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  1. [CLOSED] Android 4.0.3 and Tabs
  2. [CLOSED] Error in documentation? About store/reader
  3. [OPEN] platform: AndroidEmulator versus platform: AndroidSimulator
  4. [INFOREQ] Custom pickerconfig makes selectfield unusable on android + chrome
  5. [FIXED] Dataview and Store Filtering
  6. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.alert does nothing
  7. [CLOSED] Production Build Using SDK - Local-Storage File Cache - Does NOT get updated
  8. [FIXED] Fieldset RadioField getGroupValue
  9. [OPEN] Scroller.scrollTo() can't prevet anim by boolean
  10. [FIXED] getInstructions() returns object instead of string
  11. [FIXED] DataView doesn't destroy store even if store.autoDestroy flag is true
  12. [CLOSED] Ext.picker.Picker should require Ext.TitleBar
  13. [CLOSED] downloading sencha-touch-2.0.0-commercial.zip not working
  14. [CLOSED] Localstore proxy not removing indexes after records deleted
  15. [OPEN] Unwanted change element's index after update record in grouped list
  16. [INFOREQ] Sencha-touch-2.0.1 in Phonegap NOT working on SG2 with Android 4 ICS
  17. [FIXED] Android (4) List lag when hitting the end.
  18. [FIXED] listPrefix
  19. [OPEN] Last textfield in form gets focused
  20. [OPEN] Ext.get cache not cleared when component destroyed
  21. [FIXED] viewport autoMaximize true causes problems launching from iOS home screen
  22. PhoneGap 1.7 - Application starts on random card of random panel?
  23. [CLOSED] Can't even complete the basics
  24. fullscreen config in Ext.MessageBox
  25. [FIXED] [ST2.0.1] Slider position not right with float value/increment
  26. [FIXED] Date not being passed to functions in Ext.Date.formatFunctions
  27. [CLOSED] NavigationView pop and push events
  28. [FIXED] [] Android 2.3.7: KitchenSink doesn't fill screen height.
  29. [FIXED] Unable to destroy a record of a REST proxy-based store
  30. Links are prevented when tapping on children
  31. Production build generated by SDK tools beta3 doesn't load on android 2.1 browser
  32. [FIXED] minor issues with build
  33. [INFOREQ] Form rendering fields with values as empty fields after submit
  34. [FIXED] title not updating - GS Blog Example - Android ICS
  35. [FIXED] Form should not submit unnamed fields
  36. [CLOSED] XType: Image does not stretch
  37. [OPEN] Modify onItemDisclosure Property at runtime
  38. [FIXED] Ext.field.Toggle not firing change event after setValue()
  39. [CLOSED] belongsTo associations don't work unless data is provided inline
  40. "Platform":"AndroidEmulator" does not work for native build
  41. [FIXED] Android 4 list is performing worse in ST2 then ST1 (slow scroll)
  42. [NOREPRO] Datepickerfield change event supplies wrong type of date value.
  43. [FIXED] Packaging is broken by unmet Ext.log.Logger dependency in
  44. [FIXED] JSON Dates and REST Proxy Sync
  45. DataView setData not working
  46. hasMany will not autoload a relation in time to display with a DataView
  47. [CLOSED] Store Id of TreeStore is prepended to Root item when using model with a DirectProxy.
  48. [CLOSED] selectfield picker files to top of screen
  49. [INFOREQ] Double tap problem
  50. Problem in deploying iPAD app
  51. belongsTo and hasOne associated objects not made available to XTemplate processing
  52. [FIXED] Orientation parameter order mismatch in method
  53. [INFOREQ] Production build error in iOS Safari Sencha Touch
  54. Silly eye copy-paste
  55. Sencha SDKTools 2.0.0-beta3 Windows fails to build/package with Sencha Touch v2.0.1.1
  56. [CLOSED] Missing documentation on xtype itemId ID alias userClassName and other identification
  57. [CLOSED] looks like andoird api level error, seeking help
  58. [FIXED] Date Picker does not default to the fields set date in Chrome for Android v4.0.2
  59. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2 is currently in Developer Preview. Expect there to be bugs, missing...
