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  1. [OPEN] store.sync doesn't work properly
  2. [CLOSED] Togglefield change event (ST 2.0.1 RC)
  3. [FIXED] Problem with PullRefresh after setScrollable(false);
  4. [CLOSED] button is not aligned correctly in a fieldset
  5. [CLOSED] accessing google maps via controller
  6. [FIXED] Localstorage not working in native iOS or native Android application
  7. [FIXED] Documentation: Ext.data.Model isModel property is not documented
  8. [INFOREQ] sencha touch app throws uncaught typeerror on android
  9. [NOREPRO] Stop Store Event Bug
  10. [INFOREQ] Slow DOM update/repaint
  11. [CLOSED] If no existing active item, animation doesn't run when showing active item
  12. [FNR] [2.0.0 & 2.0.1RC] animationend in animateActiveItem firing three times
  13. [FIXED] Selectfield setStore does not change overlay popup list dynamically
  14. [FIXED] "itemdoubletap" gives unexpected results
  15. [CLOSED] Android 2.2 HTC Ace issues with latest build.
  16. [INFOREQ] navigation view failure after upgrading to 2.0.1-rc + sdk tools beta 2
  17. [FIXED] production build on linux fails
  18. [CLOSED] SDK Tools: Namespace missing properties in compiled version
  19. [INFOREQ] app.js and app.json getting overwritten by minified subset of themselves
  20. [OPEN] Events not refreshed when buffered
  21. [CLOSED] [2.0.1RC] build error on Win7
  22. [INFOREQ] JavaScript execution exceeded ( iPhone 3G )
  23. [FIXED] SDK Tools B2 app.scss missing include
  24. [OPEN] autloaded associations don't properly filter data from a JSON proxy
  25. [FIXED] Values from HiddenField and SpinnerField are not submitted
  26. [FIXED] [2.0.1RC] iOS native Ext.device.Notification bug with accented characters
  27. [CLOSED] Address Bar no longer hidden in Safari with Sencha Touch 2.0
  28. [CLOSED] Store doesn't destroy/delete when destroying widget
  29. [FIXED] Painted/Show event not thrown for panel the first time
  30. [FIXED] navigationview back button does not hide if animation is not present (2.0.1 RC)
  31. [CLOSED] Error on textfield event inside list view
  32. [CLOSED] iOS Data/Proxy issues after retrieving app from background
  33. [CLOSED] Select field change event is sent getText() as new value rather than getValue()
  34. [DEFER] No icons on Android's native browser - Asus Transformer Prime
  35. [CLOSED] "Copy Operation Failed" with Touch 2.0.1RC and SDK Tools 2.0.0-B2
  36. [OPEN] Cannot set focus to searchfield in iOS
  37. [OPEN] Building a production app fails with autoLoad on store set to true
  38. [OPEN] NavView full height
  39. [INFOREQ] Store's getter/setter are failing.
  40. [DEFER] hasMany and localStorage Issues
  41. [FIXED] lists aren't working on my iphone 3g/ios 4.2.1 + performance very slow (2.01RC)
  42. [INFOREQ] init or initialize
  43. [FIXED] Spinnerfield readOnly inoperative
  44. [FIXED] togglefield and sliderfield readOnly inoperative
  45. [OPEN] Kitchensink forms have issues on PlayBook OS 2.0.1
  46. [FIXED] No itemtaphold event in DataView
  47. [CLOSED] pullrefresh plugin does not handle deletion of records
  48. [INFOREQ] Overridden date format in Ext.plugin.PullRefresh
  49. [FIXED] Subscription to painted/erased with 'single' flag: events stuff is not fully cleared
  50. [FIXED] Border property for Component does not work
  51. [FIXED] ToggleField getValue returning an array for 2.0.1-rc
  52. [FIXED] container.setFlex() seems not be working
  53. [FIXED] packaging for iTunes app store with 2.0.1RC is blocked
  54. [CLOSED] itemId alone not working for ref selectors
  55. [FIXED] Ext.Audio Event 'paused'
  56. [FIXED] Spacer and flex setting
  57. [FIXED] Unexpected layout result using the sample documentation
  58. [INFOREQ] Error in setAnimation: "Cannot read property 'style' of undefined"
  59. [FIXED] Inconsistent behavior of Ext.data.Store.queryBy ?
