doesn't auto wrap in textareafield
  176. [CLOSED] useCompoenets with list
  177. [FIXED] "idProperty" not honored in Model.load
  178. [NOREPRO] Beta2: Ext.app.Controller.launch() called with application variable undefined
  179. [FNR] [B2] emptyText not displayed the first time the store is loaded
  180. [CLOSED] Map not render until insert into fit layout. (And look bad after)
  181. [FIXED] wrong placement of the popup window of a select field
  182. [DUP] Ext.data.proxy.Server throws "has no method 'getMessage'"
  183. [CLOSED] Beta2: this.application is undefined in Ext.app.Controller.launch()
  184. [FIXED] [Beta 2] Errors building sencha-touch-xxx.js files
  185. [CLOSED] B2 localstorage remove broken?
  186. [OPEN] [B2] Selectfield doesn't display any values after data loaded using ajax.
  187. [FIXED] [b2] read proxy broken when using resultSet
  188. [INFOREQ] swipe event bug?
  189. [CLOSED] SelectField usePicker: false on Android shows empty list
  190. [CLOSED] List height is 0px if a height is not specified (should stretch to fill)
  191. [FIXED] Model.Save scope
  192. [FIXED] List shows empty text upon store load with CRUD proxy
  193. [OPEN] storeId is duplicate.
  194. [CLOSED] B2: Store setClearOnPageLoad property not functioning
  195. [CLOSED] Custom methods (functions) for an item/object
  196. [CLOSED] Form Style Changed from Preview 4 to Beta 2?
  197. [FIXED] [B2] List: itemtaphold event not fired
  198. [INFOREQ] getController('framework.controller.MainController') also not work in Beta 2
  199. [FIXED] Store updaterecord event is missing modified field names
  200. [FIXED] Event 'updatedata' don't call in DataItem.
  201. [FIXED] Changes to Store is not reflected in Dataview
  202. [CLOSED] [ST2 beta2] in a navigation view, some views that were pushed are missing
  203. [CLOSED] XTemplate helper function not working properly
  204. [CLOSED] [BETA2] NavigationView loads unexpected view during init
  205. [FIXED] [BETA2] Ext.Ajax.abort exception
  206. [FIXED] [BETA2] Show and Hide events when pushing and popping views fire unexpectedly
  207. [OPEN] Spinner field problems (ST2, B3)
  208. [CLOSED] Problem with sliderfield (ST2, B3)
  209. [CLOSED] Viewport hideKeyboard (ST2, B3)
  210. [CLOSED] B3: ListPaging noMoreRecordsText not appearing if no records returned from server.
  211. [FIXED] Flex config no longer works on toolbar item
  212. [CLOSED] [B3] Missing files?
  213. [FIXED] Issue with proxy Batch initialization and local storage
  214. [FIXED] [B3] Problem with TabPanel using setActiveItem method
  215. [FIXED] [B3] TreeStore doesn't work correct with Field 'id'
  216. [OPEN] [B3] Cannot hide form labels
  217. [CLOSED] mousedown event not firing for textfield
  218. [FIXED] [B3] Not all builds included
  219. [FIXED] calling updateUrl on Ext.Video component makes the player unplayable
  220. [FIXED] Ext.onDocumentReady handler, Internet Explorer and document.readyState
  221. [FIXED] [B3] Sheet.hide() causes flashing before hiding
  222. [INFOREQ] Dataview/list selection when store is reloaded
  223. [FIXED] [Beta 3] Resetting carousel items then setting activeItem = DOM ERROR 8
  224. [FIXED] [Beta3] All layouts with x-layout-fit-item now have opaque backgrounds
  225. [FIXED] setPhoneIcon/getPhoneIcon methods not available
  226. [FIXED] Ext.tab.Panel.setActiveItem() possible bug?
  227. [INFOREQ] [B3] Toolbar button styling missing
  228. [FIXED] Fieldset acting up from B2 ->B3
  229. [FIXED] datepicker leaf years
  230. [CLOSED] Full screen doesn't hide the address bar (iPhone - iPad)
  231. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 2 pr4
  232. [INFOREQ] Ext.Viewport.remove() / setActiveItem() exception - Beta 3
  233. [CLOSED] [B3] Copy not working correctly?
  234. [FIXED] query seems to need rewrite
  235. [FIXED] Using MVC pattern, datepickerfield.setValue(null) does not set value as expected
  236. [FIXED] pinHeaders on Android - Beta 3
  237. [CLOSED] Show and hide events are no longer firing as expected in B3
  238. [FIXED] withCredentials used in Operation, but can't be set in a proxy
  239. [INFOREQ] Button doesn't work on view when Navigation View pops twice.
  240. [CLOSED] Show and hide events are no longer firing as expected in B3
  241. [INFOREQ] List bug between B2 and B3.
  242. [CLOSED] Value does not work with Ext.field.Field
  243. [FIXED] Flex does not work for buttons on Ext.tab.Panel's tabBar
  244. [FIXED] B3 - Modal non centered panels not dismissing
  245. [CLOSED] [B3] Fieldset layouts totally broken!
  246. [CLOSED] Docs broken?
  247. [FIXED] [B3] - Select field fires 'change' event 4 times on initialization
  248. [FIXED] Ext.Anim.run referecing non existing member of el and causing exception
  249. [CLOSED] [B3] Multiple Fields inside Container/FieldSet rendering is broken
  250. [FIXED] mapOptions not working