  60. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel. Very strange code
  61. [FIXED] regression in from 2.0.1 (store loading with associations does not refresh)
  62. [CLOSED] Can not use my command terminal
  63. Listener Issues with extensions (Define)
  64. Error compilation
  65. Unable to create Stacked Column Chart with "stacked" property of Series
  66. [OPEN] Titlebar auto-resize infinite loop
  67. [OPEN] UIWebView's allowsInlineMediaPlayback for packaged native iOS apps.
  68. [FIXED] HasOne association uses incorrect foreignKey
  69. [CLOSED] Carousel getActiveItem returns NULL
  70. [CLOSED] build tool does not honor androidAPILevel
  71. Ext.List flashes item when selected
  72. [CLOSED] Toolbar docking
  73. [CLOSED] Pagination plugin with horizontal scroller
  74. [CLOSED] SetStyle on XButton works only once
  75. [INFOREQ] Localstore, Indexes-Failure after add/remove
  76. [CLOSED] Dataview.component.Dataitem fetches wrong record after store re-load.
  77. [CLOSED] sencha generate (or sencha app create) does nothing
  78. Update/delete events in filtered store: unexpected results
  79. itemtap event does not fire on dataview under Android
  80. Forms input element focus problem
  81. [CLOSED] Build native application bug in iOS 4
  82. Bug when adding record to nested store
  83. [FIXED] v2.0.1.1 data/Writer.js getRecordData() should be passing field.config to writeDate()
  84. [CLOSED] tap event misfired on ipad when applied to HTML table headers
  85. [CLOSED] Ext.form.Panel scroll is very laggy on iOS devices
  86. Drill-down navigation from a list to a form "feels" slow
  87. Store cannot remove recently created records because cache is not updated with ID
  88. Panel set/get Left oddities
  89. Show / Hide hinders drag area
  90. Show event not fired when the panel is first shown on the screen
  91. [CLOSED] LocalStorage on private browsing (iOS)
  92. The getter of Controller is fail!
  93. Ext.bind does not properly append options
  94. ST2 apps totally not working with Android 4.0.3
  95. [FIXED] Bug: Toggle field doesn't support isDirty
  96. sencha app build production - Found 198 Dependecies
  97. [FIXED] exposing android device requirements in packager.json
  98. stbuild nowhere to be found
  99. [OPEN] Enhancement Request: Support Safari Configurable User Agents for Profile Testing
  100. [CLOSED] allowHighAccuracy in Geolocation to use GPS module
  101. [FIXED] setValue on Ext.picker.Slot does not trigger scroll if value is 0
  102. [DUP] textfield focus on panel that is being set active
  103. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.show: iconCls only works at first time the message box display
  104. [CLOSED] Can't update a production build
  105. ST2.0.1.1 Ext.field.Select change listener can not response
  106. Pushing image with absolute positions onto NavigationView breaks modal panels/masking
  107. [CLOSED] NestedList getItemTextTpl is not called for every level and every time
  108. Cannot read property 'parentNode' of undefined when destroy a panel with a carousel.
  109. [FIXED] Bug with disabling a fieldset with a Ext.field.Select inside
  110. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.alert does not support long messages
  111. [OPEN] Scroller deceleration: scroller.minPosition is not taken into account
  112. [CLOSED] FormPanel setRecord doesn't trigger updateRecord
  113. Nested Navigation View List Tap Event Animation not firing
  114. Sass breaks loading mask spinner
  115. [DUP] Event "bleed" when using texField
  116. [FIXED] store.removeAll() fails after store.suspendEvents()
  117. Hide Url bar gets error:timeout waiting for window.innerHeight when added to bookmark
  118. [FIXED] Request Id is always NaN (calculated with bad access)
  119. sencha app build production works without tap events
  120. [DEFER] iteminfo of interaction doesn't work on line chart
  121. Wrong screen height measurement after reload on Android
  122. [FIXED] Bug in the Ext.pass() function?
  123. [FIXED] Bug in DatePicker
  124. [CLOSED] Bug in Ext.data.Store methods
  125. Improvement/bug in TextField
  126. [OPEN] Unicode chars incorrectly shown in native apps with Ext.device.Notification.show()
  127. [FIXED] Memory Leak - Components don't get destroyed (v 1 & 2)
  128. [CLOSED] Selectfield.setValue(0) does not work
  129. Views set as Scrollable invisible in Blackberry OS.7
  130. Date (time) not correctly submitted upon model.save?
  131. Building an App : Removal of 'auto' from margin property
  132. Taps on overlay list pickers propagate to underlying form elements
  133. [FIXED] Short titles in title bar also gets clipped with text-ellipsis?