  60. [OPEN] Checkbox field with long label goes offscreen
  61. [FIXED] Native App on iOS will not work if you require Ext.device.Device (2.0.1-rc)
  62. [FIXED] [2.0] - Removing a record from store is still returned by DataView's getSelection()
  63. [FIXED] DataView itemtaphold event not fired
  64. [FIXED] Can't clear value of select field
  65. [CLOSED] Error windows with itunes sync app-iPhoneWhat is the problem? .I used this instructio
  66. [OPEN] animateActiveItem not working
  67. [OPEN] Bug in Ext.util.Draggable's getContainerConstraint?
  68. [NOREPRO] Android - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined
  69. [INFOREQ] New instances of Model not immediately available in Store
  70. [INFOREQ] textfield/placeholder/clearIcon visual bug
  71. [FIXED] Touchmove, Touchstart, Touchend targets wrong in iOS
  72. [FIXED] Datepickerfield year range incorrect after selecting a date
  73. [FIXED] CPU 100% Usage in Ext.plugin.PullRefresh
  74. [NOREPRO] Store IndexOf critical cache bug (ST2)
  75. [INFOREQ] autoMaximize halts application on Safari
  76. [OPEN] Passing animated:false to Scroller scrollTo does not prevent animation
  77. [FIXED] Itemtap on popup list doesnt fire when layout 'fit' used
  78. [CLOSED] Demo applications don't work on iPhone
  79. [FIXED] Navigation View back button froze in three steps.
  80. [FIXED] A bug with HTML Links
  81. [CLOSED] SelectField on Android 2.3.6 > Unable to change selection
  82. Sencha Touch 2.0.1 FINAL Now Available
  83. [FIXED] ST 2.0.1: Ext.Template.constructor does a pointless Array.join
  84. [FIXED] Select field can't have 0 as value
  85. [CLOSED] (Cosmetic) Back button doesn't look native enough
  86. [FIXED] [2.0.1 FINAL] Error when modifying stores
  87. [FIXED] 2.0.1 on Cachefly
  88. [CLOSED] DeftJS Bug : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'buffer' of undefined
  89. [FIXED] Items removed from Layout
  90. [CLOSED] Mask fadeIn/fadeOut opacity issue
  91. [OPEN] args not passed to actwhen using routes, defining controller and action throws error.
  92. [CLOSED] compass compile broken on 2.0.1
  93. [FIXED] component is taller than allowed by its vbox
  94. [INFOREQ] on() delay property only work the first time.
  95. [FIXED] Ext.define's override config throwing error
  96. [FIXED] Panel.insert not respecting docked configuration
  97. [NOREPRO] Selectfield triangles not rendering OK
  98. [FIXED] First button in titlebar gets too width
  99. [CLOSED] Checkbox event handler not firing, even though box visibly changes state
  100. [OPEN] [ST 2.0.1] Event is not prevented causing keyboard to popup
  101. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Selection persists after store is cleared:
  102. [FIXED] contentEl not applied to components
  103. [FNR] checkboxfield readOnly not supported
  104. [FIXED] Wrong logic while removing records in local storage
  105. [INFOREQ] [ST 2.0.1] HasOne Model.cache has no method get
  106. [INFOREQ] Nested List Disclosure Icons Disappear
  107. [CLOSED] Dataview horizontal layout
  108. [INFOREQ] 2.0.1 and HTC Sensation ICS 4.0.3 - Barely works?
  109. [FIXED] [ST 2.0.1] Ext.util.Filter with filterFn not working
  110. [NOREPRO] can not add listener
  111. [FIXED] Error trying to attach event listener to Ext.dom.Element
  112. [DUP] orientationchange with viewport.autoMaximize=true - incorrect args
  113. [FIXED] textField's clearIcon doesn't show up with autocompletion
  114. [FIXED] Ext.field.Toggle doesn't fire 'change' event when tapped
  115. [FIXED] [2.0.0] error in Writer.js: fieldConfig.type.type == 'date' (2x)
  116. [FIXED] phoneStartupScreen doesn't work
  117. [FIXED] Ext.data.Validations e-mail regex doesn't allow all possible characters
  118. [CLOSED] Override does not work with Ext.data.Validations
  119. [INFOREQ] [ASK] build app in windows 7
  120. [CLOSED] Sencha Create doesn't set up correct path for Compass Compile
  121. [FIXED] JSON data not displayed correctly due to issues with identifier containing $
  122. adding custom disabledCls to field config only changes label and not form input
  123. [FIXED] sencha app build with read-only files = [ERROR] EPERM, operation not permitted
