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  1. [INFOREQ] show a blank after close the soft keyboard
  2. [INFOREQ] [ST2.1 RC2/Sencha Cmd] Problem building production build
  3. [OPEN] error in the docs about the KEYTOOL for the Native Android Packaging
  4. document Legend class
  5. [CLOSED] Problem in the method SetValues ??of formPanel
  6. [INFOREQ] ST 2.1 RC 2 docs - Line series example has highlighting which doesn't work
  7. [FIXED] Ext.chart.AbstractChart#getItemForPoint does not ignore hidden series
  8. [NOREPRO] Container doesn't redraw after removeAll and add
  9. [NOREPRO] [ST 2.1.0-rc2] Legend in line chart does not toggle visibility of lines
  10. [CLOSED] [ST 2.1.0-rc2] Legend in radar chart
  11. [INFOREQ] Problem with saving date in proper format in Sencha Touch v
  12. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch 2.1 RC2 carousel bug
  13. [CLOSED] Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.190 does not use app.json buildpath settings
  14. [FIXED] DataView.select() function no longer works in 2.1.0-rc2
  15. [INFOREQ] Wrong scroll height after orientation is changed
  16. [OPEN] Cleanup Ext.get
  17. [FIXED] Ext.get contract broken
  18. [INFOREQ] [ST 2.1.0-rc2] Sencha tries to apply date formatting for NULL date
  19. [NOREPRO] [ST-2.1.0-RC2] Mapping is not applied to idProperty of the model
  20. [OPEN] Ext.Panel showBy alignTo offset from showBy component is not configurable
  21. [CLOSED] 'sencha generate model' not working in Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.230
  22. [FIXED] ItemHighlight does nothing
  23. [FIXED] Documentation error in ST 2.1 RC2
  24. [NOREPRO] bug in Ext.util.JsonP.request in Sencha Touch 2
  25. Ext.device.Connection: online status & connection type not updated on iOS app resume
  26. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0-rc2] Uncaught TypeError: Object doItemTouchStart has no method "apply"
  27. [OPEN] Ext.dataview.component.ListItem does not respect useComponents on record update
  28. [NOREPRO] iconCls for Ext.Msg displayed only one time, very first time
  29. [FIXED] CMD sencha package generate - creates duplicate key entires
  30. [CLOSED] Sencha CMD - No such property: 'create'
  31. [FIXED] [Sencha Cmd] iTunesArtwork is not correct in native iOS apps if packaging on Windows
  32. [INFOREQ] No launch and onReady event on Android 4.0.3
  33. [FIXED] $form-label-width is not used in the SASS templates
  34. [FIXED] NodeInterface appendChild missing parameters
  35. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] 'id' field present in subclassed model
  36. [INFOREQ] Ext.Data.Model.get() does not work for all fields
  37. [CLOSED] Controller's control doesn't support standard event listener configuration options
  38. [CLOSED] Lines in button icons in chrome
  39. [FIXED] 2.1.0rc2 - Element.traversal.js overwrites Element.select with broken implementation
  40. [FIXED] 2.1.0-rc2 NestedList Grouped and Grouper no longer work
  41. [FIXED] ST 2.1 docs: Add info for isUnique flag and Model uuid config setting
  42. Sencha Touch 2.1.0-RC2 fails silently
  43. [FIXED] Series events are never fired: draw/afterdraw/beforedraw/titlechange
  44. [CLOSED] Legend item titles don't update when series titles do
  45. [FIXED] Regression for Pull Refresh Plugin in 2.1 RC2
  46. [FIXED] document exactly what Axis#label values can be
  47. [FIXED] axis label has spacing where it shouldn't
  48. [OPEN] Json writer does not respect field's mapping
  49. [OPEN] Getter and Setter of BubbleEvents not working
  50. [INFOREQ] SDK Build fails when setTimeout.apply( ) is included in file
  51. [FIXED] [ST 2.1 RC2 Charts] Showing values for each bar is not supported
  52. [OPEN] activeitemchange event order different in view/controller
  53. Setting height on DavaView and data-view-container overflows
  54. [CLOSED] Error while building native application in Linux (ubuntu 10.04)
  55. [ST 2.1 RC2 Charts] Charts in card layout not working
  56. [INFOREQ] fieldset going onto Toobar
  57. [NOREPRO] sencha charts in 2.1 final release
  58. [NOREPRO] hbox layout doesnt work in fieldset
  59. [CLOSED] Touch 2.1 / Sencha CMD openURL not working?