  134. Ext.picker.Date updateDayText
  135. Ext.data.store Bug in Sencha
  136. [BUG] [ERROR] Logger.js "false", false, "no" not working.
  137. Loading Indicator microloader and build version
  138. [OPEN] addCls resurrects old class names after set() used on cls
  139. [CLOSED] Scrolling broken after using iOS soft keyboard's 'Next' button
  140. setDraggable(false) causes panel to jump after drag
  141. [FIXED] LoadMask listeners are not passed to Viewport.setMasked() (2.0.1)
  142. [FIXED] ScrollToEnd() goes to the begin on horizontal scrollable
  143. Selectfield not working on handheld devices.
  144. Searchfield breaks android 2.3.5 css.
  145. IconMask rendering issues with ICS
  146. Background changes when virtual keyboard shows on android devices or emulator
  147. [DUP] persist = false does not work for localStorage
  148. [NOREPRO] window.openDatabase() breaks build
  149. [OPEN] The form panel setRecord method doesn't set the originalValue on its child fields
  150. [INFOREQ] "Fade" animation can not work with loading-spinner??
  151. [OPEN] NestedList performance drop after label texts truncated
  152. [CLOSED] NestedList ID is unique (no matter which level you're on)
  153. [DUP] app crashed after some muti touch
  154. [FIXED] ComponentQuery with advanced attribute selector
  155. [CLOSED] Class member initialization / default value
  156. [CLOSED] Array class member is shared among classes that inherit from one another
  157. Text input box on Samsung Galaxy SIII
  158. [NOREPRO] Declaring store inline of DataView object throws error.
  159. [FIXED] Ext.field.Select valueselector gives focus to the item below the button
  160. [NOREPRO] Application crashes on tapping password field for multiple times
  161. [INFOREQ] Switching between remote store and localstorage
  162. [NOREPRO] [ST2.0.1] Store.isLoaded() is always false when model is self defined and inline data
  163. Model .load() doesn't overwrite/merge the original hasMany child models
  164. [FIXED] "[ERROR] 'stbuild' (not found?) ..." on Windows
  165. [DUP] tap event fires two events on android
  166. [FIXED] Ext.form.FieldSet title cannot be overwritten by setTitle()
  167. [FIXED] Ext.dataview.DataView creates multiple loadmasks
  168. [INFOREQ] showBy() bug if using an animation
  169. [INFOREQ] EXT.Ajax.request on Large Files is Broken Android 2.2
  170. [INFOREQ] error on drag and touch move events in Chrome on windows touch screen devices
  171. [INFOREQ] SelectField zindex
  172. [CLOSED] Ext.carousel.Carousel: add() after removeAll() doesn't set active item
  173. [CLOSED] Youtube iFrame height bug when using sethtml
  174. [FIXED] Missing some basic Ext JS stuff in ST2.0.1
  175. [FIXED] Icon is called warMing_dotted instead of warNing_dotted
  176. [FIXED] dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found on OS X
  177. [FIXED] Segmented button issue when hiding its buttons
  178. [NOREPRO] Chrome in iOS (autoMaximize)
  179. [FIXED] Panel with template renders null objects as null string
  180. [NOREPRO] fireEvent fired twice....
  181. [FIXED] 2.1.0 b1 - Ajax.js - has no method 'getUserName'
  182. [CLOSED] Cannot add Ext.Map to Ext.Panel
  183. [CLOSED] OpenDatabase fails on Android
  184. [CLOSED] autoMaximize on android web browser
  185. [CLOSED] [TOUCH-2.1.0-B1] Ext.Carousel.setOffset - undefined method translateAxis
  186. [INFOREQ] Follow-Up: Address Bar no longer hidden in Safari with Sencha Touch 2.0
  187. Apps not auto-updating when new build is pushed (MAJOR PROBLEM)
  188. [NOREPRO] #setTitle( undefined )
  189. [INFOREQ] disclose event not firing on NestedList [ST-2.0.1]
  190. [FIXED] NestedList animates backward in specific case
  191. [NOREPRO] Page refresh on pressing Go button in form with 1 textfield.
