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  1. [DUP] NestedList sort does not work with property-direction specification
  2. [DUP] TabPanel layout is broken with 2.1-beta2
  3. [NOREPRO] form.reset() does not remove "x" clear icon in form fields
  4. [FIXED] Cannot cancel a detailCard in NestedList
  5. [INFOREQ] Unable to select last option of picker
  6. [INFOREQ] 2.1.0 Beta2 CSS Issues
  7. [FIXED] 2.1.0 beta2 small tabbar css glitch
  8. [NOREPRO] 2.1.0b2 scrollable panel issue with dynamic content
  9. [CLOSED] Tab Panel removeAt: possible bug?
  10. [FIXED] [2.1 B2] Scrolling of list not working if masked is defined
  11. [FIXED] Change extension of manifest file from .manifest to .appcache
  12. [FIXED] Store load callback not fired if response parsing fails
  13. [FIXED] [2.1] Tap event is passed to the textfield in new view
  14. [NOREPRO] [2.1 B2] Panel size is not refreshed when previous size is bigger
  15. [CLOSED] [2.1 B2] Removing modal items from the viewport causes errors
  16. getRight and getBottom returns null or zero
  17. [OPEN] Post drag doesn't set the new left, top or right position on the component or element
  18. autoMaximize not always hiding address bar on Android
  19. [OPEN] DatePicker won't select the last item in a list
  20. [FIXED] Ext.data.JsonP.abort() crashes application due to infinite recursion
  21. [INFOREQ] sencha command to build android app
  22. [DUP] 'beforesubmit' Event Happens After the Ext.form.Panel Has Made its AJAX Call
  23. [DUP] Toolbar title clipped with ellipsis in chrome dsktp
  24. [FIXED] [2.1 B2] layout not adjusting to full width after orientation change on Android
  25. Native release build not working on OS X
  26. [DUP] [2.1] Due to the Model.cache, associations aren't updated when reloading a model
  27. Scrollable panel returns to top when compoentnt is rendered using renderTo
  28. [INFOREQ] stbuild 2.0.2 not working on iOS 6
  29. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined
  30. [FIXED] Ext.Function.createdBuffered uses the first, not the current arguments
  31. [FIXED] Ext.picker.Date fires no pick-event
  32. [OPEN] ListPaging new CSS class for no more text
  33. [FIXED] Textfield does not contain full value when AutoComplete used on iPad
  34. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0-b2] scroller fails upon some kind of event-sync/timeout situation.
  35. [CLOSED] Ext.dataview.List - handling "complex" lists
  36. [NOREPRO] Vertical Card Animation Not Working
  37. [OPEN] [2 - 2.1B2] Viewport is not expanding to full height after focus on address bar
  38. [FIXED] [] Ext.plugin.PullRefresh has a static text
  39. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Ext.data.Model@prepareAssociatedData returns only one associated data rec
  40. [FIXED] [2.1.0-b2] Charts - Title for axes
  41. [OPEN] ST2.1 B2 ColumnChart listeners
  42. [CLOSED] [] Selectfield with numeric valueField
  43. Draggable class destroys previous -webkit-transform (Rotate, scale, flip...)
  44. [NOREPRO] SenchaTouch 2 selectField bug when using a store
  45. ItemTap event fired on invisible NavigationView.
  46. [CLOSED] [ST 2.1.0-b2] two stores, same model: store items get overwritten (memory proxy)
  47. [OPEN] ST2.1 b2: Model's mergeData doesn't address associations
  48. [INFOREQ] Error when attempting to write/sync a record with a null date value
  49. [CLOSED] ext window visibility issue in IE & Firefox
  50. [OPEN] Problem with slider and large numbers
  51. ST2.1 b2: Carousel subclass with empty items doesn't switch cards
  52. [FIXED] ST2.1 b2: XTemplate throws exception when apply(null) is called
  53. Filtering on a store with scope not working.
  54. [CLOSED] Selectfield not initializing integer values
  55. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch charts performs bad on landscape mode
  56. [FIXED] Ext.Media "preload" configuration variable ignored
  57. [OPEN] Writer::writeDate bug for allowNull
  58. [FIXED] input event (oninput) in Ext.field.Text?
