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  1. BUG: this.getComponentLayout().getDockedItems is not a function
  2. Ext 4.1b3 Internet Explorer 9 Grid load performance >50 pageSize
  3. Problem with tree in localhost examples
  4. [B3] extending model not working
  5. Better Communication of New Release Availability Please
  6. newb question #156: How to tell to grid, store has changed ?
  7. Polymorphic model inheritance in 4.1?
  8. tree.Panel - calling expandAll at end of page loading probleml
  9. ComboBox inside Panel Select Event Trouble
  10. [4.1 B3] Error when calling hide on nested elements
  11. [4.1 B3] Bug in convert/set or am I just doing something wrong
  12. Troubles with Treegrid / Ext.tree.Panel
  13. Layout problems with editable grids
  14. theming problem border 1px all over
  15. [B3] Ext.form.RadioGroup setValue method bug
  16. About EXT JS syntax
  17. Image load
  18. Controller.application
  19. BUG - [Ext 4.1 B3] Ext.class config pre processor behaviour change
  20. 4.1 Store events - how to handle them in my MVC controller
  21. Why constructor is not available from instances?
  22. fileupload button is bad in beta3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Anchor Layout does not take effect
  24. 4.1.0 RC1 - when?
  25. Help CheckBox : align box to the utmost right
  26. Expanding tree nodes scrolls to top?
  27. Grid sync with restful proxy does not stop on "exception"
  28. SASS theming breaks tab layout (4.1 Beta 2)
  29. Resize grid column header
  30. Grid buffered/infinite scrolling in 4.1
  31. How to disable the Labelable-Wrapper
  32. Problem with ExtJS 4 beta 1 and 2 + wkhtmltopdf
  33. [Ext 4.1 beta 3] Strange layout on grids rendered into elements with display:none
  34. function() does not exist error with 4.1b3
  35. Best Practice for custom component with multiple wrappers
  36. [B3/RC1/RC2] Weird stuff happening on Chrome 18/19
  37. Custom Render event does not fire???
  38. Ext.DomHelper.overwrite
  39. cant drag windows in 4.1b3
  40. Grid is no longer updates after data has been changed [4.1b3]
  41. the new ext.direct error in 4.1b3
  42. field.file
  43. flex column generating unexpected horizontal tab.
  44. Problem with window height and page height
  45. Set id items for an ArrayStore
  46. MVC hasListeners optimization
  47. MVC app - sporadic loading behaviour
  48. BUG: textfield after tbfill on toolbar ,
  49. Singletons with registered Events and Overrides
  50. Bug: textfield in Toolbar
  51. Nightly build corrupt archive
  52. Markinvalid
  53. htmleditor loosing selection when click on color picker
  54. Ext JS 4.1 RC1 is Now Available
  55. Small Issue With Time Field related to EXTJSIV-4940
  56. [RC1] Ext Direct Store.sync() does not update id
  57. [RC1] Restore state of a tab.Panel
  58. EventBus - suspending events
  59. [RC1] Textfield in Toolbar brokes tree
  60. Window configuration
  61. [RC1] Broken button style and combobox
  62. [RC1] IE8 textfield top/bottom borders
  63. [RC1] RC1 slower in IE than 4.0.7?
  64. BoxSelect 1.3.1, 4.1RC1 and IE7/8
  65. Application events
  66. getResponseData ignoring fields
  67. Ext: 4.1 RC1: Itemselector and Remote-Store
  68. Can't unload or suspend MVC controller
  69. Pagingtoolbar inside tabpanel in IE8 not working
  70. Viewport autoShow and renderTo
  71. Component DataView in ExtJS?
  72. Is Dynamic Loading from "Getting Started" example working?
  73. Changes in Reader class
  74. newbie question on ie6 compatibility
  75. [RC1] Bug GridPanel inside TabPanel
  76. [RC1] Ext.util.Observable and hasListeners
  77. [RC1] bottom border of toolbars docked 'top'
  78. Menus act incorrectly
  79. [rc1] Scoped CSS does not work.