  124. [FIXED] Date Picker change event firing twice in ST 2.0.1
  125. [FIXED] Floating modal panels performance
  126. Tab Panel TabBar Layout does not seem to work
  127. Ext.Img component: sizing does not actually size specified image.
  128. [INFOREQ] App resizes to half screen on Android on Portrait, No TabBar on Landscape
  129. [OPEN] Android errore
  130. [FIXED] Ext.browser.is.WebView should be false for Ext.os.is.Desktop
  131. ST2 app doesn't play sounds after ST2 Native Packaging on Kindle Fire
  132. SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3-linux.run not executing "app create"
  133. dynamic setTitle titlebar
  134. [FIXED] DataView and inline config
  135. ST2.0.1 package not working
  136. [FIXED] [ST2.0.1] Treestore.isLoaded() is always false
  137. [OPEN] iOS native packaging problem on Windows 7
  138. [CLOSED] ScrollTo Animation Duration Sticks
  139. Checkbox check is misaligned inside a toolbar
  140. ST2 SDK Production Build - Works on '3' Network but not on 'O2' and T-Mobile
  141. radiofield rendering as checkboxfield
  142. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 2 - Blog example in getting started does not work
  143. [FIXED] sencha touch 2.0.1 - packaged android app - tel link does not work
  144. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel setValues does not work with Ext.field.Radio
  145. Sencha Touch application not working with Cordova on Android
  146. sench app build production errors
  147. [FIXED] Checkbox check is misaligned inside a toolbar
  148. [CLOSED] useDefaultXhrHeader option does not work when defined within a model's proxy setting
  149. SegmentedButton missing ui getter and setter
  150. Unable To Create Android Build Of Getting Started Example In Windows 7
  151. [FIXED] Store insertion and existing records
  152. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch 2 Map crash
  153. ST 2.0.1 - Store.load() does not update nested (hasMany) relationship
  154. [FIXED] [2.0.1] z-index for selectfield panel wrong in some cases
  155. hideAnimation on toolbar
  156. [FIXED] Ext.device.notification.PhoneGap does not return pressed button in lowercase
  157. [FIXED] Ext.device.Notification.Simulator.show disappears under Ext.Panel (z-index problem)
  158. [FIXED] Fieldset Width when Title is very long
  159. [FIXED] Ext.browser.is.WebView not documented
  160. totalProperty not grabbing value from AJAX reader
  161. Sencha Touch 2 & jQuery compatibility Issues
  162. [FIXED] belongsTo Association uses wrong getter from cache
  163. [NOREPRO] Empty selectfield options value prevents Picker from opening on Android 2.3.4
  164. audio only plays once
  165. [CLOSED] Sencha Time Picker value not changed
  166. [FIXED] Ext.device.geolocation.PhoneGap.js is missing
  167. [INFOREQ] ST-2.0.1-gpl NestedList with RestProxy not sending POST when appending child to store
  168. Error windows with itunes sync app-iPhone - What is the problem? (windows XP)
  169. [FIXED] GS demo application doesn't work
  170. [FIXED] Date Picker doesn't allow reverse ordering years
  171. [INFOREQ] Sencha-touch-debug.js vs sencha-touch-all-debug.js in ajax response
  172. [FIXED] Disclosure icons in Ext.List are not displayed correctly after loading new data
  173. [FIXED] Ext.navigation.Bar > Unused private property
  174. [CLOSED] ST 2.0.1 - PhoneGap 1.5 - Android Tablet - about:blank browser window pops open
  175. [FIXED] using sencha sdk tools on ubuntu 12.04
  176. [DUP] app.Controller can't route with special fragments
  177. [INFOREQ] selectfield with empty string as option value doesn't display text
  178. [CLOSED] Ext.field.DatePicker > Dispatching "change" event twice
  179. [FIXED] Store.load() ... Store.sync() <-- this tells the server to delete EVERYTHING
  180. use "hasMany" to refer to a same model 2 times, only one works
  181. Ext.form.Panel's submitOnAction has no effect
  182. [FIXED] Segmented button's allowDepress default broken
  183. Half-screen display on panel
  184. [FIXED] Notification.PhoneGap shows [object Object] for button
  185. [FIXED] Ext.SegmentedButton > setPressedButtons doesn't trigger "toggle" event
  186. [FIXED] Some navigationview animations (cube, fade, slide) break the 'pop' functionality
  187. [CLOSED] native build fails on Linux
  188. [CLOSED] [ST2.0.1] Ext.navigation.View never pops 1st item - bug or undocumented feature?