  59. [INFOREQ] fix code in dataview.js in ST 2.0.3
  60. [OPEN] Ext.field.Slider at Google Chrome
  61. XML parsing error
  62. [INFOREQ] Uncaught Error: [ERROR][Ext.viewport.Android#undefined] Timeout waiting for viewport'
  63. [CLOSED] Google maps not working properly after destroying and re-creating map view
  64. [FIXED] The autoPause config parameter of Media components is not working
  65. [CLOSED] Application Errors Whislt Generating jsb files
  66. [CLOSED] Ext.data.writer.Writer Bug Formatting Dates
  67. [INFOREQ] Ext.Spacer width setting ignored if flex is specified.
  68. [OPEN] Ext.picker.Slot doesn't position to the right slot item
  69. [FIXED] ST 2.1 B2: Google maps not working properly after destroying and re-creating map view
  70. [FIXED] Accessing undefined variables in method destroy() of Ext.Media
  71. [OPEN] findRecord returns false positives when searching for floating point values.
  72. [CLOSED] Ext.tab.Panel.removeAt() doesn't work right.
  73. [FIXED] Error when Ext.Ajax beforerequest returns false to store.load
  74. [INFOREQ] Physical keyboard of device maps numbers incorrectly in number field
  75. [CLOSED] XTemplate Switch statement throws error
  76. [CLOSED] Can't scroll loadmasks
  77. [FIXED] TreeStore setRoot doesn't work in ST
  78. [FIXED] [2.1 beta3] Bug in the config.rb file (SASS Compile)
  79. [FIXED] Upgrade 2.1.0 b2 -> 2.1.0 b3
  80. [FIXED] [Sencha Cmd Tool] Warning "Call to Ext.require detected in non-root positon"
  81. [FIXED] [2.1.0-b3] Buttons in toolbar + title
  82. [CLOSED] Lists are always scrollable
  83. [CLOSED] [2.0.3] Difference between dev and prod with extra config
  84. [FIXED] [2.1 beta3] sencha generate app filed on linux64
  85. [CLOSED] 2.1.0-beta3: List items no longer positioned horizontally. They are always vertical.
  86. [FIXED] 2.1.0-beta3: carousel with dataview pages is broken
  87. [CLOSED] Sencha Command Error when trying to create app using the latest "SenchaCmd-"
  88. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0-b3] Production build is crashing
  89. [FIXED] [2.1.0-b3] Ext.Loader path problem
  90. [DUP] Charts Legends are not appearing on the screens
  91. [FIXED] [2.1b3] dropdown icons missing on Android device V4.1
  92. [INFOREQ] [2.1b3] view changes via tabbar has become very slow on Android V4.1
  93. [INFOREQ] Unable to draw fixed Stacked Chart
  94. [NOREPRO] addListItem : "Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null" when refreshing List store
  95. [INFOREQ] Doughnut Charts are converted to Pie charts
  96. [INFOREQ] Tooltips for Line series are not displayed over column Chart.
