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  1. [NOREPRO] Store.getAt returns values for negative index -1
  2. [FIXED] Checkbox with certain "name" attributes causes a browser hang during form.reset()
  3. [CLOSED] Inner card margins problem of Carousel
  4. [FIXED] audio component not working on iPad safari
  5. [FNR] [B3] MIssing Ext.data.proxy.Direct ?
  6. [FIXED] Ext.Loader on the documentation. Getting Started
  7. [FNR] Cannot reset a form with checkbox fields that have brackets in the name
  8. [FIXED] Can't define a custom association (ST2-B3)
  9. [CLOSED] Problems with Ext.chart.Panel interactions panel
  10. [CLOSED] Component methods not available after Ext.ComponentQuery.query();
  11. [FNR] [B3] Ext.NavigationView navBar's title is centering (in)correctly for long text
  12. [CLOSED] Does fieldset have a setRecord method?
  13. [INFOREQ] paths of views in controller's config
  14. [FIXED] [B3] HasOne array wrapping bug
  15. [CLOSED] datepickerfield: doesn't remove its picker on remove
  16. [CLOSED] [B3] Scroller doesn't behave properly when flex and height is set.
  17. [FIXED] [B3] Document hasLoadedStore or provide something similar for DataView and Store
  18. [CLOSED] Problem with Ext.Picker (ST2, B3)
  19. [INFOREQ] OnActivate and OnIDActivate seem to be broken
  20. [DEFER] B3 Textareafield - scrolling problems
  21. [OPEN] Associations hasOne and belongsTo seem to be broken with inline associated data
  22. [FIXED] Beta-3 Problem with setData on a Xtemplate
  23. [CLOSED] List with XTemplate not working
  24. [FNR] B3 - Ext.select() doesn't get the el
  25. [OPEN] [B3] Make DataView's loadingMask smarter: make it respect masked config
  26. [FIXED] B3 Textareafield - input area does not change when height changes
  27. [FIXED] Draggable : drag area is offset based on position of component
  28. [CLOSED] Model.load passing wrong record to handler
  29. [FIXED] phoneIcon does not give different variable for high res icon version in Mobile Safari
  30. [FIXED] Select Field Popup Has Extra Blank Space at the Botoom
  31. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.show persists values
  32. [FIXED] Ext.data.Store#filter not passing down anyMatch, caseSensitive to underlying collecti
  33. [FIXED] Bottom tab bar has blank icons on Android
  34. [OPEN] no rescaling of container after hiding toolbar (only on android)
  35. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2.0B3 Ext.data.Error incorrectly extends MixedCollection ?
  36. [FIXED] In B3 elements return and set wrong class list values when iterated
  37. [FIXED] changing defaultBackButtonText has no effect in 2.0b3
  38. [FIXED] [B3] Ext.MessageBox uses deprecated .el and why is it removing cls?
  39. [FIXED] [B3] Wrong result of Ext.data.reader.Reader.extractData()
  40. [FIXED] [B3] Container#setMasked and masked config not working as expected
  41. [CLOSED] [B3] Ext.MessageBox prompt field focus not working
  42. [FIXED] [RC1] stores are not getting registered, Ext.getStore fails
  43. [CLOSED] B3: form.getRecord is not picking up changes made to a form.
  44. [NOREPRO] Ext.navigation.View title and buttons are too narrow in Chrome
  45. [NOREPRO] isLoaded method not defined for Store with localstorage proxy
  46. [OPEN] [bugs] animateActiveItem() function repeat animation flicker and disappear
  47. [CLOSED] [RC] Scroll Background?
  48. [FIXED] [RC1] Problem with Map in TabPanel
  49. [FIXED] [RC] Typo in Ext.data.proxy.Direct
  50. [NOREPRO] [RC] Panel doesn't take full screen in tablet
  51. [INFOREQ] [RC] require but still need load
  52. [FIXED] Usability issues with picker (regression)
  53. [INFOREQ] hide event fired in Ext.Container on creation
  54. [FIXED] [B3-RC1] ]RESTproxy JsonWriter.writeAllFields:false with custom Id not working
  55. [FIXED] RC setPath has no effect
  56. [FIXED] belongsTo in RC not working
  57. [CLOSED] semantics Map.getMapOptions()
  58. [FIXED] Save not updating model ID
  59. [CLOSED] Ext.Map mapOptions don't work when passed in config
  60. [FIXED] style option is being ignored
  61. [FIXED] BelongsTo not set when adding to hasMany on phantom record
  62. [FIXED] Ext.Direct only works with reader.rootProperty = "_result"
  63. [FIXED] Performance on refreshing List view dramatically worse in RC than Beta 3
  64. [CLOSED] Carouse getIndicator doesn't return a Boolean
  65. [CLOSED] Problems Loading a Model via a Direct Proxy
  66. [FIXED] [RC1] Ext.dataview.List class onItemTrigger function has wrong signature
  67. [FIXED] Packaging an application for Android using Sencha Touch Native Packaging on Windows 7
  68. [FIXED] Android and AndroidEmulator packaging bugs on Mac
  69. [FIXED] Multiple form items with same name not allowed, really?