  189. [CLOSED] iOS4.x only - Iframe content is never shown if below the original viewport size
  190. [FIXED] picker setValue problem
  191. [INFOREQ] Multi Level associations doesn't work.
  192. [INFOREQ] CSS "text-transform: uppercase" causes incorrect button width
  193. [INFOREQ] Bug: Ext.plugin.ListPagingView ptype: listpaging
  194. [CLOSED] form field styles not applying to android.
  195. applyTitle lazily for keeping translated titles in config
  196. [INFOREQ] Carousel overflows when slide animation occurs to go to different card
  197. [INFOREQ] TabPanel Component LifeCycle
  198. filter issue in ST2.0.1
  199. [INFOREQ] ST 2.0.1 - Ext.List click through bug on the iPhone4S
  200. [CLOSED] Memory Leak with Stores - Touch 2.0.x
  201. [CLOSED] Can't customize events in controller control block due to error
  202. [INFOREQ] Compass Compile broken out of box 2.0.1 SDK tools 2.0.0 beta 3 for Mac
  203. [FIXED] Back button hidden by NavigationView title.
  204. [FIXED] Ext.device.Camera.capture api crashes Android (CTD)
  205. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch Nightly Builds download broken
  206. encha Touch 2 Native Packaging for Android. [crunch] libpng error: Read Error
  207. [INFOREQ] Ext.Loader incorrectly loading Controllers outside App file after testing build
  208. [FIXED] Numberfield formatting
  209. [CLOSED] Ext.Logger still present in some sencha classes
  210. [CLOSED] Android Native Build
  211. [CLOSED] Bug found and fix in Geocongress example when using ST2.0.1
  212. Bug found in Ext.Map 'useCurrentLocation'
  213. Problem with select with placeHolder and null value
  214. can't fix in Android 4.0.4
  215. [CLOSED] Looking for the download link for Sencha Touch 2.0.1
  216. [Resolve] - List (itemtap) - Multiple click on one row
  217. [INFOREQ] App Does not run on Windows
  218. [INFOREQ] Ext.Msg shows behind Sheet
  219. [FIXED] High Accuracy Geolocation Not Working due to Wrong Property Name
  220. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch is crashing on iPad Safari with lot of images
  221. [INFOREQ] sencha button setText cause android high cpu usage
  222. [CLOSED] Ext.data.writer.Writer getRecordData bug on date fields
  223. [INFOREQ] Unable to run the Sencha Touch GS Example on Android 4.0.3
  224. [INFOREQ] Ext.Ajax.request failure function doesn't get invoked while server is offline
  225. [CLOSED] Unable to change viewport scale dinamically on Android
  226. [OPEN] Android native build no gps permissions
  227. sdk tools development.js
  228. [CLOSED] Sencha touch 2 is not being emailed
  229. [CLOSED] SDKTools B3 doesn't copy resources/startup
  230. Selectfield DOM exception 8 error on second click [ test case ]
  231. dataview.List and disclosureProperty error on refresh
  232. [FIXED] Ext.data.Store.filter function works incorrectly
  233. [CLOSED] Button Cls and pressedCls resets if chosen to be same styleclassname
  234. [CLOSED] A short drag on a image link in carousel maybe open the link.
  235. [FIXED] XTemplate: cannot access parent values from a for loop inside a for loop
  236. [CLOSED] Rename picto file to support Blackberry Build in phonegap.
  237. [INFOREQ] Ext.util.translatable.ScrollPosition should check isDestroyed before unwrap()
  238. [FIXED] Android orientationchange Event Not Firing
  239. [CLOSED] staticConfigs in subclass
  240. [INFOREQ] Call to setValue after initialization of DatePicker does not trigger change event
  241. [INFOREQ] selectfield broken for native iphone (phonegap)
  242. List item not getting model assciation data as part of values property
  243. [CLOSED] sencha app build and singletons
  244. [OPEN] Native build for Android not works
  245. [FIXED] suspend/resume events issues
  246. [FIXED] Store.destroy() doesn't remove store from stores's cache (Ext.StoreManager.map)
  247. [FIXED] DataView doesn't clear elements' cache (Ext.Element.cache) for removed items
  248. [CLOSED] Kindle WebView resize bug
  249. [FIXED] selectfield with standardSubmit not working
  250. [CLOSED] List bouncing back to their original (0,0) scroll position