  97. [INFOREQ] Customization of markers config of Line chart
  98. [INFOREQ] increase the stroke-width of line chart
  99. [FIXED] Sencha Cmd fails to build navite iOS apps on Windows
  100. [CLOSED] Error SASS
  101. [FIXED] [ST 2.1 B3,CMD3] Getting UNHANDLED EXCEPTION when running sencha app build production
  102. [OPEN] [2.1b3] app icon missing for native android app
  104. [FIXED] Slot.js setValueAnimated find should be findExact
  105. [FIXED] Picker.js setValue is missing slot = null;
  106. [INFOREQ] initialize() called several times on 2.1.0-b3
  107. DatePicker.js simplification
  108. [INFOREQ] [2.1b3] message box shadow on an older HTC Desire
  109. 2.1.0-B3 Sencha Cmd - Unhandled exception
  110. [2.1.0-B3] Cmd build native only builds package [Win8 64)
  111. [2.1b3] can't include plugins in build
  112. [INFOREQ] show same action sheet the second time make everything disappear
  113. Trying to build app with command line tools raises exception
  114. [OPEN] panel.getScrollable().getScroller().scrollTo() does not work if item is not active
  115. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2.1 Beta 3: Carousel Panel stuck on first panel
  116. [OPEN] [2.1.0-b3] Charts - Visual bar bug
  117. [OPEN] [2.1.0-b3] Charts - One row of data doesn't display anything
  118. Error on run native iOS on new sencha sdk.
  119. [CLOSED] JSON proxy unable to deal with simple HTTP codes
  120. [FIXED] [2.1.0-b3] All floating panels have 6px padding
  121. [OPEN] [2.1.0-b3] Draggable component overflow parent container when dragged
  122. [FIXED] [2.1.0-b3] Tree Store method removeAll() throws Object - has no method 'getRootNode'
  123. [INFOREQ] Sencha cmd 3 won't build correctly anymore
  124. [INFOREQ] Looks like 'painted' is not getting added correctly in Ext.event.Dispatcher
  125. [INFOREQ] [ST 2.1.0-b03] List stays empty when store loaded too early
  126. [FIXED] [Sencha Cmd /] Native apps fail on iOS 6 (run well on iOS 5)
  127. [NOREPRO] Ext.Msg.alert shows dotted text, for example 'false' as 'fal...'
  128. [OPEN] [2.1 B2-B3] App using CPU when inactive
  129. [DUP] Second, third, etc geolocation call fails in IOS 6 chromeless
  130. [INFOREQ] ItemCompare interaction is not supported.
  131. [CLOSED] ST 2.1 Beta 3: Adding title to toolbar makes toolbar buttons seem "dead"
  132. iOS 6.0 - iPad version of app loads with phone UI
  133. [INFOREQ] I'm not able redraw my nested list if i change the drop down when leaf node is select
  134. [INFOREQ] Form background image not displayed on iPad
  135. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch2 , Date Picker buggy on io6 browser
  136. [NOREPRO] hdden option not working on io6 browser
  137. [FIXED] slow on setting radiofields values
  138. [FIXED] [ST 2.1.0-b03] - Column Chart, distribution is broken
  139. [FIXED] [2.1 B3] List is empty/not working when defining or setting "masked"
  140. [DUP] [2.1 B3] Buttons in toolbars with titles are (still) not working
  141. [FIXED] [2.1 B3] Pinned group headers overlapping scrollbars
  142. [OPEN] Android prevent zoom not working Sencha Touch 2.1.0-b3
  143. [FIXED] Store extends Ext.evented, but does not fire initialize method
  144. [INFOREQ] Clicking on the right space of textbox will call submit button tap event
  145. [INFOREQ] When adding a sprite to a surface show() or show(true) does not work
  146. [DUP] 2 bugs of selection list(image attached)