  80. Tab panel CSS broken in IE8
  81. TreeStore sync - no callback
  82. Extending Ext.util.Observable
  83. [RC1] Success model save not update dirty property
  84. How detach or promote source code HtmlEditor
  85. Where to put Ext.onReady() in 4.1?
  86. RowModel and DragDrop compatibility problem
  87. Simple class extending question (hopefully)
  88. Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu
  89. [RC1] IE 8 gray theme, tab panel background still not rendering in the proper color
  90. [RC1] Combobox doQuery clears combobox when no records returned
  91. buffered store clearOnPageLoad:false is cleared
  92. [RC1] grid cell editing bug in IE
  93. HTML changes in 4.1 vs. 4.0.x
  94. Generating an MVC app skeleton for ExtJS 4.1 using Sencha Command?
  95. 4.1.0 RC2 - when?
  96. Combobox value other than in store not set
  97. store add problem
  98. [RC1] Tree instantiate store with type: {store_alias}
  99. Neptune - icons in menus overlap text and loadmask failing
  100. Ext.data.Store fault in Ext.4.1 RC1
  101. [RC1] Ext.ux.BoxReorderer no longer private?
  102. [ext 4.1 rc1] Tooltips dont appear
  103. a problem about the icon of treenode when using store.load method with node param
  104. [RC1] Where's bootstrap.js and ext-dev.js?
  105. [ext-4.1-20120330] grid padding/scrolling
  106. combobox boundlist width
  107. RC1 Bugs
  108. Is it possible to have inlined models in associations or in fields?
  109. Tree Node fails to destroy data
  110. Problem with destroying component
  111. Error is coming only in IE8
  112. [RC1] Grid group headers with sub-column flex
  113. TriggerField tooltips
  114. [4.1 RC1] Layouting/Size updating issues
  115. how to disable the grid sort function
  116. [Ext: 4.1 RC1] Problem with store
  117. Trying out 4.1 - Not having luck
  118. [RC1] Setting hideHeaders to true adds scroll bar
  119. Ext JS 4.1 RC2 is Now Available
  120. [RC2] TreeStore instance by type - using alias
  121. [RC2] Ext.ux.form.SearchField erroring out
  122. Bootstrap.js file in RC2
  123. Autosize Columns
  124. [4.1 RC2] Modal windows appear offset
  125. [Rc2] Ext.menu.Item.parentMenu gone?
  126. how to avoid itemclick event when fire a itemdbclick event
  127. How does automatic layout updating work?
  128. [RC1 - 2] Field borders in IE8 Compat
  129. Direct Store not working in Ext 4.1 RC 2
  130. [RC2] Chromeframe?
  131. [RC2] - Grid column width have no effect when using flex:1 as columns default
  132. [4.1 RC2] Warning when I close a window
  133. Bug of chart
  134. Chart issues with Chrome
  135. Error Msg with layout debuging turned out: Layout left connected
  136. [RC2] Stacked bar chart highlight error in FF
  137. [RC2] Infinite grid load mask does not disappear in FireFox on Ctrl+F5
  138. [RC2] Infinite grid unable to attach events
  139. Controller refs
  140. [RC2] Chart column fill color
  141. [RC2] Grid loading mask does not change position with grid when scrolled in ViewPort
  142. [4.1 RC2] text in status bar offset
  143. [4.1 RC2] Clicking on the cell sometimes doesn't invoke the editor in Chrome
  144. RC2- tooltip in grid, beforeshow event
  145. [RC2] Nested models (hasMany, belongsTo)
  146. Problem with infinite scrolling grid
  147. Label HTML property not working
  148. Locked Column Zero Width Issue
  149. Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing in tree display incorrectly
  150. Detecting scroll event in 4.1?
  151. Grid scroller breaks in portal demo!
  152. Windows/Maximize Button - Bug?
  153. version Upgarding 4.0.7 to 4.1 rc2
  154. Collapsible Fieldsets - Bug?
  155. viewport center card panel + panel with combobox
  156. 4.1.0 RC2 getting better but IE7/8 need some love.