  60. [FIXED] Change Template in List? (v2.1)
  61. [FIXED] Grouped list's nested items docked to the top are positioned incorrectly
  62. Ext.Panel showBy fails for NestedList Item
  63. [FIXED] ST 2.1 TabPanel setTabBarPosition
  64. [OPEN] [2.1 Charts] No extra space between categories
  65. [FIXED] DataView value bug
  66. [CLOSED] SdkTools win 2.0.0-b3 is not compatible SenchaTouch 2.1
  67. [FIXED] ST2.1/CMD3 packager.json mas mismatched/duplicate sections and comments
  68. [CLOSED] [2.1.0] List events fire before store data is loaded and rendered.
  69. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0] Two stores - one model, second store never loads records.
  70. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0] No list event fires when list data has been rendered.
  71. [INFOREQ] fieldset overlaying Toolbar on scrolling
  72. [INFOREQ] Carousel with multiple columns/rows messed up in latest Chrome
  73. [FIXED] Problem with button ui with non-default height
  74. [CLOSED] Unable to build fresh app with Sencha Touch 2.1.
  75. [CLOSED] [ST2.1] parent is array in nested XTemplate
  76. [OPEN] [ST2.1] Nested list does not always render correctly
  77. [CLOSED] List.groupTpl cannot accept an XTemplate
  78. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.Operation & callback config
  79. [INFOREQ] Loading Indicator Not Showing
  80. [DUP] input type='file'
  81. [FIXED] Flip animation missing -webkit-perspective on parent
  82. [CLOSED] DeftJS & CMD v3 ST 2.1
  83. [DUP] Notification Sencha - Buttons
  84. [OPEN] Finger move tolerance when tapping
  85. Unable to build a working app including Chart and Series
  86. [OPEN] Ext.Date.add(date, Ext.DAY, daysToAdd) ignores daylight savings
  87. [OPEN] Label with tap event and onPainted
  88. [FIXED] [2.1.0] Dynamically setting List to Grouped fails
  89. [2.1.0] Record edits do not trigger 'beforesync' when a localstorage store is synced
  90. [FIXED] datepickerfield with picker freez the app
  91. Ext.carousel.Infinite
  92. [INFOREQ] Tab elements not shown on fullscreen = true
  93. [FIXED] [2.1] Ext.Anim.run won't accept HTML element
  94. Android Browser Scroll
  95. NestedList no longer handles multiline items in Sencha Touch 2.1
  96. [2.1] Ext.Element.select broken
  97. [DUP] [2.1] Ext.data.Model leaks a field
  98. [OPEN] Navigation View Title does not center correctly on smaller devices (Fix code includef
  99. [FIXED] Ext.dom.Element applyStyles is not chainable
  100. [FIXED] [2.1.0] Ext.data.proxy.SQL crash on select with no sorters
  101. [INFOREQ] How to include my own javascript files (crosspost from discussion)
  102. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2.1 List using ui = round has problems with styling
  103. [CLOSED] List Group Header height problem
  104. [FIXED] ST 2.1 Store remove record fails with: Cannot call method 'hasOwnProperty' of null
  105. [INFOREQ] '[ERROR] spawn EMFILE' on SDK Tools 2 Beta 3
  106. [CLOSED] My title bar is not working properly
  107. [2.1] search icon missing in search field (Android)
  108. [2.1] app blocker on tablet (Android)
  109. List odd/even css selector problem
  110. [OPEN] graph takes full screen when window is big
  111. [OPEN] Ext.data.writer.Json doesn't use dateFormat
  112. [FIXED] White SCREEN OF DEATH on launch with ST 2.1
  113. [DUP] xtype is set to 'element' for different elements, instead of the proper xtype.
  114. [CLOSED] List in a fieldset doesn't show in form.Panel view
  115. [INFOREQ] HBox animation issue
  116. [INFOREQ] Building native - stbuild_template[42877]: Frame load interrupted
  117. Screen gets cut at the bottom after orientation has changed
  118. [OPEN] Audio on Android Native App don't work
  119. [OPEN] Sencha Touch 2.1 marks Ajax JSON response as failed if server returns empty array
  120. [FIXED] Togglefield is misaligned inside a toolbar
  121. [DUP] ST 2.1 painted event don't passes container as first argument
  122. [DUP] 2.1.0 is completely broken with phonegap and ios.