  147. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.Panel.setRecord() doesn't fire 'updatedata' event
  148. [INFOREQ] ipad crash
  149. [FIXED] [2.1.0-b3] Charts - Watermark Z-Index
  150. [DUP] Button tap bleeds through to text field
  151. [CLOSED] localstore not support time format
  152. [INFOREQ] InputField questionable performance
  153. Connection.onStateChange causes error when called after connection finished
  154. [INFOREQ] Sencha Compile bug
  155. [CLOSED] iOS 6 // Aplication launched from the "Home page" (iconized) :: geoloc failed
  156. [INFOREQ] Android keyboard is automatically closed after tapping on Ext.field.Text
  157. Sencha Touch + Sencha Cmd on Blackberry (via Cordova)
  158. [INFOREQ] touch-charts-2.0.0-beta - TreeStore [BUG]
  159. [CLOSED] Ext.Date.parse returns undefined
  160. [INFOREQ] Writer.js - writeDate fails if date is null
  161. [INFOREQ] Ext.device.Camera.capture crashes when get big images
  162. [FIXED] labelAlign not working in sencha-touch-2.1.0-beta3, when select is in hbox
  163. [FIXED] Turning off the screen on Android breaks the layout
  164. [INFOREQ] Button icon not loading
  165. [CLOSED] [2.1 B3] Group header is overlapping list's toolbar
  166. [INFOREQ] Orientation event: timing problem gives resolution problem in Android stock browser
  167. [CLOSED] [2.1 B3] Textfield in Ext.Msg.prompt isn't full width
  168. [INFOREQ] 2.1.0b2 Empty Json store rais exception
  169. [CLOSED] ST 2.1.0 RC1 - Naming conflict in _color.scss
  170. [FIXED] [2.1.0-RC1] Charts - startZoom, minZoom and maxZoom missing
  171. [CLOSED] Build error with custom app path
  172. [FIXED] [2.1.0-RC1] Charts - BarChart jumps on render
  173. [FIXED] [2.1.0-RC1] Charts - Column Charts crashes browser
  174. Advice for detecting crash
  175. [INFOREQ] App crashed after some muti touch Carousel on sencha touch
  176. [CLOSED 2.1 RC1, CMD] build production still not working
  177. [OPEN] Frequent browser crashes with iPad1/iOS 5.1.1
  178. [FIXED] [2.1.0-RC1] Ext.data.proxy.SQL doesn't implement remote filtering and sorting
  179. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0 RC1] Lists items are destroyed when list out of DOM
  180. [OPEN] Sencha Touch 2.1.0 RC1 - Graph load store doesn't trigger anything
  181. [FIXED] Pinch event throws errors in stock Android browser
  182. [FIXED] Nested List store config - Wrong store type Sencha Touch 2.1.0-rc1
  183. [FIXED] [2.1RC1] Incorrect model name
  184. [INFOREQ] [] Config items not accessible after Sencha cmd build
  185. [CLOSED] List item heights are still incorrect if list is updated when hidden - 2.1.0.RC1
  186. [CLOSED] ST 2.1 RC1 Ext.chart.Legend missing from documentation
  187. [CLOSED] Allowing Asian characters in routes. (Route.js)
  188. [FIXED] 2.1RC1 - startup
  189. [CLOSED] [Sencha 2RC1/Sencha CMD v.190] App' onready event order is incorrect in package build
  190. [FIXED] [Sencha 2.1RC,Sencha CMD 3 v.190] Failed to find any files for Ext.Anim
  191. [OPEN] ST2.1 RC1 docked legend chart bug
  192. [FIXED] ST 2.1.0 RC - Legend does not bind correctly with name
  193. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0-RC1] Charts - BarChart scroll performance
  194. [FIXED] Building to wrong directory
  195. [INFOREQ] Incompatibilty Sencha 2.1 - Cordova 2
  196. [FIXED] [Sencha 2RC1/Sencha CMD v.190] Adding google maps to app.json causes build to fail
  197. [INFOREQ] sencha-touch-2.1.0-rc1 On click of refresh btn in Pie Chart the Viewport is repaint.