  70. [NOREPRO] Form label width change from Beta 4 to RC
  71. [CLOSED] Loading Ext.Map in a Container
  72. [FIXED] Ext.SegmentedButton throws Uncaught TypeError
  73. [DEFER] Scrolling not working in textareafield in IOS device
  74. [CLOSED] Carousel listeners not work anymore
  75. [FIXED] Sencha Tools crash with invalid command line options
  76. [INFOREQ] Need to update documentation for Ext.data.Store
  77. [FIXED] Ext.Viewport.setMasked(false) DOM error if docked:top is set in the config [ST2 RC1]
  78. [FIXED] [RC1] slide (up/down) on showAnimation doesnt work with layout vbox
  79. [FIXED] Ext.Viewport.removeAt / Ext.Viewport.add doesn't work?
  80. [NOREPRO] Video Example doesn't work on Kindle Fire
  81. [CLOSED] [RC 1] Ext.dataview.List class onItemTrigger is not invoked when clicked
  82. [CLOSED] [RC 1] SelectField is not updated with the value selected on the popup
  83. [FIXED] Several problems with emptyText on the List control
  84. [FIXED] Enhancement: Groups (in Lists) with no title should hide the ListItemHeader
  85. [FIXED] Select field change event
  86. [FIXED] DeferEmptyText not working (ST2-RC)
  87. [FIXED] Problem with XmlReader [RC1]
  88. [FIXED] call Panel.destroy contains togglefield report error on ST2 RC
  89. [FIXED] NavigationView demo breaks while loading inside native Facebook app on iOS
  90. [FIXED] Windows SDK Tools - create jsb failing on kitchensink
  91. [INFOREQ] NavigationView + Nested Ext.List = moveItemsFromCache exception
  92. [FIXED] RC Store / Proxy / Batch Error
  93. [OPEN] Problem with NavigationView children visibility
  94. [FIXED] Width is ignored on first child element in titlebar (ST2-RC)
  95. [INFOREQ] navigationView not working (on android)?
  96. [CLOSED] Still I can not compile with XTemplate.
  97. [CLOSED] [RC] conflicts with phonegap webSQL
  98. [FNR] [ST 2 RC] deselectAll takes long time
  99. [FIXED] TreeStore (re)use of .load() throwing error
  100. [CLOSED] Trouble with Android 3 and native applications
  101. [NOREPRO] Scroll content within a Ext.tab.Panel broken
  102. [FNR] Selectable.js deselectAll calling deselect n^2 unnecessary times
  103. [FIXED] [RC] Ext.util.Observable no longer exists
  104. [CLOSED] List deselect no longer working [RC]
  105. [INFOREQ] Sheet Component Flicker When Using showBy and Animation
  106. [CLOSED] RC , selectfield in top toolbar in IOS not working
  107. [OPEN] Store.sync with Callbacks - Feature Request
  108. [INFOREQ] [RC] dataview select (after load) selects old record
  109. [CLOSED] List getSelection is undefined
  110. [NOREPRO] A panel includes 2 panels, and each panel include 1 Ext.Img: not shown on phone
  111. [INFOREQ] How to capture Tap events on Ext.Map?