  123. [INFOREQ] Nested tab panel is refreshing entire page
  124. [NOREPRO] Sencha Touch 2.1 List scroll behavior
  125. [INFOREQ] Ext.Connection.upload Bug
  126. [INFOREQ] addrecords with buffer. 2nd parameter contains 1 record after multiple adding
  127. [OPEN] Ext.chart.Chart is not updated when new store is set
  128. [FIXED] TitleBar title bounces in Touch 2.1
  129. [OPEN] Sencha Touch 2.1 Spacer flex bug
  130. [FIXED] Slider allowThumbsOverlapping bug?
  131. [OPEN] ST2.1 List does not work on Blackberry Playbook
  132. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch 2.1.0 final on HTC z510d startup fail
  133. [DUP] Ext.chart.Legend doesn't obey scrollable value provided in config
  134. [INFOREQ] onchange event does not fire with input type=file
  135. [NOREPRO] [2.1.0] Ext.Msg.alert: no message in iOS package
  136. [2.1.0] JSONP doesn't work in iOS package
  137. [NOREPRO] [2.1.0] Navigation.View throwing error when animation set to false
  138. [FIXED] Problem in ScatterChart
  139. [FIXED] Ext.Array.intersect bug
  140. [INFOREQ] Adding component to NestedList' items - rendering fails
  141. [2.1.0] Last List Item wrong rendering on iOS (with disclosure button)
  142. Documentation bug in Ext.data.Store::add
  143. [CLOSED] Svg bug in sencha ?
  144. [INFOREQ] Panel list missing Ext.mixin.Selectable on occasion
  145. [OPEN] List Items with height > 47px not rendered correctly.
  146. DatePicker Field with clearIcon not clearing the date
  147. [INFOREQ] [2.1.0] Ext.picker.Picker in native Android package initiates opening phone dialer
  148. Sencha Touch 2.0.1 problem on Windows 7 IIS7
  149. Ext.util.Geolocation.updateLocation() API is not working in Android Emulator & Device
  150. [FIXED] setScrollable(false) doesn't work
  151. [CLOSED] Ext.field.Select.destroy
  152. [INFOREQ] DateExtras difference in ST 2.0 and 2.1
  153. [NOREPRO] Model's convert function gets the previous value with PullRefresh plugin
  154. [FIXED] Bug in the 2.1 list implementation
  155. 2.1 - Loading missing record data when loading same store twice
  156. [CLOSED] The OverflowChange size monitor doesn't work if the element is sized with subpixels.
  157. [CLOSED] Draw-Librarys missing in Touch 2.1 Commercial?
  158. [DUP] Ext.data.Writer.writeDate: causes errors on null date objects
  159. [OPEN] Ext.data.Model.cache keeps records of destroyed stores
  160. [OPEN] Sencha Touch 2.1.0 Ext.XTemplateCompiler: doExpr
  161. [DUP] Ext.device.notification.show with phonegap
  162. different behavior between sencha-touch-debug.js and sencha-touch-all-debug.js
  163. Crashing/Load-Failing on iPhone3G with Touch 2.1
  164. [NOREPRO] Picker items not showing in 2.1.0
  165. [NOREPRO] Touch 2.1's Ext.getVersion() returns "2.1.0beta3"
  166. [DUP] [2.1.0] Charts - showOverflowArrows not working
  167. [FIXED] [2.1] push notifications not working
  168. Ext.field.Select: reset()
  169. [NOREPRO] [2.1]Custom proxy not visible to sencha cmd
  170. [CLOSED] Routes Should URI Decoded Values Before Calling Handlers
  171. [FIXED] Ext.id() doesn't return unique id
  172. [CLOSED] [2.1] Class creation inconsistency
  173. [OPEN] Lines missing from app.scss required to rebuild style sheets in ST2.1.0 Final
  174. [FIXED] ST2.1.0: Ext.dataview.component.ListItem: Incorrect documentation + missing Guide
  175. [FIXED] "Auto" attribute value in style is ignored
  176. [INFOREQ] [2.1] Sheets / ActionSheets / Picker flying of the screen
  177. [FIXED] Packaging a Android native app doesnt respect orientation setting from packager.json