  192. [CLOSED] how to find your thread / missing threads
  193. [DEFER] List with grouped Headers and pinHeaders set to false pins Header after Scrollling
  194. [DUP] dyld: lazy symbol binding failed : Symbol not found: _objc_autoreleasePoolPush Error
  195. [INFOREQ] Destroy appLoadingIndicator element
  196. [DUP] app.json generated from SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3-osx bug
  197. setStyle or appendStyles stops working after the element gets deleted and readded...
  198. [INFOREQ] Ext.navigation.View creates navigation bar when navigationBar config set false
  199. [INFOREQ] Beta Touch Charts 2.0
  200. [OPEN] Scrolling Glitch After Using the iOS Soft Keyboard in a Form Panel
  201. [FIXED] [2.1.0 B1] Local storage proxy does not load dates in MS format
  202. [CLOSED] Bug with selectField.
  203. Too many events, avoid 'painted' at all costs
  204. Titlebar pushes content down in Safari but not in Chrome
  205. [CLOSED] https break Application Cache
  206. [DUP] Jump over select field in a form when hitting next
  207. [INFOREQ] Moving between to tabs in a bottom tabBar Issue
  208. [FIXED] this.getContainer().destroy() throws an error
  209. [FIXED] Reloading store doesn't update model assoications
  210. [INFOREQ] Next button doesn't work on android chrome
  211. [CLOSED] numercfield border issue
  212. [DUP] Chrome 21 - All titles are displayed with ellipsis (ST2
  213. [CLOSED] [2.1.1] Duplicate onItemDeselect methods
  214. [INFOREQ] Bug with BelongsTo
  215. [CLOSED] [BUG] Ext.data.writer.Writer.writeDate
  216. Alert buttons can be clicked multiple times
  217. [FIXED] Date picker not populating slots correctly when you call setValue
  218. [FIXED] Ext.util.Collection remove bug if filtered
  219. [CLOSED] The time is out of joint
  220. [DUP] Viewport constrained after rotating phone with keyboard visible
  221. [CLOSED] Different behavior between development and build - View - Ajax - initialize
  222. Ext.Audio stop() not working as expected?
  223. Image loses opacity when you keep clicking on it fast
  224. [CLOSED] build fails without any error message
  225. [INFOREQ] NumberField placeHolder not working in Safari and Android 4.0.3 ICS
  226. [DUP] sencha-touch-2.1.0-b1 Ext.data.Store + autoLoad + With Credentials - fails on load
  227. [CLOSED] Chrome 21 and Sencha probably scaling problem
  228. [] form.setRecord(model) not working for radiofield
  229. [INFOREQ] Issue viewport for jellybean Android
  230. [OPEN] Ext.device.Connection.isOnline() on airplane mode
  231. [FIXED] [2.1 B2] Toolbar buttons aren't vertically centered if a "title" exists
  232. [FIXED] [2.0 PR1 - 2.1 B2] Ext.LoadMask message not aligned
  233. [CLOSED] Model mapping id field by default creates reloading error because of cache
  234. [FIXED] [2.1 B2] Icon masks don't work on Android anymore
  235. [FIXED] Upgrading app to 2.1.0b2 via sencha tools forgets app.css
  236. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2.1.0-b2 - Layout issue with auto and default
  237. [FIXED] segmentedbutton fires toggle event when created
  238. [OPEN] Touch JSON Date encode ingores override
  239. [INFOREQ] [ST 2.1.0-b2] Loader paths for event/publisher/Dom.js not found
  240. [OPEN] [2.1B2] io6 notes / touch 2 is not supported on ios6 as yet
  241. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Picker does not use itemTpl
  242. [FIXED] [2.1B2] Ext.device.Device.openURL doesn't seem to work
  243. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Adding class to picker removes .x-picker class
  244. [OPEN] 'updaterecord' Store event doesn't fire after setId on a model.
  245. [FIXED] [2.0.1] MS dateformat invalid on rest PUT
  246. [INFOREQ] BlackBerry (9800) display problem
  247. [FIXED] Cannot build iPhone app without breaking onApplicationResume
  248. [FIXED] Memory issue
  249. [INFOREQ] Chrome 21.0.1180.77 m - Buttons disappear, Icons have lines
  250. [FIXED] NestedList NodeInterface insertChild does not display in correct order in List