  112. [FIXED] List: store inline raw data vs inline models
  113. [INFOREQ] Android/ICS - Bottom Tabs render as boxes if panel has a scrollbar
  114. [FIXED] [RC1] Ext.Sheet fires hide event when being initialized
  115. [FIXED] [RC1] Ext.app.History#back not working
  116. [CLOSED] Bottom docked items in viewport are off screen
  117. [CLOSED] [RC1] viewport doesn't size correctly for scrolling horizontally
  118. [CLOSED] [RC1] Store alias
  119. [FIXED] Form breaks only in iphone selectpanel zooms up due to titlebar
  120. [FIXED] Infinite loop in nested list when loading json through proxy
  121. [CLOSED] Viewport Meta Tags not injected automatically
  122. [FIXED] Image file is named "Icon^M" in examples/carousel/images/
  123. [FIXED] Old badge icon look and feel (ST2-RC2)
  124. [FIXED] Overlays Example on Android
  125. [FIXED] Disable touch gesture recognizers
  126. [FIXED] Navigation View shows title for next card RC2
  127. [INFOREQ] Conditional hiding of Disclosure icon in list
  128. [OPEN] Exclude some fields from sending to server (persist: false not working)
  129. [CLOSED] Touch event are very slow to be triggered in iOS devices
  130. [CLOSED] Incorrect URL in JSONP proxy update request
  131. [FIXED] DataView "itemConfig" setting not being passed to DataItems
  132. [FIXED] Accessing some videos results in an error
  133. [FIXED] Running sencha on Oreilly example fails
  134. [FIXED] prepareAssociatedData not getting all associated data
  135. [FIXED] Placeholder does not appear in fields of type = number field in RC2
  136. [FIXED] RC2 Setting Map Options Kills Ttitlebar
  137. [FNR] RC2 hideOnMaskTap: false not working
  138. [FIXED] Documentation pullRefresh Example and can't post comments
  139. [FIXED] Radio buttons toggle (like checkboxes) when you tap them again
  140. [INFOREQ] Ext.field.Toggle problem with remove
  141. [OPEN] [RC2] Navigation View tile is gone and back button is gone.
  142. [FIXED] Class System documentation change for apply and update methods.
  143. [FIXED] Ext.data.Store - Insert doesn't work with filtered store.
  144. [FIXED] Super inefficient datepickerfield destroy method
  145. [FIXED] Error thrown when destroyPickerOnHide=true on datepickerfield
  146. [CLOSED] [RC2] css glitch in form
  147. [FIXED] [RC2] itemdoubletap event fired on different items
  148. [FIXED] tabPanel/NavigationView custom font title incorrect ellipsis on init
  149. [CLOSED] DataView Collection *Should* Ignore Children That Do Not Match > div
  150. [CLOSED] tabpanels bar hiding content
  151. [FIXED] iconCls + showBy makes overlay appear shifted
  152. [CLOSED] useTitleForBackButtonText: true,
  153. [CLOSED] fullscreen overlay, don't overlay the toolbar
  154. [FIXED] Orientation change repaint issue (landscape -> portrait)
  155. [FIXED] this.getRecord() in Ext.dataview.component.DataItem not working in RC1 and 2
  156. [CLOSED] tabpanel icons not rendered
  157. [CLOSED] Ext.Logger problem.
  158. [CLOSED] Can't use AlternateClassName in associations (ST2-RC2)
  159. [CLOSED] [ST 2RC2] Textarea on iOS 5 - Can't see the line number 5 or under
  160. [FIXED] Destroying a Ext.navigation.View seems not to destroy associated div class
  161. [DUP] [RC] hasOne association not read correctly
  162. [INFOREQ] [RC2] Ext.Ajax.request bug on iOS.
  163. [FIXED] LocalStorage proxy using id that is not an integer (32 digit hex)
  164. [CLOSED] function after prompt not working
  165. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Types missing timestamp field
  166. [CLOSED] the submit method of formpanels not working
  167. [CLOSED] NestedList Elements not clickable
  168. [CLOSED] A model created with a specific id has its id overwritten to a generated id
  169. [CLOSED] RC2 disables the auto-format detection of phone numbers on iPhone and Android
  170. [FIXED] [RC2[ Unable to set default value of DatePicker using MVC
  171. [CLOSED] RC2 List now shows inverted bg color on alternative rows?
  172. [CLOSED] RC2 problem DataView/Grid "apply store" cannot find store?
  173. [INFOREQ] Problem with NavigationView and Controllers
  174. [CLOSED] #1. List is Invisible, #2. Form components labels are invisible..!!
  175. [CLOSED] #1 Not able to see lablefield of textfield. #2. Not able to see selectfield options..
  176. [INFOREQ] [RC2] Store is never empty
  177. [FIXED] [RC2] TabPanel is hidding tabs
  178. [CLOSED] useTitleForBackButtonText: true
  179. [FIXED] [RC2] 'action' on form isn't fired
  180. [NOREPRO] Modal Form with Select Field on tablet: options popup under the modal Form Panel
  181. [CLOSED] Overriding singleton no longer works (?!)
  182. [FIXED] ST2.0.0 Final release - Examples link appears to be incorrect
  183. [CLOSED] Cannot touch (swipe) scroll on Android Acer Iconia Tab A500
  184. [FIXED] Radiofield first fires uncheck when tabbed [FINAL]
  185. [CLOSED] Ext.define override doesn't work
  186. [CLOSED] Select Mask doesn't disappear when manipulating Select Field in Store's onLoad event
  187. [FIXED] NestedList and data disclosure property lead to exception.