  198. [INFOREQ] Sencha-touch-2.1.0-rc1 Object [object Object] has no method 'link'
  199. Stores do not load their own records if events are suppressed for them
  200. [FIXED] "orientationchange" event does not fire in Chrome Mobile
  201. [INFOREQ] ST 2.1.0 RC - sencha app upgrade & sencha app generate [project_name] [project_path]
  202. [2.1.0-RC1] Swipe not working anymore
  203. iconMask in Android 2.0.3, small white border keeps visible
  204. [INFOREQ] ST Native Package Problems w/iOS6
  205. [INFOREQ] sencha touch 2.1 RC1 shows blank search icon on android
  206. [NOREPRO] sencha touch 2.1 RC1 add to iphone 5 home screen is letterboxed
  207. [INFOREQ] [2.1 RC2] native build - stbuild.exe has stopped working
  208. [NOREPRO] 2.1.0 RC1 - using "layout: 'fit'" causes errors.
  209. [ST2.1 RC2/Sencha Cmd] Template app build fails
  210. [CLOSED] Bug with audio component.
  211. [FIXED] NestedList.goToNode doesn't display the right List when called from a detail card.
  212. [CLOSED] [2.1.0-RC2] Charts - Scroll feel/Performance
  213. [FIXED] [2.1.0-RC1] Charts + Carousel - DirectionLock
  214. [FIXED] Mask without indicator broken
  215. [CLOSED] [2.1.0-rc2] CSS bug - fieldset with hbox aligned items
  216. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0-rc2] CSS - Sheets display differently than previous versions
  217. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch 2.1.0rc2 and PhoneGap 2.1.0 does not startup
  218. [FIXED] ST 2.1 RC2 - Line chart fill cannot be disabled
  219. [CLOSED] ST2.1 RC2 Legend not hiding line series
  220. [INFOREQ] ST2.1 RC2 Crash when new SQL Proxy without "filter"
  221. [NOREPRO] ST2.1 RC2 additional series line at zero
  222. [INFOREQ] sencha loader doesn't load script files when using mod-rewrite
  223. Build error: "failed to find meta class definition for name reader.null"
  224. [FIXED] Button sensitivity issue on iPad, iOS 6
  225. [NOREPRO] Increment not working with Spinner
  226. [FIXED] [ST2.1 RC2] SQL Proxy accessing incorrect Filter property
  227. [CLOSED] [2.1.0-RC1] Save to home screen - Geolocation not working
  228. [INFOREQ] ST2.1 RC2 Can't find variable: device
  229. [INFOREQ] Cannot read property 'internal' of undefined
  230. [2.1.0 RC2] - Unscrollable List is Scrollable
  231. [FIXED] Mask not appearing during initial load of DataView
  232. Adding @include sencha-loading-spinner; causing screen to flicker in transitions
  233. [FIXED] legend items always show as enabled on startup even if series is disabled (ST 2.1 RC2
  234. [OPEN] Ext.urlDecode does not decode "+" (plus sign) as space
  235. [FIXED] Docs incorrect on possible values for Button.ui
  236. [OPEN] Chart crashing on iPad 1 (ST 2.1 RC2)
  237. [FIXED] chart redraw event arguments incorrect
  238. [DUP] setting series.setHidden() doesn't update legend dot
  239. [FIXED] [ST-2.1.0-RC2] iOS web apps get stuck on loading if require classes from "Ext.device"
  240. [INFOREQ] Horizontal scrolling does not work, Items move to initial state..............
  241. [NOREPRO] Submitting a form with Enter key
  242. [OPEN] Line series colors fill border even when no fill is set (2.1 RC2 charts)
  243. [OPEN] [2.1.0-rc2] Function getPageBox in Element.position might throw JavaScript error
  244. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0-rc2] Possible js error in doTranslate in Ext.util.translatable.CssTransform
  245. "Creating build" documentation error?
  246. [FIXED] allow legend scrolling to be disabled (charts)
  247. [FIXED] Examples often use Ext.data.JsonStore even though docs say not to
  248. [FIXED] Ext.chart.axis.Numeric#majorTickSize/minorTickSize has no effect
  249. [CLOSED] Can see datePicker component, it's covered by soft keyboard.
  250. [INFOREQ] Sencha 2.0 Ext.Ajax.request failure not working on Android 4.1 + Phonegap