  157. Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  159. [4.1 RC2] Form fields have wrong size
  160. [4.1RC2][BUG?] Treepanel checkchange Event
  161. Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'clearTriggers'
  162. Ext.ux.form.ItemSelector bug?
  163. Group Tab Panel
  164. Ext JS 4.1 RC3 Now Available
  165. Grid with multiple form fields and design.
  166. Neptune Theme only working in Chrome?
  167. Changes in 'fieldset's width half a beat slower.
  168. 4.1 RC3: pageSize cannot be dynamically altered
  169. RC3: Ext.ux.form.MultiSelect listTitle config option
  170. 4.1 RC3: store load callback not firing
  171. [RC3] Flex -vs- width
  172. valid id
  173. Errors with forms inside windows (Anchor layout, validation red marks)
  174. Ext 4.1 RC3 - chaos ensues when dataview is member of a card layout
  175. TextArea marks form as dirty
  176. border layour bug
  177. Tree Node jump
  178. Locked Grid with Checkbox selection model still doesn't show checkboxes
  179. 4.1 RC3 - Ext.form.field.Trigger has no trigger event
  180. [RC3] tabs with iconCls with icons at 16px cut off?
  181. Dynamic tree panels
  182. [solved][4.1 RC3] form errorReader as Ext.data.reader.Xml does not fire markInvalid()
  183. 4.1 RC3 DataView Width is invalid
  184. Tree store insert, update id
  185. ExtJs 4.1(RC3) adding components dynamically to a region of a border layout
  186. [4.1 RC3] IE9, Ext is VERY slow on at least one machine
  187. Infinite Grid Plus Text Wrap Equals Trouble
  188. GroupTabPanel - Missing Corner Image
  189. Ext 4.1 RC3 - configuring convert function on model field changes field order
  190. Grid with forefit and checkbox selection model
  191. Date as X axis in area chart
  192. GridPanel doesn't fire activate event
  193. Not All Chart Labels Render
  194. Pie chart shadows
  195. [EXT 4.1 RC3] loading phantom records from the backend into a grid
  196. Ext.enableFx not work
  197. RC3: Model.save does not work
  198. [4.1 RC 3]: Button Menu - parentMenu.floatParent. is undefinded
  199. [4.1 RC3]: DragDropManager.fireEvents - wrong parameters calling onInvalidDrop
  200. [4.1 RC3] parent variable inside subtemplate of XTemplate is an array
  201. Combobox search error after add record to the store
  202. How components are rendered in extjs 4? What is the process that happens at the back?
  203. Chart inconsistencies when using Remote JSON vs Local JSON
  204. Need help with Pie Chart label callouts - Ext JS4
  205. [4.1 RC 3] - Button 'tpl' config ignored
  206. [4.1 RC 3] - inputEl setWidth is ignored
  207. Capture CheckboxColumn event in a selection model
  208. commitRecords not working with multiple server records
  209. Filtering an Ext.data.TreeStore
  210. Causes for chrome crash?
  211. Ext.window.Window layout
  212. TwinTriggerField hide trigger
  213. [4.1] HtmlEditor width
  214. When clicked, datePicker associated with datefield xtype messes up entire page layout
  215. Dynamic items (masks) in Views
  216. IE9, IE8 are very slow compared to IE7
  217. [4.1] Uncaught TypeError with Ext.selection.Model
  218. Api documentation Search function broken
  219. Problem with cell editor in custom menu
  220. loading mask
  221. Tooltips Not Displaying
  222. Alternative to hmenu in extJS 4
  223. Problems with field width after upgrading to 4.1
  224. 4.1.0 final released ?
  225. Insertion of multiple rows
  226. Reader.read is not a function
  227. cannot add a Container to a viewport
  228. Does extjs classes have anything like static constructors?
  229. 4.1.1, WHEN ???
  230. Configured Heights and Widths Much Faster Than Calculated Heights and Widths
  231. Cross-platform compatibility?
  232. Chart numeric axis decimal issue
  233. Where to put my functions?
  234. Drag from View panel to tree view
  235. locked = true is not available for tree panel
  236. Ext.data.Model: idProperty is the primary key?
  237. Calendar example update not firing
  238. Can't get groupingSummary working with "remoteRoot" configuration
  239. Textarea not resizable in height programmatically
  240. Ext chart custom event
  241. element.fadeIn() is not available
  242. Filter turn off and on
  243. sass for changing style for toolbarbutton
  244. Help with a "HoverButton" extension
  245. store.sync() method is not getting excuted to update the data in the DB.
  246. Grid not populated properly
  247. Serious Issue with 4.1.0 with grid loading Mask
  248. i can't deploy and preview project
  249. Launching a new viewport from one
  250. Nightly builds