  188. [FIXED] field.Datepicker visual value != getValue()
  189. [FIXED] [FINAL] Media 'pause' event inconsistent
  190. [FIXED] buttons showBy and Carousel are messed
  191. [FIXED] setScrollable() seems not to work correctly passing a string
  192. [CLOSED] Fields with defined cls not found in componentQuery that filters on cls
  193. [FIXED] [GA] Navigation View gets title directly from config, not using the getTitle() method
  194. [NOREPRO] Not launch app on Final 2.0
  195. [FIXED] [GA] x-list-paging-msg CSS needs 'clear: both;'
  196. [FIXED] Incorrect class name Ext.List in "requires" list for Ext.field.Select
  197. [FIXED] Broken layout when use big/many elements on hbox [FINAL]
  198. [FIXED] Incorrect class name Ext.DataView in "extends" config option for Ext.picker.Slot
  199. [FIXED] nestedlist moves back to root immediatly when going to next level
  200. [NOREPRO] Sencha HTML5 Localstorage not working
  201. [CLOSED] Dynamically loading ST is broken
  202. [FIXED] "Render To" for a Panel Renders to the wrong place
  203. [CLOSED] [GA] List Paging tries to load more records even when store fully loaded (w/ fix)
  204. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.Show() iconCls does not display ERROR icon
  205. [FIXED] Example Apps and Images are broken on GPL 2.0.0 release
  206. [FIXED] DatePicker custom picker throw Uncaught TypeError
  207. [CLOSED] Demo apps not running on Samsung Galaxy S
  208. [FIXED] Re-Introduced Old Bug
  209. [FIXED] Setting padding in config in ems doesn't work?
  210. [CLOSED] sencha command gpl / commerical generate app
  211. [OPEN] Final Release - problem binding nested data to models
  212. [CLOSED] Sencha 2.0 final Transaparencia en datepickerfield y selectfield (iphone 4)
  213. [FIXED] Numberfield Spinner Bug 2.0.0
  214. [FIXED] showBy Panels can be a little off-screen
  215. [FIXED] Error while trying to use show and hide Animation on DataView
  216. [FIXED] Sencha command build ignores loader path definitions
  217. [INFOREQ] Manifest issue
  218. [CLOSED] [2.0] pickerView issue
  219. [FIXED] Toggler - maxValueCls changes wrong if value is 1 by default
  220. [FIXED] Error: \SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-Beta\bin\ was unexpected at this time.
  221. [INFOREQ] Error using setMasked (Object DOMWindow has not method apply)
  222. [INFOREQ] Packager for Android fails on Mac OS X
  223. [FIXED] Ext.device.Geolocation ClearWatch not stopping callback
  224. [FIXED] Navigationview on Android without animation
  225. [CLOSED] setActiveItem on navigationView does not change the title
  226. [CLOSED] Ext.app.Application routes not launching routed methods.
  227. [FIXED] Navigation View & Nested List Back button issue
  228. [FIXED] DatePicker update issue
  229. [CLOSED] Confirmation please that localstorage not working with ST2.0 class description.
  230. [FIXED] sencha sdk tools 2 beta not working on windows 7 64bit
  231. [OPEN] Sencha Touch 2 SDK Tools "generate app" confusion
  232. [FIXED] Sencha tools: build command + svn
  233. [INFOREQ] List example is not scroll on my HTC Desire HD
  234. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.setShowAnimation(false) and Ext.Msg.setHideAnimation(false) not work ST2 Rel
  235. [FIXED] sencha app build copies .svn files
  236. [CLOSED] LocalStorage
  237. [CLOSED] datepickerfield sets year to 1901
  238. [FIXED] List - “[WARN][Ext.dataview.List#applyStore] The specified Store cannot be found
  239. [FIXED] Datepicker Cancel button not fully working
  240. [CLOSED] field.textarea resize corner-button conflicts with clearIcon
  241. [FIXED] Ext.device.Geolocation.watchPosition Not Working
  242. [FIXED] Canīt link field.Select with dataStore
  243. [FIXED] When adding right aligned buttons to navigationViewBar, the title is not adjusted
  244. [FIXED] Modifying Elements encapsulated through Ext.fly() does not work anymore
  245. [CLOSED] NestedList title animation problem
  246. [CLOSED] quota_exceeded_err:DOM exeption 22 on iPad2
  247. [FIXED] Picker is returning null on pick and on change
  248. [CLOSED] navigation view and xtemplate not working right?
  249. [DEFER] When Viewport has Bottom Toolbar, Date Picker Flies Off the Screen
  250. [FIXED] Ext.Ajax.Request executes the success handler when it fails