  178. [FIXED] Cannot unset the store from a dataview
  179. ST 2.1 Sheet Bug?
  180. [CLOSED] Tapping on numbers (even if not visible) triggers dial pad on Android
  181. [OPEN] Ext.Base.getInitialConfig() Not Returning Initial Config
  182. [2.1] Ext.app.Application.icon not working on Android 2 and 4
  183. [FIXED] Ext.app.History does not properly initialize the token
  184. [FIXED] 2.1 - HUGE performance issue with DataView scrolling and painted browser events
  185. List twitches
  186. [FIXED] DataView doesn't destroy store, created by default
  187. [FIXED] Ext.Button#updateIconCls Fails After Unset
  188. [OPEN] Can't change 'docked'
  189. [CLOSED] ListItem doesn't destroy its header element
  190. [NOREPRO] loadMoreCmp is not destroyed, when list is destroyed
  191. List inline doesn't work in 2.1 release
  192. [INFOREQ] Play control don't show up on video component
  193. [OPEN] Model: the order of 'convert' fields can be broken
  194. [INFOREQ] get an error when execute removeCls() for child #ext-fieldset component
  195. [INFOREQ] navigationview.activeitemchange parameter value is undefined
  196. [FIXED] [2.1]Ext.device.Contacts is not working
  197. svg <image> <object> displaying bug
  198. [OPEN] Segmentedbutton setPressedButtons firing toggle event
  199. [INFOREQ] 2.1 - Charts not redrawing correctly after setting chart.setSeries(newSeries);
  200. -webkit or sencha-loading-spinner on scss causes Android to flicker on navigations
  201. [OPEN] Ext.Ajax.request leaking memory
  202. [OPEN] [2.1] Ext.util.Format.date returning wrong date (one day off)
  203. [OPEN] [2.1] Form not scrolling up when focusing input field (Android 2.2.1)
  204. [INFOREQ] ST 2.1 - Zoom into graph, no label on bottom axis, causes lines to not meet
  205. [FIXED] [2.1] Ext.Msg.prompt buttons hiding behind keyboard on Android 4
  206. Text field loses focus when "Clear" icon is tapped
  207. [2.1] Overriding singleton not working
  208. [INFOREQ] DataView wider than 100% when using box-flex with white-space:nowrap ?
  209. [FIXED] [2.1] datepickerfield - getPicker()
  210. [FIXED] Scrolling of empty list gets errors
  211. this.getApplication().getListeners() returns null
  212. [OPEN] showAnimation does not work with LoadMask
  213. [OPEN] Sencha cmd skipping all classes called with xclass in Ext.defaultSetupConfig
  214. [NOREPRO] Tab Panel rendering broken in Safari
  215. 2.1 proxy.SQL filters & sorters, should be checked if are defined.
  216. [OPEN] Grouped List: scrollTo with animation causes exceptions
  217. [FIXED] Incorrect documentation for Ext.form.Panel#submit method
  218. [NOREPRO] Ext.form.Panel submit doesn't work properly - always calls "failure" callback
  219. [FIXED] Child components added to list are not rendered if list is empty
  220. [OPEN] [2.1] Ext.dataview.List preventSelectionOnDisclose= false not working
  221. Windows.location / Rediction / ReplaceUrl not working
  222. [OPEN] [2.1] Splash screen is white on startup on Android and iOS
  223. [DUP] [2.1] List's refresh() method does not re-render the itemTpl
  224. [OPEN] "Initialize" not called when converted to controller action
  225. [INFOREQ] Button handler triggered on top container (Safari Only)
  226. [FIXED] [2.1] radiofield group not able to assign/get value if ui='checkbox'
  227. [FIXED] ST 2.1 - Right axis titleMargin property not working properly
  228. [CLOSED] ListPaging plugin doesn't recognizes that there is no more data
  229. [OPEN] carousel getItemLength() does not seem to work yet itemLength property does work
  230. [FIXED] [2.1] XTemplate evaluates everything twice for no reason
  231. Dataview and ListPaging plugin
  232. [FIXED] Setting value on record held by DataItemView before DV is rendered causes exception
  233. Sass compile error after upgrade to Sencha touch 2.1
  234. UseCurrentLocation not working from home screen launch mode
  235. Error building packages - stbuild is not yet supported on linux
  236. [NOREPRO] Scrollable container content disappear
  237. [NOREPRO] FieldSet not visible on IPad
  238. [CLOSED] '<img>' height is ignored inside a list's item
  239. [CLOSED] IE9 setProperty bug.
  240. [CLOSED] Issues combining local grouping with remote sorting
  241. Global-CSS variables deprecated in ST 2.1 ?
  242. [FIXED] [2.1] Inconsistent assignment of 'internalId' on models when using store.add()
  243. Ext.device.Notification.show Error when app added to Home screen
  244. data.Field convert called twice, at rec.setData & rec.save
  245. [DUP] Ext.field.DatePicker
  246. Container is not show in the bottom as expected
  247. API inconsistency
  248. [FIXED] [2.1] e.getXY() returning [0,0] on Nexus 7
  249. [INFOREQ] Blurring Labels in Sencha touch Chart 2.1 beta version
  250. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.proxy.JsonP using sencha-touch-all-debug.js